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What dangerous, wrong or false things do Conservatives believe?

In this video, the comedian joked that conservatives believe that:

  • violence is something fun
  • dangerous people should get guns
  • all news is corrupt
  • everything is a conspiracy
  • all the votes for Biden were fake
  • Trump is above God
  • we need free speech so can hurt people's feelings
  • lockdowns should be stopped to get more deaths
  • Qanon is believable
  • global warming should be encouraged
  • no one should ever be allowed to immigrate anywhere

While this is, of course, tongue and cheek, what dangerous, wrong or false beliefs do many Conservatives (yes, including "alt-right" types) have that you oppose?

How confident are you that you know how Conservatives think?

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Admin 9 Feb 9
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I disagree with the premise of the post. The people you are referring to are not conservatives. Nothing they believe in equates to either classical or philosophical conservatism. I'm very progressive. I've never been a conservative. But even I recognise that such a political philosophy exists. Indeed I studied it at university. These people, like the Trump people, and the Republicans with him, are reactionaries -- radical fascist and oligarchy inclined radical anti- democratic groups, who share nothing with conservatism.

David1955 Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

Very well said!

Would it have been a clearer question if I replaced "Conservative" with someone who didn't vote Democrat? I'm still looking for a true Scot πŸ˜‰

@Admin Why limit it to the United States of Absurdity? Ping @David1955

reactionaries ---- as though this hasn't been a profile of democrats and too many progressives. Which in correlation to conservatives, there's no true sense of democracy within democrats. Those who continue to support them do so via reactionary terms of tribal politics.

@anglophone well we're essentially the only nation under a false 2 party rule. Where a number of westernized nations have a few to several parties. Europe for example, if you're following even lightly, you'll see their populations are more aware of ruling class structured rule and protest against austerity measures almost constantly. Where we in the US are basically the most absurd politically. The propaganda machine has a vast majority of our population well conditioned into compliance.


Conservatives, just like liberals and everyone else, come in a wide range of views. I have friends and family that are conservative. I don't hate them nor do I believe they think this way. This video is rather moronic even if it's meant to be funny.

The poll question really doesn't make sense to me. I'm not confident about how anyone thinks. I can only make a determination based on a person's words and actions.

One could easily flip this and say that conservatives think that all liberals want healthcare that is magically zero cost to anyone and that liberals want to ban cars and eliminate all the police and take away everyones guns and make every drug legal and other equally ridiculous things. It's easy to grossly exaggerate the views of people and lump everyone into one group.

Well said. Trying to determine what others think and feel without spending time with them personally is a lost cause. Our biases are showing!


This really misses the point that there are two kinds of conservative, one can almost think of them as Sharks and pilot fish.

  1. Rich conservatives who are conservatives because they are determined to stay rich, not matter what the cost,
  2. and poor conservatives who have bought in to the myth that because rich conservatives are rich, they are rich BECAUSE they are conservatives and the way to become rich is to become conservative.

The rich c's find the poor c's invaluable because they are stupid and will believe anything they are told by the Rich c, because the poor C invariably believes having money makes you, better wiser, and chosen by god to rule over them.

Poor Cs are necessarily self deluded and stupid, to the point that they will actually vote against their own best interests.
Rich Cs are morally bankrupt and place a monetary value on everything including each other and human life and live accordingly. To them their existence is a balance sheet, and net worth judged only on personal profit and loss, regardless of the consequence.

For example where as a non conservative person, rich or poor would take the trolley thought experiment and find it hard to judge the worth of one life against four, the Rich conservative would ignore both sets of potential victims and instead want to know if everyone ON the tram had paid their fare.
In the same experiment the poor conservative would only consider if the net worth of people on the track (probably decided by how neatly they were dressed) before deciding who lives and who dies.

