As this site is completely free, we have to put limits on contacting others to avoid spamming. We do this with levels based on a simple point system where each activity is assigned points and members level up once they reach a certain number of points.

Levels are mostly a way to help identify and reward those who contribute to the growth of the community. We also give more access and benefits depending on level. For example, posts by new members are reviewed before they show up to others (except on the profile page where they go up instantly) whereas members of higher levels have their posts go live instantly. Also, we let members with higher levels contact others more than lower levels.

Note: points are counted as soon as you upload or post things. Your level is updated when things are reviewed and approved on the site.
Activity Points
Make a post, question, or link 5 - 10
Comment on a post, question or link 5 - 10
Others respond to your posts 5
3000 max
Like a post, comment or reply 2
10000 max
Get a like on your post, comment or reply 2
Share to get others to join * 100/mem
25000 max
Upload photo 20
  Level What's Needed
1 Level 1 Join Agnostic
2 Level 2
Perks Hidden
50 Points
3 Level 3
Perks Hidden
200 Points
4 Level 4
Perks Hidden
500 Points
5 Level 5
Perks Hidden
1,500 Points
6 Level 6
Perks Hidden
4,000 Points
7 Level 7
Perks Hidden
10,000 Points
8 Level 8
Perks Hidden
50,000 Points
9 Level 9 200,000 Points
10 Level 10 1,000,000 Points

Please note that from time to time, we may modify the point and level system. We anticipate that we might do this to account for member inactivity, make it easier/harder to gain level, or address changes in the site. We will try to do any changes as fairly as possible.

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