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Retired. Spent 20 plus years teaching lost all my retirement to my ex. Left teaching to work as a social worker for a few years. Working part time with autistic children. #CHANGE Published my first novel on Amazon - Reestablishing a Friendship: A Ghost Story. Now working on publishing poems. Then, a non fiction work on Taoist thought
I've been an English teacher; counselor; lots of life experiences; various other jobs and even Navy time. Three grown kids - all great and educated. I believe math and rules. I even believe I can argue language is in its lowest form binary. I read; I write; I like hiking, but haven't done many this summer. Currently spending a lot if time in the area.


‘He is wrong’: Pence rebuts Trump claim that he could have overturned election | Mike Pence | ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Feb 5, 2022:
He waited till most of the damage was done.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 16, 2019:
Hopefully someone is awake at the treasury so his oily hands don't steal money to pay for it.
A couple of pin-ups for your viewing pleasure. 😉
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 9, 2021:
I'm suing. How did they get that drawing of me from 1981?
Well, a Repuglican congressman has called for the ouster of Liz Cheney for supporting the ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Looks like Turtle Mitch may have struck a deal to go along with impeachment. We shall see; the one thing we know about Mitch is his trustworthiness, which is nil.
Most of The Beach Boys hits were during my high school years.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 30, 2021:
I briefly dated a Rhonda - 1973. She really didn't fit that song.
Well it looks like being both a fun late afternoon and a musical kind of evening around this ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 17, 2022:
I owned a house across from a catholic church in a small town. Some Sundays, especially if they parked, or should I say tried to park in my lane, I would crank up Frank Zappa's "Catholic Girls" for their listening pleasure.
Good morning!!! Hope you all have a good day!
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 12, 2022:
So much humor - so much truth.
[] Catholic dioceses, Boy Scouts, hide from sex abuse lawsuits by filing bankruptcy.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 30, 2022:
I saw that. Much of the boy scouts abuse happened under Mormon control. The church should have to sell off its assets - paintings and statues.
Both cute and stinky
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 6, 2021:
I knew a family with a pet skunk. He was descented and would hibernate, more less, in the winter. They feed him cat food and he used a litter box. He was mostly nice, like a cat. My friend woke him up one winter day; he stood up, put his tail up and stuck his ass out at us. Not a happy skunk. I really think that our laughter just pissed him off more.
Myles Sanderson, suspect in Sask. stabbing rampage, arrested
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 7, 2022:
That caught my attention as well.
He has a point.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Reminds me of a joke my 9th grade history teacher told. He thanked me for being the only person that laughed (I attribute that to being from a school in the boondocks). A Sadist and a Masochist go on a date. It is a lovely evening. They have a nice meal, then go to a show. On the way back to the Masochist's place, they stop for a drink to talk. Then the Sadist walks the Masochist up to their apartment. At the door, the Masochist can no longer contain their pent up desires. Falling prostrate, the Masochist begs, "Please, hit me, spank me, hurt me!" To which the Sadist replies, "No."
To what extent are we enslaved by Facebook?
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 30, 2020:
So true anymore. Of course, how many have FB friends we have never met. I have a couple through real friends. One young veteran who I became concerned about once, now corresponds with me all the time. Good kid - PTSD.
Spreading real poison for over 50 years
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 7, 2020:
Genetically engineered human.
Catholic priest in Italy suspended for pro-LGBTQ stance ‘We have blessed anything, including ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 5, 2022:
Not surprised. The Roman catholic church hasn't changed; if anything it has gotten more evangelical like.
The good old days
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 21, 2019:
But he can't be a man because he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me. In the late 80's a friend made it to Europe to try out for soccer. He said almost everyone smoked. Damn. Think how f'ing good they could have been with working lungs.
Flat Earth's Lunar Eclipse
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 8, 2022:
Shouldn't there be a silhouette of elephants standing on a turtle??
