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Did a lot of moving growing up (not an army brat, an executive brat). I spent 10 years in Europe 1959/68. I still speak fluent French. It also gave me a chance to grow up without much church influence. Mom was devout, but not enough to go to a French church. Thankfully, by the time we got to Switzerland, where they had an American church, I was too scepital to be sucked in. Dad was kind of agnostic anyway, so if he skipped church, my sister and I usually didn’t have to go either.


Well the Brexit Secretary's resigned!! Absolute shambles here. The words "sinking" and "ship" come ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 15, 2018:
Politics are messed up everywhere at this point.
Ad-libbing while cooking. What ad-libs worked for you?
Barnie2years comments on Nov 15, 2018:
I don’t bake. Try to limit carbs, so I don’t keep cookies, cake, pies or other baked goods in the house. If I get desperate I will get something when I eat out. But even then, it’s rare.
Hahahaha ??????
Barnie2years comments on Nov 14, 2018:
That’s about right! ??
I woke up to our first snow. I just got my snow tires put on yesterday. Talk about good timing. I ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 14, 2018:
My township vacuums up leaves curbside from October to mid November. Usually, it works out fine. But one year, the week before the last pickup, we had a heavy snowfall. When the plows came through, they pushed piles of snow on to the piles of leaves. And then it never melted off. In fact we had weekly snow falls accumulating on what was already there. The township had to make a leaf run in April when they finally got melted out of the snow. What a mess! Lawns were messed up not only because of leaves, but the snow cut off their sunlight too. Welcome to the northern states!
I’ve just realized how difficult it is to date when you work till 6 but you go to bed between 8 ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I kind of had that when I was working, though I rarely went to bet before 11:30 and often had to be at work at 5:30 or 6:00. But weekends were for catching up on sleep lost during the week.
Do You Feel Like an Outsider?
Barnie2years comments on Nov 12, 2018:
My family moved to Lyon France when I was 10 years old, halfway through second grade. We lived in Lyon for three years, then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, two houses in two years, then to Brussels, Belgium, where we lived until 1969. In between, I was in Valley Forge Military academy for my ninth grade school year, and finished high school, 11th and 12th grades, in Lancaster, PA, where we started from. With moving ever couple of year to a different country, and the friends I made in the American Schools over there were constantly moving, I learned to make friends quickly, and get over them just as quickly. You also learned not to depend much on others, since you don't know them all that well in such short periods of time. So I am a loner. I have many acquaintances, pretty much no really close friends. I've been married three times and blame at least some of that on not knowing how to deal with people on a long term basis. I am not unfriendly, quite the contrary. I smile and say hello to strangers I meet when walking my dog, stop and talk to neighbors when they are outside, and help anyone who asks. What I don't do is join groups, in fact since retiring from bus driving, I avoid groups as much as possible. For 42 years I had to be nice and put up with people talking to me or at me on the bus and be pleasant no matter how I felt or who they were. And in general, I liked my passengers, but I didn't get to choose which ones I dealt with. No, I can choose! Well, sort of. My mom moved up to Lancaster two years ago and she is not a great socializer either, so when she has nothing going on at her "village", she comes over and hangs out with me, or wants me to come over there. I left home when I was 17 and have never been back, and I am quite comfortable being alone. My house is usually quiet, I don't need a radio or the TV on 24 hours a day like mom and my sister do. I actually spend most of my time on Facebook or on this site, my major form of communication, since I control how much time I spend doing it and what conversations I become involved with. I thought that finding a wife would provide me with that "best friend" I had always wanted, but that never worked out quite the way I hoped. So, I go into my twilight years by myself most of the time and not feeling terrible about it, just a bit disappointed that the one thing I wanted most, intimacy, will forever elude me. But I have my pup, live in a great house, feed myself well and get around with not problems. That puts me ahead of a great number of people my age. And when I see some of the people I know and their constant bickering and complaining, I often feel maybe I am better off being alone and self sufficient.
The Age of Ignorance You may or may not agree with his analysis of causes (thought I mostly do) ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 11, 2018:
Sadly true. Just a look at the highest rated reality shows on TV (Big Brother, Survivor, The Bachelor/Bachlorette), You Tube, our current president who also had a “reality” show. Even so many of the movies made today are simple minded. I will never forget when my step-son was around nine or ten, and had been separated from me for about five years, he thought professional wrestling was real. The guy my ex was living with was a moron! ? It took a few years back together to get him straightened out!
Letting go of items with sentimental value
Barnie2years comments on Nov 10, 2018:
My mom hand knitted most of the stockings I hang every year. Since my family gathers at my house every Christmas, they will remain here until I am no longer in this house. Even though I am not a Christmas fan (too many bad events in my life happened around Christmas time), my sister, now with the help of her husband decorate when they get here. So I can still enjoy the happier memories.
