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For ALL fantasy creatives in literary, graphic and performance arts (and fans thereof) who use their arts to transport their readers and viewers to alternate realities.

Spiritual Atheists, Agnostics, Apatheists, Humanists, Spiritualists, Fellow "Realm Riders", and Fans of these Arts are welcome as well...suggested readings, cinema, music,...your input is VERY welcome here!

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Truth - Tales

While I'm in the midst of dealing with a lot of 'real world' issues which, as usual, brings on depression and this case binging movies whenever possible.

Since "Truth" is malleable, so shall this poem/potential song. The image definitely will be in that it's difficult to read at best...hence here are the lyrics in a more legible form...

...oh, cut and paste...good luck then, folks!

DangerDave 8 Apr 25
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Larry-new Level 7 Apr 25, 2019


commendable...sign it.

@Larry-new I did as I do a lot of Tales' art, simply with the logo