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What did Trump do, if anything, to incite violence?

This question is sincere as I'm trying to find out myself. I'm a fairly active reader of news but have only seen outrage in mainstream news outlets about the DC protests and not specific claims of what Trump did or how the protests were more violent or dangerous than the months of BLM protests last year. The attached video by JP Sears seems to suggest that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and Google have teamed up with Liberals to censor dissent and promote that Trump is dangerous via propaganda. In the video, he shows two tweets of Trump, shown below, that he says is what the fuss is all about - is that right?

Bonus question: How are the alleged calls of violence by Trump different or worse than those in this video below?

Did Trump incite violence?

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Admin 8 Jan 13
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From what I've read, he was inflammatory but not outright calling for violence. I don't know that he can be held legally responsible.

I do think he may be able to be impeached, though, which seems like a moot point but from what I understand, he would lose his pension and some other perks.

Also, JP Sears shouldn't be taken seriously about anything.

Nor could he stand again. Get this sickness out of America.

@Gareth Yes, that too.


Ah, you unbrageous Americans. It is part of your way of life. If you are not doing it to yourselves you are doing it to other countries' peoples.

FrayedBear Level 9 Jan 13, 2021

Hey now he did NOT win the election. He lost the popular vote by about 3 million. The 75M number they keep on throwing around is less than 23% of the population.

@TheGreatShadow umbrageous behaviour!

@FrayedBear Piss off you wank! Jokes aside, you'd be pretty fucking mad if you were in the middle of this shit show. You (and the rest of the world) can sit back and laugh. It was hard enough trying to explain GWB!

@TheGreatShadow at least masturbation is fulfilling. Your GWB comment is hilarious but many will say "you mean that you managed to explain Nixon, the Clintons, Reagan, Obama & the other Bush? ROFL. 🤣 Perhaps you should revisit "self fulfilling prophecy".[]

@FrayedBear Thanks for the link, but my minor for my second degree is Sociology. I am quite familiar with the term.

I have no idea what you are getting at with the other presidents.

@TheGreatShadow Shrugs.



I enjoy the freedom afforded by this site to socialize with international people. Thank you for creating the Agnositic website with this freedom in mind.

However, I have recently noticed that those who have not broken any of this site's rules, and yet who have Muslim last name, were deleted from the Agnostic website. My guess is that they were deleted maybe because they did not approve of Trump. This is only a guess. They had responded to another members question with their individual opinion about Trump and then were deleted, even though they identify as atheist.

You have asked about bias. Imo, to delete any members for speaking against Trump is bias. Again, I approve of this website, try not to break its rules, and hope that everyone is allowed equal access to communicate without censorship on the Agnostic website. I believe the ability to communicate with others will open people's minds, and erase some of the ignorance encouraged by those who seek power without caring about ALL of the people of the United States. I hope that free communication on this website will also foster goodwill and constructive social change.

One issue I personally have with Trump is his penchant for destruction of the environment and his often repeated message that climate change is a hoax. Currently, there are actually many Republicans, especially young Repubs, who believe that climate change is real and is a man-made threat. They are in agreement with countless people from around the world. I wish you well. I hope I haven't offended you or anybody else, even though I have responded with my opinions.

I take accusations that we ban people based on their last name seriously... especially as don't ask for last names.

Here are the disabled(removed) counts for comments in the last 30 days:

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| not_reviewed | 5 |
| enabled | 9822 |
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| deleted_by_member | 123 |

Thanks ... no last names is very good news. Is there any way of knowing (without any names) when they were deleted, and to know know why, and whether they may be reinstated?

@AnonySchmoose I have noticed that any one who is not from a white euro-american style culture is given a very hard time when they show up on line here. Granted some are trolls, but those who are not soon leave as generally this is not a friendly place for them.

For what it's worth, Trump's denial of global warming... even confusing it with air quality... is abhorrent to me. Then again, so is AOC's understanding.

As far as deletions, let me check in with the people who are doing it... they're outside the US and I wouldn't consider them religious types. I really don't have time to do much more than give them civility guidelines. Again, this is just a little free site community so it's hard to expect much.

