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What dangerous, wrong or false things do Conservatives believe?

In this video, the comedian joked that conservatives believe that:

  • violence is something fun
  • dangerous people should get guns
  • all news is corrupt
  • everything is a conspiracy
  • all the votes for Biden were fake
  • Trump is above God
  • we need free speech so can hurt people's feelings
  • lockdowns should be stopped to get more deaths
  • Qanon is believable
  • global warming should be encouraged
  • no one should ever be allowed to immigrate anywhere

While this is, of course, tongue and cheek, what dangerous, wrong or false beliefs do many Conservatives (yes, including "alt-right" types) have that you oppose?

How confident are you that you know how Conservatives think?

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Admin 9 Feb 9
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I found the video to be hilarious.

snytiger6 Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

Come on now, we all know we all know that conservativea lock the ability to think...

Dyl1983 Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

The American conservatives are much different to those in the Uk.

I think the best place to look for clues about a party are through their manifestos and policies, as engaging as comedy might be 😉

Some of the UK Conservative manifesto:


Plus fleshing out policies and comparisons with other parties:


Of course at present there is no points system or penalties for not meeting manifesto goals, but they can give a broad idea of what is likely to be done.

Just because it is in the manifest does not mean it will happen.
The Tory party is rife with cronyism. £millions were wasted at the start of the pandemic in buying useless PPE from friends of MPs'
Brexit has been a disaster so far;
Shellfish and meat rotting at ports due to delays;
Exports to Europe down by 68%
Student exchange scheme scrapped;
Musicians unable to perform in Europe due to extra costs'
But hey we have a new trade deal with Australia and Singapore. That's going to help our carbon footprint.

@Moravian well there’s a loaded post.

  1. No, this is true.
  2. Needing support to get anywhere in politics seems to lend itself towards cronyism, as mutual interests are established.
  3. The response to the pandemic seemed to go against any pandemic response I can imagine. But I don’t know the details of the PPE debacle; it doesn’t surprise me, the little hammer used to test for rust during MOTs has a similar history I’ve been told.
  4. I didn’t vote for Brexit and think it’s idiotic a vote was taken on such a vague question with no meat around the implications and actions resulting from each outcome. But it’s done now and a lot of ‘older’ people seem very happy about it, as well as a few young ones that believe them.
  5. Food waste should probably be criminal - especially when we are asking at nearly every supermarket for donations of free food for the poor in England. That’s horrible to hear, the obvious response would be it should be divvied out to charities.
  6. That is unfortunately an expected outcome of leaving the Union, but exasperated by Covid, no doubt. Some businesses were already expecting to have to change or close 🙁
  7. Travel for many sectors has been changed, a girl working in the local co op was ex cruise liner staff.
  8. I’m just glad it’s not the original TIPP which guaranteed companies payouts if their products got banned, which is farcical as they should be experts in their own products. Now it’s less hidden the potential Trans Atlantic deal has had to be a bit more publicly accountable.


But I do still worry about consumer rights and labelling.
But yes, you’re right, Europe is much more accessible with less carbon footprint.



I am am an admirer of de Bernieres as a writer and particularly liked "Birds without wings" but to say that there is antipathy towards English people in Scotland is absolute nonsense. Unfortunately this has now been spread widely on social media and it is being picked up by unionists here and British/English nationalists in England.
There always has been a few idiots on either side of the border but I have many English friends both here and in England from my time working in London,Hampshire and Bristol and none of them have had any experience of this.
I think he should stick to writing fictional stories.

@Moravian I know a few Brits that would like to live in Scotland if we are able to if you become independent.
After Brexit I must admit I considered Southern Ireland, but family ties temper my impulses these days.

@girlwithsmiles There are quite a few moving up from the south now that working from home is becoming more popular. I live in a small village in the Cairngorms national park and English accents are very common here.
The two things I miss about England are the warmer weather and village pubs but the crowded roads and restriction of access on private land you can keep.

@Moravian I worked a Summer in Tyndrum, just up from Glasgow and loved being able to just walk to any mountain in sight without farmers and landowners causing a fuss 😊

Thanks for posting this, interesting. There is to be sure some commonality with the older definitions of US conservatives, and as well with some newer definitions, but you're right, it's not the same.

Major point of differences that comes through immediately are

  • strong support for the UK national health system
  • claims of support for clean energy and net zero carbon emissions.

