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Oil prices just jumped 19% because of the attack on the Saudi oil refinery.
BD66 comments on Sep 16, 2019:
It's just supply and demand. No conspiracy to worry about. Prices will come back down soon.
What’s a Jew to do during the high holy days when they question the existence of a higher power?
BD66 comments on Sep 16, 2019:
Stop identifying as a Jew.
Only 4% Of Europeans Trust Donald Trump
BD66 comments on Sep 15, 2019:
He'll know not to run for President of Europe.
Wind Energy Has A Waste Problem: Disposing Of The Turbines : NPR
BD66 comments on Sep 15, 2019:
Comparable to the disposal of millions of very large lithium battery units for electric cars.
What is it that Trump knows, but what the left has forgotten?
BD66 comments on Sep 15, 2019:
That helps explain why Republicans adopted "family values" and pull those out again each election cycle.
I suffer from intermittent explosive disorder.
BD66 comments on Sep 14, 2019:
My advice to you: Stop watching cable news shows.
Humans (Homo Sapiens) have existed on this planet for 200,000 years. Is this our legacy?
BD66 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Damn, that's some amazing ignorance.
Land Grabbing... Greed over Native People is not only an ameriKKKan Only Disease... []
BD66 comments on Sep 11, 2019:
It has been going on ever since humans developed the concept of land being property.
For any Trump supporters out there, assuming that Trump is the Republican candidate for president in...
BD66 comments on Sep 11, 2019:
If there are no 3rd party candidates, Trump will win with ~50% of the popular vote. The competition from the Democrats is too weak.
Do we have to believe something (in order to cope with reality)?
BD66 comments on Sep 11, 2019:
It seems like the most common replacement mechanisms on this site: Faith in God -> Faith in Leftist government. Fear of Amageddon -> Fear of climate change.
Dead fish photos. A turnoff?
BD66 comments on Sep 11, 2019:
My dad was a very good fisherman, and we always went on fishing trips together. Dead fish photos bring back a lot of good memories for me. Eating the dead fish was good brain food too. Without it, I might be a Christian.
Why would you vote for Democrats?
BD66 comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Because they want free stuff.
Man accidentally shoots himself! I am obviously pretty callous.
BD66 comments on Sep 9, 2019:
This one is a lot funnier:
BD66 comments on Sep 9, 2019:
If we trust them to be our nurses, and with tech support for our consumer devices, why not our teachers?
Does anyone have a favorite book that helped you in your transition out of your religion?
BD66 comments on Sep 9, 2019:
The Bible.
The looney democraps have gone completely bonkers on climate change! Justin Haskins: Sleep well, ...
BD66 comments on Sep 7, 2019:
The people who wake up at 3:30am terrified about climate change should NOT be having children.
What is your response when people say i'll pray for you?
BD66 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Thanks. It means they wish the best for you.
One of the things I like best about this site is reading people's bios.
BD66 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
That's what the bios are there for. Enjoy them.
If you GOP'ers thought you'd have options other than the Orange Menace.
BD66 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
No Republican has a chance to beat Trump for the Republican nomination. The people who think they can run against him and win are much crazier than Trump himself.
Here at a monthly Ask An Atheist Event.
BD66 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
That's the middle of the Bible Belt. You are a very brave man.
OMFG! Wow! Just, Wow! I mean Wowzer! I can’t believe this sht! []
BD66 comments on Sep 6, 2019:
The intersection of crazy and deluded with crazy and deluded.
Any other 3rd/4th gen atheists
BD66 comments on Sep 5, 2019:
When my grandfather got out of surgery, he was in a strange state of mind, and started talking about religion. He made statements like: "I suppose one religion is just as good as any other religion" My grandmother did everything she could to shut him up. My Dad never "came out" as an Atheist, but he never went to church, while my mother went and forced me and my mother to go. So it's likely I am a 3rd generation Atheist/Agnostic.
BD66 comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Trump may be able to replace him with one of the 2016 candidates for the Republican nomination and have a stronger ticket than he would have with Pence.
CNN's latest 2020 Candidates' Power Rankings [cnn.
BD66 comments on Sep 5, 2019:
"Power Ranking" is not the right phrase to describe that group.
Would Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax proposal tax the wealth of America's super rich pastors like ...
BD66 comments on Sep 5, 2019:
Jesus would have the best reality TV show of all time.
That's right!
BD66 comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Would that thing have some serious recoil?
Dad is dying.
BD66 comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Sorry to hear that. I had a great relationship with my dad, and now I have a great relationship with my sons. It's too bad you didn't have the same.
Anybody out there enjoy cigars?
BD66 comments on Sep 4, 2019:
No, I hate them. My dad was a smoker, and I was exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke. I try to avoid tobacco smoke whenever I can.
Gun control seems impossible in the states, but ammunition control could be beneficial.
