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I came to the conclusion that the stories associated with Christianity were all nonsense at the age of 12. I continued in the Methodist Church for social reasons until the age of 18. I was almost always elected President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, and I was on the Church board of directors. When I went to college, I had no more motivation to be involved in religion. I met a beautiful highly-motivated atheist woman when I was 22. We had 16 fantastic years together before she passed away. My second wife was not religious when I met her, but she became religious for social reasons. I've been trying to get divorced from her for 5 years. I've had a Catholic girlfriend for the past 3.5 years, and we get along great. She doesn't try to convert me, and I don't try to convert her.


I recently got a note from admin saying that they had received a number of complaints about me ...
BD66 comments on Jan 7, 2019:
What's wrong with argumentative? Aren't intellectual arguments mentally stimulating?
If god designed human anatomy, I don't think he was thinking of all the angles.
BD66 comments on Jan 14, 2019:
I'm surprised there aren't more women on here complaining about God's childbirth procreation scheme.
For anyone who thinks that i was a point whore, I posted this in not the most popular group, though ...
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
In 2019, and idiot wrapped in Aluminum Foil is just as useful as a Knight in Shinning Armor.
Yesterday I renewed my drivers license.
BD66 comments on May 12, 2023:
Sounds similar to getting my 16 year old son a driver's license in Illinois last year.
People aren't going hungry because we can't grow enough food.
BD66 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
People aren't going hungry. There is an epidemic of obesity in the USA. If you want to blame capitalism for the overabundance of food, then you have a point.
"Shouldn't You Know Better?" Bollywood Star Poses with Maasai Tribesman as a Prop.
BD66 comments on May 29, 2019:
I'm not offended in the least by that photo.
Russian media laughs at 'dumbest guy in Congress' Louie Gohmert for asking Forest Service to move ...
BD66 comments on Jun 10, 2021:
I watched the clip, and I think he made that comment to illustrate the futility of US government agencies trying to control the Earth's climate. However I'm not 100% sure that was what he intended to say.
So far, so good for House of the Dragon.
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2022:
This is set 172 years before Game of Thrones?
Darwin took his toll on the dumb ones.
BD66 comments on Apr 7, 2022:
I just bought a pillow that comes with an 8 page instruction manual!
Ha, I knew it!
BD66 comments on Apr 11, 2023:
Many times it's why the divorce process begins.
TGIF! It's Friday, let's play a game.
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
I have 3 degrees in electrical engineering. I can design weapons to shock and kill the zombies.
More proof that Facebook helped destroy America (and beyond).
BD66 comments on Apr 27, 2022:
To keep people engaged, you have to push their buttons. You can make them laugh, but that doesn't last long. You can make them cry, but they get immune to it. Anger is the think that can be easily stoked for a long period of time. Facebook takes advantage of it. Fox News takes advantage of it. MSNBC and CNN take advantage of it. The same formula is used by all of them.
Lol I got blocked from the BernieRevolution group because I made a quip.
BD66 comments on Mar 24, 2019:
No sense of humor and no future either.
How people got through the 50's.
BD66 comments on Feb 1, 2022:
Much larger than a cell phone.
"1200 People Were Asked Why They Left Christianity.
BD66 comments on Mar 27, 2023:
I guess "It's all a bunch of complete nonsense" would fall under "Intellectual Integrity" I'm surprised I'm in such a small minority 7%.
Judge orders men who lied about military service to wear 'I am a liar' signs [thehill.
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2019:
A judge should order ministers to wear the same signs.
Nostalgia is all we have left.
BD66 comments on Jun 1, 2019:
My guess is Capitalism will go on for a long long time.
From 1962, a great soundtrack that won an Oscar for Best Music Score by Maurice Jarre - Lawrence of ...
BD66 comments on Sep 4, 2022:
I hated that movie 50 minutes of content spaced out over 4 hours.
Unlikely to turn out well
BD66 comments on May 16, 2023:
A pet cougar is a great way to keep the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons away!
