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Probably my last "Tale" to this site for awhile...but possibly the inspiration for yet another 'fictional' one of dogma gone if it ever "goes good"...

Agnostic...agnostic, agnostic, agnostic,...

I'm just seeing how many times one must say "agnostic...agnostic, agnostic, agnostic" for one to create a "trending" post on this site under the new system.

Perhaps I should be saying atheist because it appears so often in the trending posts and...wait for it...just to your right appears a list of small but growing atheist groups. Imagine that.

Agnostic? Over five days I've yet to see it "trended" even once.

Never mind this is Never mind conservative gnostic atheists spew hate not only toward religions but toward agnostics and anyone who doesn't support their beliefs...yes, beliefs...about the nature of everything.

I understand that many of you come from oppressive religious backgrounds, some even moreso than the one I came from. Still, you can choose to hate...or choose to act.

And by 'act' I don't mean attack those with differing beliefs. Consider instead what you can do to change their behaviors.

In the west, that's becoming first aware of the realities of "profits over people", unchecked pollution, climate change, government by oligarchs catering to religious zealots who want to take our rights based on their religious beliefs,...

In the east, the issues created by "true believers" such as terrorism, "forced evangelism", human rights violations,...

This is my first "action" of the day. While I'm no fan of the Trumpster, my calling is to see is truly a place for agnostics, for those seeking positive change, for those with no time or inclination to argue with conservative gnostics of any kind...and it is my firm belief that many of our gnostic atheists are actually theist plants here only to sow discord and confusion.

@Admin if "agnostic" is not among the 'keywords' in your "Trending" algorithm and "atheist" is, as it so appears to be, perhaps this site should migrate to or .org, both of which are available.

With the preferential treatment given conservatives and gnostic ( a ) theists on this site is a disservice to us all and only promotes greater discord.

DangerDave 8 May 1
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You are saying that there are significant numbers of christians on this site pretending to be agnostic or atheist in order to troll our members. And most of these trolls are lurking amongst the ranks of the 'conservative Atheists'.

Do you have a real basis for this? Or are you just supposing?
How did you arrive at this conclusion

MrLink Level 8 May 1, 2019

Fair question, but please note I said "I believe". I believe so because of this site's long term catering to conservatives in post deletions and, most recently, the suspension (however brief) of liberals who spoke against them. That was just two days ago.

In the long term from my personal experience, gnostic theists (or those pretending to be...of that I'm not certain but what is is they have no reason to be on except apparently to cause conflict and confusion) attack anyone presenting any concepts of agnosticism which doesn't fit their (supposed) universal view.

It happened to me and it's happened to others. Newcomers seem to be their primary targets so, while I'd like to think the frequency is diminishing, I still often see posts (usually by newcomers) stating they were verbally attacked or evangelized to by gnostic atheists.

Still I take this as an axiom: a gnostic anything coming to this site does not belong here and their typical reasons for coming is to evangelize, attack agnostics and/or wreak as much havoc as possible.

@DangerDave well, i think if you are an atheist, whether you think you "know' no god exists, or whether you don't believe but also don't claim to be 100% certain, you should be welcome here. And respect for your place in the process.
A Christian theist, whether they are here to evangelize openly or are posing as an atheist (conservative or otherwise) to troll has no business here.
Personally, i don't think the administration here is actively protecting theist trolls or siding with conservatives over liberals.
But occassionally there are some knuckleheads, and mistakes do happen. I don't think what happened to that one particular liberal member being suspended was any kind of conspiracy.

@MrLink The suspension as it turned out was a mistake, but a mistake in an algorithm that targeted (at least) common derogatory phrases used by liberals in general. How biased toward liberals that is I have no idea.

If you are 100% sure god does not exist you are a gnostic atheist. Again, this is I'm not saying they don't belong here but too many are here causing problems, evangelizing, 'poo pooing' agnostic ideas and ideals...and no, these people do NOT belong here anymore than a gnostic theist.

Agnostic theists on the other hand are those we should welcome with open arms. While they may never give up on their god of choice entirely, these are the people who might help us achieve peace and understanding between believers and nonbelievers.

To me, these are far better people than those who try to force their beliefs on others...and no, I won't give into the gnostic atheist "no belief" bull. We each have a construct of what the universe is and how it works. Even flat earthers, be they theist or atheist.