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Watching The American Flag Go Up and Down The Flagpole at The White House......is a Perfect Symbol ...
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Trump is the 2018 version of Teddy Roosevelt. Here's what Teddy's daughter said about him "My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening." Alice Roosevelt Longworth Trump has managed to make McCain's death all about Trump.
Republicans resist plan to rename Senate building for McCain Can you believe this stupid stunt? ...
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Why give that honor to McCain? He isn't even one of the 25 longest serving Senators: https://www.senate.gov/senators/longest_serving_senators.htm
How do you increase your level? I am not sure i understand the rules on here yet. Just joined ...
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Just keep posting, liking, and commenting.
Does anybody else want a Viking Funeral?
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
With the human sacrifice, burning boat and everything.
Just got back from a 1600 mile ride up the California, Oregon coast beautiful ride 55° to 65° F. ...
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
I did that in 1990. Santa Barbara to Seattle and back again. It was great.
I am considering joining our Republican Atheist group, even though I'm more like a socialist. I ...
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
What are some of the uninformed statements you want to confront?
I once read somewhere that the worker never gets what he deserves or merits rather they receive what...
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2018:
You are 100% correct. The event that changed everything was when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Prior to 1989, 5/6 of the world's unskilled labor was in Socialist or Communist countries. The 1/6 of the world's unskilled workers who lived in capitalist countries had it made because almost all the world's working capital went into employing them. With the collapse of Socialist/Communist countries worldwide, the global supply of free-market labor increased by a factor of 6. That's why unskilled workers in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe have fared so poorly since 1989.
What the rich are doing to the world & why.
BD66 comments on Aug 25, 2018:
How many rich people do you know? I worked in Silicon Valley for 11 years, and I know lots of people worth 8 9 or 10 figures. Lots of them drive Tesla’s, use solar panels, and the wealthiest host fundraisers to save the oceans. Many have a smaller carbon footprint than Joe Sixpack who spends weekends driving his speedboat up and down the nearest lake.
Don't get your hopes up people regarding Trump violating the law on the hush money payments. ...
BD66 comments on Aug 23, 2018:
A large portion of the population still supports Trump. Not much change in the past week: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/trump_approval_index_history
I don't think any nation through the history has sufferd from religion than we are doing in Iran. We...
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
Almost every country was like that during the Dark Ages.
Can you still believe in an afterlife without the interference of religion?
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
Yes, and the study of that is actually quite interesting. There are many stories of people "visited" by friends just after they pass away. It would be interesting to do a scientific study of these phenomena, but you can't do it in an environment where you are constantly overwhelmed by ridiculous fairy tales.
Poll. How many know or think Mother, now Saint, Teresa was a money grubbing cash cow for the ...
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
I know Christopher Hitchens could go on for hours about what a terrible person she was.
What is the best documentary you have seen?
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
Racing the Rez is one of the best sports documentaries I have ever seen: http://racingtherez.com/
Anybody have less nightmares since becoming a non-Christian?
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2018:
I've been non-Christian for so long I can't answer that one.
OPINION PLEASE...So I'm watching the football game and they show a three or four year old little ...
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
It should be fine at any age (0 to 100). He isn't saying "I would like to get my hands on her".
'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Dire Climate Warnings Not ...
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2018:
In 1950, there were 5 times more people in New York than in Florida. Today there are 1.06 times more people in Florida than in New York. Yes, the Earth has become about 1 degree hotter over that time span, but people are still choosing to move from the colder climate of New York to the warmer climate of Florida. How about we hit the panic button when people stop moving from New York to Florida and start moving from Florida to New York?
Man,, this shit's going to be a little too easy.. lmfao ???
BD66 comments on Aug 18, 2018:
Pretty scary group.
Is global warming real?
BD66 comments on Aug 16, 2018:
Global warming is real, but the magnitude of the problem is being greatly exaggerated.
Have you notice through out history the envading conquaring force forces their religion onto their ...
