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Did anyone else who watched the wedding find it a little surreal? I quite enjoyed it but it was definitely a clear break from the norm.

anonymous 7 May 19
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The only thing I know about the event is that the Bride stayed at Cliveden the night before. I love that place and have stayed, dined there many time. One of my favourite places! I once took my girlfriend there for her birthday and we swam in the 'Keeler' outdoor pool at midnight while it snowed! Memories I'll never forget!

djalicex Level 5 May 26, 2018

My wife was watching it so I more heard it than saw it, seemed to be a bit off the wall and weird to me yes. Since when does the congregation get asked "Do you?" 😮
An who was the American preacher dude, who I thought was never going to shut up?


I surprised any of you watched it.

JimmyM Level 7 May 19, 2018

Sycophantic bullshit, no interest in it whatsoever


I loved the scarcely-restrained giggles when the preacher gabbled on too long. Having listened to a similar preacher at my son's wedding, I knew how they felt. My mother did her best stage whisper of "For god's sake don't encourage him" when he paused for breath. But the best bit for me was the poor guy with the frisky white horse, which finally shoved its magnificent arse into the crowd. So not surreal for me, but weirdly familiar.

GoldenDoll Level 7 May 19, 2018

I missed it.

CeliaVL Level 7 May 19, 2018

Being a Republican, I have switched off the TV every time there has been a mention of it. For xxxxxing months. It will have saved me quite a few quid in electricity.

Red_Cat Level 7 May 19, 2018

@beansontoast Surely you meant, "Watt are you going to spend it on?"? I might buy a new TV.


Sorry, I couldn't watch it as I am allergic to monarhical bullshit, it brings me out in hives! Just the thought of how much hard-earned money is forced from the poor-starving peasants, through a taxation-system desiged by the rich, to exempt the rich from paying it in (but makes them very good at taking it out) makes my vomitting projectile!

UncleAlan Level 4 May 19, 2018

Have you seen how American, French etc presidents spend their taxpayers' money, but in their cases, against nil return from tourism let alone national cohesion?!


Another conscientious objector here.

Flettie Level 7 May 19, 2018

I've not watched it.. I escaped.


That's cos you watched the body doubles the real wedding happened in the palace and they all shitfaced by now

Simon1 Level 7 May 19, 2018

That's the only way they could invite all the relatives in their Lizard people form.

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