Elon Musk buys Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?
BD66 comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Hopefully we can all support his next acquisition:
The church, getting things wrong for centuries.
BD66 comments on Jun 1, 2019:
And humans haven't had a good night's sleep since.
When Ray Charles announced that he wanted to work on an album of country music in 1961, during a ...
BD66 comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Ray was awesome. Nobody ever sang country music the way Ray did.
I equate morality with religion and so I do not presume to have them as a godless one but I do have ...
BD66 comments on Nov 12, 2021:
That's a strange spokesperson for morality! :-)
An anomaly?
BD66 comments on Jun 27, 2022:
Think how scary it is for the really smart people! :-)
Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair Elections
BD66 comments on Jun 3, 2019:
It's not just elections. On our first family trip to Mexico, we were in a taxi going from the airport to the hotel: She said "Aren't we all going to put on seatbelts" I said "No" She said "Why not" I said "Because this is a free country"
This would be comical if not for the fact that it represents the true feelings of a significant ...
BD66 comments on Aug 9, 2022:
Brought to you by Ron DEATHsantis (R-Florida), I am not sure if this makes me want to laugh or cry.
BD66 comments on Jul 17, 2021:
Covid-19 Death Rates per million for our 6 largest states: California 1622 Texas 1827 Florida 1788 New York 2783 Pennsylvania 2179 Illinois 2038 It should make you want to educate yourself and stop blindly believing propaganda.
Anyone else think that's a bit weird?
BD66 comments on May 16, 2023:
I'm glad to do it!
I love it when their own scripture contradicts whatever line of bullshit they are trying to push, ...
BD66 comments on Sep 23, 2021:
The people who drowned could be comforted by "It's all part of God's plan" and "The Lord works in mysterious ways"
If they lie, fudge data, etc.
BD66 comments on Dec 18, 2021:
I spent 9 years in academia completing a PhD, then another 14 years at tech companies working with scientists and engineers. I would say (as a group) the scientists and engineers are more honest than the average person, but those who choose to feed at the government trough have perverse incentives in place to keep the grant money coming in, so those are the most likely to fudge data and omit inconvenient results. They are also the group most likely to throw in the popular buzzwords at the time in order to impress those doling out grant money.
Christian Trophy Hunter Thanks God After Killing Giraffe | Michael Stone
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2019:
You need God's help to shoot an animal that is 20 feet tall??
I was ambushed again on my morning walk in the woods.
BD66 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
Maybe that's why people walk with pit bulls.
Identifies as cyclist
BD66 comments on Jun 25, 2021:
Ryan Crouser should identify as a woman and throw the 12 pound shot out of the stadium.
Name something edible that can be stored in your cabinet with an amazing shelf life?
BD66 comments on Jun 22, 2019:
While the following is a dated read, that sort of hypocrisy is easily observable to this day and ...
BD66 comments on Dec 28, 2023:
Go to your nearest calendar store and check out SI's weekly swimsuit calendar. One week: The model weighs 110 pounds. Next week: The model weights 250 pounds. Next week: The model weighs 110 pounds. Next week: The model weights 250 pounds. Next week: The model weighs 110 pounds. Next week: The model weights 250 pounds. If they had any business sense, they would make a calendar full of 110 pound models, and a calendar full of 250 pounds models. They would then realize their calendar with 110 pound models sells 100 times more than their calendar with 250 pound models, and stop with the morbidly obese female swimsuit models altogether.
People are not smart.
BD66 comments on Dec 12, 2019:
Some boy needs to join, and when they refuse, he can sue them for not allowing him to join the boy scouts because he is a boy.
Dick is good.
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Stop buying products on
If cats are liberal are dogs socialist?
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2021:
Whoever would call dogs socialist should have seen my dachshund Trixie at feeding time.
Ah... he was a son of the Pope
BD66 comments on May 9, 2022:
Have the forensic scientists sequenced God's DNA?
Do the American people support their government on Ukraine-Russia?
