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How's Biden doing?

A week into his new administration, Biden has enacted a flurry of executive orders and begun to set the tone for the next four years. What actions are you most happy to see? Any concerns so far?

Admin 9 Jan 27
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For the first time in years, I feel like somebody is behind the wheel who actually knows how to drive the car, rather than a little kid sitting in the driver’s seat, pretending while going “vroom, vroom!”

The-Krzyz Level 7 Jan 30, 2021

I'm happy to see the return of daily press briefings, informational and not snarky. I'm happy for the welcoming of the press into the room. I'm happy to see experienced, knowledgeable and capable people picked for cabinet positions and the pledge for transparency and accountability by those in the new administration.

I'm most concerned that there may have been some end of term destruction of records, sabotaging of important efforts and so on, knee capping the new administration, because there was so little honesty or honorable intentions in the previous administration. I worry that the former president, is still receiving classified information, which he could use to his advantage. Will he sell out our country to pay his debts? We have to get to the bottom of all the damage the former president may have done, or may do going forward.

The people behind the lies that have been fed to the extremists through Q and Proud Boys, etc., who plotted to overthrow the government, hunting down key lawmakers to harm or kill should be brought to justice. There's going to have to be some serious de-programming of these folks. I worry that the "regular" republicans will be pressured not to pursue conviction of anyone involved with creating and spreading the lies.

Those are my thoughts from what I have seen by the information presented to me. Of course my hopes are that things will get better with the hard work and goodwill of the folks now in charge. Better days ahead. I feel a calm and confidence that I haven't felt in over 4 years.

Julie808 Level 8 Jan 28, 2021

Wow you must read that wishful projection back & cringe
Absolutely everything is so much worse these day's.
Not even die hard blue no matter who lefties . Could honestly hold this administration up as anything other than a total disaster.
Still its better than mean tweets i guess.


Climate ie Electric vehicles for federal fleets. Rejoining world wide organizations ie WHO, Climate Accor. Eliminating fed $ for private prisons, trans gender military acceptance, action on the TRUMP virus, diverse competent cabinet, emphasis on science. Refusal to comment on the nut cases in the House & Senate & the historical 2nd Impeachment. 50 years of experience. 2 dogs in the White House. Oil leases suspended on public lands. Keystone Pipeline stopped. Keep signing Joe!
Concerned he will not:
Legalize cannabis for adults, amnesty for non violent cannabis convictions, re train all police, deficit explosion. Fire DeJoy. . Tax deduction for spay/neuter. Restore the Rose Garden

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 27, 2021

I personally think it’s beautiful.

He’s eliminating jobs, easing fuel prices, and pulling businesses closer to government control.

I hope his voters get absolutely everything they voted for.

I love it.

He’s definitely doing all of that and that’s what the democrats want, government control.


He's doing what he's supposed to be doing --- undoing and re-establishing everything the last Thing did or undid. I don't think the Democrats should pay any mind any more to buy-in from the party of no conscience. Liberals need to work on their messaging and get the people buy-in and just steam roll whatever they can done without the Republican vote. Dems need more of the majority. If you don't like what the GOP stands for anymore or are a true progressive ... DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS !!!! this time. And please folks, spare me the cliche of the two-party system and all that bullshit. We have what we have and we have to work with what we got.

TreeSpirit Level 5 Feb 13, 2021

Of course it's a woman speaking truth. Thank you.


Doing excellent job and has much to do to get back on track

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 28, 2021

You are quite delusional if you think that crooked senile idiot is going to do anything good for this country!

@Trajan61 Im pissing myself reading these retarded comments by pro Biden people.
you & @courtjester made salient points , while the TDS riddled reactions all high on their own farts. Convinced Joe will do great things. 🤪. oh. oh. my sides hurt.. 😄 haa. haa

@Seriousreason It’s downright depressing that people still support him after the wreck he has caused.

One of the reasons historians will predict what helped cause western civilizations fall . Blue no matter who , college educated , self loathing liberal democrats. & blue haired gender study majors who scream politeness is racism.
Thats why we can't have nice things . Biden voters & commies.


It’s freaken beautiful.

He’s acting like a dictator already!

What Biden has done is un-do trump's executive orders and re-do the ones that were in place before that trump got rid. How did you miss that?

