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I had heard on NPR that a second stimulus check was approved and the government website has sent out...
BufftonBeotch comments on Oct 7, 2020:
Trump floated the idea. He is getting desperate and thinks if he sends people $1200 dollars they will be stupid enough to vote for him.
Has anyone watched Evil on Netflix?
BufftonBeotch comments on Oct 6, 2020:
It is a series with the same characters but a new story each episode but some continuing plot lines as well. It is pretty good but more of a mystery to solve than frightening.
“According to the leadership of the evangelical community, the man on the left is the savior of ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Oct 5, 2020:
It is astounding that this country did not recognize the gift James Earl Carter was to this nation and went back to false narratives so shortly after what it had been through with Nixon. Always wanting the glamorous boy to tell us we're pretty rather than telling us we are tough enough to make things right on our own.
Has anyone watched Evil on Netflix?
BufftonBeotch comments on Oct 2, 2020:
Is it a series or separate stories like Black Mirror?
Idaho Cops Arrested Christians for Ignoring COVID Restrictions at Worship Event | Hemant Mehta | ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 27, 2020:
No one fired on with rubber bullets or gassed? Isn't that what these same people probably thrilled at when it was happening to peaceful protesters a few weeks ago?
What is the best month to check on your refrigerator experiments you know the ones that happen by ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 27, 2020:
I know the feeling, but it hasn't happened lately. Worst was some forgotten black beans a few years back.
I had to post this because of the effect it had on Facebook.
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 26, 2020:
There's also one with Kenny Loggins. And most recently, one with a bearded man blessing dtrumph at the Resolute desk, whom some seemed to think was Jesus. Do you think this is Jesus?
Hi all :) Just wanted to give details .
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 24, 2020:
He did some planning! Makes it even better
Grandma's Leban This is an acquired taste for some need to like yogurt.
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 22, 2020:
The bread looks very much what I buy here that is called Nan.
The Blue Moon will be on Holloween this year. []
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 21, 2020:
Second full moon of the month and a Saturday, likely for naught because Covid. Sigh
[] Hi all. Guess what? Woohoo!
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 21, 2020:
So happy for you!
Somewhere I saw a supposedly biblical story from the OT -- young David was being chased by King Saul...
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 20, 2020:
I thought that was Johnny Appleseed.
Another scammer and talk about spelling errors in her profile. []
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 18, 2020:
And probably not her photo
I already know I am strange maybe you are too.
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 16, 2020:
I think anyone who is functionally literate can read that. That 33 out of 100 bit is an example of making the less intelligent feel special right before they are conned out of their money
Church Leader Who Blamed Coronavirus on Gay Marriage Contracts COVID-19
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 8, 2020:
And looks like he might have a couple handfuls of co-morbidities. Good.
[] Happy September from Earth, Wind and Fire!!!!!!
BufftonBeotch comments on Sep 1, 2020:
My daughter posted that to FB today. I taught her well.
Credit where it's due, that was one heck of a jump for a cow to make. Gold Medal BBQl!
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 30, 2020:
Little dog still laughing.
Wife Takes Nonbeliever Husband to Court to Block His Medically Assisted Death | Val Wilde | Friendly...
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 29, 2020:
That is a horrific betrayal.
Liberty professor says students are questioning their faith in the wake of Falwell Jr. scandal
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Any young adult willing to go to a place like Liberty University has been tightly controlled and brainwashed their entire life. So this is a good thing.
Good morning all.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 24, 2020:
Congrats on the power up level. I will probably be at Level 8 a long long time.
Would you support a politician who will not defend LGBT rights []
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 23, 2020:
No way. And the manic mango is actively homophobic and destroying the right of people to live their lives.
Many of your bios reflect my so-called religious back ground.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Welcome! Join into some groups that suit your interests and start meeting people.
Camille Pissarro Danish-French, 1830-1903 Plum Trees in Blossom Éragny, 1894
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 21, 2020:
That's lovely.
"How do you feel about a friendship that could lead to more?" a man asked today.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 19, 2020:
I got the same thing. Almost as obvious as "Hello, gorgeous!"
I want my pu pu platter! Now a tale of confused Tiki and American Chinese restaurants.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Not a fan. Lettuce cups, on the other hand?