BD66 comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Joe Biden withdrew Afghanistan in a mess leaving behind $85,000,000,000 in military equipment. That was against the Taliban. You expect the American people to have confidence he could lead us in a conventional war against the Russians? I would not trust Joe Biden to lead me into a Dairy Queen.
I think her and I might be soulmates.
BD66 comments on May 16, 2021:
Sounds like my kind of woman! I could do without the cinammon rolls though.
I have a for instance question.
BD66 comments on Jun 4, 2020:
Good questions.
Golden Chanterelles!!! Picked over eighty pounds!
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Congratulations! It looks like quite a haul!
Why would you vote for Democrats?
BD66 comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Because they want free stuff.
If the girls were as bad as the food....
BD66 comments on May 4, 2020:
That's 100% false. The grilled Big Fish Sandwich with Swiss Cheese and a salad was fantastic!
It's so nice to have a group of folks to connect with, who have lived this as I did.
BD66 comments on Nov 16, 2021:
Socialism has its roots in Christianity: One terrible idea begets another.
The Animals. - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place….live on Ed Sullivan Show, 1966. []
BD66 comments on Dec 13, 2021:
Theme song for the State of Illinois.
If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn't help the poor...
BD66 comments on Nov 19, 2023:
I'm no expert on Jesus, but I believe he was advocating private charity, not taking money away from citizens under threat of imprisonment, then using the money collected to buy votes. Did he ever give a speech where he said "We should give more money to the Romans because they do a great job taking care of the poor"?
hmm hmm himmm
BD66 comments on May 1, 2019:
David Koresh?
True story
BD66 comments on Jan 20, 2022:
I can introduce you to multiple families with high school educations who work in blue collar jobs who have saved more than $1,000,000 for retirement. All it takes is the discipline to spend less than you earn and put that money to work in the stock market. They will live much more comfortably in retirement than those who sit around waiting for government handouts.
Why they ruining the fun ?
BD66 comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Are uncircumcised penises OK?
This Was The GOP Platform in 1956. What the F-ck Happened to the GOP?
BD66 comments on Dec 18, 2018:
Bill Buckley happened.
I really don't want Democrats to control anything Federal after the next election.
BD66 comments on Sep 29, 2023:
Same here. When it was Trump vs. Hillary, I did not like either candidate, so I just stopped watching. It's a pretty easy matter to just go here: take their quiz, decide which candidates and parties are most closely aligned with me, then turn off all the BS on the news.
Breyer obviously thought the next Senate would be Republican controlled, making any confirmation ...
BD66 comments on Jan 26, 2022:
It will be fun watching Cruz and Kennedy question the nominee.
Kanye’s Response To Divorce Filing Blatantly Samples Kim Kardashian’s Petition ...
BD66 comments on Apr 23, 2021:
You know, I have a lot more respect for Kanye surviving 6 years of marriage in that crazy family. He held up a lot better than Bruce Jenner and Lamar Odom did.
What she said.
BD66 comments on Jan 30, 2022:
You should see what she does to NBA basketball players.
I find myself lacking words to describe the world I live in.
BD66 comments on Sep 14, 2018:
Want to piss off a Conservative, tell him a lie. Want to piss off a Liberal, tell him the truth.
“This is, apparently, what the actual Jesus of Nazareth looked like, according to an artist and an...
BD66 comments on Oct 5, 2021:
1. This is what a person born in Bethlehem near the time of Jesus's birth MIGHT look like. The people there did not all look the same, so putting a particular face on Jesus is ridiculous. 2. The photo is what he MIGHT look like from Mary's DNA. The other half of his DNA would have come from God, and nobody has ever sequenced God's DNA. He may have been green with purple polka dots for all we know.
Only 4% Of Europeans Trust Donald Trump
BD66 comments on Sep 15, 2019:
He'll know not to run for President of Europe.
Trump ready to make McConnell's life miserable.
BD66 comments on Feb 19, 2021:
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
Well, that was kinda embarrassing.
