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"I would rather be the one who smiles and gets ignored than the one who doesn't smile back"
Paddington not Pooh
Captain Kangaroo not Mr Rodgers
Bugs Bunny not Scooby Doo (might be a deal breaker, seriously)
Addams not Munster
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston creep me out and make me wonder about Brad
I don't like the god/not god dichotomy but the big boss plus demigods (jesus, satan and angels or the Greek or Hindu pantheons) seems particularly lacking.


Vibrator recommendations.
Buttercup comments on Aug 25, 2019:
Hitachi Magic Wand is a perennial favorite, I've given them as gifts with good reviews.
And people wonder why most conservative don’t like Obama.
Buttercup comments on Aug 21, 2019:
Might want to check snopes
I need to tell this yoga teacher I just don't want to be touched in class.
Buttercup comments on Aug 21, 2019:
I think the cards need to come back, she's the employee and multiple customers are complaining. Unwanted touching is a very serious subject today and you may want to point that out to someone responsible for the business.
I’m missing someone so badly right now that doesn’t love me back.
Buttercup comments on Aug 20, 2019:
Hey, I like you, you're good people, his loss. Emotional hurts are like physical hurts, the pain can help if it keeps you from injuring yourself again and if you pick at it it takes longer to heal. (not that I'd ever follow this advice, so if you're smart you probably shouldn't listen to me)
Some in the Jewish religious community is now pushing their agenda on our right-to-die programs.
Buttercup comments on Aug 20, 2019:
In the US the Jewish community is far from monolithic, I suspect that secular reform Jews would be more in favor of right to die (this one for sure) and don't support trump or the current Israeli government
The following groups have no good reason to vote republican and for trump.
Buttercup comments on Aug 20, 2019:
Humans, even the people that are getting short term advantages are hurting the world they have to live on too.
The benefits of sheep.
Buttercup comments on Aug 19, 2019:
Welcome to Wyoming where men are men and sheep are nervous. I heard it so much I started to wonder how much they were kidding.
Why do we desire and seek a romantic, intimate relationship with the opposite sex full well knowing ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 19, 2019:
Love the ride and it hurts at most only to the degree it was worth getting into. I think our lives have emotional conservation almost as reliably as thermodynamics.
What's the biggest red flag when meeting new people?
Buttercup comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Trump Christian Fascists are right out.
The field, Country Joe McDonald with his anthem vs Vietnam
Buttercup comments on Aug 18, 2019:
They closed Telegraph Ave in Berkeley for a free concert. If memory serves it was 70 or 71, towards the end of the war
Mansplaining, what does it mean to you?
Buttercup comments on Aug 18, 2019:
It's a clever turn of phrase that I really liked initially, I use it in the limited literal sense. A man being patronizing because he considers women intellectually inferior. I've seen patronizing women too in the same sense, many times I've heard, "my husband is just another of my children" and that men are only capable of thinking about one thing at a time.
Real exchange... you deviants might not be the right folks to ask 😁
Buttercup comments on Aug 18, 2019:
After only three days, you should both be on your best behavior, too soon? For her obviously, if it's a deal breaker, move on. It's also to soon for her to be critical and mean spirited, she may be bitter or disillusioned with men. A polite but firm, "I don't like that" and accepting your apology and moving on is fine. If she punishes you and expects you to grovel for a small gaffe, she is into humiliation, she is the one dishing it out.
Question: When you are about to have sex with someone the first time, how do you go about crossing ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 16, 2019:
I always have the std/ family planning talk first. There has been enough flirting and making out already that it's open to discussion
As a woman I'm often pretty bold about speaking my mind sexually.
Buttercup comments on Aug 16, 2019:
It could be great, depending on the person. Sex for me is more art than science, seducing a shy girl can be really hot. It's nice if she is self aware enough to realize that it's her true self not a role she was shamed into. Maybe it's luck or kinkdar, I do think we tend to attract people on an unconscious level, but I've found they tend to get very open minded once they have a safe place to express themselves. I like complexity , surprise, and inspiration, art shouldn't be routine.
Sanders thinks Israel should decline aid if they refuse admission to two members of congress because...
Buttercup comments on Aug 16, 2019:
It's the presidents job to defend and uphold the constitution, including the free speech of all citizens. He was wrong, Israel is wrong in my opinion but Trump was wrong legally.