BD66 comments on Aug 15, 2018:
You are just looking at from a purely Christian perspective. The American Indians believed a whole bunch of nonsense before the Europeans arrived. They just replaced the pagan nonsense with the Christian nonsense. Same story with the Crusades. It was just a battle between Christian nonsense and a slightly different form of Islamic nonsense. The old testament stories for both religions are almost identical. One group, the Muslims, beat the other group, the Christians, but in the end most of the people in the Middle East believe a bunch of fairy tales that are very similar to the Christian fairy tales.
Whose the sexiest living woman that you can think of ? I pick Abby Martin of Empire files and ...
BD66 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
Laura Gemser
Losing Faith: Why South Carolina is abandoning its churches: At least 97 Protestant churches ...
BD66 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
Are they switching from tiny churches to megachurches? That's what is going on her in Bloomington, IL. The little churches are closing down, but people go to churches with 200 to 300 seats, high tech sound systems and light systems etc.
If you could only eat one type of cookie for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
BD66 comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.
Here is one of my favorite p/c terms: African American. This is an utter misconstruance of using ...
BD66 comments on Aug 9, 2018:
What about people of African descent who live in Europe? Do we call them African British, African French, African German, or do we group them all into African European?
When you go to the therapist and they have a big smile with dollar signs in their eyes. That's when ...
BD66 comments on Aug 8, 2018:
Don't they always have a big smile with dollar signs in their eyes?
How much of the allure of religion, for men , is just for the illegitimate entitlements of male ...
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2018:
What I don't understand is that in many families, it is the women who rally the family to go to Sunday school and church every Sunday. That's the way it was in my family, my parents family, my grandparents family, etc. It just doesn't make any sense.
Today is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Not saying it was right ...
BD66 comments on Aug 6, 2018:
This might be a good time for a history refresher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAp8bSdE5MQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoW2WYdOsvg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQWdETwFACs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzWZl4eFvnI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIC481VxVlE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jaf-gVt9Brg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxa0GGJNWtI
Better Call Saul Season, Episode and Cast Information - AMCWho is psyched for the season premiere of...
BD66 comments on Aug 6, 2018:
I'm still working my way through Breaking Bad. When that's done, I'll move on to Better Call Saul. Saul is already my favorite character on Breaking Bad.
Trump called Don Lemmon the dumbest man on TV. There is absolutely nothing that can be said to ...
BD66 comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Don Lemon has my vote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpVd7k1Uw6A
So... What's your favorite come-back when you are trolled? Mine is, "Thank you sir, may I ...
BD66 comments on Aug 3, 2018:
In case you run out of material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9DCAFUerzs
Little Sadie: This is a tune that many people associate with Johnny Cash. He probably heard it ...
BD66 comments on Jul 27, 2018:
You can't find the Hank Williams Sr. Version on Youtube any more. You have to pay for it on Amazon: http://www.metrolyrics.com/cocaine-blues-lyrics-hank-williams-sr.html
Little Sadie: This is a tune that many people associate with Johnny Cash. He probably heard it ...
BD66 comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Hank Williams Sr. and Roy Hogsed sang Cocaine Blues long before Johnny Cash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SenN7Xe87k
John Cleese Says Trump Reminds Him Of A Pro Wrestler - YouTube
BD66 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
Reminds him! Trump IS a professional wrestler! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkghtyxZ6rc
Are there others here who are in a relationship with a religious person? My live-in boyfriend is a ...
BD66 comments on Jul 24, 2018:
My girlfriend is a Catholic. I'm divorced and I have my kids every other week. When I have the kids she goes to Church and calls it her Catholic Sunday. When I don't have the kids, she stays with me and skips church. She calls it her Atheist Sunday. We just got back from a trip out west (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc.) She kept saying "look at all of these beautiful things God created!", then look at us and smile. My kids and I would laugh each time she said it.
I added a chat room so enjoy yourselves and don't be dicks to each other.
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
Good policy!
Would you put this on your vehicle?
