Research chemistry student and hobbyist writer in Norwich. Into art and science and all the nerdy things.

I have a subreddit where I collect together my creative writing in various forms which you can find here.

So... What's your favorite come-back when you are trolled? Mine is, "Thank you sir, may I ...
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Socratic method, keep asking questions until they get frustrated and leave.
FLASH FICTION -- 101 WORDS OR LESS PEACE OF MIND? Lance sat at his dinner table head in his ...
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Love the pun with misspent.
Here's what I'm thinking. Unless a bunch more votes come in on my poll (below) I'm going to open up ...
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5000 words maybe? Or we could share links to google docs for longer pieces.
The insanity of "hate speech" laws. Combined with how muslims are now a "race" we are increasingly ...
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The article you linked doesn't actually give examples of where or how these laws have been applied. Without seeing what speech in question in being stopped we can't really come to conclusions about if we agree or not.
I wrote this when I was 16. And somewhat melancholic. Once upon a time, there was a nice little ...
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I'd be interested to see how you chose between line breaks and commas, I'm not sure about the flow as it stands.
Is it child abuse to raise a kid in church?
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I don't think it's possible to make such a claim, churches are an extremely diverse group, while I'm opposed to teaching children they're inherently unworthy of anything other than damnation I don't know that that's universal to all children raised in a church. I also don't know enough about the long term impact of this teaching.
As a non believer, do you also reject cultural and social aspects that have religious roots. E.g. ...
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I don't see why we'd need to, being routed in a religious idea doesn't means something is inherently harmful. It's a question that you'd need to ask on an individual level, a given practice may or may not still be worth doing.
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