Nothing to see here Folks, move along now, move along.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Voters receive absentee ballot forms with Trump's face on them
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 17, 2020:
If it came from the republican party I do not see how it could be an official ballot. Though it certainly is meant to cause confusion, and could indeed be illegal. The right wing has no bottom to dirty tricks they ill pul in cheating.
Do all Christian denominations believe only they will go to heaven?
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 8, 2020:
To the most intense, very much so; especially between protestants and catholics. I think this is the reason behind Trump saying Biden is against g-d. It will play well to a segment of his base, even though many catholics would have been much inclined to vote for him.
Kaitlyn's water just broke.. Taking her to the hospital.. Signed Frankie.
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 3, 2020:
Wonderful thoughts!
An answer to those of us questioning the recent picture of tRumpty Dumpty with all his ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Aug 1, 2020:
There are some funny parodies.
This site's business model perplexes me.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 26, 2020:
I love it.
Australia's chilling horror story. Fake christ, stolen [] children, abuse of children
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Was this something recent? It has a late '80's early '90's feel to it. Still horrid though. And so weird to bleach the kids hair to make them look related. It made them stick out like Children of the Damned or something
New group if you’re interested.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 25, 2020:
The other day I made a post where I was calling Trump a fascist.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. He's so proud of that, he can't stop talking about it He does admire dictators. Dictators use him like the idiotic puppet he is.
Another one bits the dust.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 25, 2020:
I am astounded when educated people go down these paths.
Hi everyone! New member here.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 22, 2020:
Welcome to the community!
My favorite writers from first reading library books on my own were Antoine De St Exupery (The ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 21, 2020:
"A Dream Within A Dream" is my favorite by Poe
Will the news headlines in the future read something like this?
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 20, 2020:
Chemtrails and 5G towers will get ya long before that. Where did you get this nonsense?
So, a nice iced coffee about 3pm sounds lovely! I get in the drive-up line at Dunkin Donuts, give ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 18, 2020:
The time will be on your receipt and they should have cameras.
If you see it respond "Got it"
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 17, 2020:
Got it!
According to a 2019 Pew Research survey, 68 percent of all atheists in America are men, with a ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 17, 2020:
I think Atheism is take it or leave it and to try and alter what we are to coddle or appeal to others would be very strange. There is not a dogma by any means.
October Season drawing near........
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 17, 2020:
I wonder how much Halloween we will be able to do. The decorating of course. Probably not the parties or enjoying trick or treaters
Who eats cold chips (UK crisps)?
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 14, 2020:
Potato chips? I am also fond of the salt and vinegar or the pickle flavor.
The artist here is a boy named Kevin.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 13, 2020:
This story is very inspiring.
When did the definitions for 'stable' and 'genius' change?
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 12, 2020:
I thought the Dilbert cartoonist was a full Trump cultist. And when I hear the term "stable genius" I think of Mr. Ed.
Goodnight! This dog reminded me of a stuffed animal of my sister's. ;-)
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 12, 2020:
Covid Humour, sometimes it gets a bit dark.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 12, 2020:
All three are great. I had seen number 1 and 3 as I run with some sarcastic groups, but 2 is a new one for me and I love it.
Crazy hobo at my job claimed that God told her that I owe her a free cell phone.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 11, 2020:
Mental illness is one of the large complications of homelessness. I wouldn't take it personally. She probably had the same encounter with dozens of people that day.
At Least 82 Coronavirus Cases Linked To Missouri Sleepaway Camp : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 10, 2020:
If they love trump and the lies more than their own children and will sacrifice their own flesh for him, just imagine what hey will do to you and your children
The androgynous bird came out today.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 3, 2020:
Forgive me.... ....or don't.
[] Ghislaine Maxwell arrested for prepping Jeffrey Epstein's sexual recruits.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jul 2, 2020:
He would never have been able to victimize as many on his own. Everything about him screamed smarmy weasel. But she befriended and conned them. I think she got as much peverse pleasure in the sickness as he did.
Recipe set in stone. []
BufftonBeotch comments on Jun 27, 2020:
When she said you would have the recipe over her dead body...
This looks like the sky is leaking down onto the lea.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jun 26, 2020:
I see a Dr Seuss bird looking for its legs.
