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I'm a huge fan of comedies and truly believe that laughter is the best medicine! If you're easily offended by anything politicly incorrect then we won't get along. I'm looking for someone who works hard like me so that when we have free time for one another we take full advantage of it making each other laugh and giving each other massage with happy ending of coursesmile009.gif Like so many of us I'm looking for true love so lets take it slow and go on lots of dates before we jump in the hay, okay, pauly voo fraunsey and waka waka anney ☮️💏🎇 Oh and also please understand that I've been married twice and have three radical kids so even though I really want to find an awesome girlfriend to love forever I don't want to get married again. If we fall in love we can make it work no matter what!


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Open to meeting women
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