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
Live feed of protest outside the white house [facebook.com] Update: the link doesn't seem to ...
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
What are they protesting?
I need some motivation. Please post your favorite songs that energize you. I need to shake off this...
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
I saw SPF 115 today. Hang in there fellow vampires. One day we'll be able to walk unharmed in full ...
BD66 comments on Jun 28, 2018:
I wonder what the SPF of white house paint is?
Politically biased?
BD66 comments on Jun 26, 2018:
I was sitting in a waiting room in front of a stack of Time magazines. The bias on the cover alone is insane, and that's before you start reading the garbage between the covers.
Train carrying oil from Alberta derails in Iowa, causing massive spill
BD66 comments on Jun 25, 2018:
That's why we need pipelines.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is threatening to unleash super-polluting trucks on our highways, ...
BD66 comments on Jun 24, 2018:
I believe they will just roll back regulations to 2008 Pre-Obama administration levels. Super-polluting trucks were not a problem back in 2008. They will not be a problem in 2018 either.
Just to verify, you’re cool with moderate R’s/libertarians, yeah? I’m definitely not hardline ...
BD66 comments on Jun 24, 2018:
Moderates/Libertarians are conservatives on agnostic.com
Trump Supporters!
BD66 comments on Jun 21, 2018:
I didn't vote for Trump. He seemed too unstable and too rude during the Republican primaries, so I voted for Gary Johnson instead. However after he has been elected, he has been a pleasant surprise. You have to separate his actions, his language, and his words from his policies. As far as actions go. He has cheated on all of his wives and bragged about it, I certainly don't condone the choices he has made in his personal life, but his extramarital exploits pale in comparison to those of JFK, and the Democrats were willing to ignore all of that. As far as his language goes. He speaks like many many New Yorkers. He's brash and abrasive and that turns some people against him. I have had enough experience dealing with New Yorkers that I find it amusing. With respect to his policies, I'm 100% in favor of his "America First" platform. We elected someone to represent the American people and look out for the American people, and he has done a credible job at that. Starting post WWII, we instituted the Marshall Plan and many other programs to heavily tax American individuals and companies, then we sent that money abroad so foreign companies could build up the infrastructure to compete with us. We spent trillions of dollars protecting other countries from Communism and Radical Islam, and we asked for nothing in return. As a result, we are now more than $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. A change in policy that puts the long term economic interests of the USA first is long overdue. With respect to the strategies he uses to achieve his goals, he is different from almost every other President we have ever had. The most similar President to him would most likely be Teddy Roosevelt. My mother read his book "The Art of the Deal" almost 30 years ago and she quoted some of the key passages to me. His strategy going in to almost every negotiation is to "rattle the cage" of the opposition. He would make an outrageously low offer and get the other party shook up, then treat that as the baseline for future negotiations. No other President post-WWII has taken that approach. When you couple his aggressive approach to the way it is reported by a mostly hostile news media, you get half the American public constantly spun up about the outrageous thing Trump has just done, and you get the other half of the American public with so much anti-Trump fatigue that they just tune it out.
Does anyone feel better now that Trump claims to have "solved the problem" of North Korea? To me ...
BD66 comments on Jun 15, 2018:
It is a small step in the right direction with respect to North Korea.
This is the ideology we're up against here folks.. very scary. [screenshots.firefox.com]
BD66 comments on Jun 13, 2018:
Years ago I had someone tell me that in socialism, everyone can work really hard and even if I ...
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
You should have stopped after the first paragraph.
I was ambushed again on my morning walk in the woods. Desperately lonely people attach themselves ...
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
Maybe that's why people walk with pit bulls.
TGIF! It's Friday, let's play a game. It's the Zombie Apocalyse and we must build a team of ...
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
I have 3 degrees in electrical engineering. I can design weapons to shock and kill the zombies.
"It us easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." - Mark Twain (The George ...
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
100% true.
Is religious belief in itself inherently harmful to a society - or does it become toxic only when ...