Conservative Eastern WA lawmakers file bill to split state. Poor sports!
Barnie2years comments on Nov 9, 2018:
They are doing the same thing down in California. They don’t play well with others.
Does not raking leaves kill the grass? I tried searching this question and an answer was not clear. ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 9, 2018:
If they are thick enough it cuts off air and will turn the grass brown. And if you get a layer of snow on top of that yet, you will not have a pretty yard in the spring. Also, if you have a wet winter it can develop mold and screw up your lawn. If you are not going to take them off, at least mulch them with the lawnmower. That is what our township suggested.
Well that's my work's xmas party sorted..in Dublin. Woo hoo! ☃️☃️☃️??????☘☘☘???...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 9, 2018:
Took a tour of Ireland a few years ago (I think 2009). Spent almost three days in Dublin. Had a great meal at a little pub out of the tourist district, not unreasonably priced. Did quite a bit of walking about. Lovely along the river and the historic district. I was fortunate to have lovely weather, in fact for almost the whole trip we had very little rain.
Christmas cactus- my longest relationship.
Barnie2years comments on Nov 8, 2018:
What a great thing to be able to pass a clone onto your daughter! I’m sure she is thrilled! ❤️?
Sarah Silverman Reminds 'Defeatist' Democrats They Fu-king Won
Barnie2years comments on Nov 8, 2018:
And it’s getting better all the time! Recounts in Florida, possibly Georgia. Arizona is looking good and a few others are turning Blue!
Democrats pick up Senate seat in Nevada with Jacky Rosen win
Barnie2years comments on Nov 8, 2018:
There seems to be a lot of late breaking Democrats blooming! ???
OK not to rain on anyone's parade but I'm going to take a contrarian position about tonight's ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 7, 2018:
Well said. The only positive from last night was progressives and non old white men got a foot in the door! Two Muslim women were elected, a Native American, I believe at least two LGBTQ candidates took offices, as Colorado governor and I believe a representative. Pennsylvania sent more women to Congress than ever before. Progressives won seats in New York. So, while I am disappointed we could not get the senate from the reTuglicans, we got one branch. This is not going to help us avoid probably at least one more Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice. And McConnell has already announced that they are going to be rubber stamping conservative justice appointments throughout the system. So matter what we do in the next general election, the courts will lean white conservative for decades to come. His holding out appointments during the entire Obama administration is paying off big time!
All set for the Democrat election watch party
Barnie2years comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Looks good (as you always do!), the T-shit is cool too! ?
Flashbacks of the 2016 election
Barnie2years comments on Nov 6, 2018:
I just went out and bought four bottles of wine, I’m ready for either outcome, but will have much less if the Blue Wave happens. Spending the evening with my step-son watching results.
For those of you agnostics who find the whole God thing as silly as I do: Remember, being an ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Hope, prayer and rolling dice or flipping a coin are all about equivalent. Get out and vote, encourage all your like thinking friends to do the same. Take any non driving people you know to their polling place. And then wait! Nothing else you do in your mind will actually make a difference. But if it makes YOU feel better, by all means, burn a candle, mumble some words, prostrate yourself towards Mecca, light incense, invoke a dead relative or run around a campfire naked. If the Blue Wave washes over us, you can feel responsible and at peace! ?????
Mean Message from a Trump Supporter
Barnie2years comments on Nov 5, 2018:
Make America Great Again is shorthand for Take Us Back To The Dark Ages. Crappy education, religious instruction over science, overt racism, constant rudeness and the policies that created the Great Depression and government graft of the 1920's. If he actually had no grammar mistakes and all was spelled right, you were dealing with a better educated MAGA fan!
Liverpool makes a stand and runs far-right marchers out of town | UK news | The Guardian
Barnie2years comments on Nov 5, 2018:
Bravo UK. There is a huge difference between free speech and hate speech. At some point that needs to be dealt with.
Read the whole tweet but read the last sentence slowly. Is that a confession? Sounds like one to ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 4, 2018:
His constant denial has pretty much been the equivalent of a confession. No one who has nothing to hide makes that much noise and shows that much fear.
I'm going to see Kathy Griffin tonight; Phoenix is the final stop of her tour. What does your ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 4, 2018:
Pretty much the same as Monday thru Saturday, except no mail!
My daughter got married at Lake Chelan
Barnie2years comments on Nov 3, 2018:
Sounds and looks lovely!
Sorry this made me laugh..... All I need Sex, sleep & music
Barnie2years comments on Nov 3, 2018:
Didn't come out right for me. Unless my phone number is 1-0-3, which it is not.
Good news! Judge Orders Georgia's Brian Kemp to Give Thousands More People a Shot at Voting
Barnie2years comments on Nov 2, 2018:
Better than nothing. I heard a judge in I think North Dakota denied an appeal from Native Americans who were denied their right to vote because they use post office box numbers rather than street addresses. Most don't live on named streets and it was never a problem until the Republicans got control of the state government and changed the voting rules when more Native Americans registered to vote this year when one of their own is running as a Democrat.