Every time I log on with my Desk Top to Agnostics, I get and error message from Microsoft telling me...
Buttercup comments on Aug 16, 2019:
That redirect is not from Microsoft or Agnostic, you need to update or upgrade your security software. Good that you're smart enough not to respond.Check CNET for removal tools. It's been a while but I think malwarebytes works. I've also found a good source of free software.
I think everyone of all ages would benefit from this.
Buttercup comments on Aug 14, 2019:
I suppose it's an advantage, my childhood was so crazy nobody had time to make me feel guilty about sex.
Do you think sociopaths and psychopaths can't really help their actions since they didn't really ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 14, 2019:
I think the disease model is more realistic and practical than moralizing but this also allows that punishment could be an evidence based intervention. Whether we love them or hate them is less important than can we teach them or force them to behave in a manner consistent with the greater good.
What is your favorite curse word?
Buttercup comments on Aug 13, 2019:
Weener, especially weener dog for a frustrating individual. I frequently sprinkle my speech with more prosaic obscenities too.
Where would one go to buy good furniture in Godalming?
Buttercup comments on Aug 13, 2019:
Used to be a bar in Denver called the Monastery and the main room was the former chapel.
I found reason just recently to block another participant here on this forum.
Buttercup comments on Aug 12, 2019:
I only block jerks, not conflicted at all. Opinions are welcome, insults aren't.
I think this may be from the Talmud, words to live by -
Buttercup comments on Aug 11, 2019:
Yeah, loved this for years.
You are brave.
Buttercup comments on Aug 10, 2019:
I like Brene Brown's, "Pretending to be brave is being brave"
“ Is nothing SACRED?
Buttercup comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Gahan Wilson is GOD!
I always wince when somebody compares /equates Trump with Hitler.
Buttercup comments on Aug 10, 2019:
I agree Hitler wrote his own books, put on a uniform and fought, and worked his way to the top through grit and wit. He was a malignant tumor, Trump is an ass pimple on the human race, it would be humiliating if it spread and killed us.
what do y'all think of this remark?
Buttercup comments on Aug 9, 2019:
Dumbass troll who'll say anything to get attention. Looking for any deeper meaning is futile.
Juneteenth: this word is from the Civil War period of the US and of black slave origin.
Buttercup comments on Aug 9, 2019:
I had a friend in Amsterdam who's birthday was June 19 so I told her about it's origin. I think I got flagged by a government listening program(Echelon, Carnivore or some such) because of some keywords for violent rebellion related to Civil War. My firewall used to alert me of a server redirect whenever I messaged her to a place near DC
Dave's 6 Vital Relationship Concerns 20190807_0627 1.
Buttercup comments on Aug 8, 2019:
Takes all kinds I guess, but this list would be a deal breaker if it was presented to me. Generosity and spontaneity are important, I couldn't live with someone always keeping score.
Question: For both guys and gals - Do you prefer your partner shaved, sculpted, trimmed, or all ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 8, 2019:
I hate scratchy bristle. Waxed or close shave is my favorite but grown out enough to be soft to trimmed is good too.
The Texas Attack Revived the Free Speech Debate. Europe Has Limits. []
Buttercup comments on Aug 7, 2019:
I think the threat to free speech is much greater than the threat of free speech, shouts of fake news and the Kashoggi murder make me think the defense of the first amendment is even more important. Libel and threats to safety are well established limits and I think beyond that freedom should be the default.
Trump smirked at idea of shooting migrants at rally three months before El Paso massacre | The ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 6, 2019:
Saw that! I also saw him "joking" about killing journalists before Kashoggi
"Giving Up Darwin" by David Gelernter []
Buttercup comments on Aug 3, 2019:
Intelligent design is ridiculous bullshit and "there has to be a creator" is not any sort of proof"
Is anyone elsw not watching the debates?
Buttercup comments on Aug 3, 2019:
NOT me.Look at where this reality show bullshit got us already. Right now, I'd probably go Warren but this jockeying to get the best zinger sound bite cheapens democracy and insults the intelligence of the thoughtful.
Will there ever be a new & improved formula for ipecac?