BD66 comments on Jun 4, 2018:
Can you think of any examples where it is not co-opted by a priest class and exploited for their benefit? Buddhism is probably the only thing that comes close.
I would like to know how many here dislike our current potus?
BD66 comments on Jun 4, 2018:
He was too rude to the other Republican candidates during the primaries, and he said so many flaky things during the election campaign that I couldn't vote for him. I live in IL, and Hillary was 100% guaranteed to win that state, so I cast a symbolic vote for Gary Johnson. However after his election, I have been pleasantly surprised.
I'm in favor of the only form of democracy with a demonstrated track record of success, the draft. ...
BD66 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I would say the form of democracy defined by the US Constitution had quite a good demonstrated track record of success.
Trump, as scattered and incompetent as he is in overseeing seemingly every other aspect of ...
BD66 comments on May 31, 2018:
Obama, as scattered and incompetent as he is in overseeing seemingly every other aspect of government, is achieving remarkable success in packing the courts with life-tenure left wing ideologues. By throwing red meat to his base he advances the culture wars engendered by Progressives parading extremist social and religious opinion to elect candidates - including Obama himself - who work to undermine voters' own political and economic interests. Trumps just balancing out what happened for 8 years of Obama's tenure in office.
Have you ever asked a Christian why God doesn’t regrow amputated limbs, no matter how hard they ...
BD66 comments on May 31, 2018:
Maybe the starfish and newts pray to a better God than humans do?
What The Scots Invented.
BD66 comments on May 31, 2018:
You left out my patents: :-) https://patents.google.com/?assignee=Douglas%2c+Bretton+L&oq=Douglas%2c+Bretton+L
Australia Doesn't Exit And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA - Flat Earthers Claim
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
I thought I was there for 2 weeks in 2002 and 1.5 weeks in 2006. That was quite an elaborate hoax.
How'd you sleep? ... "Like God during the holocaust"
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
Good one!
Today, at the gym, one of the women was talking about her year old niece and how wonderful she is, ...
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
God didn't cause all those problems. He fixed them.
FOR SCIENCE!!!! I do wonder what was the name of the first human ever catapulted. Unofficially lol
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
Does a trebuchet count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo_oigyFlTA
Minimum wage. I was moved by this video of a vet who now works at KFC. Minium wage is £7.83 in ...
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
A minimum wages hurts two groups of people: 1. Employees who want to work, but their labor is not worth the minimum wage, so they are not hired. This in particular hurts the poor uneducated youths. 2. Employers who want to have work done, but having it done is not worth the minimum wage to them, so that work does not get done.
Think Jodi Foster could/should run for political office in the U.S. ? Bet she'd win.
BD66 comments on May 27, 2018:
Depends what she is running for.
Do you follow any particular major league baseball team? If so, which one and why?
BD66 comments on May 27, 2018:
I live half way between St. Louis and Chicago, but I spent 17 years in California, so I'm a fair weather fan for both the Cardinals and the Cubs.
Have you ever seen a movie More than 25 OR 50 times and what is the movie OR movies?
BD66 comments on May 27, 2018:
In the early 90's, my female roommates would watch Pretty Woman every single day.
Can someone tell me why is America so religious?
BD66 comments on May 27, 2018:
In most countries, churches are tied to the government, and there are very few choices. Freedom of Religion has been around in the USA since the 1790's, so any church is allowed to embellish and morph the bullshit in the Bible to attract the most followers.
So what is your most hated song of alltime? The one that you have heard so many times that you just ...
BD66 comments on May 27, 2018:
Rock Lobster. A fraternity at the University of Illinois used to torture their initiates by making them listen to that song cranked full blast all day long.
BD66 comments on May 22, 2018:
It's all about brainwashing them early so they will be big-government progressives when they hit 18.
This is how trump got elected.
BD66 comments on May 15, 2018:
Could be because the 2018 premiums for Obamacare came out days before the election. My premiums were $500 per month before Obamacare kicked in. They were $1270 per month in 2017, and I found out my 2018 premiums would be $1866 per month days before the election.