Should I just give up on the search for love? After innumerable relationships and a failed ...
Barnie2years comments on Nov 2, 2018:
I actually don't like your choices for the survey, especially the second one. Love, when you find it, is a most wonderous thing! I have reached a point where I have given up finding it again, though if occasion brought someone into my life I felt attracted too, I would certainly explore the possibility. What I have given up on is the drive to seek it in any meaningful way. I have been alone for going on 12 or more years (when you can't remembe how long, I guess that is a sign of acceptance) and without intimacy for at least three. And these have always been what I considered the most important things in my life. But at my age and given my inability to even get a dinner date, I have come to accept that my puppy will be my closest companion for probably the rest of my days. I spend some time with my ex, my mom and some other female friends, but only because they need my help. I guess being appreciated for that is better than being a hermit, which was an alternative I had considered at one time years back.
Beto O'Rourke and the Persistence of Hope
Barnie2years comments on Nov 2, 2018:
What amazes me is the numbers in recent polls here in Pennsylvania, of people who 5 days away from voting, are undecided. For our Senator and governor they were over 10%. At least in the Beto/Cruz poll it was only 2% in the poll I saw. What do these people do, get in the voting booth and flip a coin? The candidates and their positions are so diometrically opposed, with very little middle ground, how can you not take a side?
When did you start drinking coffee and why?
Barnie2years comments on Nov 1, 2018:
I was at Valley Forge Military Academy for 9th grade, 14 years old. Our meals were very regimented. Form up outside, march to the mess hall, take seats at rigid attention, one second year boy at each end of the table to keep us that way. Gong, bow heads, prayer from the chaplain, then back at stiff attention. Food was pretty much the same every morning. A one serving box of cereal and one cup of milk, to be used in the cereal if you didn’t want to eat it dry. Occasionally buggy oatmeal or cream of wheat. No trading, no extras. And a pot of coffee on each table. Unlimited, since most the kids didn’t drink it. And sugar jars. So I decided if I was not going to starve, I would learn to like coffee. Since all the milk went into the cereal, (small cups) I added sugar, one spoon full. I drink it that way ever since! Not too fussy about the taste. I generally buy two or three bags of ground coffee from different brands (usually 8 O’clock, Starbucks and whatever else I have a coupon for. Then I mix them one cup at a time in a glass container (makes a nice pattern, since each scoop is a different darkness!). Then when I scoop it out into the coffee maker, I get a different tasting coffee each time. And as someone else said earlier, I have no issue reheating the second day. If it’s black and hot, it’s good! ?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 31, 2018:
I had the same issue with the singles group. Didn’t stay very long.
Today's hike: environmentalists vs. callous hicks
Barnie2years comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Looks like it was almost a beautiful hike. It’s a shame some people feel that enjoying the outdoors has to involve killing things and acting like pigs. My cousin’s kid is a fisherman and gets terribly upset when he is out in the backwaters and finds piles of trash left behind by so called outdoorsmen. Used to upset me as well when I was spending time out in the woods.
George Clooney's response after Trump called him "Hollywood elite."
Barnie2years comments on Oct 30, 2018:
So very on the point! No one is more “elite” than Donald Trump, born with a golden spoon in his mouth. But certainly no one with a functioning brain would ever call him an “intellectual elite”! The guy doesn’t even know how to close an umbrella.
I'm alone for the first time in two weeks and it's luxurious.
Barnie2years comments on Oct 29, 2018:
I’m alone most the time. Unless you count the dog. Then I’m rarely alone! ?
What Happens When You Treat Opioid Addiction Like a Natural Disaster?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 28, 2018:
I was listening to part of this on the way home this morning. This plague of addiction is going to take a lot of time, money and effort to get under control. I have had at least two family members, my cousins kids die, either from suicide or overdose suicide. I’ve also had an ex-cop basically wonder why the government spends all this money keeping junkies alive, why not just let them die? My guess is, he would feel differently if it was his daughter that had gotten addicted.
A Week of American Hate: Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed, Jews Slaughtered
Barnie2years comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Welcome to Trumperica, where death can not be allowed to interrupt a day of campaigning to make political divisions deeper and hatred more dangerous.
Republican TV ads are becoming more unhinged by the day! Associating every Democratic candidate with...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 27, 2018:
https://abcn.ws/2tEP0hj I am not sure this is tha ad, but it was similar.
Forget the 80 Million, Start with One
Barnie2years comments on Oct 27, 2018:
This created wet eye! What a story! Will share on Facebook. Beautiful young lady!
Can you see the resemblance? The one on the left is my baby. The one on the right is her father, ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Good grief! ?