Armed Man Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh's House | Time
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jun 8, 2022:
I was wondering about the attempted murder charge since he never got near the punk ass bitch, unless they aren't telling the whole story.
Strange and Disgusting Political Logic I don't like either of them but it seems odd that Rep.
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 5, 2021:
The party of family values.
TX Lt.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jun 4, 2021:
Considering that most white nationalists are evangelicals, I will call that beyond pure bullshit.
Religious beliefs
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 18, 2022:
No. I think religious beliefs are damaging humanity. I love fairy tales, but religion with its so called history is too much bullshit. Although, one could argue some of those old testament tales with a little modern take...... a film of Sodom and Gomorrah opening scene Lot fucking his two daughters and with flashbacks.
Florida Democratic Party would be eliminated under new bill
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 1, 2023:
Stupid ass proposed law. I hope it ends up on DeShitness's desk and gives him a national dilemma.
This is one those songs which conjures those transcendent moments of intimacy, not necessarily ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 1, 2022:
I have been a long time fan. When she would come on the David Letterman Show, her father, John Raitt, would appear and the two would usually sing "Oklahoma" as her father had been pretty big on Broadway.
The Gambler During the Great Depression a stranger walked into a bar in a Midwest town and said...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 9, 2023:
A nice twist on an oldie.
Never believed her bullshit
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 7, 2021:
I read Aaron Rogers puts her healing vaginal eggs up his ass. I really did read that.
The Republicans opposed everything that Obama did yet he handled it with class.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 8, 2020:
What a narcissistic psychopath does.
Pastor Recited Bible Verses While Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Underage Girl | David Gee | Friendly...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 11, 2020:
He needs to be cleansed with a hot iron in all of his orifices. Head to toes.
Trump says US is building a wall in Colorado -- a state that doesn't border Mexico 😄 [cnn.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Those born in New Mexico will soon not be citizens.
Evangelist: (claims) I Attended an Invite-Only Gathering with a Supreme Court Justice | Hemant Mehta...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 19, 2021:
As Bugs would say, "What a maroon." Before looking at the article, I thought that Clarence Thomas and his evil wife would do that. The article indicates a New Yorker, so, it ain't the more liberal one on SCOTUS. If he did meet with someone from NY, it wasn't SCOTUS, but a NYSC justice.
🤣 Stupid Infidels 🤣
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 2, 2021:
With that attitude, he will just get more crap.
I know my love of bacon is legendary, but this is truth
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 23, 2022:
Skip the tomato for more bacon.
Same couple, same often tempestuous relationship only a few months later this time.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 24, 2020:
And then the frying pan broke his nose and three teeth.
Bolsonaro supporters invade Brazil presidential palace, Congress, Supreme Court | Reuters
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 8, 2023:
Meanwhile, Bolsonaro is most likely hiding somewhere in Florida according to reports.
Qatar is just taking management lessons from Musk
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 20, 2022:
I saw Budweiser, expecting to be stuck with a shit load of extra beer (only a backwoods and backwards religious nation could fuck that up at a World Cup), is giving the winning country their left over beers.
E.W. Jackson: Atheists Reject a God They Can’t See, So Why Do They Fear a Virus?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 28, 2021:
Another fucking idiot. We can see viruses, just not with the unassisted eye. Maybe if "god" showed up way out in space and Hubble got a photo some would believe. Personally, I might accept a verifiable photo a proof of extraterrestrial life, but still not god.
Pat Robertson Claims Texas Election Lawsuit Part of God’s Master Plan Televangelist Pat ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Evangelicals say shit about god's plan, then when it doesn't happen, they find excuses for god the almighty.
The trials and travails of being a toddler
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 8, 2023:
Oh the joys of the trials and travails of dealing with toddlers.
Else you'll wait forever.....
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 18, 2022:
Ben Franklin even talked about not forgetting old women. And, he was a very active guy.