BD66 comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Estimates are there are 100,000,000,000 rounds of ammunition in the hands of US Gun owners. Most of them would resist efforts for the government to seize the rounds, and it would be bad PR to have the federal government digging up the yards of millions of gun owners.
Birthday e-card and gift from a man I met 15 years ago. Why?
BD66 comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Obviously it's because you are irresistible to men.
[] Trump defends weekend of golf while Hurricane Dorian approached. LOL. Really?
BD66 comments on Sep 3, 2019:
What do you expect him to do? Stop a hurricane? He proposed to stop it with an atomic bomb, and everyone laughed at him.
I do not think many here really care what happens to their remains after they die.
BD66 comments on Sep 2, 2019:
In a casket just above the casket with my late wife in it.
Assange Must Not Also Die in Jail
BD66 comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Check out this video. It's in Cebu, Philippines. (My girlfriend's hometown). People get arrested, many of them are innocent, and they must spend years in the local jail waiting for a trial. The warden hired a consultant to make their time in the local jail as tolerable as possible. Guys like Assange get lots of attention, but there are millions of innocent poor people languishing in jails around the world.
Chiropractors are bullshit | The Outline
BD66 comments on Sep 2, 2019:
I woke up with a stiff neck one day that bothered me too much to go to work. I went to the nearby chiropractor. First I got a 20 minute neck massage. Then the chiropractor gave my neck a quick jerk, and I was good as new.
How much faith do you have in a Trump era NOAA (National Weather Service and/or National Hurricane ...
BD66 comments on Sep 2, 2019:
NOAA is all about using supercomputers to predict weather the next 16 days out. They have the same staff. They have the same computer programs. Trump is dismantling the modeling of climate 50 years out.
Hey Guys & Gals. god gave us the right to carry guns.
BD66 comments on Sep 1, 2019:
God Created the Universe 13,800,000,000 years ago fully aware that one of the 8,700,000 species on one of the 8 planets orbiting one of the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars would invent guns 13,799,999,500 years later, and he intended for all individuals of that species to be able to carry guns whenever and wherever they desire.
Sad but true
BD66 comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Here's a better analogy:
Beto O’Rourke says AK-47 and AR-15 owners will ‘have to sell them to the government’ if he ...
BD66 comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Right now, the betting odds give him less than a 1% chance of becoming President, so I'd say let's wait until he is at 10% or more before we worry about what he says.
I thought that this news from Canada’s Supreme Court would be of interest here.
BD66 comments on Aug 31, 2019:
I think in terms of priority, almost everything should come before religious beliefs, but it appears to work almost exactly the opposite here in the USA.
Something else we are blamed for.
BD66 comments on Aug 31, 2019:
That brings to mind a conversation I had with my 13 year old son on my Birthday. He said "Dad, how come you always pick Biaggis" (An Italian Restaurant). I said "Well first I picked Kochi" (A sushi place) and my mother said "I don't like that place". Then I said "Then I picked flat-top grill", and my girlfriend said "I'm NOT going there on your birthday" Then I said "How about Biaggis" and they both agreed. Then I said "Did you learn anything son?"
For the NCAA Football fans here: For the record, I went to NCSU and am a ACC/Wolfpack man till the...
BD66 comments on Aug 31, 2019:
You are definitely crazy! :-)
According to a WH press release, Trump has decided to spare Florida from any Hurricane Dorian damage
BD66 comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Trump saves Florida, and you lefties are still ungrateful!
What airline is this?
BD66 comments on Aug 29, 2019:
It should be the new logo for American Airlines.
Welcome to the feels bar. What's bothering you?
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Religious bias in family law courtrooms.
Trump Keeps Being Racist To Native Americans And Getting Away With It
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2019:
He's not being racist to Native Americans. He is calling out Elizabeth Warren on her fraudulent claims. Native Americans should be outraged at her, not Trump.
"This is how it is with the universe.
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Each one of us is the product of the 1 in 100,000,000 sperm that was lucky enough to fertilize the egg, so we are all lottery winners, otherwise we would not be here.
I watched this four times and am still crying and laughing out loud. []
BD66 comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Christian mosh pit.
Judge orders men who lied about military service to wear 'I am a liar' signs [thehill.
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2019:
A judge should order ministers to wear the same signs.
No kidding
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2019:
The greatest difference between them is their worldview and policies.
My presumption, or ASSUMPTION, is that members of Agnostic are progressive, or liberal in their ...
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2019:
I'd say 80% to 90% of the people on this site are politically liberal, and most of them are likely Democrats. If you would like to meet the 10% to 20% of the people on this site who are conservative, go to the Conservative Atheists group.
As a child, I really enjoyed church, Sunday school, and Vacation Bible School--the dressing up, the ...