Bomb Mailing Suspect Cesar Sayoc is a Big Trump Fan with a Criminal History
Barnie2years comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Given much of Trump’s entourage is soon going to have a criminal record, Cesar is just one of the guys! ?
Joe Biden Hopes package bombs will inspire political cool down
Barnie2years comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Nice thought, but Cheeto was already out inciting his followers by blaming fake news, his minions are doing their best to blame Liberals for sending bombs to themselves to sway voters. As long as the Left keeps singing Kumbaya while the Right throws out lie after lie, threats and calls to arms, we will have a hard time hanging onto any gains we may make this election. Civil discourse is wasted on the Huns.
Here's how many times Trump attacked pipe bomb targets. [cnn.com]
Barnie2years comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Trump and the Right love to do all those things they are accusing the Left of doing in the hopes no one notices. Those in their camp never do. During the election, when he was yelling about a rigged election, I was sure he had someone working on rigging it for him (Russia). If he is crying about being misquoted, he is misquoting everyone. It is the typical con man move.
"The American people are a welcoming and generous people. But those who enter our country illegally,...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 25, 2018:
In defending its “zero tolerance” border policy that has caused the separation of families, the Trump administration has argued that the Obama and Bush administrations did this too. That’s misleading. Experts say there were some separations under previous administrations, but no blanket policy to prosecute parents and, therefore, separate them from their children. “Bush and Obama did not have policies that resulted in the mass separation of parents and children like we’re seeing under the current administration,” Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst with the Migration Policy Institute, told us. https://www.factcheck.org/2018/06/did-the-obama-administration-separate-families/
Someone just tried to murder Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, two members of ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Trump just said today it’s their fault for talking bad about him and “Fake News” fault. He is of course blameless. French newspaper Le Monde online said one was sent to Robert DeNiro as well.
I spend almost 2 hours researching every ballot propositon and nominnees (the ones in which i knew ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Research? Anyone running as a Trump supporter should not get a vote from anyone who cares about the future of democracy..
Tricky situation so feedback accepted. My father in law is very elderly and will not be around for ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 23, 2018:
My father dies about three years ago. He made his wishes well known while he was alive. My dad was, I feel, Agnostic, though he never declared himself as such. My mom on the other hand is deeply religious. Both have prepaid for their cremation, so he was cremated. My parents had moved around a lot in their life, so he had asked that we have three memorial services for him. The first one in Florida where they were currently living. We had that in the church mom attends and he occasionally went to. The pastor gave a service and I gave a secular remembrance. Next, we had a service in Lancaster, PA where I live and mom was born and still had family as well as friends. That was held in a rented hall. Next, we had a service in Harveyville, PA, where he was born and still had family members. This one was held at a VFW, with military honors and a 21 gun salute, mostly organized by my cousins. After the ceremony, our immediate family went out to the farm he was born and grew up on and according to his wishes, scattered his ashes in the field near the house. Was all this a hassle? Yes, of course. Was it worth it to feel we had honored his memory as he had wanted? Absolutely! I just hope my simple wishes at my death (prepaid and prearranged) are followed as well. If you have no church connections, do your best to find someone willing to help you provide what he requested, within reason. In the long run, it should make you feel respect for his memory and last request.
Food for thought! ?? see what I did there ?? Not saying I am like Pooh but dang, getting older sure...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 22, 2018:
I’m thinking the ones on the left are not very interesting people. Spend all their time looking in mirrors. ?
Thank you so much for my Tee shirt I love it, unfortunately no one else does, this being Northern ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 22, 2018:
Given that there are many place in Northern Ireland where just wearing the wrong color shirt can start a brawl, I can sympathize with your dilemma. Wear it on trips to the south. They seem to be advancing secularism down there.
So... this is just north of Branson, Mo. Now I ask you...what in the actual fuck?! It's HUGE. You ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 21, 2018:
As long as it is on private property, not much you can do about it. Could try to explain to them that worshipping false idols is breaking one of their Ten Commandments, just like worshipping a flag is. But it is unlikely to make them want to take it down.
DO YOU LIKE MY NEW T-SHIRT? It fits perfectly! :D
Barnie2years comments on Oct 21, 2018:
I seem to be stuck on 7.0 now for a long time. I am doing more comments than posts, maybe that is why. Good looking shirt, I hope one day to get one! LOL
Is it ok to confront public figures in public places if you disagree with them?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Given that he is ignoring about 50% of the population of the country while he sits in ivory tower, I find it refreshing that he is getting to ”meet” the other half when he goes out among them. I’m sure he can afford private or expensive restaurants where he would only be among his millionaire supporters. Let him go there.
Currently posting surf tunes and more with girls that shred. Check out my new group if you're into ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 21, 2018:
Looks like a group I would have had posters of hanging on my wall back in the day! Real retro look and sound! Good work, hope you do a East Coast tour ?