@TreeSpirit Trumps executive orders did away with that idiot Obama’s looney executive orders so what in the hell are you talking about! Biden’s just a crooked senile old man and all indications are he’s going to be a sorry and weak president.

@Trajan61 the trafakkoff is a criminal. Happy jail time Trajacjoff

@Trajan61 Trajacjoff is a criminal


Truth versus lies. Many things he's done so far are meant to restore evidence based truth and accountability to the Presidency. That's a great way to start.

kensmile4u Level 8 Jan 28, 2021

I like the tone/direction/leadership, especially wrt to reversing previous EOs.
Whether his plans will result in long-term legislation is still TBD.


He's doing a great job. I'm very satisfied and so relieved we no longer have a lying narcissistic man-baby in the WH.

Leelu Level 7 May 13, 2021

Loving seeing them get everything they voted for.


This is just beautiful


This is beautiful

The democrats are major hypocrites!

@Trajan61 Trajacjoff is a criminal


One week just feels like three weeks because he's been working so hard and we're not used to that recently.

LovinLarge Level 8 Jan 27, 2021

Yeah, rookie mistake there... guess I felt that Trump left on the 6th. My bad.


How about ONE week into this new administration.

Sierra4 Level 8 Jan 27, 2021

Yep, one week... brain froze.

It happens. 😁


3 weeks, didn't the inauguration take place a week ago?

Surfpirate Level 9 Jan 27, 2021

That’s what I was thinking.

yep yep one week 🙂

@Admin It does seem like a lot longer to be honest. 😀


Go Joe go. Show those Republican party leaders what real leadership is. "A republic if we can keep it.

Puzzlement Level 5 July 3, 2021

Classic example of . ". this comment didn't age well". lol


Biden is OK so far with the exception of the fact that he needs to learn that borders define a country and no person or group has the right to demand to be let in.

Alienbeing Level 7 Feb 16, 2021

And what country did your ancients come from? Russia?

@Puzzlement A poor guess, and an even poorer attempt to make a point.

I wish no one had moved to the US without an invite from those living there. There would only be natives and a much better country.

@Savage Considering the fact that you don't live in North America, please tell us how you concluded what you did. Perhaps your conclusion came to you in a dream?

@Alienbeing I don't have to live in a stolen country to know who it really belongs to and who it was stolen from. And what you prattling on about, came to me in a dream. What the invaders did to the natives is a fucking nightmare. Just stop trying to excuse your own racist feelings, it stinks. Take a sniff.

@Savage Your knowledge of history is apparent. Kindly name one country that isn't ruled by the one's who won a conflict, including yours.

I have no racist feelings and wonder why you would say that. Your sloganeering is a poor replacement for history.Perhaps you should stop sniffing whatever it is you snort.


He’s shaping up to be the sorriest president in American history. It may be a rough 4 years!

Trajan61 Level 8 Feb 7, 2021

Hey Trajacjoff. I am a beautiful person. I have 53 Billion dollars. I am very rich. I own 17 hotels and 52 yahts. I have 1 daughter that is the most beautiful girl in the world if she was not my daughter I would make her wife #666.I have money. Oh, by the way I am a pathological lier.

Another asshole.

@Puzzlement You want to see an asshole, you should take a look in the mirror then. Good bye you frickin troll retard, and take Biden Bumblefuck with you while you're at it...

I think you need to see a shrink.


His decision on the Keystone Pipeline left too many people suddenly unemployed, and unemployment is hardly progress.

SpikeTalon Level 9 July 4, 2021

Biden is boring! He has a functioning brain that he uses effectively. He, most often, makes logical choices. Ah, so predictable.

Then there was Donald John Dump! We always knew that if his mouth was flapping, shit was coming out. Boring! "Ah, so predictable" Why do I prefer Biden's boredom over Dump's?

I edited this; I don't think I achieved clarity. I approve of Biden 100%.----- I do know that the Dump-thing is what evil is all about.

Diogenes Level 8 Apr 28, 2021

Hey Christian! Get off this app. You have waaaaay to much judgment. Open your eyes and see truth vs falsehood.

@Puzzlement Yep, agreed. I can't figure out why protracted living in La_LA land doesn't become boring.


Go Joe go. Show those Republican party leaders what real leadership is. "A republic if we can keep it.

Puzzlement Level 5 July 4, 2021
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