I never thought of myself as an atheist or an agnostic before coming to this site. I just always said I was spiritual. But now I'm not so sure. I don't particularly like labels but if I have to choose, I'm going to say I'm more of a Humanist.

Since most family and friends are strong believers in God, I am eager to find some like-minded individuals for friendship and hopefully more. I miss having someone to share life's moments, travel, and affection.

I'm open and honest. Easy to talk to. Serious with a fun upbeat sense of humor. I'm young at heart.

I strive to be earth-friendly in what I eat, buy, and use. Not a vegetarian but pretty close.

Curious and interested in a wide range of topics and love to learn. I'm a reader and a movie buff - go as often as I can. My motto: Laughter is the best medicine.

Too many memes.... (See I didn't name anyone). (L)
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No, you didn't, but I think we all know who you had in mind.
BeeHappy comments:
Love it! Lol
Does the thought of Creationism in schools get under your skin as much as it does mine? I don't even have kids but the idea of teaching children this garbage drives me absolutely berserk.
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Schools are a mess! They need a total rehaul of cirrculum. So yes, it gets under my skin too.
Coffee memes are never old....
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I wish I could relate, alas, I'm not a coffee fiend. :-(
#OilMemes are my new favorite passtime...
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Oil-right! But it could be a slippery slope, leading you to war with your neighbors.
So sad but true.. :(
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Opossum memes
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Now this is what I call a room with a view!
BeeHappy comments:
Beautiful view, seat optional.
It takes a very steady hand....
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She may not be as obnoxious as her dad, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Conspiracy theorists beware....
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But...but I'm just trying to help a fellow citizen.
New ways to McHarden your McArteries...
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A couple more #Oilmemes....
BeeHappy comments:
BeeHappy comments:
Good one... Lol
Does any watch?
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I don't have a tv so I don't normally watch them. But when I'm in Michigan for the summer, I watch Forged in Fire. I don't know about soothing but it's interesting.
True meaning of Easter
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Thanks for sharing.
I dreamt I got a new job last night. I showed up in a spandex kind of farmer jean outfit but without a shirt.and was like Whats the problem?
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This little piggy
BeeHappy comments:
Awww..... They're so cute!
It's the real g
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OK, solstice just about over here, so I'll squeeze these last ones in...
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Gunning for the Truly Tasteless Trophy. (If it's not a g,it should be)
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I love fart jokes more now than ever because I fart now more than ever. Lol ;-)
Here's an interesting clip for anyone that wants to try painting or water-marble silk scarves. https://youtu.be/3nWS34M7J1o
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This clip gives more detail toward the end. https://youtu.be/N9LOkS-v8ww
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhuMLpdnOjY Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons in the Park Apropos to the day
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OK, I'll stop for a bit!!!
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Thank you. Remember variety is the spice of life. :-)
I love Chicago https://youtu.be/swHjpyrV1e8
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I had all there albums! Thanks for the memory!
Gonna have to try this demonic possesion thing...
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Sounds interesting! Do I get to choose the demon?
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