Buttercup comments on Aug 2, 2019:
Listening to Trump? It's quicker but leaves an even worse taste in your mouth.
Faith, I find it incredulous that so many otherwise intelligent people have it and put it in the ...
Buttercup comments on Aug 2, 2019:
I'm not a critical weener dog honest but I think you mean incredible; I agree,it is silly to think some semiliterate sheep herders were the pinnacle of human moral acheivement
I've been wondering lately, does anyone know what their first kink was?
Buttercup comments on Aug 1, 2019:
Rescuing the princess or me Tarzan/ you Jane( or John and Dejah, which was so me even if the reference is less iconic) seems to have the in their roots in some D/s. Porn was a lot harder to get but I remember some b/w polaroids when I was young of Japanese women giving on their knees blowjobs to fully in uniform sailors. The waiting girl pose, eyes down, waiting serenely was always appealing. I had a second or third grade classmate tell me I held her against a wall and kissed her. Never happened but it made me wonder about her and what vibe I was giving off even then. We were never close or played together ( as kids!! or adults either) but she said enough to make me curious.
Hey everybody! Here's something super sexy I read today.
Buttercup comments on Jul 31, 2019:
My wife calls it rollercoasting. It's her favorite ride.
What makes you feel sexy? This question is for men or women....
Buttercup comments on Jul 31, 2019:
No doubt female attention is the biggest one so I work on the interface. Neat and clean, fit and friendly gets me positive feedback. Girls talk to girls and notice how you treat them, so be a gentlemen even when there are no potential partners around. Someone might think I'm sexy but if I'm bristly and cold them, they won't get a chance to let me know.
Trump’s tax returns required under new California election law [latimes.
Buttercup comments on Jul 30, 2019:
First I want free and fair elections, we need a swing state to pass this close to the election. The Supreme Court is barely bothering to pretend they care about the law. Anything that could cost the Christian Fascists(GOP) the election will be found by some pretext to be unconstitutional. There are more than enough people to win 2/3 of the Senate if they're allowed to vote and impeach Kavanaugh, lots of people close to Trump would go to prison. Keep the pressure on.
Question: Has anyone ever engaged in fisting?
Buttercup comments on Jul 30, 2019:
Been with two girls who liked it, both small and athletic. It's like the splits, takes some stretching, long and short term. It has nothing to do with a loose pussy, they both had excellent muscular control and could be really tight anytime they wanted. The splits is not evidence that a gymnast is out of shape and has "loose joints". Also like the splits it's harder for some than others. If it hurts and you hate it, it's your pussy.
Buttercup comments on Jul 30, 2019:
Loved his work, but you'll never reduce him to a binary. Reality is what we experience not concrete fact and constantly changing. Like quantum mechanics, the cat is dead and alive not dead or alive.
My favorite bible verse, even better than than the verse itself are the explanations that it ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Quote from a "Biblical Scholar" " It’s pretty obvious from the outset that Ezek. 23 is a parable which uses the “whorish” behaviour of a pair of women as a metaphor for the unfaithful and ungodly behaviours of Israelites from two nations; “Oholah is Samaria, and Oholibah is Jerusalem.” I believe that the biblical interpretation would tell us that the message of Ezekiel 23 is as a warning to the nations of Earth to not be godless in our actions toward other nations, or God will give permission for the other nations to kill the former.
The most transmogrifying laudation I have ever received was, you're like Calvin from Calvin and ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Closer to forty, looking at my daughter. Dinosaur is unfortunately behind us
Same as it ever was.
Buttercup comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Have to admit I had a bit of fun with some "home security system" salesmen. I told them," I don't need no stinkin' burglar alarm, I got dogs and guns"
I'll never understand how the american ppl allowed these greedy bastards to go this far.
Buttercup comments on Jul 29, 2019:
The original cloned human insulin, Humalin,from the eighties adjusted for inflation would be about $16 a week. GMOs have gotten cheaper overall so this is generous. Greed is killing people, it really is that simple.
Before you even start on "OH It's just a NRA .
Buttercup comments on Jul 28, 2019:
For everyone it's not an NRA progun propaganda video, it's an NRA bash liberal media propaganda video and that's my HONEST opinion
Before you even start on "OH It's just a NRA .
