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Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me []
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
Oh dear lots of flashbacks from the music today. High School Socials (as they were called) or Blue Light Discos and this would come on, such a mixed reaction, some of us out on the dance floor trying not to be too out there, some hiding in the loos until it finished. Embarrassed boys who had just gotten the courage to ask a girl to dance and the couples who had been trying to have a quick pash in the darker corners just not sure what to do at that point and a few who had the teachers and adult separate them. So much fun.
September EWF .
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
Love Earth Wnd and Fire and this cover is brilliant had me bopping along to it. Always great to see musicians having fun with the music.
SING, SING, SING - BBC BIG BAND ORCHESTRA with guests Teal,Davis,Delmar.
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
This created a flashback. At school there was a music program call Sing Sing Sing we had books with the songs and sheet music along with a Cassette tape that the teacher could play. We would then sing through the songs. It always started with this song. More musically inclined teachers got percussion instruments and we got to bang along.
Sacrifice cover by Sinéad O'Connor Off the Two Rooms tribute album By far one of the most ...
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
She has a beautiful voice. Sends shivers up my spine. I love the fact that there is a simple tune playing behind her voice allowing her to carry the tune to us not hide in the music.
So Into You. []
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
Love it thanks for sharing.
Johnny Hallyday Just heard this, from the French Elvis. Talented guy, rip 2017. []
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
Beautiful voice thanks for sharing.
My oldest (12) grandson mentioned that my potatoes had little things on them.
Budgie comments on Feb 8, 2020:
I am a teacher of special ed kids and we have garden plot. We are planning what we will plant this year. We do cooking so are looking at things we use often (herbs etc) the students all know to cut the spring onions leaving a stalk with the roots to put into the garden to grow into more spring onions. Same for any herb we buy with a root base. It is a bit too wet and hot here for normal potatoes but I am hoping to grow some sweet potatoes with them this year. We have grown pumpkin, tomatoes and always keep some seeds to try to sprout (not always successfully)
I just read about how wombats were accomodating other tiny animals and even lyrebirds in their holes...
Budgie comments on Feb 6, 2020:
Within all of the bad are good stories, with the wombats they are probably not even aware of the animals in the burrows as wombat burrows are extensive. It brings out the best in some people and shows up the true nature of the worst people.
Budgie comments on Feb 6, 2020:
My favourite title I ever heard was I Scream You Scream We all Scream for Ice-cream. It is a terrible song so for those wanting it I have searched and found it. Politically incorrect, racist these days but in 1925?
That will confuse him
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Got to love the way she has him sized up and can irritate him to the nth degree.
What they do? []
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Never heard of them but love the song, the dance moves and the clothes. Mind you the guy doing the intro has a great voice.
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Someone is assuming they had little appendages. Also if she stopped for a moment to think.......... oh wait sorry just realised the stupidity of an xtian thinking is about as real as their sky fairy. well anyway elephants, giraffes, rhino, hippos, crocodiles just as a few examples.
Meow memes...
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Got to love cats that know where to lie down.
Ace - How Long []
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Been a while since I have heard this one but love it. Hopefully it will get rid of the Magic by Pilot earworm I have had for about a week now.
I would like to know how many of you would vote against someone soley due to their open religious ...
Budgie comments on Feb 5, 2020:
Depends on how they voice their religion. If they believe their way is the one true way and everyone should abide by it then no vote from me. If they are simply religious themselves then maybe I would vote for them depends on how strongly I feel they will back their other ideas. If there other ideas are ecologically and socioeconomically viable and helpful then yes I would vote for them.
You know what they say ... It's all bad ... uh ... or was that ... It's all good?
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
Sort of sad. The crow is Canuck he was raised and released but came back to his human for interactions. He went missing in August and there is now a 10,000 dollar reward for his return. Shaun (his human) believes someone has grabbed him. Canuck is a Federally protected bird and went missing shortly after being banded as such. There is a woman who also claims that Canuck is her crow, (Shaun says Canuck is his friend and lets him be himself) on Facebook Shaun is still posting occasional pictures of Cassiar (Canuck's mate) and Junior (another crow that adopted him) Canuck's and Cassiar's only surviving offspring (Gort) was rescued after an attack but could not be placed back with them so a carer took him. He was released at an undisclosed location when ready. I have been following his life. (Canuck's not Shaun's that would just be creepy) Canuck and I is the Facebook page.
