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The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell, Heaven Knows
Theistic Satanism, Angry Agnosticism, or... - me

You'd think from the lyrics of The Pretty Reckless, largely written by Taylor Momsen (aka Cindy Lou Hoo from The Grinch 2000), they're theistic satanists...but from Celebrity Investigator...

Momsen was raised as a Roman Catholic. As she grows older, she said that she is no more a religious person. Also, she seems ambiguous and confused about religion. Furthermore, she is not an atheist as she said that “she knows nothing but at the same time she doesn't have believe on anything.” []

Sure sounds like an apatheist to me...not that it even matters but, if I ever met her I'd have to ask...

Till I really need to say it?

DangerDave 8 Apr 14
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