What song is this cat singing??? Name the first song that enters your brain.
BufftonBeotch comments on Jun 16, 2020:
Not sure. But he just vowed to never eat ghost pepper again on a dare. Just found out it burns more than once.
BEWARE OF SHUDDER! I engaged in a 30 day trial subscription that was offered during the shutdown, ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Jun 14, 2020:
I have not trusted Trial Subscriptions since A-Oh-Hell. That was a nightmare getting them to start drafting out of my account every month. I finally had to close the account and switch banks.
Rúbaí (Short Film) - YouTube
BufftonBeotch comments on Jun 8, 2020:
Posting a comment to watch later. I love short films.
I read in my local newspaper some Atheists are being blamed for burning down a church in ...
BufftonBeotch comments on May 25, 2020:
Did it themselves for the insurance?
I found a couple for the offseason thrill, I will watch them later on today. [] []
BufftonBeotch comments on May 18, 2020:
I have In the Tall Grass saved.
red and yellow barbet .... am I tripping?[]
BufftonBeotch comments on May 15, 2020:
When your 4 year old got to pick your outfit for work.
I am stunned by the detail of this man's work. This is with pencils. Amazing! []
BufftonBeotch comments on May 10, 2020:
Thank you for sharing. This work is amazing!
I did consider the economy, a couple of months after the virus showed up on my radar back in ...
BufftonBeotch comments on May 8, 2020:
That's pretty good.
My religious wife watches Christian movies and I hate it.
BufftonBeotch comments on May 8, 2020:
It is really not a problem unless she expects you to watch with her. Those things are really awful. I can handle well done movies and tales with a veiled message like the Narnia Chronicles and....well if anyone can think of another one? Chime in. But things like "Left Behind" and "God is Not Dead" are full body shudder, cringe-gag awful.
I finally got around to rewiring this sweet little vanity lamp.
BufftonBeotch comments on May 2, 2020:
It is quite beautiful.
Bike Friendly, USA This is just a comment on the annoying condition of our bicycle friendly roads...
BufftonBeotch comments on May 2, 2020:
Took me a minute to figure out what that was supposed to be.
What it really means. Very unfair.
BufftonBeotch comments on Apr 30, 2020:
But yes, it is a scam to stick it to small business. Really want to see the bastards finally get shit-fan blow back.
What it really means. Very unfair.
BufftonBeotch comments on Apr 30, 2020:
On a bright note, I actually was hired today. Regular place is only temporarily shut down and I am on "Leave of Absence." But no idea how long that will be, and I would really rather work, than do the unemployment thing, anyway. The ennui is a bitch.
Seriously disappointed in this site.
BufftonBeotch comments on Apr 18, 2020:
It's no where close to Festivus.
The first "Spider Man" movie I saw when I was 11 sparked my interest in Ethics; the ending scene ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 21, 2020:
What school bus?
Goodnight - this meme brought me back to the good old days of everyone growing avocado pits.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Did anyone ever manage to make this work?
Good Afternoon Everyone! Went to work this am.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 17, 2020:
I am, but I work in the heath care field. Non clinical but I do enter the data for pre-authorizations. Many of the people went home with equipment, but I also have a studio type apartment and don't want to look at my work station all the time. Another factor is the landlord has notified she is putting the house on the market and wants the other tenants and I out by the end of April. "health care field" lol I haven't found another place yet, so there is that added teensy little bit of stress in my life.
Saw this recipe on fb.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Just saw the "cold war" bit. I had not even really heard of habenero peppers until about ten or so years ago. I would not have thought them a widely known product a generation ago. And they are on the lower end of the scale compared to things available now like the Carolina Reaper. Which I can't imagine.
Saw this recipe on fb.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 15, 2020:
That sounds good with a lower heat heat pepper, or maybe less of the hab. I really like a habenero mango sauce on some smoked pork and you can adjust the fire and sweet.
Well today I placed an online grocery order very early this morning for pickup after work.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I did an Instacart because I am allergic to rudeness and mania. Not really panic. I did get lots of cat food, just in case. There is apparently no bleach to be found.
How does mike pence master that absolutely vacant stare?
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I call him Mole Eye Mike. And I think suppressing his homosexual feelings all his life has made him dead inside.