I think there is a lot of truth in your comment. The non-rich conservatives make up a huge percentage of Americans, who vote against their own self interest and will probably never change, since the corporate media are still very powerful in convincing them of the myth that they will be rich some day. There are also non-rich conservatives who vote against their own economic interests solely out of fundy religion, esp. abortion opponents. The non-rich conservatives who are very religious don't care about money or getting rich. They vote conservative thinking they can buy themselves a seat in heaven by following their religion strictly and that's enough reward for them. If we got rid of the corporate media propaganda and fundy religion in America, our politics would greatly improve just by those two things, even if the same people and corporations still owned both major parties, because our people would be ready to revolt against the system and vote third party.

The rich cons have convinced the poor cons that it's fine to screw yourself as long as some minority or lib getas screwed to.I call them suicide belt voters.


I think liberals understand perfectly well how conservatives that label them "communists" or "libtards" think.
I think conservatives understand perfectly well how liberals that label them "trumptards" or " fascists" think.
That's because when you view the other side as a stereotype, as a cartoon, then it very easy to understand that a mentality that goes no further than stereotypes and caricatures.

That to me is the #1 problem in America right now: we view the majority of people based on the minority of extremists and pretend we then understand the majority.
The minority of protesters riot and loot during peaceful protests over what they consider the unfair treatment of their community and suddenly all of BLM and the LEFT are stereotyped that way.
The minority of protesters riot and loot during peaceful protests over what they consider to be an unfair election and suddenly all of MAGA and the RIGHT are stereotyped that way.

And this leads to the #2 problem in America right now: we object to the stereotypes being used against those communities we support while hypocritically supporting the use of stereotypes against those communities we object.
There is a lack of introspection and honesty within our communities. We feel that if our supporters do wrong, and we call them out on it, then that gives our detractors ammunition and we can't have that, so we don't say they are wrong. Instead we dig in and spin, spin, spin such that our side's actions are justifiable while those same actions on the other side are deplorable.

So yes, I think we do understand each other but it is such a base, childish, trivial understanding of the other side that we never get out of the playground taunts and justifications we were supposed to leave behind in kindergarten. Real understanding, the kind that can get our country back together, requires work. Work to get to know the other side. Work to swallow your pride and admit you and yours are wrong. Work to look beyond our echo chambers, our bubbles, our singular sources of confirmation biased information. But very very very few people in America today are willing to do the HARD WORK of seeing other Americans as three dimensional humans instead of two dimensional cartoons. And if my experience on both left and right leaning social media sites is any indication, this is not going to change any time soon... at least not as long as the current social media paradigm stands and we rely on a two dimensional medium to try and understand three dimensional humans.

I don't know deliberate vs. unintentional. I think most people haven't learned, nor practice, critical thinking and thus directly or indirectly do just as you say..


The most dangerous thing they believe is "in god" and that men are superior to women.

Leelu Level 7 Feb 9, 2021

and white men are superior to all others.


hear Beevis & Butthead giggling He said "think" and "conservative" in the same sentence!!! more giggling

AnneWimsey Level 9 Apr 27, 2021

I voted 100% because i was a southern baptist conservative. I'm trying to unfuck myself but it's a hard battle so yes i know how they think because it was deeply embedded into me.

abyers1970 Level 7 Feb 10, 2021

I do wish you luck, stay the course.

@BirdMan1 I'm committed to it. It gets harder and harder everyday to listen to the absolute bullshit that i heard everyday of my life

@abyers1970 I laud you for re-examining your views. Those who critically think can do that. I have changed my view of things as science, investigations, etc. increase our knowledge. It is the unreasonable person that can not do that. Can not reason. Stay true to your search.


Oneof my brothers os a gun-toting hard right-leaning Libertarian...I don't even need to ask, he "informs" me regularly about his beliefs


"Conservatives" think?

I have yet to encounter any conservative that has shown any non-zero level of cognitive ability.

@anglophone That is pure self congratulatory bull. Any day you care to have a decent discussion let me know.

@Alienbeing Goodbye.

@anglophone As I suspected, you are an empty suit.


Who cares? Ya got knuckleheads and pebblebrains on both sides of the aisle.