What do you do to look better in photos? Apart from turning your back.
Barnie2years comments on Oct 20, 2018:
Selfies drive me nuts. My arms aren’t long enough and fingers dexterous enough to get the right angle. And I get so busy trying to see that I am centered, I rarely have a decent smile, even though I am a fairly smiley person. I would much rather take pictures of my dog!
In recent years I have become obsessed with perfection within my home. I was driving myself crazy ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 20, 2018:
The trick is finding the happy medium! Dust laying is dust not getting breathed. Dust bunnies are easier to pick up when they are bigger ?! A certain amount of clutter is, I believe healthy. Not being able to sit without moving half a dozen things, not so much. The joys of living on your own terms!
Look what was in my mailbox today!
Barnie2years comments on Oct 19, 2018:
Golden Week at Lake Clara and Lake Marion today
Barnie2years comments on Oct 18, 2018:
Do you take these photos with your phone or a camera? They are gorgeous!! ??
Do we ever truly get over childhood hurts?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 16, 2018:
Go with your feelings. You did good!
Well, this is what happened with Shawn. When I first came back here, he kept telling me he never ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 15, 2018:
I wish you good luck, but don’t get your hopes up. From what you shared on here, not only won’t he change, but chances are it will get worse. A lot of marriages end because the couple thought they could get their partner to change some traite they didn’t like if they just got married. It rarely if ever works.
Nothing smells better than Self Promotion
Barnie2years comments on Oct 11, 2018:
I just saw this on FB! Made me laugh, they are certainly made for each other. Shame our presidency has become a reality show that has no winner.
Georgia's Republican Candidate for Governor is Blocking 53,000 Voter Registrations, 70% Black
Barnie2years comments on Oct 11, 2018:
This is what is going to happen in most of the southern states I fear.
LIBERALS, THIS IS WAR! Opinion, Charles M. Blow [nyti.ms]
Barnie2years comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Sadly this is far closer to what I see happening than most articles I have read. The current majority does not want to maintain our Constitutional Democracy but rather shred it! ?
Group projects where the other does nothing. I've been taking computer science courses, learning...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 7, 2018:
I took some college courses in legal studies. They didn’t pair us off and only occasionally for class exercises. But a lot of the students would work as groups. I always did all my work myself and my scores were generally as high as the groups scored. Even in high school I found that groups tended just be a crutch for the goofs and loafers to slide through on the work of those who wanted to maintain their grade average at a high level.
Hysterical reviews too [barkshop.com]
Barnie2years comments on Oct 7, 2018:
My dog loves to chew on his Cheeto doll! ?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 7, 2018:
Helping address the misogyny of Greek legend. #MeToo!
Time Zones
Barnie2years comments on Oct 6, 2018:
Saw this on FB. Our Republican administration and Congress are both trying to go back to a time of lynchings, no voting for women or minorities, Bible teaching in schools and slave wages for working people so the moneyed class can build more mansions and buy more yachts.
Microcosm of the future relationship
Barnie2years comments on Oct 5, 2018:
I read these things and wonder how these guys get dates and I can’t. I always either cook or take a date out to dinner. Never ask them to pay for anything (don’t refuse if they make a fuss about paying their own!).
One thing North America does NOT do bigger and better than the UK is.. baths. I mean, the ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 5, 2018:
If you want a hot tub, get a hot tub! I can never keep the water in a bathtub hot enough long enough. And I hate lukewarm water. Give me a hot shower with a strong spray or better yet a massaging spray, any day! Or a nice big hot tub on a cold winter day.
Well, I left my boyfriend a couple weeks ago, the smoking and drinking and name calling got to be ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 5, 2018:
Change is always an adventure, not only for you, but for those who are following you on the journey. Best wishes and keep us informed of progress, hit us up for support, and stay resolute. From your posts it sounded like you gave it your best effort. Now put that determination into starting anew!
Hey Mr. President, lose my number. Why can't I reply "STOP" to his stupid ass text alerts? We are ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 3, 2018:
I would rather get messages addressed from "Hell" than from Cheeto!
Indications of scammers on dating sites. Does anyone have any hints? It is hard to find trust again ...
Barnie2years comments on Oct 3, 2018:
Just like any other offer; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That said, I know several people who met the love of their lives online. So, to a certain extent, like everything else in life, some people are luckier than others.
How do you know if you’ve really ever been in love?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 1, 2018:
Love is what you want it to be. I’ve been so in love that I felt like my feet weren’t touching the ground after we spent the night together. I’ve been in love with a women I wanted to be touching 24 hours a day! I still love that last one even though we have no physical relationship, which hurts something terrible. But it’s all I have, better than nothing.
What are your favorite proofs against the Bible?