In one of my local Facebook groups, someone asked what to say on the phone to a scammer.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I also have cell only and do not answer if number is unrecognized. I also would not loose rage on a poor wage slave who is doing the best they can at the moment to get by.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I work in a business that does pre-authorizations for a large number of insurance companies, my company also was taken in by one of the major insurance companies a year or so ago. There was an announcement through an email earlier today that this company will pay claims without charging deductibles and copays for any Covid-19 treatments and care. They are also going to make testing available at no cost. I am impressed with my company.
Goodnight - I did my Taxes today.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 10, 2020:
For future Google VITA. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance I had mine done at the library free. I had to wait about 3 hours, but worth it.
My mother's best friend worked for the local newspaper and decided to dress me as a leprechaun and ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 10, 2020:
What a beautiful smile!
Christian pastor: I’d support Trump ‘even if he ran a dogfighting ring on Mother Teresa’s ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 10, 2020:
I strongly disagree that both are the same. Al Franken is a good decent man and was thrown under bus over accusations that were completely spurious.
Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890) The 14th of July in Paris 1886
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 10, 2020:
There is a short bit about him on Dr. Who from a couple years ago that I find very touching. I'll see if I can find a link to it. The actor playing Van Gogh looks strikingly like him, of course that could have been much to do with makeup. Here it is.
Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890) The 14th of July in Paris 1886
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 10, 2020:
His paintings when younger were much different. I think he developed vision problems.
Goodnight - phew - made it through Monday - how about the Stock Market shutting down today?
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Who stole the pie?
Orthodox Israeli Rabbi Claims Coronavirus is God’s Revenge for Gay Pride Parades | Beth ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Then why were they made so fucking fabulous!
Been a while since I have been here.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 9, 2020:
“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Spending the next two weeks in Nashville responding to the tornadoes.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Every job and every one helping is important. They probably have the people in their twenties and thirties out doing the grunt work.
The gems you can find at a tag sale...
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 7, 2020:
"Have you found Jesus?" Smiles and drops trou.
Goodnight What are some of the things that you lie awake thinking about?
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I listen to pod casts like "This American Life."
I just made fruit juice from Aldi Valencia oranges.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 6, 2020:
That pitcher really brings back childhood memories at breakfast tables. We didn't have one, but plenty of my friend's homes did.
Three Religious Skid Marks.
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 4, 2020:
I really like he Freddy one.
How obvious is it to you when people are flirting with you?
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 2, 2020:
I've been working the same place for years. It is a sister/brother thing. We will do about anything for each other if there is a need.
How obvious is it to you when people are flirting with you?
BufftonBeotch comments on Mar 1, 2020:
I think it is a very bad idea to flirt at work. That is an HR minefield. Too many things can be misinterpreted.
Ok so Frankie and I just went through a rough time tonight.
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 29, 2020:
Is she pulling at her ear? If she does not have a fever it is likely a tooth coming in. It is cutting through flesh and it hurts. If she has a fever it may be an ear infection and take her to the doctor.
The Awakening of Norman Rockwell .
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 28, 2020:
Have you seen Murder in Mississippi? Chilling..
Goodnight I just got a message from my cousin's husband "I just ran my thumb into the table saw ...
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 27, 2020:
I've TP'd and duct taped things before. It's not just the guys.
A funny meme🖤🎃
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 27, 2020:
This is great.
Why are many Christian people against D&D (Dungeons and Dragons.) playing?
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 25, 2020:
I think it was realizing if you could think a virtual character through a situation in life you could do that for real for yourself. Prayer is useless. Also if you create characters and want them to live? God sucks.
I miss church.
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 25, 2020:
And three chords my hind side. The best rock is beautiful music.
I miss church.
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 24, 2020:
I can love some African American call and respond song from time to time. It has nothing to do with my disbelief. It is beautiful In Savannah the the oldest black church has places in the basement where they hid escaping slaves.
I've been having some strong cravings lately.
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 24, 2020:
You are making a BOY! lol
Radarange most of us have this in our homes do you know what it is?
BufftonBeotch comments on Feb 23, 2020:
I don't use it for much except a quick boil for water and some frozen foods. It does completely ruin the texture of meat.


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