Buttercup comments on Jul 28, 2019:
We have limits on speech to protect public safety or harm by libel. So yeah the gun rights should be similarly examined. There is a lot of misuse of guns in this country, we need to be selective. Don't give the means to hurt people to people who'll misuse it. Our firearm death rate is high compared to other countries so maybe we can benefit from their experience.
Are atoms perpetual motion machines?
Buttercup comments on Jul 27, 2019:
Motion of electrons is a misnomer, they really aren't some tiny discrete objects circling a center of force. We can ignore that though because even if it were true it wouldn't matter. Planets are discrete objects circling a center of force. A body in motion stays in motion, you only change the amount of energy in the system when you add or subtract energy.
What is a deviant? Just curious definitions.
Buttercup comments on Jul 27, 2019:
Didn't need a definition, I just joined because it sounded like a place for some dirty, flirty fun
"Faith without works' is definitely dead.. but 'works without faith' works wonders.  td
Buttercup comments on Jul 27, 2019:
In a similar vein When the Rabbi was asked "Why did God create atheists?"... "God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all - the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching. He does not believe that God commanded him to perform this act. In fact, he does not believe in God at all, so his actions are based on his sense of morality. Look at the kindness he bestows on others simply because he feels it to be right. When someone reaches out to you for help. You should never say "I'll pray that God will help you." Instead, for that moment, you should become an atheist - imagine there is no God who could help, and say "I will help you"."
Me, in first grade.
Buttercup comments on Jul 26, 2019:
My Sky King lunch box is worth a week's pay today, a Roy Rogers a meal at a good restaurant. Cowboys just get better with age.
Did anyone else lose their virginity to a fellow virgin?
Buttercup comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Not me, she was ten years older and divorced with kids. One couple I knew, both virgins, both Mormons were in bed together a couple of hours after meeting at a party. They were together for years until I lost touch. This was hippie doper neighborhood and party so they may have been the only virgins or Mormons there.
About time, too! Russia Today, (RT) have been playing fast and furious with the news for a long, ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 26, 2019:
I watch R/T sometimes, never really expected them to be impartial. Ofcom basically ran FOX news out of England who I watch even less and have lower expectations. Al Jazeera has been a pleasant surprise, they really seem to have some journalistic integrity.
"Do You Understand that Democrats will Destroy America?
Buttercup comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Rest in Peace, Rutger Hauer. Passed too early, aged 76. []
Buttercup comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Roy Batty also died in 2019
I'm sick of hearing about Hitler.
Buttercup comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Not even going to try to unpack all this, Hitler is dead what he wanted doesn't matter. Hitler and Mussolini were Catholics and supported the church throughout the war; the Pope knew about the death camps and helped with the cover up. This isn't some wild conspiracy just the facts. So yeah non Christians can be touchy on the subject. Why Hitler, because I personally know many more people that were affected than Asians or Africans.
Beautiful hike, a Pika house, and my funny trail name.
Buttercup comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Pika One of my all time favorite pictures, Mt Princeton Co about 1980 with a Nikon SLR and film
Black family refused admission to pool and police support racist lifeguard. []
Buttercup comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Based on the video I think she has good grounds for a lawsuit.
The insanity and evil of modern feminists: : : The Unbearable Pettiness of Academic Race and Gender ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Are you really a liberal troll? Out for the points. You sure pick the dumb ones.
Men: what are your turn ons in women?
Buttercup comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Physically I really don't have a type, once they meet a minimum level of physical attractiveness looks don't count for much. A wide repertoire of expressions is something that gets me instantly, alert, lively, responsive and empathetic. I have noticed that, that first impression is a pretty reliable indicator of intelligence and character.
As was mentioned in another post a few days ago, ICE and border patrol ARE detaining and holding ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Family separations are an abuse of refugees in violation of treaty rights as a federal judge has already recently reaffirmed, I want Trump and company tried
What is the worst date you've ever been on?
Buttercup comments on Jul 23, 2019:
I'm a big guy, gnarled and scarred, she thought strong arm robbery was a fun date idea. She came across crazy enough for it to be some Bonnie and Clyde fantasy and sleazy enough to just want the bloody money. Either way seemed to indicate she was up for some immediate wild sex but that was pretty much when I had to leave too.