Ummmmm.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
Do you think the person making the gif deliberately picked that or just had no idea. I don't know which one I want to be true.
Republican Party Declares Moral Bankruptcy | The New Yorker
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
No they won't to declare moral bankruptcy they would have to tell the truth and they are incapable of that.
I do a few costuming projects. The current on is a 1920's outfit. I'm pretty happy with it.
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
Love the colour, would love to see it being modeled as I can not imagine what it would look like on.
Woodcraft by Giles Newman
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
Like the mushroom one the most. Love hand made spoons
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues []
Budgie comments on Jan 31, 2020:
I love his version of this. So much feeling in it. Did not know he was Irish, Marionville, thanks for that information.
Happy Thursday everyone! Thunderstorms and Lightning - how do you feel about them?
Budgie comments on Jan 30, 2020:
I love storms and it is all my mother's fault. She did not want us to be scared of thunder and lightning so when there was a storm she threw open the windows put two stools at them and my brother and I along with her whooped and yelled, cheered and watched the lightning storms. It was great.
Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey - Money, Money 1972 []
Budgie comments on Jan 30, 2020:
Watched this as a child with my parents.
As an Aussie living in a mainly secular country I'm amazed and disheartened by the stories from ...
Budgie comments on Jan 30, 2020:
Unfortunately our current prime moron is a member of a cult and has drunk too deeply of the cool aid the religious bigotry bill is just one example. Completely corrupt. So while at the moment we are allowed to express our stance if scotty from marketing gets to stay in much longer then we won't be allowed to as it will upset the poor little cultites.
Budgie comments on Jan 29, 2020:
Love The Stranglers. Had not heard of them in 77. I think I was still listening to pop music and they did not feature on Countdown (the only music show I ever saw at the time) or on ABC radio so it wasn't until much later I heard them and fell in love with their music.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Beautiful voice, can understand why you like him so much.
This just popped into my head.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Knew them from Summer in the City like this one as well. Thanks
The Kinks - Big Sky [youtu.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Thanks for the share had not heard this one before.
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth [youtube.]
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Had not heard this one before. Nice.
Cool site glad to finally be in a place that's accepting of my beliefs without censorship.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Welcome lots of different groups to explore should be able to find something that meshes with your likes.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Great group, great song, a long time favourite.
Creedence Clearwater Revival long as i can see the light []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Great group, great songs, love them
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Another group that I love to listen to.
Search me.....
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
The muscles in her legs!!!!! No matter how I walk, work out etc can not get that to happen. Go girl.
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
To think we are still dealing with this attitude towards people. He has such a beautiful voice, I love the notes he can hit without screeching which is what it would sound like if I tried to reach them.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Yup a complete pain in the ass.
Landscapes — 1: Fort Grey and Fort Saumarez, Guernsey, Channel Islands, 2009.
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Love the photos, Next time I am in Melbourne I am going to have to see if I can find number three.
10cc - I'm Not In Love []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Now people are just teasing me. March the 3rd they are playing in Darwin and I can barely wait for it. I have also bought a new book about them which I am hoping will be here before the concert. I am going to be cheeky and see if I can get it signed. LOVE 10CC
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater [youtube.]
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Today's offerings all seem to be from my past. Loved Hall and Oates Rich Girl was my favourite song although I tended to sing it as bitch girl.
Sniff'n The Tears - Drivers Seat []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
OMG Love this one thank you for the revisit.
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
One of my favourite songs back when I had no idea what it was about. It was all the rhythm and tune.
Smokie - What Can I Do []
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
Loved Smokie as a teeny bopper.
Interesting - Tennis Australia respond following John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova’s on-court ...