Right-Wing Activist Who Said He Was “Vaccinated in Christ” Dies of COVID | Hemant Mehta | ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 11, 2021:
And, if it were to turn out that there is a christ, yahew, etc (there isn't), according to my readings from their works, they will all tell him he was a dumbass. They might even put him in hypocrite hell.
True then - even more so now!
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 10, 2021:
Most certainly many do.
Nothing suprises me now
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 26, 2020:
Being fired from a castle full of little, French men.
Bikers for Trump.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 18, 2018:
Yea dumbasses, boycott Harley, made in the US, while wearing your MAGA hats made in China or Vietnam. I live in Gettysburg. A few years ago people were going wacko like they like to do on the confederate flag(actual they don't even know because that flag is the battle flag of Northern Virginia and not the real stars and bars as the original was nicknamed). It was after Wal-Mart stopped selling them. Bike week in Gettysburg. Bikers called a shop I know to see if they had the flags. For now, until they run out. Bikers came in looked at the prices of the American made ones and bought the cheaper foreign made ones. So much for MAGA. Make America Grey, old white men Again. Except that's me! AAAAHHHHHH! Save me. I refuse to be one of the pod people.
Calvin's not right very often, but...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 2, 2021:
I agree that people can't handle the tech they already have.
Moral failings of leaders collapsed even the best societies, finds study - Big Think
Beowulfsfriend comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I have no doubt that is correct. And, the US, by trying to stay the undisputed top dog military, etc. is setting itself up for a major fall.
Transgender 8th Grade student questioned by Texas officials at school, mother says - The Washington ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 10, 2022:
With no minor's advocate or parent, that sounds highly illegal, but, it is Texass.
A California Middle School Removed a History Teacher Who Told Her Students That Trump is Still ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 28, 2022:
A history fucking teacher at that. California should strip her license, not that that matters as she can find employment in Florida or Idaho or........ A friend quit teaching last year. All the other shit and then he got blowback from parents for having his students write about Jan 6 and "forcing" them to only use "legitimate" sources for citations.
I asked Maud how she lost her husband Norman and she told her sad story.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 8, 2022:
Wrong blood type is deadly - it killed my brother. .
Beowulfsfriend comments on Feb 6, 2021:
Your secret is safe here 😁😁😁😁👍
Get the joke
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 29, 2020:
Yes. I hear Canada thought about building a wall, but instead put up posters with snow and signs that said no guns allowed.
LMAO perfect
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 17, 2021:
Miss Jane had a lot more sense
Still amazed and delighted at how close to the surface my emotions are, now that I'm off ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 25, 2019:
I feel quite similarly. I still use St John's wort however. My depression got so bad along with my marriage and abuse that the meds and hospitalization were needed. But, I'm pretty good and happy now. Best wishes for your future.
Man called largest child porn purveyor gets 27-year sentence
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 16, 2021:
Not long enough.
The TRUE religion....
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 25, 2021:
Not sure what I am seeing - looks a little like the Flying Spaghetti God Monster thingy. Or, possibly a bunch of worms needing to be dewormed from a sheep.
Yup this is accurate
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 5, 2021:
From the party of family values. The sacks should wake up - instead of chasing pervs ina pizza shop, with no basement, just look to their own.
I have a tiny , little dilemma: Yesterday Lia, my student, and granddaughter came running int the ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 16, 2020:
Same good suggestions below, so I will take the paranoia route. One of your neighbors planted it and is secretly watching. They are either hoping it converts you magically, or burns you up in a mass of flames. 😂😂😂😂 Hanging it up, with or without a note is a nice gesture.
I was thinking the same thing.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 8, 2022:
All mushrooms are edible; it is just that some are only edible once.
I look at the possibility of some afterlife as possible.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 6, 2022:
Well, it is true that we don't know if there is some sort of consciousness/soul/other after death. Science can tell us what happens to the body. I live with zero doubt that no man-made gods exist (Abrahanic, Hindu, Greek, Viking, etc). I expect nothing after death; if there is something, fine.
