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Does anyone in here believe in reincarnation?
Budgie comments on Dec 21, 2020:
The rational part of me says nope, the fanciful part of me swears that two of my previous dogs were reincarnated into the last two that I had (so basically the two dogs showed the same behaviour traits as my previous dogs yes I know I did say the fanciful part of me) I also once had a dream of being with three of my aunts in Edwardian clothes in Scotland on a trip and when I woke it took me a long time to lock into place the fact I had never been to Scotland I was so convinced I had been there. Not sure what caused that one which parts of the brain fired up to produce that feeling and dream. Yes I wanted to go to Scotland but it was not being planned for the near future. I have also been told I have the same mannerisms as a great aunt who I never met and very similar features. What is inherited and what is learned? Did my mother (who would have met her occasionally as a small child) have the same mannerisms that I learned from her?
a short version of the truth ...[]
Budgie comments on Dec 20, 2020:
Best abridged synopsis yet.
Stellan Skarsgård on religion (subtitled) []
Budgie comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I always worry when I hear people whose work I admire speaking on topics as sometimes they are complete crackpots and then I lose respect for them. He is pretty awesome and tells it as he sees it.
One of my favorites from the 90’s Tracy Chapman. []
Budgie comments on Dec 19, 2020:
She is awesome, love her work.
Death - voice of the soul []
Budgie comments on Dec 19, 2020:
Fits the mood today. I'm cleaning the house.
Oh my gosh! Paul McCartney has ANOTHER new album.
Budgie comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I like that fact that if you listened to it you would not be able to say, "That is McCartney." He keeps on evolving. Reminds me of the quote, You do not stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing. My ethos in life.
Should some research topics be banned or results censored?
Budgie comments on Dec 18, 2020:
I did not have time to listen to all of it, chickens to feed, clothes to wash, house to clean etc. But am thinking of getting his book. In Special Ed when dealing with parents we oft remind ourselves of the phrase, The apple does not fall far from the tree. Many of our parents have the same problems as our students. Define controversial research. Knowledge in and of itself is not the problem, how people get the knowledge (torturing others, barbaric practices etc) or use the knowledge (to exclude/exterminate) is the problem. If children are screened at birth and those that show they are only going to be middling students are all sent to a poorly funded school where the curriculum is set at the basics or those that show they can excel are sent to a school that is funded at a higher level in order to provide an exciting and enriching education, that is a problem. This creates social problems and discrimination. If children are screened at birth and those that show to be at risk are put into special programs early, parents are educated in how to help them at home before they come to school and schools are given extra funding to help them achieve all that they can then I am all for it. Early intervention has been shown to help many types of children with different conditions. My fear is that we end up with the first scenario not the second.
Australian Victims Speak Out Against Christian Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
Budgie comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Angry that such places (there are probably more of them) are allowed to exist and that there is no regulation of the sector. They are getting tax payer money to commit these attrocities. Time to shut them down and charge with with neglect at the least.
It’s 5.
Budgie comments on Dec 15, 2020:
Am I warped in that the things that were "a sin" seemed like some of the most fun things to do. Hedonist that I am with a complete lack of respect for cults I followed the wiccan rede an it harm none. But love this song PSB are great.
Ram Jam - black Betty []
Budgie comments on Dec 15, 2020:
I always thought this was about an illegitimate child but then found out it is about a gun... possibly...
Do you guys have a dnd group or could we make one ?
Budgie comments on Dec 14, 2020:
I am assisting some students at my school to run a DnD club in lunch time so any help would be appreciated. I have played but never DMed and have no idea of what I am doing. Thankfully the kids have played and have some idea.
I’m heading off to bed early tonight so I’m posting this song.
Budgie comments on Dec 10, 2020:
I love this song as no matter what mood I am in it has meaning, I think it is one of those songs that has any meaning that you need it to have at the time.
Nineteen Eighty (Official Video) Joe Satriani []
Budgie comments on Dec 9, 2020:
Got to love Joe Satriani great guitarist.
That's awkward Charlie Brown
Budgie comments on Dec 9, 2020:
I would try really hard to get that in the wrap just to watch people's faces.
Who you gonna be?
Budgie comments on Dec 7, 2020:
I think I will aim for a drunk, chunky, monk. Our work is banging on about having goals and achieving them I think I could manage this one easily. Not so much the being a hunk one so skip that.
WSJ Essayist: Atheists Should Just “Lie” to Their Kids When Talking About Death | Hemant Mehta |...
