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Devilskin - Start a Revolution

"Hey kids, time to roll...that's how we lost control..."

Really bummed today...I'm sure part of it is my new drugs but I have to own my own procrastination...

Planned to go play for tips today...I'm living indoors and eating well, just no cash. That'd even be ok if I wasn't a nicotine addict out of smokes.

Sooo...I force feed at noon with plans to leave an hour later. Found my hat and it's band is loose to the point of falling of. Couldn't thread the needle to fix it.

The search for my green shirt was an even greater adventure. Finally found it about 2 but the hat's still screwed. Since I lost most of my other costumes during my last's fuck it all time.

Tomorrow's a new day so...I may not Start a Revolution but I'll have no excuses tomorrow. If I can't fix the band it's coming off. Ima try taping the bitch, worse case.

So for the moment I'm feeling this song, in depth. Not that today has been a total loss...I was able to simplify my text game rules go "Tales from the Last Inn" and condense it further to one page and start a new Tales' 'Toon...not exactly totally procrastinating...

So meet Devilskin. This is but one of their many songs about recovery...but as I bitch about my own little world I can't help relate to our social, political, environmental,...issues.

Did I say I want Jennie Skulander? be in my act? Oh, I just did. Oh well, that search continues too!

DangerDave 8 Mar 16
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I really liked these. Thanks.

Dandewine Level 7 Mar 16, 2019