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2019:
I hated Church I hated Sunday School I never had vacation Bible school after age 4. I did enjoy Methodist Youth Fellowship, and I was always elected President of the group even though I never believed the religious BS. Most of my best friends were in the group. Most of the pretty girls in my school were in the group. We took Canoe Trips, went to the Michigan Coast, went to the Ozarks. Lots of fun, it would have been even better if we didn't have to mix in the religion.
Private schools expanding. Education budget to be cut. []
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
ToolGuy, Why are you so concerned about the USA? Do lots of Canadians have as much interest in United States politics as you do?
Can we and should we separate a man from his body of work if that man has done wrong in his personal...
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
I can just imagine the audio tour: "And here is the bed where Michael slept naked with little boys"
Trump reportedly suggested using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from striking the US
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
It's called "Thinking outside the box"
Your tax dollars working for someone else while you wonder how you are going to pay next weeks rent.
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
On the flip side:
Released 80 years ago today great movie Wizard of Oz
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
That Wicked Witch of the West creeped me out for years.
Making Your Best Use Of The BLOCK Function This is a large, diverse, and multi-purpose online ...
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
I have never blocked anyone on this site. I disagree with the political positions of many people here, but I have found I have a lot in common with them on issues outside of politics. What bothers me is the site is too compartmentalized. Many people just want to have their own views reinforced. Conservatives post things on "Conservative Atheists", with a header like "This will make the Liberals Heads explode", then they won't post it in the Politics section. If you don't have your views challenged, and you are not forced to reexamine them, you will never grow.
Just a comment about believers who post on this site .
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
You are 100% right.
For anyone who thinks that i was a point whore, I posted this in not the most popular group, though ...
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2019:
In 2019, and idiot wrapped in Aluminum Foil is just as useful as a Knight in Shinning Armor.
It is interesting that the Roman empire, and later Charlemagne's, banned tattooing in order to fight...
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
You make very good points.
Does anyone else see that the more religious a person claims to be the bigger an asshole they are to...
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
When I was 17 years old, I was a furniture delivery man for the summer. Of all the people we delivered furniture to, the biggest jerk by far was a Methodist minister.
If having a sex before marriage is a sin in the eyes of the Lord, why must that child who came out ...
BD66 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
Congratulations! You have identified another religious paradox! I have never heard that one before.
Can someone explain to me how a pro-socialism/communism lefty can even remotely consider themselves ...
BD66 comments on Aug 21, 2019:
Post it in the politics section and see what the lefties have to say.
Borrowed this from FB - thanks for the share Michael Lentz
BD66 comments on Aug 21, 2019:
Half the nation has rejected the Democratic party. Half the nation has rejected the Republican party
I wonder how fast gun control legislation would pass if Ivanka was murdered in a mass shooting?
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2019:
It would not pass.
"Do you feel that it's unethical or racist for a white person to compliment a black person on a ...
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2019:
A similar question of etiquette: When we were sailing off the coast of CA, one of my white friends got out the sun block and started passing it around. It got to me, and I put some on, and offered it to my Africa American friend. He declined and passed it on. Did I handle that correctly?
Agree or disagree? Guess what I think... 😋
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2019:
No more stupid than the Ashley Graham photos and stories about her.
Florida first lady to miss Women for Trump event due to planned execution | TheHill
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2019:
That's a novel excuse.
A centrist candidate would be a losing candidate. Do you agree with that view? []
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2019:
A centrist candidate might win the general election, but the parties are so polarized that a centrist candidate would never win his or her party's nomination.
There is a highly vocal group of deniers of the existence of Jesus.
BD66 comments on Aug 18, 2019:
When one side says the creator of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars knocked up a teenage Jewish girl, and you don't believe it, how do you compromise?
John Hickenlooper ends 2020 presidential campaign, nods at potential Senate bid Hickenlooper says...
BD66 comments on Aug 15, 2019:
Hickenlooper is right: Hickenlooper says Bernie Sanders' socialism will FedEx the election win to Trump in 2020.
Strange how people have to resort to insults when they don't like someone's opinion "AnneWimsey ...
BD66 comments on Aug 15, 2019:
These Trump conspiracies are getting as ridiculous as religious stories. Assange has been in legal trouble since 2012. Trump didn't start his run for President until 2015. How was Assange the tool of a loudmouthed real estate developer many years before he went into politics?
Why, I've been invited into his home...
BD66 comments on Aug 14, 2019:
If a woman didn't have a clitoris, sex would be less enjoyable, so she would have sex less often and have fewer babies, so it does play a role in creating children. I'm not so sure about the devil part.
Kentucky what has mitch done for you
BD66 comments on Aug 13, 2019:
Senators can't make their citizens stop smoking cigarettes:
Cleaning out the fridge and pantry.
BD66 comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Tough call. You stock up, and you make fewer trips to the store to save gas, but if you buy too much, the food goes rotten and spoils, wasting the money and energy spent to produce it.