Budgie comments on Dec 7, 2020:
I had to deal with the death of a classmates to a grade T, 1 and 2. We are talking 5 to 7 year olds. They asked all sorts of questions, I answered as honestly as I could, some were going to the funeral, again when they asked what was going to happen I answered as honestly as I could and with as many options as I could, I did not know if she was going to be buried or cremated so I had to explain both methods of bodily disposal to the students. I thought long and hard about how to explain cremation, and came up with they put her body into a machine that turns it to ashes. We had conversations about how sometimes the human body gets so badly damaged that the doctors can not save the person, how it was important to remember the person and to care about the people who loved her. I had a bundle of really well adjusted kids and most adults coming into our room could not cope. We had the months of the year on the wall with each child's name on the month for their birthday. One little boy (5yrs) was reading off the months and names to a support person when he got to her name he said "She died" and moved on the support person looked shocked and stared at me I simply told her that we say it like it is. I recently met one the the students from this class and she said while it was one of the most horrific things she had to deal with as a child (it was her best friend) she said that all of the talking we did around how we felt and how the students got to choose when the chair was removed (they did not want to remove her chair from her desk) and being honest helped. Explain it in terms the kids can understand, I once explained death to a three year old as you can never ever get any more presents from anyone no matter how much they want to give you one. She was very reward orientated.
From another post sharing our iconic John Williamson but can not decide which ones to share as there...
Budgie comments on Dec 7, 2020:
The kinks - Lola []
Budgie comments on Dec 7, 2020:
Love this song. It is a fun song.
It’s late and I’m off to bed again.
Budgie comments on Dec 7, 2020:
John Williams is a fantastic guitarist, I have albums by Skye. He often in Australia gets mixed up with John Williamson who is an iconic Australian singer
Should the Australian Governor General (Queen's Representative)be immediately dismissed & made to ...
Budgie comments on Dec 5, 2020:
I am sort of conflicted over this. I knew the man many years ago as I worked with his wife. He seemed like a fairly decent bloke with standards, she definitely had standards. I accept that people change over years (and it was years ago that I knew them) and that his work self could be a very different person to the social one I met. If he has hidden the knowledge that defense workers were acting illegally then he should have to answer to that. I always felt it was wrong (but completely in line with the lieberal party) to put a military person in the role of GG.
Bloody Norah, wish my Printer-Scanner was working.
Budgie comments on Dec 5, 2020:
Make sure to send it back to them without a stamp so they have to pay the postage and more to get it.
Right-Wing Group: How Dare “Young Sheldon” Compare God to an “Invisible Monkey”! | Hemant ...
Budgie comments on Dec 4, 2020:
There are any number of TV shows that are all based on the belief in a sky daddy. That you need to accept the sky daddy and love him regardless of the horrible things he does to you. We sound like we are back in the days of Mary Whitehouse who used to sit and watch shows just to be able to complain about them.
A photo & description may be worth a thousand words?
Budgie comments on Dec 4, 2020:
These scumbags need to be held to account for the awful abuses they are perpetrating on the Australian people.
Is it just me, or does this guy give off demon possession vibes?
Budgie comments on Dec 3, 2020:
Love what he did but boy are these guys insane and those that follow them.
Just for fun. A little weird, however, kind of cool. []
Budgie comments on Dec 1, 2020:
Really cool. Amazing some of the words sound so familiar shows how much of our language came from them.
I suspect I'm not the first one to post this article from Psychology Today here, but it's the first ...
Budgie comments on Dec 1, 2020:
I also don't care too much about how others judge me. If I feel I have done a good job I don't care what other's feel about my work, if I think I could have done better than no amount of telling me what a wonderful job I have done will convince me I have done a good job.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses Are About to Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status in Australia | Hemant Mehta | ...
Budgie comments on Dec 1, 2020:
Should not have given them any time to think about it sign or straight away lose your tax exempt and be fined what the NRS believes the victims should be paid. No funding or tax exempt until you sign pay for a year in advance and the fine. Being too easy on a cult. But then as Scomo is a cultist we could not expect them to be treated the same way they treat their victims.
From my News feed today.
Budgie comments on Nov 30, 2020:
Love it when we get it right when we are recognised by leaders in the field. Bet he wishes he was working in Australia not the US. I mean even with Scomo trying to kill people we had state governments taking the hard line needed.
I'll just leave this here and see if it gets as much support & comments as it did on fbuk.
Budgie comments on Nov 30, 2020:
Bit lazy chuck some tinsel on to blow in the breeze and maybe a bell or two to be festive.