How extremist Christian theology is driving the right-wing assault on democracy |
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 7, 2021:
They have become the Amerikkkan Taliban. One sad thing is that FDR relied heavily on the evangelical movement to push his social agenda. What is left of those people we now call Jimmy Carter evangelicals. Today's evangelicals are just plain hateful and bigoted. Sometimes, I almost wish hell existed so I could sit in it when I arrive and welcome all their hypocrisy filled asses.
Southern Baptist leader: Christians who don't vote Republican are 'unfaithful'
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 16, 2022:
That is political a d should be an automatic loss of tax exemption.
I am very partial to the pop music of the early 60’s when I was an early teen.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 22, 2021:
I was just a kid, but I remember this. I did not remember the band's name. Cool old song.
I guess they are all just kinky....
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 21, 2022:
As I have liked to say about Ted Cruz, I can prove his idiocy without saying anything political. He once said he would argue that the movie Godfather III was the best of the trilogy.
History repeats itself. :o
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 27, 2019:
The Brut deodorant did it.
What's in that jacket?😂
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 21, 2021:
"That jacket smells like my lost love Jasmine."
Lab-grown black hole behaves just like Stephen Hawking said it would | Live Science
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 2, 2021:
Just wait till the first research assistant decides to touch one...........
Chick-fil-A no longer donates to controversial Christian charities
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 19, 2019:
I saw. Good, and yet, I'm not going back. Their damage and attitudes live on.
Since Christians don't follow him anymore he has been looking for alternative career options....
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 12, 2021:
Jesus as a rocker - "Like dudes and dudettes, the water fountains have acid in them. Rock on! Sushi and bread after the concert."
Christian Defends Name of Robert E.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Yea, the Jesus also never talked about or condemned homosexuality. The jesus did, supposedly, rail on divorce more than once. Maybe the hypocrites should know more.
I'm not sure who needs to see this, or even why?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 23, 2022:
It's like car manuals - they used to explain how to set the points and timing and now warn against drinking radiator fluid.
Joy to you and me ✌❤
Beowulfsfriend comments on Feb 20, 2019:
Joy to the world.
Their just aren't simple answers to complex questions no matte what you would like to believe
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 10, 2022:
Yup. Been saying that since high school - complex problems seldom, if ever, have easy answers. Yet, that ain't the Merican way.
I remember being shown how to change these, just in case.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 10, 2022:
Had those in the house that I bought and raised 3 kids. I redid much of the inside myself. I got those replaced when my neighbor's tree fell and took out my electric line - insurance paid for it.
Oh and I crafted Groaner Cat tonight - mainly in honor of Isaac Asimov - he loved a good pun.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 2, 2020:
I really like Fat Fred.
Feel the need to innocently upset a white Christian today? I got you.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 16, 2021:
That happened before white Jesus wrote the King James version in English for the true believers.
Poor spelling and bad grammar are rampant today.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 2, 2023:
Like the Roman soldier scene in Life of Brian.
Sure feels that way
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 24, 2022:
That's why I don't look behind me.
Something is different about the layout. I don't care for it. Anyone else want it switched back?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 12, 2020:
I think most people agree with you.
I just came to a realization I just realized I’m still angry with my ex husband (married 20 ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 27, 2020:
That happens to many people, more often women. It is good to identify such feelings and their reasons. Having done so, now try and build on your progression of self. It is always ok to be angry and to have emotion, just try not to ruminate and allow that emotion to control who you are. Best wishes as you work toward recovery.
Always felt Dr Drew was a shit stain. He endorsed Hydroxychloroquine as well. What a Quack!
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 5, 2021:
Well, if other countries demand it, all those who took his advice and said, "My rights to refuse," won't be travelling overseas. Dumbass.
Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Asks Court to Name Her Election Winner
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 10, 2022:
If she took off the 8 layers of make-up, she would look like that now.
