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Any one traveling the world has finally found a place on earth real people who are humanist really happy ? They all live as community ,stand , support each other , enjoy the goodness of life, science,health ,wealth,love,peace etc. I know it must be illusions humans can never be happy with life or good to each other ,because by nature we are beast want to kill,hate ,wish bad ,feel happy on others pain,suffer .

anonymous 7 May 30
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Perception is Reality. Realism as the OP has stated doesnt go over well with those that are so fully invested with this society and system they live under. I agree with the OP; we are doomed. However; that does Not doom me, nor does it persuade me to give up on a bright and peaceful future. It does give me the knowledge and power to seek an alternative daily lifestyle, far far away from society and the masses of enabled slaves to this corrupted to the core world system. The End is Near if not upon us. But I am going to make use of what ever time that I have left, to fill my life with Joy Peace and Love.......be that far away into the BackCoutry, Bush, Wilderness.

EvoQ Level 4 June 3, 2018

A world wished for is a world never attained.

And a kettle watched never boils.

@Palindromeman -- LOL ... Yeah, but not quite an analog. If the pot is on a fire of sufficient heat, it will boil, watched or not. A world without real input, real effort, will never be as one wishes it.

@evidentialist Copy that. Be the change you want to see.


The key to peace and prosperity, is sustainability. The less a person, or nation needs, the less they need to take from others. Just look at oil for example. How many conflicts in the world would be resolved if it was no longer needed? The same goes with other resources and land. A big problem is America's economy, is propped up by the petrodollar. America has to fight the inevitability of the comming green sustainable industry, because they threw all their eggs in one basket and the latest administration, instead of diversifying, doubled down on investing in a dying industry , making war and conflict essential to its existence.


I suppose the problem with Utopia is that it is the sort of place that attracts the very sorts of people that would destroy a utopian community by their very presence. Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a beautiful valley with a reputation for healthful living and longevity but it also attracts every new age dreamer and hustler imaginable. Costa Rica had an excellent reputation for friendly locals and beautiful scenery until investment tourists drove up the prices and alienated the local population. The Baja Peninsula can be idyllic in the winter months with quiet beaches but the drug cartels and the summer heat are oppressive. Uruguay is beautiful but is sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina which can be problematic for a little country. Find a place you like and make the best of it there.

Surfpirate Level 8 May 30, 2018

I actually liked Uruguay when I was there. I think they have enough money to get by. But I agree re Brazil and Argentina.

@Palindromeman General speaking Uruguay is a very cool country but during the festivals it gets flooded with Argentinians and Brazilians, then it is not so cool.

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