Now we count deaths when not an active case []
Budgie comments on Nov 30, 2020:
Given perfectly healthy active 20 to 50 year olds with no previous medical conditions are being brought into hospitals after having strokes and the only link they have found so far is that all of them had or were recovering from Covid 19 then their deaths are the result of Covid 19. Given children are developing a disease similar to Kawasaki's syndrome and dying and the only connection is that they all had Covid 19 then they also died from the condition. If these people never had Covid 19 they would not have suffered the secondary condition therefore Covid 19 caused their deaths. You are determined to find any reason to rail against the powers that be over this disease and their handling of it because you disagree with them but you have yet to give up a better way to deal with it. I believe that the state governments have done a fair to brilliant job, handled fast balls that they had no way to predict with professionalism and determination. The major mess ups came from the federal government who like the US don't care about people just their own profits. I am thankful that the vast majority of state leaders took a hard line, made unpopular decisions and are now out there finding ways to get the economy kick started again. Here in the Territory we are suffering a budget disaster, jobs have gone our EBA is being renegotiated and all we are getting in terms of pay is a $1000 bonus at the end of each year for the next three years. It is going to be tough but we will find a way. My pay will not rise with inflation, and CPI for the next three years, at the end of it I am going to be financially worse off then I currently am. I will take this on the chin in the hopes that the stimulus packages coming out will help the smaller industries to get back on their feet. That the economy will start to improve. There is a plan for a building stimulus package that I hope to get that will allow me to upgrade my kitchen (I have been saving for 5 years so have most of the money) This is how our government is helping us now but there is a cost that I am going to wear being no pay increase for three years.
Ohio Republicans File Bill Forcing Doctors to “Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancy” | Hemant Mehta | ...
Budgie comments on Nov 29, 2020:
It is sad that the american taliban are taking over America. It is sad how little science they know. The cluster of cells in the ectopic pregnancy would not survive. The embryo has to form the connection to the placenta within days and once that is severed it will not happen again. All this bill will do is cause further harm and discomfort to the mother when she then has to pass out the clump of cells if she does not develop a septic uterus from the dead cells.
Always wondered.
Budgie comments on Nov 29, 2020:
David Attenborough was talking about a worm that crawls into the eye of a child and blinds that eye. That really hit home as to why a god does not exist.
Today I'm doing something a little different (me?
Budgie comments on Nov 28, 2020:
Went to a comedy skit and they got people to pick two songs, they then sang the lyrics of one to the tune of the other.
Alvin Stardust.
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
He is dressed like he is tough and hard but the song is soft pop. I am trying to remember another song like that where the guy is talking about being a rocker but it is soft pop that he is singing. Can not remember the singer nor the song will have to dig into my singles to find it.
Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”: the story behind the Thanksgiving staple - Vox
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I did not know all of that. Weird.
Classic rock with an animation twist: []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I quite like this one although I wonder if drugs were in any way involved in the imagery.
Today would be Percy Sledge's birthday. Sp romantic! Bring it on Home to me []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Great smooth song.
Good old British Rock n Roller Marty Wilde.
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
So tame by today's standards.
Always a favorite of mine, but had trouble understanding the lyrics. The Hollies. []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Maybe this is the song that got me into whiskey, (either that or my friends in college) mind you I think I wanted to be the long cool woman but at 5ft 2in and socially awkward that was never going to happen.
It’s not afternoon just yet here.
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Great band like their work.
Classic rock with an animation twist: []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Thanks need things at the moment to lift me out of the slump I feel in. The talent to produce this inspires me.
For your enjoyment: Faun's Lupercalia []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I love this kind of music. Very evocative.
Trees of eternity - broken mirror []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Sort of how I am feeling at the moment been a tough few weeks.
Gatherators, some fun facts. []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I love collective nouns (as I was taught they were called) and the amazing range of ways we describe things.
Joe Satriani - always with me, always with you []
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Loved his work for years.
Can I get a Ramen?
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
An aunt and uncle who knew I was not religious (I was a teenager) and we were staying at their place on holidays. I waited silently when they said grace. They told me I would say it next. I spoke to them afterwards and said I did not believe and I do not say grace. They said I had to and I needed to learn to believe. Told my mum (it was my dad's side of the family) and she had a word to dad (who was not very religious) he gave me a grace to say. 2,4,6,8 Bog in don't wait They were less than impressed.
