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Kita... 1/2 hound dog 1/2 Akita . best bird dog ever !!
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Keto diet.. lol
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New Profile I have a familly and they have taken a good share of my life. Yet, I still have managed to work many jobs, attend schools and to be involved in activities. smile001.gif I have worked many jobs while taking care of my children, the longest running being ups ( business dev., customer service, revenue and Haz mat.auditing etc) homes for homeless teens, and hard to adopt teens, school liason for migrant workers, pizza delivery, telemarketer ( yes, I admit it) counselor at womans shelter and substitute teacher.. this is about 1/2 the list.. What new adventures are around the corner? I am not the best at socializing.. I get better as I know you better..and I'm not afraid to show myself

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Kita... 1/2 hound dog 1/2 Akita . best bird dog ever !!
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Keto diet.. lol
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Sweet Kita :) I miss her
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12 years old lol sorry im sideways
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My big brother and I in Florida
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strange clouds... in July..
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florida Jensen Beach
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memories :) are forever
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swimming at Mom's place
Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker, Spiritual
Open to meeting men
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