BD66 comments on Apr 2, 2022:
"Attacked Black Troops on British Soil" is not a very accurate description of what transpired: That evening in 1943, black troops and white locals were stretching out “drinking-up time” in a pub at the end of the evening. Words were exchanged, and military police arrived and tried to arrest Private Eugene Nunn for not wearing the proper uniform. But they faced new solidarities: a white British soldier challenged the military police: “Why do you want to arrest them? They’re not doing anything or bothering anybody.” The incident escalated into a fist fight and the military police were beaten back. When they returned with reinforcements to meet the group, now returning to camp, a battle developed in the street. Shots were fired, and Crossland died with a bullet in his back. Black GIs would drink in mixed company in British pubs, to the horror of the white US Army authorities. brizzlebornandbred When rumours spread at the camp that black GIs had been shot, scores of men formed a crowd, some carrying rifles. The arrival at around midnight of more military police with a machine gun-equipped vehicle convinced many of the black soldiers that the police intended to kill them – and they drew rifles from the stores. Some barricaded themselves into the base, others tore off back into town, leading to running shooting battles in the streets. Many of the black American troop standing up to the military police that febrile night were no doubt influenced by news filtering through of race riots in Detroit on June 20, where defenceless black men were attacked by racist police, responsible for the deaths of 17 of the 25 African-Americans killed.
Australia Doesn't Exit And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA - Flat Earthers Claim
BD66 comments on May 29, 2018:
I thought I was there for 2 weeks in 2002 and 1.5 weeks in 2006. That was quite an elaborate hoax.
I've never understood the propensity of sportsball players to give thanks to god for victory on the ...
BD66 comments on Feb 19, 2021:
I've been waiting for that my whole life.
I've heard from some people that they have given up cable TV.
BD66 comments on Jan 15, 2019:
Same reasons as you. I get all my entertainment from the internet and Netflix.
With the runaway inflation we’re having here in the US and the turmoil around the world like the ...
BD66 comments on Apr 19, 2022:
They are in denial, and blaming corporations for taking record profits for the inflation. Same mechanism Christians use to discard scientific evidence that proves their beliefs are nonsense.
Love after marriage
BD66 comments on Oct 4, 2023:
All young men contemplating getting married should see this.
Typical liberal logic
BD66 comments on Sep 14, 2018:
The Obama strategy was to take a city away from them and drive them on to the next city, so we were in a never-ending war of taking one city after another. The Trump-Mattis strategy is to surround the city, let no one excape, and kill every single one of the ISIS fighters. That seems to be working quite well.
Do the American people support their government on Ukraine-Russia?
BD66 comments on Feb 14, 2022:
2014 Russia invaded Crimea (Obama) Jan 2017 to Jan 2021 Nothing (Trump) 2022 Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine (Biden) Putin knows when we have weak leadership, and we broadcast it to the entire world. Observe our Biden-era Army recruiting ad: Vs. the Chinese and Russian military recruiting ads:
Nailed it though!
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2021:
Mental illness on a national scale.
Seems fair.
BD66 comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Many of those are valid statements.
Queen Elizabeth revokes Prince Andrew's military titles, royal patronages amid Epstein scandal
BD66 comments on Jan 13, 2022:
Prince Andrew didn't draw nearly enough attention over this.
Cleaning out the fridge and pantry.
BD66 comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Tough call. You stock up, and you make fewer trips to the store to save gas, but if you buy too much, the food goes rotten and spoils, wasting the money and energy spent to produce it.
Atleast leave those animals alone, bastard. 😠😠😠😠
BD66 comments on Jul 28, 2020:
I wonder what the Pope's position on this issue is?
Damn, where is love?
BD66 comments on Feb 15, 2024:
They hymen is not the issue. It's the corruption in family law courts. It should be simplified to "No Diamond"
My grandma sang this to me when I was little.
BD66 comments on Oct 1, 2021:
I like this one too:
The Rolling Stones - 1963 and 1967
BD66 comments on May 21, 2022:
A lot of hard living in those 4 years.
Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface
BD66 comments on Feb 12, 2019:
So are we going to let them all in?
BD66 comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Why wouldn't they want to come here, our government is printing money and giving it away!
Anti-vaxxer ‘warrior mom’: If vaccines are so great, ‘why aren’t they mentioned in the ...
BD66 comments on Oct 12, 2018:
No vaccines were in the Bible. No children with autism were in the Bible. There's your proof.
BD66 comments on Dec 20, 2023:
The Democrats definition of a Nazi: Any Republican who has a chance to get elected.
Now you need to keep cheese in your pocket to acquire a date.
BD66 comments on Mar 29, 2022:
I wish I knew that back in college!
Would you care for a spot of tea?
BD66 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
My cousin and her husband had a pet badger. My dad and I went over to see it, and she said "Do you want me to let him out so you can play with him?" We both said "NO!" as fast as we possibly could.
Have you ever read...
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
All the time!
I find it happening more and more
BD66 comments on Nov 21, 2022:
WalMart did this during Covid. The objective was to get out there, get your groceries and household supplies, and get home while minimizing exposure to other people. But WalMart made that impossible because they moved every single item to another location in th store.
Birthday e-card and gift from a man I met 15 years ago. Why?
BD66 comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Obviously it's because you are irresistible to men.
Mixed Signals
BD66 comments on May 10, 2021:
The Lord works in mysterious ways! :-)
He does want a parade
BD66 comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Trump is too old to cheat on Melania the way JFK cheated on Jackie O, otherwise he probably would.
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2017:
Take their pamphlet. Tell them you are very busy and need to get back to work, then politely shut to door on them.
Humans (Homo Sapiens) have existed on this planet for 200,000 years. Is this our legacy?
BD66 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Damn, that's some amazing ignorance.
How Many of Us Have Heard or Read About the BBC Project on What Jesus May Have Actually Looked Like?
BD66 comments on May 3, 2019:
Looks a lot like a Neandertal.
For those that have "come out" (of religion) to a spouse how did that go?
BD66 comments on Sep 21, 2018:
I married an atheist, then my wife became Christian. It was a disaster. She seemed to lose all ability to think rationally. I would give her evidence that something (like a some form of multilevel marketing product) was a scam, and she would say: "Well I choose to believe in it"
Bernie Sanders is trying very hard to cost the American job market great losses.
BD66 comments on Jun 6, 2019:
Don't worry, Walmart isn't going to do anything Bernie Sanders wants them to do.
Is Warren correct?
BD66 comments on Mar 9, 2019:
This is a real tough one. I don't believe Google/Facebook/Amazon are engaging in the same type of activities as Standard Oil was in the late 19th century. It's a very different world. You create the best search tool, and everyone will use it. You create the best social media site, and everyone will use it. You create the best online shopping site, and everyone will use it. If they break them up, people will probably all gravitate to the best portion of what is left over after the Google breakup, the Facebook breakup, and the Amazon breakup.
WTHOLYF!!!!! This is a must see.
BD66 comments on Aug 24, 2022:
Hopefully that guy is fired and done being a police officer.
We need to take up a collection to buy GPS systems for both Kamala and Biden.
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Lost is an understatement.
Feel better now???? (I did some fact checking and found estimates as high as $285,000,000,000)
BD66 comments on Jan 20, 2023:
My two friends started a company called One of them made $800,000,000 The other one made $400,000,000 They gave me a chance to invest very early. I now take comfort in the fact that every other financial or investment mistake I have made is small compared to not investing in their company.
BD66 comments on Jul 3, 2020:
Hopefully nobody will marry that psychopath without watching her video first.
Why is China really angry about Pelosi`s visit to Taiwan?
BD66 comments on Aug 9, 2022:
3rd in line for succession for the US Presidency visiting Taiwan without going through them.
Do You Practice Your Non Belief?
BD66 comments on Oct 1, 2021:
I log in here every day to see what you folks have to say.
Republican motherhood....
BD66 comments on Oct 7, 2021:
You left out child support.


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