Misogyny and Agnostic.com
BD66 comments on May 14, 2018:
I haven't noticed. Perhaps you could cut and paste a few examples.
I sure can't have just one...
BD66 comments on May 11, 2018:
Some day all those guns might come in handy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcsLaSBWG9k
To the Trump haters (atheist especially): Their calls for impeachment is actually a threat to ...
BD66 comments on May 11, 2018:
Very good point.
Trump killing jobs/world peace?
BD66 comments on May 10, 2018:
Unemployment is at 3.9%
I have read some of the posts and comments from some of the left "intelligent free thinkers" here. ...
BD66 comments on May 10, 2018:
Too many people like this one:
Ok, I made level 7. All in all yesterday was a good day. Now I want to enter this hallowed level 7 ...
BD66 comments on May 9, 2018:
I'm so jealous. I'm only 6.4.
You've never been judged by your skin color. Right!? Source- [sola.ai]
BD66 comments on May 3, 2018:
I played competitive basketball from age 11 to age 34. There's a lot of prejudice with respect to skin color, but if you can play, you can prove it within a couple minutes of a real game. The funniest example I can think of is a good friend of mine who was Chinese American. His father was on the Taiwanese men's national basketball team. His mother was on the Taiwanese women's national basketball team. He played on a state championship basketball team. He was 6'4" and could dunk the ball in a variety of different ways. When he was in grad school in NYC and played in pick-up games there, he was referred to as "The Chump"
I say LeBron James is the greatest basketball player ever - who you got?
BD66 comments on May 3, 2018:
Tough call Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain.
So why are women disgusted by men with...uuuhh, platinum (silver? gray?) hair? Just because we look ...
BD66 comments on May 2, 2018:
My girlfried was just telling me last night how much she and her colleague love men with salt and pepper hair.
Has anyone wondered why and how Houses, automobiles, clothing and food have become so expensive?
BD66 comments on May 1, 2018:
In 1970 all major world currencies were tied to the gold standard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woods_system That ended in 1971, so that freed up governments worldwide to print all the money they wanted. Whenever the economy slows down, the central banks print more money. So each dollar/yen/yuan/Euro you are holding is worth less.
In case I get banned from the website for my response to a post...its been great knowing yall..
BD66 comments on May 1, 2018:
It's not even close: https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOTE1.HTM
Ok, my wife and I are separated but not divorced yet. We are working on the paper work for it now. ...
BD66 comments on May 1, 2018:
get on match.com and meet another woman. Eventually you will stop thinking about your wife. Good Luck!
These Are the 7 Most Ridiculous Excuses Republicans Are Giving for Trump's Affair with Stormy ...
BD66 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
Has anyone tried "At least she is more attractive than Monica Lewinsky?" :-)
Anyone with thoughts on the idea of a basic universal income for all? ...
BD66 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
The motivation for that seems to be that intelligent machines will someday to all the work, and people will be left idle with nothing to do. They have been saying that since the 1960's, but there is no sign of it yet. Unemployment is at about 3% here in the USA right now.
I'm amazed when the "Believers" come up with their "correct" political beliefs. I've no idea where...
BD66 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
Most people are highly susceptible to influence by others. That's why a pastor and his congregation are referred to a shepherd and his flock. It works for politics the same way it works for religion. Rush Limbaugh has his "dittoheads". There are similar people who follow Mark Levin, Rachael Maddow, etc.
Just a quick hypothetical. I had a chat with my friends about Gaddafi and I said "I think it's ...
BD66 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
I thought you were talking about his attractive female bodyguards: https://www.ndtv.com/photos/news/gaddafis-female-bodyguards-11603#photo-149563
NotIng that thIs Is the 25th of aprIl, It appears yet another rapture has ruptured
BD66 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Maybe Jesus only took a half dozen or so with him. :-)
On a scale of 1 to 10. How much do you enjoy arguing with someone who doesn't know what they're ...