Barnie2years comments on Oct 1, 2018:
The Bible that is in use by the majority of Christian beliefs was pieced together from tales written by hundreds of scribes from hundreds of legends. Tales from various beliefs were incorporated into the legends passed down verbally over thousands of years, then reinterpreted over thousands more. It is a book of fiction based loosely on history and events at various times. It has the same value as worshipping Harry Potter (some day it could happen). And then all those legends and scrolls were condensed into a single work by a Roman emperor to consolidate his power, with any parts that did not affirme his power left out. This book was then translated by other monarchs and religious orders to suite their own agendas. Up to present times where variations are still published from time to time to serve religious leaders by “simplifying” the language to advance their own agenda. There is nothing more believable in the Bible than there is in Spartacus or Ulysses.
Creepy Ass Kid's Art My girls churn this stuff out daily...the boys seem a little less whacky.
Barnie2years comments on Sep 29, 2018:
The one near the bottom is a pretty good depiction of Falligwater house!
Why harassed people are slow to talk- a personal story
Barnie2years comments on Sep 29, 2018:
And sadly the Right are still spewing just as ugly jokes today. Maybe worse due to social media and less censorship from what I have seen. We live in a world of those who care and those who care less!
My computer is acting very strange. must be the devil.
Barnie2years comments on Sep 28, 2018:
Don't forget to give it last rites if it looks like it's going to die! My primary computer died on Monday, quite unexpectedly. Poor thing never got the last rites, so I fear for it may have gone to purgatory. I did take it to Wizard shop and they are going to try to revive it. If not, I will download it's brain using life support and curse it for eternity! LOL
I am listening to Lindsey Graham bleat about how this Ford/Kavanaugh hearing is politically ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Totally expected. Trump wants this so bad he would skewer anyone Republican who doesn't go along. This man is Trump's get out of jail free card when the Muller report comes out. He can't let a little thing like women outing him as a predator stop the confirmation. Like he said yesterday, all the women lied about him, some even after he paid them thousands of dollars! Maybe one reason the Democrats waited to bring them forward, Trump would have been offering them bribes to keep silent.
I went to a local fair. Got my picture taken. May or may not have stolen a chicken.
Barnie2years comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Keep the chicken, I want the eggs!
Living alone when you're sick. How do you feed yourself?
Barnie2years comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Spend a lot of time inhaling the steam and vapors from the soup. That should help too. I usually don't have much of an appetite, so soup fills the bill, though I rarely make my own. Did make a couple of gallons of cabbage and sausage soup earlier this year though. Thankfully I rarely get sick. For the 42 years I worked in the public sector, I hardly ever took sick days. Loads of high dosage vitamin C (8 grams or more a day) as soon as I felt something coming on, rarely had more than a day or two before things improved.
How do you move from cheerfully flirting to being vulnerable?
Barnie2years comments on Sep 27, 2018:
In various sales jobs I have had over the years I was great at talking about whatever I was selling, terrible at the close. Sadly, the same goes for relationships. I love talking and can hold up my end of a conversation with strangers. But these interactions usually end in goodbye because I am incapable of asking if they are single or would like to get together sometime, exchange numbers or any other thing that might lead to further involvement. This can be very frustrating, but hard to overcome.
Going towards theocracy in Alabama.
Barnie2years comments on Sep 26, 2018:
Of course they are! Look for enforcement of blasphemy laws coming to southern states near you any day now! ?
Being a woman is worse than being a farmer
Barnie2years comments on Sep 26, 2018:
If you have never watched it and have a chance, the Amazon Prime series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” demonstrates this taken to the extreme. And as it works out, how useless it is. Every night the main character gets out of bed after her husband falls asleep, to go in the bathroom and wash all the makeup off her face, take out her hair and put it in curlers and put on a comfortable nightly. Then in the morning, before he wakes up, she goes back in the bathroom and applies her makeup, put on her body sculpting undergarments and do her hair so that her husband never has to see her “au natural”. ?
I thought i posted this already, but i don't see it. I have this friend - had this friend who was ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 24, 2018:
I get goofy religious stuff from Facebook friends on the timeline and on the Messenger. I am quite outspoken in my lack of belief, so it wasn’t like they don’t know how I feel. But if they can wade through all my Atheist memes on their timeline without unfriend me, I can tolerate their occasional religious memes. By the same token, if it becomes a constant thread or they are filling my inbox with crap like you got, blocking becomes the only option.
Wow after reading most of these posts, I feel like an overly subservient housewife. During my 38 ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 24, 2018:
I know some relationships where ne did the cooking and the other took care of clean up after. If one likes to cook or is much better at it, I would think this would be the sensible way to do it. Or take turns doing one or the other If skills and interest are about te same.