Why they ruining the fun ?
BD66 comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Are uncircumcised penises OK?
Not all churches are racist
BD66 comments on Aug 9, 2019:
Jesus wasn't Christian is taking it a bit too far.
Holy shit was real
BD66 comments on Aug 8, 2019:
My daughter is hyper enough already. I can't imagine what she would do with cocaine candy. Check out the "Horehound" flavor!
Ellen Brown writes here that the USA instead of opposing the Chinese economic model should adopt it.
BD66 comments on Aug 8, 2019:
The 2,500,000 Chinese immigrants to the USA certainly don't think so.
Common sense
BD66 comments on Aug 8, 2019:
I used to watch Fox News, and I don't any more. I am now playing video games. I am not a white nationalist My first wife's parents immigrated to the USA from Taiwan LEGALLY. My second wife immigrated to the USA from the PRC LEGALLY. My girlfriend immigrated to the USA from the Philippines LEGALLY. I do believe we should enforce our immigration laws.
Extract quoted by the BBC from Trump's words to survivors in Dayton's Miami Valley Hospital.
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2019:
Using logic on people who have "faith" is a waste of time.
Daily Blasphemy: I'm a vet, and I'm not afraid of socialism.
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2019:
That was the great Cold War paradox. The US Armed Services are some of the most Communist Authoritarian Centrally-Planned institutions on the face of the planet, but we needed them to protect the free world from the Communist and Authoritarian Central Planning world.
Why would anyone need a gun when you go to Starbucks?
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2019:
Maybe he thinks it will help him get to the front of the line faster.
Don't think I could deal with that.
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2019:
For her, I could deal with that.
Why we miss him
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2019:
Obama again proves himself to be completely full of shit. Read the third sentence, then compare the murder rates of other countries around the world with the murder rates of the USA. El Salvador 61.8 Jamaica 57 Venezuala 56.33 USA 5.30
Interesting commentary on the current "White Supremacists are the cause of mass shootings" diatribe ...
BD66 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
You are preaching the the choir here. Post it in the Politics section.
Politics , sports, and religion the most corrupt institutions in the world.
BD66 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
Could you explain how golf is corrupt?
The death penalty..
BD66 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
My major problem with the death penalty is the government gets lots of things wrong. However in the case where there is a mass shooting, you have many many witnesses, and the probability they will convict and execute the wrong person is extremely small, so I'm OK with it for mass shooters.
Get your story straight, OBAMA!
BD66 comments on Aug 4, 2019:
Funny you would use 57 and 58:
How will we pay for it?
BD66 comments on Aug 4, 2019:
If they were not paying their taxes, the IRS would come after them.
What’s the worst thing a loved one tried to defend on behalf of religion?
BD66 comments on Aug 2, 2019:
I explained to my mother yesterday how scientists are sure the Universe was about 13,500,000,000 years old when modern humans emerged rather than rather than 6 days, and her response was, "yes, but back then a day represented billions of years" facepalm.
Do you believe Russian interference aided Donald Trump in winning the 2016 presidential election?
BD66 comments on Aug 1, 2019:
Now, I'm not saying that road side sobriety tests are getting harder, BUT, when I got stopped last ...
BD66 comments on Aug 1, 2019:
I'd be in big trouble too.
BD66 comments on Aug 1, 2019:
From the "highlights", it sounds like my time was better spent taking a walk and talking on the phone with my girlfriend. At least they don't have someone who shouts down the other 16 candidates like Trump did in the 2016 debates.
"Spiritual not religious" I know this subject has probably been beat to death but having just come ...
BD66 comments on Aug 1, 2019:
In my own specific case, I believe there may be some form of life after death, based on experiences my father and brother had with people who had just passed away. My father and brother are two of the most sane, rational people I know. That's the spiritual part. As far as the religious goes, I don't believe any organized religion has any particular insight with respect to how the universe was created, what that creator wants for us, what happens after you die, etc. That's where the "not religious" comes from.
What if you replaced the Bill of Rights with the Ten Commandments?
BD66 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
That coveting law would be the worst.
Ya don't say...
BD66 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
That's nothing. Here is a shark roaring like a lion:
God let’s 16,000 children die of starvation every day, but he took a selfie 🤳🏼 with toast.
BD66 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
That's not God. That's Jesus. God is an old guy with white hair and a white beard.
Spent the day touring Bletchley park and also the National museum of computing, where there is a ...
BD66 comments on Jul 30, 2019:
That's awesome, I'd love to go there. Tommy Flowers built the first programmable computer, but he had to remain quiet about it while people who built computers years later got all the credit.
This shows how stupid he is
BD66 comments on Jul 30, 2019:
GDP per capita in Somalia: 499.82 USD GDP per capita in Kentucky: $41,463


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