As I mentioned, I’m not at all confident I understand how conservatives think, but I do detect some patterns in what they think. And I can’t say it’s β€œwrong” because I tend to see conservative mentality and liberal mentality as some kind of naturally equilibrated pair, in that they are found in all cultures and places. So, β€œwrong”?, maybe not. But deserving of my balancing opposition?, richly!

They are the component that overly? mistrusts democratic ( small β€œd” ) governance, and overly? trusts the unrestricted right of individuals to accumulate power.

Is that dangerous? Maybe not as long as the balancing constraints are equally strong. But either side has the capacity for extremism if left unchecked.

A sailing vessel moves forward only by virtue of the opposition between the keel and the sail. Without the ballast keel the sail would turn the boat over. Without the sail, the boat would make no progress.

skado Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

They think??? I've seen very little evidence of this.

LizZyG Level 5 Feb 9, 2021

I should be what's considered a conservative:
I don't drink, smoke, shag about, gamble, do illicit drugs, drive fast, live beyond my income, etc. I conserve water & power, I wormfarm & recycle, I use PV solar & tankwater, and, I designed an eco-efficient house. I'm an ethical vego.

I support affordable medical care, housing & education, and equitable treatment of the disabled, chronically or acutely ill or injured, and the disadvantaged ... oops, perhaps that's not very conservative of me, after all. πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


I find that implicit suggestion that most Conservatives are capable of thinking to be absurd.


Conservatives think? Pull the other one.

You wrote exactly what I was thinking!

Unlike say yourself who made a remark so broad that it cannot be correct.

@Alienbeing Prove me wrong then.

@RonWilliam53 How am I supposed ro do that? Parade all known Conservatives in front of you?

I consider myself Conservative, and I'd be glad to debate anything you care to bring up. We'll see who thinks.

@RonWilliam53 Tucker Carlson. Do I need to go on?

Conservatives have changed and not for the positive.


All of the bulleted items above are correct, but there is one belief that ties them together: LIBERAL IS BAD.

When you read or overhear the discourse among conservatives you learn that Liberals, Democrats, peacenicks are all stupid and want to destroy America. Conservatives hate anything that is associated with Liberals or Democrats, but mostly they hate the individuals.

BitFlipper Level 8 Feb 12, 2021

Well we just need to see" hate "as the enemy of us all.

Yet the same people who claim to be 'patriots' are ones who will fight to death for their ability to own weapons to protect themselves from their own governments overreach. They stand firmly behind giving the police total power , but not the outcome of 'unfavorable' elections .


Imo, you seem to forgotten ONE extra question, i.e, Do they actually have the Mental Capacity to THINK.

Triphid Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

Another obvious question is what mental prowess do your have to infer you thank better than all conservatives.

@Alienbeing Given the demonstrated mental incapacity of all conservatives, it is trivially easy to make the inference that everybody else think better than the said conservatives.


Not so fast. The comedian is just non sense. They never said anything remotely like that.

We are are putting words in their mouths. That is not fair. I believe this is what they think:

  • violence is not right but this is a war like in 1776, we must fight
  • dangerous people should not get guns but it is the second amendment right to have one, responsible owners don't kill, people with mental issues kill, take their guns away
  • all news is corrupt and biased and controlled by the left wing liberals and Jews
  • everything against them is a conspiracy
  • A large number of mail-in-votes for Biden were fake
  • Trump is a God send, he is delivering on our issues better than anyone before him
  • we need free speech, everybody needs it
  • lockdowns should be stopped to return to normalcy, we must develop herd immunity
  • Qanon is believable
  • global warming is overblown and is being used to hurt by alternative energy lobbyists to hurt coal and oil industry jobs
  • we should not allow illegal immigrants and deport criminal immigrants immediately

They truly believe in all the things they believe in. We call them stupid and they call us stupid.

St-Sinner Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

I'd agree with you sir, that I believe to some extent in some of your above list. But I also believe that nothing is an absolute. And that we're viewing these, and other beliefs or ideas in a "moment in time". I'm a long time Conservative. But that doesn't mean I automatically reject other's views.