Major commonalities are

  • the focus on no-new-taxes
  • stronger control of immigration

A grey area maybe would be US conservatives would likely claim to support workers strongly (for example, President Trump's appeal in part was staking out a claim of supporting workers by claiming to bring factories back to the US), but I don't know how true that is. I don't think US Conservatives generally could claim to support Unions very strongly. With Biden, by contrast, he has manifested explicit support for Unions. I'm not sure how the UK conservatives would align with some of this.

Possibly another difference (perhaps the most important one, if it is true) is that many US Conservatives actively cultivate some of the major hard-core Christian element in the US. I don't know if this is the case in the UK.

It's not the same thing as cultivation of the Christian vote, but is somewhat intertwined, that US conservatives stake out a claim of being supportive of Israel and (another somewhat separate thing) of being allegedly strong in opposition to Islamic Terrorism. In my view, there is a lot to debate as to whether US Conservatives are seriously (and lethally) irrational in some of their views in this area, but in any case, these seem to be long-held staked-out areas for them.

Here again I don't know how the UK "Conservatives" could be summarized.

side-note: I once received same-day high-quality to-the-point immediate medical care for a situation I had when traveling in the UK. I was really grateful for it. I would have paid a bill, if there had been one, but there wasn't. It doesn't cause a change in my personal views on healthcare finance and insurance and administration, which are a bit complicated but not particularly opposed to the way they do things in the UK, but, apart from political discussion, it still seems worth briefly testifying that I had that good experience as a visitor to your country.

There certainly is no loss of points or penalties for failing to deliver on the party manifesto, simply no accountability. Imagnine the same lack of accountability were allowed in every other sphere of employment. I do not know of any company that does not have an annual appraisal/assessment of its employees.

Perhaps the lack of end of term assessment and penalties make politics attractive to many people as a career, safe in the knowlege that if they fail to deliver on their manifesto or fuck up they do not lose their job and minor indiscretions are overlooked.

@kmaz yes you’re right, the UK concentrate on saying they support businesses rather than workers.
Conservatives are often religious, as they tend to be traditionalists, but it’s rarely used to make themselves look better. All parties do tend to talk about the family and support for families.

@ASTRALMAX it’s a point I’ve been arguing for years. Over here if an unemployed person misses an appointment they stand to lose their, (subsistence level), benefits. While the government can totally fail on deliverables and rarely face issues from it. Bizarre isn’t it?

@girlwithsmiles Family, NHS etc etc are all words that are used emotively by politicians. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. How have those who staff the NHS been rewarded for their services over the years, especially, now in the pandemic. Well, the answer is simply the same as usual, empty rhetoric.


On the worker/union question, I think if UK conservatives claim to support business, this would be a strong commonality with US conservatives. (I think the key word here is claim.... I personally think the conservatives alleged support for US business is often misguided at best). I was going on about the worker thing because of something mentioned on that link about the UK conservatives and it got me down a different path..... thinking about Trump's (claimed) points about bringing manufacturing back and leveling our trade situation. Also, in recent days we have heard Biden make some effort toward Unions in the US.

On questions of who courts or does not court which theists, and from which angles, subtle or not-so-subtle, I was just taking a first look at some of the demographic data from the 2020 Presidential Election in the US and this came up:


Religion Biden Trump % of Total Vote
Protestant/Other Christian 39 60 43
Catholic 52 47 25
Jewish 76 22 2
Other religion 69 29 8
None 65 31 22


White evangelical or born-again Christian
24 76 28

(it doesn't provide a way to separate out the ethnicity point as to evangelicals).

There's probably a decent amount of food for thought here, but my point in relation to your thread-starter is just that work has been done for many years and decades by US Conservatives to court those Christian and evangelical votes. Some of this has been I think a conscious effort to zoom in on one or two or three points where voters may be one-issue voters or nearly so (abortion, Israel and the Middle East). Some of it is that the brains of some of the voters clearly are somewhat pliant and mushy on certain points. Maybe some of the politicians looking for soft minds lick their chops a bit? Everyone has their intellectual strong and weak points though.

Part of my theory here is if you join a mushy belief system or way of thinking or community like evangelical/born-again, then maybe you resonate well to what you perceive as moral discussion, and some politicians may decide to see if they can appeal to that. Some secularist or quieter theist politicians may not talk about the moral side of things as much,.. and this failure to raise those issues may not resonate well with those evangelical/born-again voters.

@girlwithsmiles Consersatives may tend to be religious, however, they do not confuse profits with prophets, except where the latter may offer an opportunity to increase the former.

@girlwithsmiles Famous for the Green Wellie stop and a goldmine without much gold.

@Moravian that’s the one 😂


I think your labels are oversimplified. There are differences within conservative and liberal ranks.

kensmile4u Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

Trumpers, not conservatives, don't because they can't. You need a brain to think.