Surgery in the womb: 'I've done the best for her' Helena gave birth to her daughter Mila - short ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 2, 2021:
I would be jealous, however, I live in the United States which has the best health care in the "fucking world." The "fucking world" includes North Korea and Brazil and India etc.
The circle of Life requires some friction between children & parents.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Apr 9, 2020:
That is a deeper issue than a one off. Seems there is more than a haircut - although depending on "how" the father forced him - threats or violence can have lasting effects. That is something he should deal with in a total over view, and if you aren't a pro, I say let him go.... Sorry, but that rhymed. Anyway, I would suggest he find a therapist to whom he could talk.
Fox News Hosts Cheer On Southern Secession Movement As a further indication of how much radical ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 18, 2021:
Most of the South gets more back in federal funds than they pay in to the government. I expect if they seceded, lost all government benefits and when Texas got the shits of supporting them, they would reconsider. Sad how these dipshits can't think ahead. Let them go, pull all funds, move all military bases, cut all retirement, etc.
Just wondering. As time is going on, are hippies dying out?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 21, 2021:
Not real hippies - however, many past ones have turned away and gotten lost.
Does anyone else have a "Maskless Shopping" event going on this weekend?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 8, 2021:
Since I moved out of Central Pennsylvania and into the Chicago area, I am pleased to note that masks are everywhere and worn by everyone.
TW: pet death One of my dogs, Günther, just passed away.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 1, 2020:
You are in mourning. It is ok to mourn. Don't allow anyone to tell you how to mourn either.
Tony Perkins: Are Christians Trying to “Take Over the World”?
Beowulfsfriend comments on May 6, 2021:
The Amerikkkan Taliban in action.
THIS! What doesn't kill you...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 30, 2022:
Yes. I hate the whole "makes you better" crap.
Senate to vote on final passage of landmark Respect for Marriage Act
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 29, 2022:
The act also protects interracial marriage as well.
Let the Saudis defend themselves.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 20, 2019:
Totally agree. Pretty telling when the so called prez says he is waiting for the Sauds to tell us what to do. Like, WTF?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Feb 3, 2019:
As only the 47th best education system in the world, it is no surprise it will continue to drop.
This Supreme Court Case Could Take a 'Wrecking Ball' to Separation of Church and State
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 6, 2021:
This was decided a long time ago. We studied this in an education class when I was in college. Ironically, one of the cases that preceded the big one was from a city/state (forget the details) that feared the collapse of Catholic schools and the onerous burden that would befall the public system. The government wanted to pay the Catholic school teachers; the church fought against that fearing the government would push itself into their curriculum. Maybe Maine needs to set rules for ALL schools mandatory curriculum, for schools taking government funds, if this shit passes.
Hi guys ♥️ I have been avoiding like hell to make a real post for months and I am trying to ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Nov 27, 2022:
Glad to have you back kiddo.
Which are you lmao
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Or, all of the above.
When archeology contradicts religion
Beowulfsfriend comments on Mar 2, 2022:
Common sense
UK Threatening to Tear Up its Defense Alliance with US: Because of President Trump’s ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 14, 2020:
Or rename English muffins - Independence muffins.
Visiting Walter Reed medical center...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Aug 7, 2020:
That sums him up. All about him. No sympathy and never any empathy.
What's the difference between praying in church and praying in a casino?
Beowulfsfriend comments on Dec 16, 2022:
At least in the casino there is a chance the dice will fall your way.
DHS to Label White Supremacists as the Most Lethal Threat to US A new report says the ...
Beowulfsfriend comments on Sep 6, 2020:
34% in poverty and 40% food needy. The country is ripe for a blow up.
Public forums.
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jul 3, 2020:
When I first joined about two years ago, I had a number of double postings - I take responsibility, most likely. New people? But, I always noticed and went back to delete.
I apologise in advance
Beowulfsfriend comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Loved by Southern Baptist everywhere
Once again pumpkin pie season is upon us....
Beowulfsfriend comments on Oct 13, 2021:
Yummy. Makes one wonder about Shoofly Pies.
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