Yes, true. My question still is: How can they be removed from this website? Is it by some governmental agreement to scan the internet for anyone with of Muslim ethnicity who disagrees with the U.S. President? That is what I would truly like to know. I guess I'm asking if the government is hacking websites and blocking communication based on bias and unsubstantiated suspicion.

Thanks for your reply.
Intriguing that the ability to delete accounts is afforded to people from outside the U.S.
I wonder what they base their decisions upon, and whether someone like me can ask them that question.

In the future I would seriously consider doing a little more research before making such broad-based accusations.

Perhaps you've seen a couple of the scammers that we get every so often who might have exotic names and who are deleted after only a few comments and then extrapolate to the majority.

But I've been on here for years and have never seen the pattern that you allude to...

This is no doubt related to the fact that most atheists and agnostics are in fact White eurocentrics. Therefore the few people of color that come on here will instantly feel in the minority and will take the kind of aggressive philosophizing and downright rancor that some of our members exhibit towards one another as being about their race and not their views.

Having said that, I once long ago pointed out how this community was mostly white and if we could do more to recruit non-whites into the community of atheists and agnostics. The anger I received at this question showcases that white pride, or better stated majority pride, is not unique to conservatives, republicans, or people on the right.

@AnonySchmoose I wasn't aware that we are deleting muslims here... but, what would you think their intentions would be being on an atheist-oriented website?

Since they don't identify with the Muslim religion, but rather as atheist, I think their intentions are to find like-minded people with whom to chat. Many of them wish to immigrate to a western nation ( i.e. Europe, Canada, U.S., etc. ) to escape the dogmatism of eastern religions. Some eastern religion followers can be biased and domineering. Those with family members they wish to protect would rather have freedom away from religion for themselves and their family members.

I don't know how you are sure I made an accusation, however I will defend the point I tried to make about bias.
A friend of mine was just deleted after expressing a non-violent opinion about Trump. I don't know if that was why they were deleted though.
I made no accusation against anyone in particular about that. It could even have been an external hacker that did it. I inquired about it to gather more information about what constitutes valid reasons for deleting some people's accounts, because I feel it is important to learn what is happening (since some of us wonder what those reasons are) in regard to others who have been deleted.
That you assumed I made an outright accusation, rather than an expression of my skepticism about the subject of bias, by reference to what happened to my friend, suggests bias against those of us who ask questions about actions that may or may not constitute bias. Whew ... my point exactly.

I reacted to the bias toward some members who get deleted. The deleted members struggle to use the English language in hopes of immigrating from the country where they feel unfree to be themselves and to make a decent living. Like anyone born in western countries they wish to realize their dreams of a happy life free from the bias of religious and cultural domination and from being stereotyped constantly and denied equal access and payment in jobs.


I don't know how you are sure I made an accusation, [...]
I made no accusation against anyone

However, I have recently noticed that those who have not broken any of this site's rules, and yet who have Muslim last name, were deleted from the Agnostic website. My guess is that they were deleted maybe because they did not approve of Trump.

Adding "my guess" doesn't make it any less of an accusation that people with Muslim last names are being deleted solely for their disapproval of Trump.

It could even have been an external hacker that did it.

You're entire post was aimed at Admin and made no reference to external factors such as hackers nor self deletion.

This is how it read to me AND Admin. Hopefully, your skepticism is all cleared up now and "anti-trump muslim drops" is a non-issue moving forward. 🙂

LovinLarge Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

Here is an anti Big Tech POV -- a good read


Censorship and control starts slowly and finishes quickly once reaches critical power levels (e.g., can censor opposition to censors)

@Admin . . . a fair point, but capitalism, 'free' press, and the internet are all good counterbalances.

@FearlessFly how long do you think those counterbalances will last with Big Tech control of what can be said?

@Admin Big Tech is not in control of capitalism, newspapers, and the internet itself.