Men who never learned to cook
Barnie2years comments on Sep 24, 2018:
OK, different issues here. I cook for myself, have since I left my home at 17 to get married. I had little training, my Mom did not encourage us (one sister) to spend time in the kitchen. But she was a traditional housewife for the time. My first marriage suffered from my expectation that this was the norm and the wife was in charge of housework. Both my first and second wife had not had any training in the kitchen by their mothers, even though the second’s mother was an excellent cook! To a certain degree, we learned to cook together, though the second was quite happy to cook alone. I never had any expectations of meals at a certain time of day or even a certain quality. As long as it was food I liked, it could be made most any way. You say your cooking skills are excellent and healthy. This might intimidate me if I was cooking for you. It caused issues when my last wife insisted that food had to be on the table at 5:00, with little exceptions. I have always eaten later in the evening, not even hungry at 5:00. Then, she was planning meals days ahead of time. I open the fridge or the freezer, pick something out, then when I am ready to cook, decide how and with what I will make it. And much of what I eat is of questionable health value ?. So she did most of the cooking, I did special meals, holiday meals or when there was something specific I was hungry for. Speaking for myself, I prefer to work in the kitchen by myself. I know what I want done and am not great at delegating. As for catching a kitchen feel while she was cooking, it wasn’t necessarily to have immediate sex, more I just loved the way she felt! ?
What is one fun thing you did today? I put up my bird feeder (messy, but fun to watch our feathered...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 23, 2018:
Motorcycle group (Retreads) monthly buffet breakfast. Eat way too much, just glad it’s only once a month! It was raining, so I didn’t ride the motorcycle. No one else did either.
Trump is destroying the country and yet he has these people cheering him on.What is preventing them ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 22, 2018:
Despotic leaders enjoy the same suspension of reality from their believers as do the televangelist and snake oil salesmen. A part of the human brain is ripe for these con men and women to worm their way into it and take over their thought process. They become unable to sustain rational thought and for many they are led to perceive some form of success. Under the very worst of dictators, some people become very powerful and successful. They in turn make their followers believe that at some time, they will achieve that success as well. It is the entire premise of Pyramid schemes. At some point of course they collapse destroy themselves. Sadly we may see that in this country if we do not succeed in changing the momentum in November.
I am a very tolerant person. Lately I have been very disapointed with the admin of this site. This ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 22, 2018:
Most pro Trump posts tend to come from trolls, be hateful and denigrating, like their idol. No surprise there. Any Atheist who supports Trump and his Christian Crusade kind of has self hatred issues to start with. Kind of like gays for Trump, who apparently want all the progress they have made toward equal treatment under the law to be reversed. You can be either of those things and be fiscal conservatives, but not what we have in the Oval Office now, a degenerate regressive who wants to take the country back to the era of Robber Barons.
Isnt interestingly coincidental that the week that Manafort and Cohen flip on Trump, reports come ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 22, 2018:
Trump is petrified about the Muller probe. The more successful he gets, the crazier Trump becomes!
I had a shock today as I found a picture of my grandmother who died ,just months before insulin was...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 20, 2018:
Old pictures often have tales that go with them. Future generations may never have the opportunity to know these things, with everything being digital and on different formats. The days of finding a box of old pictures may be over. I found pictures of my parents when they were much younger, before they were married and had me. Some of when they were just children. It is kind of shocking, you don't think of them that way, they were always adults from the time you first met. You are lucky to have been able to see them in ways you never did before.
Where are you from? As a foreigner here I always get this question at bars. Some idiot asks me ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 20, 2018:
Having grown up in Europe, I am always interested in where people are from. Over the years spent in schools there, I met kids from all around the world and have interest in meeting people from other cultures, mostly because I find them more interesting to talk to than Americans who have never gone outside a 100 mile circle of town they were born in. And I am always looking for opportunities to practice my French which I have managed to maintain for almost 60 years. And while I can usually detect a French accent, I have met quite a few who’s accent was so subtle that I would have guessed wrong. So don’t be so quick to condem when the question comes up. They may just be looking for a conversation starter and a new friend.
Another Real Life vs. Diety post. At work, we're going through a pretty intense software change. ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 19, 2018:
Try; Maybe if god read the training manual, he’d do a better job getting things to work! Or; Maybe god isn’t happy with your church donations this week! Chances are,regardless of what you say, they are not going to stop believing that their god has nothing better to do than prank them while babies die, women are tortured and floods kill hundreds of people..
I had a couple of friends on FB many years ago in the UK that chose to leave social media and enjoy ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 19, 2018:
I spend much of my day on Facebook and here. There is constant updates on news, opinions and questions which I find interesting. And also many posts that are just pure fun. I can frequently express feelings and thoughts that I have had for decades and never really had an outlet for. I have been unfriended by any people who don’t like what I have to say, but have been often surprised by others whom I had no idea they felt as I do about topics from religion (or lack of) to politics. And much of Facebook is just fun! All the animal videos, crazy things people do videos, and cartoons. I follow news from France via Le Monde news outlet. I have engaged some interesting people in discussions of various topics and been informed of movies and books that I might not have heard of any other way. I worked as a bus driver most of my life, where I had to interact daily with hundreds of people I really would have preferred not to and was not generally able to respond to comments without getting into situations that would have caused trouble. So I love being online where I can control who I interact with and what topics I choose to comment on.