A Beautiful Eulogy
Budgie comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I read this and thought surely not. Then I thought well it is drumpf and he has the IQ of a potato so it is possible. Turns out it is not true but it is the kind of thing that he would do.
Safe is as safe does...
Budgie comments on Nov 20, 2020:
I write them all down. At work we have to change passwords regularly. I once contemplated buying a copy of The Hobbit and slowly working my way through the book with the page number and the next 6 letters highlighting them as I went.
Hi and good morning.
Budgie comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Love his work.
Lots of great music out of Ireland.
Budgie comments on Nov 20, 2020:
I love this song and listen to it often.
Collective soul - shine []
Budgie comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Great song always liked this one.
Today, Duane Allman would have been 74 years old.
Budgie comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Great guitar playing always sad with talent that makes the world a better place is lost.
From a 1960s recipe pamphlet. Words fail me.
Budgie comments on Nov 18, 2020:
I used to make these as a child, the banana was shorter so it was basically straight and we called them fruit candles. Came from a cook book for children. We also had just one ring of pineapple.
Has anyone ever sat this man down and told him he looks like he has been dead for 3 weeks
Budgie comments on Nov 18, 2020:
Is that his liver that is so swollen it can be seen from outside of his body? It is a weird lump to have in that place, not part of his stomach.
This is a phenomenon with which I believe we all have some experience.
Budgie comments on Nov 18, 2020:
I would suggest even the dumbest bear is still smarter than the dumbest human.
Three with funny animals
Budgie comments on Nov 18, 2020:
This is what he is thinking.
@boyscouts At least 92,000 have filed sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts, legal team says ...
Budgie comments on Nov 17, 2020:
As someone who grew up in scouting and for whom Scouting leaders were people to look up to and were decent people this saddens me and I hope they step up and help the youth that were harmed. I can honestly say that there was no discrimination in our scout troop, I was an out atheist and that was fine when I said a promise I omitted the god part and they were cool with that. Our camps were held in tents that were 6 boys and one leader, as a female that meant I was in a tent with 6 boys aged around 6 to 10yrs old. As a Venturer leader we put up one large tarp and everyone slept under that. I would suggest that the intent of scouting has been perverted by the dogma of cults if they are saying you have to worship our god.
My 89 year old mother is a strict Catholic and has known for several years that I do not believe ...
Budgie comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Always, I have not hidden my views if someone asks. I don't shout it from the rooftops but I don't hide it.
The great teacher or educator: Post III The great teacher or educator has a strong ego and self ...
Budgie comments on Nov 16, 2020:
I had a psychology lecturer who always ended statements with all right or okay. I swear she did it on purpose as every year the first years all would run tallies to see if she said more all rights or okays. Sometimes she said both at the end. Can't remember her lectures but her voice still rings in my head with all right okay.
SCHUBERT, String Quartet No.
Budgie comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Beautiful music if a rather morbid topic.
3 years ago I wrote the following: I've recently been commenting about supermarket check out ...
Budgie comments on Nov 13, 2020:
I talk to them if there is time and they are not flat out, as in a proper conversation, ask how much longer they are on, as I have blue hair that gets discussed a bit, always say thanks etc, if the lines are long and they are under the pump it might just be a short hi how are you going, what's your day been like? I have gone up to the front desk to pass on a compliment about a young man behind the deli country. I was having a crap day, felt like someone had run over my pet and then backed up over me sort of day. Arrived at the deli pointed and sort of mumbled out what I needed and got smacked by such positivity, a massive smile, a quick joke about something silly, he bounced while he did his work, and generally made me feel so much better it was hard to be morose in the presence of such positivity.
[] Bachman Turner Overdrive - You ain't seen nothing yet 1974
Budgie comments on Nov 13, 2020:
Loved this song as a kid, always a compulsory song at parties.
Bush - glycerine []
Budgie comments on Nov 13, 2020:
First heard this in a pub lots of other noises thought he was singing about listerine. Kept thinking why sing about mouthwash? Like the song but that is now stuck in my mind.
Creed - with arms wide open []
Budgie comments on Nov 12, 2020:
A powerful song about impending fatherhood and all of his mixed feelings.
Although I don't believe the world is ending soon , I believe there's a God, a force that has power ...