Also :




they did not just protest they wanted to kill our elected officials including pence whom may deserve killing but not by insurrection to overthrow our government


RT is Russia Today. Putin's platform to divide & conquer America. He is doing a great again job.
What does "fight like hell" mean to an enraged crowd of sycophants'.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 6, 2021

O yeah he wasn't on TV around the US saying things to incriminate himself duh. Like what channel do you watch? Faux News? You have internet? You can look up stuff like this: []

K9Kohle789 Level 7 Jan 15, 2021

He literally said to go peacefully. Cry babies are just looking for a reason.

And, you are ignoring that he riled them up for weeks about non-existent voter fraud and told them they would not win by being weak.

And then, he watched what they were doing on television and DID NOTHING, until those around him finally convinced him that he could be held liable for their actions.



@CourtJester Oh, gee...did they kill anyone? Did they beat police officers with flagpoles? Did they disrupt the democratic process and were they calling for the overthrow of an election?

@Joanne With that reasoning; would it be okay to hold Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson liable for the black businesses burned down and looted after speeches at BLM rallies? Maybe Pelosi or Waters after what they said supporting Antifa?

Let's keep it equal here. If "go peacefully" is justification, then what they said should be complete text book insurrection.

Are the goose and gander separate?

He literally said "fight like hell". They did.

@Mooolah I fight like hell at work every day, but I’ve yet to punch a patient in the face.
Anyone taking the word “fight” in a literal sense is simply looking for something stupid to argue about. And it is stupid. And even the democrats know it.

@CourtJester Are you the decider of "stupid"? Never mind. That is not a cogent argument. That is an opinion. I can not discuss with someone who declares what "stupid" is as it can't be fixed so I would be arguing with a wall. Sorry dude. You don't work like hell as you have never been in hell. Working in America thanks to our UNIONS insulates us from hell. So..... jest forth .

@Mooolah haha. Funny stuff Unions were useful 80 years ago. Now unions fool people into paying for what federal law requires.

@CourtJester Federal law requires what the unions worked for. Federal law now embraces the protections unions struggled for . Indeed the union movement has been undone by Republican manipulation of perception. Things are regressing due to the undermining of the union movement. Union's struggle to safeguard the working class leaves Americans complacent & resting on their laurels. We are a gluttonous, hubristic lot.


Why can't we have standard rules for judging this which are applied on an equal basis to all things? Religions are allowed to propagate hate by calling directly for violence and not merely hinting at it, so if people want to go after Trump for inciting violence if you interpret his words in a particular way where there's more than enough ambiguity for your interpretation to be wrong, they have no excuse for not condemning religions that are far worse. What do we see there though? They defend that hate and the calls for acts of genocide.

Get rid of the hypocrisy and make it a level playing field so that everyone has to meet the same standards.


Best analysis I have seen so far:

Gareth Level 7 Jan 14, 2021

This is well done and helpful... thanks!

Thank you for posting this!

Wonderful LEGAL analysis . . . however :

No doubt any impeachment will involve lawyers and 'legal' arguments, but it does not involve SCOTUS (it was reported today that impeachment 2.0 will be 'headed' by the democrat President pro tempore of the Senate)

Impeachment does NOT require anything criminal -- the only requirement is whatever the joint Congress decides is impeachable.


What did dear old George III do to justify all those hateful things that spiteful Tom said about him in the Declaration?

Krish55 Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

Wow! There is ZERO comparison between BLM demonstrations (where some took advantage of the situation to loot and riot) and AMERICANS ATTACKING THEIR CAPITOL!!! You need verification here? The people were yelling to hang the vice president for failing to honor the dictators wishes and de-certify the election. Have you not seen any of the videos taken by all kinds of people? What did trump do? He invited them all to the Capitol to make sure the free and fair election was not certified...his statements that is was going to be wild? "Fight like hell?" How are peaceful protest and the word fight associated? What could possibly be wild about a peaceful protest at the Capitol? They said his words didn't mean anything. What if there was a next time and all he said was "you know what to do?" Those are certainly harmless words right? The whole fucking world would know what he meant but not the people who are unsure or trying to find out. Increasingly with your posts I'm thinking that you're one of the people that just hates god and isn't as true non-believer

lerlo Level 8 Apr 25, 2021

I like all of the actual quotes on here of what he actually said that was so pointed. That says it all.