Just one sided view and thinking is a sure way to radicalism. I don't know about Conservative platforms but we have Far Left Radicals in our ranks here. Socialists and communists who want to give free money and things to all (created by others) but would never live in any communist or socialist country themselves. They think the wealth created by others is their property.

Free speech is THE fundamental Human Right. Everything stems from that. Everything else is bullshit if it denies..


Free speech alright by a speech to incite riots and violence is not protected and not important.

@JacarC Define free speech.

@JacarC so, tell us about the last time you yelled "fire" in a crowded building?


My opinion, for what it is worth, is that conservatives are motivated by greed and anxiety. They are anxious about anything that may change the status quo, in which they are the top dogs. Change of any sort, itself, is frightening to them. A spin-off of this is their greed, as the see having money as the bulwark against which change will beat itself to death. And, they can't have enough, they are like Rocko, the Edward G. Robinson character, who simply wanted "More!"

BirdMan1 Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

This is pretty accurate. I think conservative feel they are entitled to success and wealth and that they do not feel other races/cultures deserve it. They are motivated alot by greed and keeping what belongs to them and that other people are coming in to take away what rightfully belongs to them. They feel that everyone should live by the christian faith and look down at those who are not christian. Christianity is sort of a country club which they feel separates them from the riff-raff. I'm not speaking of this by opinion only. I was a conservative Southern Baptist for almost 50 years and have seen the light and trying to change so i know what i'm talking about.


We ALL need to be more mindful of the information we absorb to feed our beliefs. Clearly the conservatives are more out of control than the rest, but I still see plenty of confirmation bias on the left of this spectrum as well.

KevinMR Level 7 Feb 10, 2021

Cognitive flexibility is something that is sorely lacking from all conservatives.


Hahahahaaha! They think? Hahahahaha!

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

Who says conservatives even think at all.

t1nick Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

Under the assumption that conservatives think: they want to return the United States to a time prior to the Civil War and they're willing to have another Civil War to accomplish this.

Or, they don't think.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 9, 2021

Gathering liberal fodder for your next attack article? Ever consider using facts?


Interesting read. Thanks for the link.


Given that I am not a mind reader, it's generally impossible to say for certain how anyone thinks.

However, with folks I personally know who self-identify as conservatives, in many cases I can guess the positions they will take on some issues. We often end up opposed on said issues.
It's unfortunate that many who are conservatives automatically assume that anyone who doesn't agree with them simply MUST be a liberal democrat.
I'm neither, yet I am constantly labeled as such.

Personally, I have found that conservatism is generally pretty regressive. That opinion is based on many decades of observation.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 9, 2021

@PBuck0145 That's because you are. Classical liberalism was defined two centuries ago and bears no resemblance to contemporary liberalism so stop trying to benefit from the title.

I empathize. Holding classical liberal views, I am regarded as "far-right" by most leftists.


For Conservatives any change is too fast. For Progressives, too slow. That democracy is ponderous may be a positive. There are 2 issues where I oppose the "lefts" support & I am aligned with the "right". I am disturbed by that fact, examining my position often. I have voted once for the loyal opposition, but find that it is the left that is on the side of the common citizen & the conservatives lean towards the business owner. Where the balance lies is our dilemma. I am confident that all extremists do not think. They react. Thusly reactionary, be it left or right.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

Even cats are smart enough to get β€œout” of the box.
I get along better when I don’t assume stuff without some pervasive indicators to assume a measure of plausibility.
I never related to a political party, the most important things in order to me is:

  1. Competence
  2. Policy
  3. Humanitarianism
    And they’re almost of equal importance. People that are so spiritually that they’re no earthly good do not need to be creating legislation.
    I find them interesting for aesthetic reasons.

Good point.

@Willow_Wisp This is why islam, and the cpp, are so dangerous to freedom.

"Only power is of use."

@JacarC So how do large groups share power? Relinquish it. Win it back. Peaceful transfer thereof. Lest we fall over the precipice into anarchy. Think of any answers other than fascism lately?

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