Budgie comments on Nov 12, 2020:
Taking just one of your points in what way are we superior to animals? We spend most of our lives, learning or working to achieve tiny bits of plastic that we then value over our family and friends, we kill each other over stupid opinions and false ideologies, we destroy the environment and expect nothing to change. Dolphins swim eat mate have babies get attacked, play enjoy themselves and manage to negotiate an ocean without a compass or GPS, homing pigeon and many other migratory animals are able to traverse the globe without getting lost, some human can barely make it to the shops and back. Humans are destructive, greedy, hate, murder etc all with a brain that can reason and knows that what they are doing is repugnant to a large group of society. Animals might hunt each other but they don't pretend to be morally upright while doing it, only a few species (those closest to humans) kill each other for little or no reason (many do it for food) Most animals have much better vision, agility, motor function, hearing, flight, group co-ordination, family structure (harsh and hard as it may be) and are in tune with the environment. If you are here just to stir up trouble I think you are going to be sadly disappointed. Many years ago I remember reading something that went roughly like this. Humans looked at their world and saw that it fitted them well, when they walked to a spot there was water and food and as they moved around there was more water and food. The wondered how the world came to be just right for them. (we are an arrogant and conceited bunch) They decided that someone must have made the world for them, then in their arrogance they gave the figure a shape, their shape and the worshiped it in the hopes that better fortune might come their way, thus began the age of gods.
Hi and good morning.
Budgie comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Hold on to the memories both good and bad as they make the whole life that you shared.
Budgie comments on Nov 11, 2020:
There is so much about this era of music that is great.
Steve Vai - I'll be around []
Budgie comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Great song never heard of him thanks for the share.
Foo Fighters - Times Like These (SNL) []
Budgie comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Great song and pretty apt for the times.
Spiffing. Excellent. Enjoyable. []
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
I can not say this word with out a high class English accent.
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Now that the bombastic buffoon whose moral turpitude demonstrated a serious degree of duplicitousness has been shown what people feel about him he has resorted to vitriolic retorts and snide statements.
Turpitude: noun 1.
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Moral turpitude can put you into some serious trouble.
Duplicitous adjective marked or characterized by deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by ...
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
One of the words I love to say.
Whatever works 🤣
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
That is just so adorable. Shows he is really trying to understand. Such a dad thing to do with a daughter.
It feels like Liberty again!
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Just aim correctly and get him in that swamp where the alligator bit off a man's arm. Poor gator though. Make sure it does not land in Australia.
Screenshot from WebMD. With how many do you identify?
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Working to music but I am also good at screening out sound. Don't like group work but that could be my arrogance rising to the for and that fact that people just don't do it right (whoops am working on that) Can I read instead of write or talk but much prefer e-mails to phoning.
Let's play truth or atheism?
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
I believe in dogs, that there are thousands of dogs and all dogs are worthy of my worship.
For 30 years i believed what the bible said about homosexuality and that people that practiced it ...
Budgie comments on Nov 10, 2020:
It is tough to break away from indoctrination. You are not wrong to feel that way it was drummed into you as a young child you were brainwashed and programmed. The fact that you are working on it shows that you are trying to break that conditioning. Sit with your daughter and explain your difficulties and why (she would have been exposed to the same conditioning if you only discovered yourself 4 years ago) because there may be times when your reactions might seem distant etc and if she understands what you are dealing with then she will hopefully be able to understand when you need some space to deal with your feelings so that you can respond in the manner you want to.
Peter Frampton. - Show Me The 1975. []
Budgie comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Love his work, the twangy guitar sound, have at least one of his albums.
Quaff. To drink heartily. I often use this word in conjunction with a good Merlot or Pinotage.
Budgie comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Dwarves regularly quaff ale while partying.
Sheep Cat...
Budgie comments on Nov 6, 2020:
cheep? Sheet? Cap? Sheat? Cheat? Chap? (really mixing up the letters there)
Normally a Bessie Smith song []
Budgie comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Feel like I need this tonight could do with some alcohol.
many of you have successfully tracked down old classmates etc. by searching the Internet?
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
I have contacted a few and some we have reformed our friendships. Some we have not, a few have died often quite young, it is part of life, I have some friends I have been in constant contact with, despite living at either ends of our country, for the past 30 odd years. I helped my brother track down a mate of his from High School with a name search and then sending out an e-mail to all of the people with that name. He was surprised with the one that returned saying it was him. Not the one he thought it was going to be. He now lives in another continent and is a very successful businessman, a long cry from the surfer who would rather surf than go to school and dropped out to do an apprenticeship as he could not stand school any longer.
I have an interesting thought concerning morality and I would like to see what other people's ...