Mofo1953 Level 9 Feb 9, 2021

I find that the conservative of today accuses me of doing everything that they are doing. This is those straight out of Trump's GOP. After a little discussion with them QAnon starts slipping into the talks sometimes. I can usually tell a conservative within 10 minutes of talking to them. I work with conservatives and my insurance lady is one. I do not agree with her but we are still friends.

DenoPenno Level 9 Feb 9, 2021

What do Conservatives believe that is wrong? Among many others:

  1. White men should be in the front of the line for opportunities and everyone else should take a number.
    Non-whites should not be allowed to fairly compete, and that they are lazy. Discriminating for any reason is OK; might makes right and police must protect white privilege, and keep non-whites down. Laws shall keep non-whites in their place.
  2. Only white Christians should be allowed to immigrate. Non-whites should be exported out of the country.
  3. Agnostics, atheists and scientists worship Satan or hate god, and are going to hell.
  4. White men should not be investigated for wrongdoing and should receive much lighter sentencing or get off. Non-whites should be in jail or sent overseas to fight wars.
  5. Women should stay home and have babies. Women should not be able to control when or if they have babies. Non-white children may be removed from their parents to be adopted by infertile white Christians.
  6. Fascism that supports the white power structure is preferable to Democracy. Any and all forms of socialism is atheist communism in disguise. The top 1% should not have to pay taxes.
  7. etc
racocn8 Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

Incorrect on all six. A very small percentage will hold one or more of those views, but the vast majority do not.

@racocn8 Your post looks racist.

@Mvtt By definition, there's no racism against the dominant race.

@LovinLarge I disagree. Non-whites can certainly behave with their own racial discrimination, but not being dominant, have much less power and effect. All discriminatory prejudicial behavior that is harmful should be discouraged.

@racocn8 Racism, particularly systemic racism as a social phenomenon encompasses much more than racial discrimination. I would elaborate but an honest discussion of the subject is beyond the parameters of this website, not to mention my attention span.


I do not talk to them, so how would I know.

Spinliesel Level 9 June 2, 2022

I grew yup in a very conservative, racist society in the rural south, and was a conservative in my youth -- because that was all I knew. Most of my relatives are still drinking that kool-aid.

wordywalt Level 9 Nov 24, 2021

I don't believe they think at all.... they run on emotion and just blindly follow based on what they feel.


I only have two scores, Zero and a Hundred, and they don't make this list either. I think they're violently stupid, and they will go to war with you over their position.

Tourirst Level 7 July 21, 2021

Republicans are so married to their guns and that is dangerous if you look at the mass shootings that America has been experiencing. Another thing is why I do not believe in god. Conservatives use god as a hate weapon to demonize others. Republicans lack common sense as in Covid! The delta variant is killing more republicans because of Qanon and republicans saying that Covid is a hoax!


The question is too broad to elicit meaningful response so I voted.


Presuming that I've interpreted to whom you're referring as 'conservatives' ... I have a fair idea how differently they see the world, and its issues, compared to my views, because they tell me. Loudly & clearly.

LizZyG Level 5 Feb 20, 2021

I just love how so many are able to put Conservatives in the box of "ALL". Then there are the others who put anything they don't or do approve of in the box of "ALL". Then there are the Liberals who tolerate, as the definition there of, but not what conservatives think they should tolerate, & put their particulars in the box of "ALL". The we ARE all non believers & we are all residences of the planet Earth. We are all some things but when it comes to opinion we varied. Conservatives want small governments so they may do what they want with few constraints & do not wish to share their profits with those who can not compete. I Liberals are tolerant of races, religions, ethnic origins, etc., wish to help those unfortunates with the profits of the Conservatives. For conservatives change is too fast. For liberals it is too slow. Government is the method by which we resolve this conundrum. There are extremists in each group as evidenced by the extremists verbalizing on this site There is venom on both sides. The idea is to agree to find the middle that we may not resort to violence as we did in our Civil War. How do we do this without resorting to men's most base instinct lash out. It is up to us women and men of character, (& those between) to temper the flood of testosterone that anger instills. Biden is a conservative Democrat. Where are our liberal Republicans? I know they are here still.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 18, 2021

As with all things, people are very different so how would I be able to say that I know how conservatives think when the Yahoos really are not conservatives. 🙄

oldFloyd Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

. . . a very good read :




Conservative is about:
Conserve energy by turnin off lights when not in use rather than liberally wasting fossil fuels until we run out before we can get 100% renewable resources established.

Word Level 8 Feb 9, 2021
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