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I was here for a while...but saw that nobody seemed interested in me. ..except a few that decided only to with my heart and 2 that insulted my look...Anyway...I decided to leave... but I don't know any other place that's Atheist. ..so back ....
I came to the USA when I was 9 ...my Mom brought us, my little brother and I after my Daddy was killed in an airplane crash. .. We came to Texas, my Mom's Dad lived there..... we came to Texas from Chihuahua, Mexico.
I'm divorced. ..have 2 Precious sons, whom I adore. ... my older son is married to this lovely woman and they have 2 amazing boys... my Adorable GrandBabies. ..
I want to find a nice, caring, man... that will never cheat on me. Of course, I would never cheat on him.

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Open to meeting men
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