Pelosi & Kamala Harris are guilty of inciting riots murdering bad or good cops burning down cities and letting looters go free since last summer....fake news fascism has been obvious since 2015 promoting criminal BILLARY and rigging the coup de tat for the BidenS crime families


I have always expected Atheists to tell the truth about everything given their courage to tell the truth about McCarthyism.. ... I remain baffled why 129 Atheists BELIEVE FAKE NEWS and blindly hate TrumpOLINI
.....especially letting the demonRATs illegally kick off ballots our Atheist WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US in 19 states illegally rigged 2 primaries against Bernie 2016&2020 and pretend 5 states did not steal the election from 75 million TrumpOLINI voters ? 123 thousand extra ballots were stuffed in Pennsylvania over the total number of real voters voting in all other races....THAT IS A FACT on the official state website PA SECY STATE..... all 129 of you have proven your incompetence to sit on any jury USA....I am ashamed of the blueReds redBlues duopoly who still blame Ralph Nader for Jeb Bush crime family stealing the election from PRESIDENT Albert Gore Junior 43


From the late Carlin .... and the group could be Senate, Congress, Antifa, BLM, any far right group .... or any crowd at football, hockey, etc. Once you have a crowd with a common idea there is an inherent mob tendancy that can explode
It seems to me, a complete outsider who has no particular interest, that the stupid democrat group, through impeachment, will only serve to anger and unite the stupid republican group .... leading to deeper division in what was once a great democracy.


@Admin Tribalism is really tearing our country apart, and I blame the tribalist mentality for all the arguing over that issue. Over the years (the last four in particular) I've observed that those who tend to lean left will almost always side with Democrat politicians and those who lean right will almost always side with the Republicans, no one hardly wants to come to the middle these days. From a strictly independent point of view (I neither hate or favor President Trump), upon considering the content of those two tweets I'd say there was no call to violent acts.

In the first tweet Trump simply said he will not be attending the Inauguration of Joe Biden, and given the present circumstances with Covid and so many events going virtual, that seems like an okay call. One would think any advocates of social distancing/limiting attendance at social events would be in favor of such a decision.

In the second tweet, Trump mentioned about those who had voted for him will have a voice well into the future, and that they will not be disrespected for their views more or less.

Now... how does a few tweets about not attending the next Presidential Inauguration and Trump voter's voices being heard automatically equate to calls of violence? There is nothing violent about any of that. I'm convinced that when it comes to political or emotional issues, people see whatever it is they want to see. If you already hold a grudge against a particular individual and said individual suddenly gets caught up in some sort of scandal, chances are fairly high you would not be inclined to cut that person any slack whatsoever (vice versa the situation if you like the person). My point is, the ado over Trump's tweets is largely based on emotions, and not rationale. People see whatever it is they want to see (or not see), imagining things along the way that do not exist, and mostly due to some sort of personal bias.

Just an independent take on the matter from someone who doesn't care for either political extreme. Please note my restraint on the double standard there that so many got worked up over Trump's tweets and yet most of those very same individuals said absolutely nothing last summer when ANTIFA/BLM went on criminal rampages committing acts of arson & threatening people who held views different from theirs & ransacking businesses at the direct urging of some Democrat politicans. I could go on and on over all of that, pointing out the blatant hypocrisy, but that would probably make for another post another time perhaps. The tribalist mentality is truly damaging our country.

SpikeTalon Level 9 Jan 14, 2021

I would answer your questions but this site won't let me copy/paste the questions so I can reference them and answer.

Leelu Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

Can you elaborate? There are checks for multiple postings of the same content...

@Admin You posted a large paragraph with multiple questions. I wanted to copy/paste the paragraph, break them down and answer them one by one BUT though I could copy them, when I tried to right click to paste it would not give me that option. I tried several times in several ways but no option to "paste".

@Leelu on mac, try "apple-V" or "ctrl-v" on PC? For mobile, "long press"?

@Admin Thank you. I shouldn't have to do that but it worked. I replied above.

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