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Deity Dave is Unimpressed or The Happy Apatheist - Tales

I don't worry about gods much largely because I'm too busy creating them. That makes me something of a godhead...but if I entertain you or make you think...about...virtually anything I rant job is done.

Yes, I am generally unimpressed and I'll definitely say so when I'm not...but unless you're presenting me with some serious conceptual "meat"... yawn

Some call it being anti-social. I call it being selective. You may call it anything you want...just don't expect me to be impressed by your conclusions!

DangerDave 8 Apr 14
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Cool, I am not impressed with yours, so we are even!

creative51 Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

I don't feel any obligation or any particular desire to impress you. You approval means exactly nothing to me. I find it arrogant and somewhat sociopathic when people just assume others are only here to amuse or entertain them.

JimG Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

Same here but I will add yes, I'm very arrogant and possibly more than merely sociopathic. However I'm not saying you should believe as I do...much less be as I am.

As non-believers, we are in varying ways our own deities. Beyond being our own moral compass, we are free to explore...and be...whatever we wish to be with only the limitations of our knowledge, skills and creativity to stop us.

That can be construed as an arrogant statement as well, but it's another I'll stand by.