Budgie comments on Jan 28, 2020:
If they have rules and they are enforced for everyone that is fine. Court said what she did outside of tennis. Anyone is free to protest outside of tennis but I get where they are coming from.
🍌 🍞
Budgie comments on Jan 27, 2020:
Speaking of which I have three in my fridge that I should turn into banana cake. They are pretty black.
Discrimination and human rights.
Budgie comments on Jan 27, 2020:
I think this is one of the reasons I started to question religion, I was brought up in a household where my parents were equals, yes my dad went to work and my mum was at home but you did as she said when she said or she dealt with you none of this wait until your father gets home rubbish. So when the church we went to was saying the opposite of what I saw I wondered. When I was a teenager I wanted to join the navy as my father had served. I could but only in an office I wanted to be on a ship. This was well before women were allowed onboard. At a career evening a recruiter asked me what I would do if a crewman touched me inappropriately, my Dad nearby burst out laughing and said that I might call man overboard if I felt generous, I grinned he knew me so well. The guy looked at me and I then said I would have him charged with misappropriation of naval property. That is if he was ever found. My Dad taught me to change tyres on a car, I rebuilt two cars with him. One night a week each of us (mum dad my brother and myself) would have to make dinner. My mother encouraged me to travel to weird and wonderful places. Religion is used to control and to hamper people to be submissive little sheep. That is what I learned from church and my watching how my parents brought us up. Even though they believed. I think when we grow out of it we appreciate how much each person is responsible for themselves.
How old is too old?
Budgie comments on Jan 27, 2020:
I am saying teenager as that is when I was open about not believing but I was younger when I started to question the whole thing.
This is true, but I don't think they realize what it means.
Budgie comments on Jan 26, 2020:
Well you can not say that you have not been warned. Check your reason at the door or you are going to get upset.
Budgie comments on Jan 26, 2020:
Great song great band love them.
Whoever said Americans can’t do SKA.
Budgie comments on Jan 26, 2020:
Love Ska
Budgie comments on Jan 26, 2020:
Saw an interview with Barry and he said no matter what the family did they could not help him. I have his record and he was a teenage crush of mine. So sad.
This is Eric Mongrain playing a song called Air Tap ! []
Budgie comments on Jan 26, 2020:
Sounds and looks awesome.
Why energy drinks are worse for you than coffee of soda pop
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
Does not surprise me I have never used them prefer a cup of tea to be honest.
I had a crazy - 70's machine carved entry door that used to be white.
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
I like
I just finished my first Amigurumi! Look at this lil Cthulu - I love him!
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
So cute
[] Catch the wind Donovan Leitch
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
I first heard Donovan when I was babysitting and listening to the people's records Mellow Yellow was the record these people had.
[] Simply Red. - Fairground. Love it!
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
Simply Red is awesome so easy to love the songs.
The Killdares "Whiskey In The Jar" []
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
Love the song I must admit to skipping the intro. Bit long for me tonight.
1990 []
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
Was dancing in my lounge room to this one thanks
Nina Simone - Sinnerman []
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
I remember on every similar to this from my childhood I loved it and would sing away when it came on radio or my dad was playing music that had it in it. Mine was more gospel may even have heard it in church when my parents took me. Didn't actually have the effect of scaring me into religion I just liked the fast rhythm.
New smart doorbell feature...
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
Only if I can listen in and laugh so they can hear me.
Thoughts on extraterrestrial life?
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
To quote Carl Sagan “The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.” I am not saying the life is intelligent or even halfway there, it could be bacterial, plant, microscopic still, or it could be so far past our understanding that we look like simpletons to it. If animal (as we understand it) it would I believe still consist of a tube with support systems attached (essentially we are a tube mouth to anus that has arms and legs a fish is a tube with fins) but it may not it may absorb through its skin anything is possible which makes it wondrous. As to what you saw, who am I to say I have never seen anything like that. If you decide to start a cult based on the experience I will call you out on it but I can not suggest anything for what you describe.