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
All animals that live in packs or groups have rules of behaviour. Chimps that have spent lives in captivity can never be released into a truly wild situation as they would be killed for failing to follow the rules, if not killed then driven off which amounts to the same thing. Rescuers make groups of Chimps that can be released together so that they all follow the same set of rules of behaviour. Morality is fluid, what is considered normal acceptable behaviour in one century is not in another, what is considered lewd or outside of moral behaviour in one decade is not in a future decade. Only a century or two ago the House of Lords in England debated the age of consent it was 12/13 (the document used both) and raising it to 16 this was in 1861. Girls as young at 12/13 were prostitutes. Now any person having sex with a child is a criminal. In Victorian England the manner of dress and behaviour of women was highly controlled, if they saw what was going on today heads would collectively explode. Previously homosexuality was a criminal offense, then a mental health issue, and now is (by some) seen as just a part of the wide variety of humans that exist. Some cultures were there long before white cultures worked out this idea. I believe Ancient Greek and Roman cultures viewed it quite differently to how their countries rule it now. Unfortunately many countries allow the cults to define morality and therefore laws to maintain it are influenced by a text written by a bunch of men many centuries ago and thus follow a morality that reflects the views of the men of that time. Some of the more recent cults while they might use a more recent morality were again written by men of the time and their views of morality. Thus no cult text should be used to define morality. I got interesting in Wicca at one point simply because of the reed, "An it harm none do what you will" Basically if what you are doing is not going to harm someone else then it is your choice. From the xtian's cult we have "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Someone below posted a poem that is also really good.
Modern meetings.
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
I had a zoom meeting today and it was exactly like that along with the person saying. "I can't see me can anyone hear me?" " I have disappeared." Then the tweenager (okay she was at least 20 but she looked sooooo young) starts trying to tell her what to do to fix her screen (all over zoom)
Sean Connery walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman.
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
The first movie I saw him in. I might just watch it again to relive ... I am not sure what I was young when I saw it and might see something different as I think differently now. Zardoz
For U.S. residents: can you own a kangaroo?
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
Please don't keep kangaroos as pets. They spook easily, males can get aggressive and they are a herd animal without the mob they stress. That said would be interesting to overlay a map of republican states and see how it matches up. I mean what with the right to arm bears and all. (Robin Williams quote)
I still love puns ....[agnostic]
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
Lucky cows wonder how they felt afterwards. Did it give them the munchies? Here in Oz there is an old saying Stone the Crows maybe it was a typo and should have been stone the cows.
We each need to know our place in the hierarchy ...[agnostic]
Budgie comments on Nov 5, 2020:
Not just wasps I have seen grown men run from itty bitty spiders, I give bull-ants a wide berth and due respect, some of our smallest creatures have us in a right royal dither. For those not in Oz here is a website and a pic of a bull and taking down a wasp.
Budgie comments on Nov 4, 2020:
Such an iconic song from this great band. And who does not sing the guitar solo?
Man Arrested After Throwing Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window A 24-year-old Jupiter, ...
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Hard to tell what is satire and what is real these days, because of the website it comes from it could be satire but all too likely to actually have happened and that the half thought out defense they actually believe might work. Poor alligator to have been threatened so. look at the time, I better get home.
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Baby reveals there have been deaths and now they know their baby does not have a gender.
World Offers to Buy US Special Present... []
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
I'll chuck in a couple of games.
Limp bizkit - behind blue eye (I chose the lyric video incase anyone wants to sing along) ...
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
This always makes me think of Buffy with Giles singing the song at a club. The original is brilliant and this is a great cover of it.
Are you hep to the jive? []
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Don't think I am as hep as him but I can Jive.
I know that some of you foodies out there will share my outrage
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Right up there with people who scrub out cast iron frypans.
Never too early for Christmas ideas
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
My mum used to put long socks on our arms and legs dress us in old clothes and smear polish on the wooden floors. Told us that if we rubbed hard enough eventually we could slide on the floor. We worked like trojans to get the floor nice and slippery then spent hours sliding on it. Kids have all this excess energy put it to good use. We got so excited when we saw the polish and clothes coming out.
A nuclear take from @realDonaldTrump I got off of iFunny. (FAKE)
Budgie comments on Nov 3, 2020:
So take that Hollywood that is what he thinks of you. Time to take his star off the walk of fame (if it is still there) if he thinks that little of them.
If "Truth + God = Life" then...
Budgie comments on Nov 2, 2020:
My first thought when I read the first one before I got to the next was hang on if you do the Maths...
Pokemon go anyone?
Budgie comments on Nov 2, 2020:
All three they will make a kickbutt team.
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