BD66 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
2 It's usually a waste of time, because even if you are 100% correct and know exactly what you are talking about, and explain it clearly and concisely, the other person will often not change their mind anyway.
What does liberal mean to you? Everyone seems to have a different meaning attached to this label. ...
BD66 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
I can't wait to hear the responses.
What is your response when you ask a christian to physically show you god as to believe in him and ...
BD66 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Don't get drawn in to those silly conversations.
Bob Dorough, whose catchy 'Schoolhouse Rock' tunes taught generations of kids grammar and math, has ...
BD66 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
The score was tied at seven all. When Franklin found he had the ball. He made a connection in the other direction, and the crowd started hollering interjections.
Bob Dorough, whose catchy 'Schoolhouse Rock' tunes taught generations of kids grammar and math, has ...
BD66 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ...... My entire 8th grade class could sing this from memory.
Aww look...Melenia has on her 'Father Sarducci' hat today.
BD66 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
Melania could put a metal bucket on top of her head and still look good.
Wheres the stinking rapture?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
Don't feel bad. Jesus didn't take me either :-(
The lack of females in the Atheist community is truly disheartening. Odds are that I'll either die ...
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
I met a nice Catholic girl on match.com. When I stay at her place and she skips church, she calls it an "Atheist Weekend"
Would the Republicans on this site please answer the questions below?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
I'm Republican/Libertarian, so I'll give it a shot. Why would anyone be opposed to clean air,water and land? I'm not opposed to any of those things. I am opposed to the EPAs war on C02. CO2, H20, and O2 are the three most important compounds on the planet to support life. For the past 8 years, the EPA has been more focused on CO2 than thay have on the poisons they should be worring about. Social Security is a pyramid scheme that was sold as a trust fund to the American public by FDR's administration. This is perhaps the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public. There never was a trust fund. It was always money-in and money-out. Whenever politicians get money-in destined for a certain purpose, they will find a way to divert it to fit their needs. After the baby boomers retire, there will be nothing left for those of us born after 1964. I don't think anyone wants to deny anyone the ability to fight their health problems. If you are talking about Obamacare, I should be the poster boy for Obamacare. I'm self employed with a special needs son. Pre Obamacare (in 2013) I was paying health insurance premiums of $500 per month. Now through Obamacare, I would have been paying $1866 per month, but I created a partnership that got my rates down to $1702 per month. That's just another example of what happens when the Democrats attempt to improve on the free market. Why isn't the ability to pay taxes a fair method of taxation? I don't think Republicans dispute that. Wealthy people pay a much larger portion of their income in taxes than middle class and poor people. That's been the case for 105 years when Uncle Sam instituted the income tax for good. How else would you pay for the military,roads,infrastructure that everyone uses? Taxes and "pay-as-you go" are the two best options. Tollways sometimes make sense. There are a whole lot of things that can be cut out of our $700,000,000 annual military budget, that would not make us any less safe. You want less government or no government so how would anything get done? The United States went from almost nothing to the wealthiest most powerful country in the world in 1913. That was the year income taxes went into effect. The private sector is almost always capable of delivering services more efficiently than the public sector. Hope this helps.
What percent of what you see, hear or read do you think we can believe?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
Depends where you see, hear, or read it.
Is capitalism just a version of cannibalism?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
No, It's a version of cooperation.
Is everyone surviving the Rapture so far?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
I guess I'm one of the ones left behind. When is the Antichrist going to come to claim us?
Is everyone surviving the Rapture so far?
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
I guess I'm one of the ones left behind. When is the Antichrist going to come to claim us?
I may sound cold heart, which I am not, but I am so sick of hearing about Barbarba Bush's death. Not...
BD66 comments on Apr 22, 2018:
They need something to put on the news when it's 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Avert your eyes, children.
BD66 comments on Apr 22, 2018:
Melania is holding up a whole lot better.
Hey if I can get only 235 likes on this post then I can move up to Level 5! Come on you know you ...
BD66 comments on Apr 19, 2018:
I'll do my part to help.


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