The cost of honesty
Budgie comments on Jan 24, 2020:
I had an amazing friend (died from cancer) who was religious, we had a great relationship, when I went to his father's funeral (in a catholic church) I sat at the back he came up and said that I could go further in I would not catch on fire, I quipped back that I wasn't sure how safe the church was going to be with me in it. He looked at me and suggested I sit as far from anyone as possible so when the bolt of lightening came it didn't take out anyone else, gave me a big hug and went to be with his mum. We joked about religion all of the time. That is how it can be, people making fun of themselves in in the worst of times and knowing that each of us believed something different but I was there for him and he was there for me when my mum died.
Tommy Emmanuel Plays Chet Atkins' "Dark Eyes" Guitar at The Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville...
Budgie comments on Jan 22, 2020:
This man is an fantastic musician and a lovely man from all I have heard about him.
Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds - Don't Pull Your Love Irritating ear worm for a couple days.
Budgie comments on Jan 22, 2020:
I remember this one from way back not sure how I know it.
What Fresh Hell is This??
Budgie comments on Jan 22, 2020:
Is it sad I worked it out? I am a teacher and some of what I have to read is less legible than this.
It happens...
Budgie comments on Jan 22, 2020:
Too true
What do you do when expected to participate in public religious ceremonies such as prayer?
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
If I know it is going to happen I arrive late (after it has happened) if it is sprung on me then I will not participate, I won't say anything just wait for it to be over with. If they want people to hold hands I will step out of the group I am near and wait near a wall.
This is the sort of legislation that Australia should be introducing: [patheos.
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
I am furious that he was working on the religious bigot's bill when he should have been meeting with the Fire Chiefs, This bill is wrong on so many levels and the moment some religious bigot starts in on me or someone near me I am going to lose my shit all over them.
bob welch ebony eyes []
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
I love this song, it was played at every party when I was a teenager.
Exile kiss you all over []
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
OMG I so remember this song, I Loved it.
This is my second post in the category of music that praises music.
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
We had song books in school that had a lot of their music in it along with the Seekers.
Let's bust that shit open..
Budgie comments on Jan 18, 2020:
Is this seriously a book or what ever or just great satire? I would not believe it if I saw it. Mind you it would help if priest read this and learnt not to abuse children.
Christian School Expels Girl Over Rainbow Sweater and Birthday Cake Whitefield Academy, a ...
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
How do they know she is expressing an opinion on sexuality she may just like rainbows. I love rainbows and I am completely hetero. Stupidity plus at work.
A North Carolina man, having bought several expensive cigars, insured them against.
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Yup heard that one before.
[] Alan Parsons. - Sirius/ Eye In The Sky (live)
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Such a smooth voice still, love his music.
This lady has talent!
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Granny has skills.
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Plus a cat howling at you for food, to open a door, to open the door again, because the door is open, because it is 8pm, because the light is on, because you are sitting, because you went near the fridge, is a far better conversation than you get from an xtian.
Well it's true....😉
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
We started referring to it as being uncontrollably voluptuous.
Sad to say, I've been there.
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Oh dear and I was in a spa at the time. This is looking very familiar.
I'll remember that...
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
I had arthritis in my knees due to a genetic condition. Walked my dogs every morning was so cranky from the pain by the time I got home.
Pet all the animals!!
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
I would not pet a frog or toad but all others not a problem. I scuba dived with some one who chased a smallish shark to give it a pat. The poor shark was trying to get away.
RocKwiz - Beth Hart - I'd Rather Go Blind []
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
It is a great song.
A song with a point... I love Everlast. []
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Very touching song we don't know what other people have gone through to get where they are.
Feet tapping to go dancing. []
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
I love Medieval Music
Interesting food for thought on limits of human logic and why we are vulnerable to religious ...
Budgie comments on Jan 17, 2020:
Derren Brown (I think) challenged people and took an atheist into a church after talking for a short while he left her to sit alone and she experienced a range of emotions that she said was close to spiritual. He then explained to her why, basically in the talk he had been programming her. He has a lot of different shows that expose a range of different tricks.
AMBROSIA - BIGGEST PART OF ME A great song from the 80's from this American Band... []
Budgie comments on Jan 16, 2020:
Sounds familiar but I don't know if that is the style of music or the song itself. Very cruisey.