Things have been really tough lately. My brother, who is Christian, was talking about community ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 18, 2018:
That is certainly one of the toughest things about being a non believer; the absence of community and networking that churches offer. Of course those support systems come at a price; you must pledge allegiance to believe the unbelievable.
Did you ever notice about history?
Barnie2years comments on Sep 18, 2018:
If you watch the NPR Vietnam series by Ken Burns it is one of the most unbiased history documentaries I have ever watched (10 hours worth!). During the course of the series, who’s timeline starts in the very early 20th century history of Vietnam, he interviews and documents the stories of Vietnamese, French and American civilians, soldiers and leaders. His interviews include American soldiers and war protestors, Vietcong, North Vietnamese Regular army, South Vietnamese army soldiers and civilians. It’s a shame more effort to do this with other wars was not made. I think Ken Burns did documentary films on World War II and the Civil War, but I am not sure they are as inclusive. And sadly he received flak from certain groups in our country for humanizing the Vietnamese and not aggrandizing the US role in the destruction of this country. That ideology is the reason history books are usually very one sided.
When to switch primarily identifying as an Agnostic to Atheist?
Barnie2years comments on Sep 17, 2018:
I called myself an Agnostic for a large part of my life. I didn’t believe in god, and thought the Bible was at best a badly written fictional novel, loosely based on ancien Middle Eastern history. But there were things that happened in my life that random just couldn’t seem to explain. I would call it destiny, but destiny would need a controller, which would lead back to a god, which I couldn’t justify as existing. I also considered Atheists to be the “fundamentalists” of non believers, pushing their non belief on others as Evangelicals pushed Christianity. Then I heard about the chaos theory, which explained things that happened that seemed to not be random, without involving a deity to run things. This, a better understanding of what Atheism is and a more militant view of Christian privilege, allowed me to quite proudly call myself an Atheist! ?
ACTIVE MEASURES - Jack Bryan, Director. Has anyone seen this documentary? It is about Putin and ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 16, 2018:
Mindy Fisher, Writer on Facebook has been plugging the movie. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Actually, I am kind of afraid to, as if the daily news out of the con man in chief White House isn’t bad enough!
Are you very concerned what happens to your body after death?
Barnie2years comments on Sep 15, 2018:
Not really. I’m dead. I do have my wishes know however. Cremation and I have a biodegradable urn with a seedling for a Maple tree in the top which I have requested my son to plant, hopefully in his yard. I chose the Maple tree because every year, when all those little propeller things and leaves litter his yard he will have to think of me! ?
THE CASE FOR INDICTING THE PRESIDENT - Michael Avenatti NY Times [nyti.ms]
Barnie2years comments on Sep 14, 2018:
This guy is great! Not sure what Avenatti’s agenda is, but he is like a gnat buzzing around Trump’s ear. Trump can’t hit him, he may not be dangerous, but he sure is tenacious!
What's for dinner tonight? For me it's spinach fettuccine wirh peas, soya chunks, and a ginger ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 13, 2018:
Pork loin and pasta/corn side.
I just had a mind blowing conversation with my fundamental christian mother. We discussed the bible,...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 13, 2018:
Congratulations! It sounds like it was a very civil and thoughtful discussion. These are not always possible, even with family. It seems you may have breached a barrier to understanding. Now all you need to do is show her how to fill that void of faith with an acceptance of reality and why that isn’t a bad thing. Little steps at a time.
What happens after a human being dies? To me, this is one of the easiest questions about life and...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 12, 2018:
I have never understood what is so hard about accepting that our time on this earth is limited, like every other living creature, and when it is over, it’s over. Human narcissism seems to know no bounds. The idea that as humans we are so incredibly important that we should exist in some form forever. Even though we reproduce at an alarming rate, use and destroy natural resources at unsustainable rates, cause extinctions of other creatures by our greed among other wonders. If we make such a mess of our planet (millions of tons of trash floating around the oceans, millions of tons of pollution in our air), imagine a place where all the human population lives forever! No thanks!
I grew up on the coast of North Carolina. Normally I photograph the beauty of the place l call home ...
Barnie2years comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Wishing you well and strength in your endeavor. The forecast sure doesn't look very promising, but those like you and many others who step up to help in time of need are to be commended and honored. It takes a special person to step into a disaster area and help people try to put their lives back together. Thank you for your service and I am sure the people you help will be eternally grateful as well; family, friends or strangers.


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