Item 2 from my UK Indulgence series.
Budgie comments on Jan 16, 2020:
I knew of this song but not this singer, (obviously covers) so am hoping that this comes up in the music round of tonights quiz then I can look all knowledgeable.
Tonight this song is going through my head so I'm going to give it over to all of you for a while I ...
Budgie comments on Jan 16, 2020:
Thought the name of this was Canteena as a kid had never seen it written down.
Sweet - Action []
Budgie comments on Jan 16, 2020:
Love The Sweet.
Rockwiz - Radar Love []
Budgie comments on Jan 15, 2020:
Rockwiz is an Australian quiz show which has one contestant on each team from the music industry and two people from the audience. At the end of the night the music star get up and sing a song together, I can see Vika and Linda Bull in this, I can not identify the other singers.
To what fandoms do belong?? Any? All? And how deeply?
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
Too hard to name, favourites are Babylon 5, Firefly, lots of the BBC ones from Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Primeveal, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I loved the LOTR and Hobbit movies, Game of Thrones up until the final season which seemed rushed and a bit forced (there were still good bits in it) I thought Farscape was fun, liked Sanctuary and recently Dark Matter, The Expanse, The Orville is comedy. That is just what I can think of at present.
Hielung Svanrand []
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
Love the vocals in this. That said I did not know what the words meant and I could be liking a song that wants to kill puppies and kick kittens. ;) But loved the music so went and looked it up. Cool song.
The freezer seems to be optional parking for landspeeders.
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
You have to test it on ice just in case you ever need to visit Hoth.
Interesting evening .
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
Were I live the power can go out because of bats hitting the power lines. I remember sitting reading by torchlight waiting for the power to come back on and the light was getting dimmer (I had not lit candles) and as my circle of light diminished and my world then plunged into darkness my thought was "now is when I get killed I have seen these movies." 5 seconds later the power came back on. Good timing. Good of you to think of the people across the road it is tough when you don't have what you need in a strange place. I travel with a small LED keyring torch so that I will always have some form of light for a short while.
Going Home - Mark Knopfler []
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
Love this song.
A new article in Rolling Stone (posted in News & Links) : [rollingstone.
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
As far as music goes copyright is always going to be a minefield. At what point do you consider that the person has copied a song, a repeated bar, 8 notes the same. Also how do you prove the person has intentionally copied the song. You might hear a song once on the radio when you are a child but it sinks into your brain, years later you are writing a song and the tune "comes to you" you don't remember and think you are being original. So hard to determine. I am surprised authors don't get caught out more (although they tend to refer to the similar storylines as the genre or the trophe)
What's yours on caned foods like beans and vegetables
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
As cooking beans takes a while and generally I forget to cook the day before I like canned beans. I also cook a small amount each time so for 2 cups of cooked beans it is easier with a can, As far as vegetables go I only like them fresh with the exception of peas those I can handle frozen.
This is my favorite recipe for making a chickpea burger: []
Budgie comments on Jan 13, 2020:
Wow simple and easy, will have to give it a go.
Of all of the Space x launches.
Budgie comments on Jan 11, 2020:
Absolutely awesome but as the man at the beginning was talking about the power of the rockets all I heard in my head was from The Moody Blues song Higher and Higher, "Blasting, billowing, bursting forth With the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes" Glad that they are able to get the rockets back and hopefully resuse or recycle them.
Hello everyone.
Budgie comments on Jan 11, 2020:
I was introduced to Sci Fi via my mother and Blake's 7 and Doctor Who. I loved it plastic/cardboard sets and all, followed up with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the original TV show) Which I know is lighthearted and fun. My favourites at the moment are Babylon 5, I liked the beginning of Dark Matter but not too sure on how it all ended (then it got canceled which may explain a lot) The Expanse was quite interesting, I have tried a few other shows but a lot of them get canceled early on Almost Human with Karl Urban in it was interesting (before being canceled) I am currently rewatching Stargate which is not bad.
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