It’s a good year for blackberries. I think I’ll add these to whisky.
Buttercup comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Mine are still a month out and I still have some in my freezer from last year. We used to have the sweetest old sow bear who would sit right in the brambles and eat them. We've had a couple of generations since but they are much more timid and it's rare to even see tracks.
Democratic 2020 Candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren is Warning of another Economic Meltdown ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 22, 2019:
Endless deficit spending has to crash sometime. No plan just a fact.
Buttercup comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I don't believe either, but the only way Trump could know is if he had spies and they were all marked as safe on Facebook
Anyone have any atheist or agnostic tattoos? Im thinking of getting one.
Buttercup comments on Jul 21, 2019:
A friend of mine got a version of this, same jesus and dino but no background. If you're from Seattle, it's Mandy who busks accordion at the sports arenas.
I believe Iran. Who is provoking who here. [] []
Buttercup comments on Jul 20, 2019:
It's ridiculous to attack their economy and infrastructure, unilaterally pull out of a peace agreement and blackmail third parties who feel they should live up to their obligations and then whine about "unprovoked attacks"
It’s interesting to me that saying anything remotely positive about religion brings accusations of...
Buttercup comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Spinoza's and by extension Einstein's definition of God is wholly incompatible with the big daddy in the sky of Islam and Christianity. He was equally critical of people who simplistically thought this premise was limit of spiritual belief whether they accepted or rejected his existence.
How do you get a link on here?
Buttercup comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Copy and paste in to the text on it's own line and it should show up when you submit.
Restaurant in Greenville, Where Donald Trump's 'Send Her Back' Rally Was Held, Donates 100% of ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 20, 2019:
That's how to make America great.
MAGA vs The Squad How to not fall into the trap.
Buttercup comments on Jul 19, 2019:
Warren will do fine. I've lost some popularity but I'm going to continue to call out that loathsome bigot. Don't let up and don't stop defending people he attacks.
Republicans... They want to live in our country...
Buttercup comments on Jul 18, 2019:
An enemy nation
Chaos Makes the Multiverse Unnecessary - Nautilus - Pocket
Buttercup comments on Jul 18, 2019:
Actually, the axiom or first principle is, don't believe in anything until you have evidence of it's existence. Lots of modern physics is over my head but Hawking was not convinced and he wrote about the multiverse shortly before his death
Anybody ever end a relationship and feel both good and bad about doing it?
Buttercup comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I remember once my girlfriend told me "I don't think we are working out". I was so relieved, it was exactly what I was thinking but was too chickedshit to say. I was filled with love and admiration but still ready to move on.
Sad but true
Buttercup comments on Jul 16, 2019:
Hilarious, Listened to a bit of Fox news today, it turns out Bill Clinton was deeply involved with Epstein but it is completely believable that Trump had no idea.
What if.
Buttercup comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I don't think one person has to be deluded for a relationship to succeed. Is it bad? Not in a bubble, but it would force children to take sides, either enable the person's fantasy world or challenge the other parent to reveal the "truth".
I think the supernatural has its place in expressing the appreciation for the wonders of life and ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I think you might like Spinoza, Einstein and Carl Sagan both admired his ideas about god and didn't identify as atheist. They clearly rejected any version of a sky genie who lusts after human women and punishes unbelievers. I don't know if letting the most backward ideas become the default for religious thinking even though they are the majority is inevitable.
Trump's "RACISTS" twit.
Buttercup comments on Jul 15, 2019:
If you mean, can you play dumb without anyone calling you on it...then no
Puerto Rico - the Governor - the word is he's out.
Buttercup comments on Jul 15, 2019:
That's how to celebrate Bastille Day, Viva La
It' Bastille Day! Anyone want to celebrate by revolting against the oppressing class? I am stoked!
Buttercup comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Happy Bastille Day, maybe we should celebrate the old fashioned way
How more and more of the rest of the world see the U.
Buttercup comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Arrg everytime I hear they fear a unprovoked attack from Iran. They're completely surrounded, land and sea by our military and are constantly being threatened. We are waging war on their economy and infrastructure,we're arming and giving money to their enemies. We pulled out of the peace treaty and are blackmailing countries who are still trying to honor the agreement. Fuck Trump, McConnell and the inbred mule they rode in on.
No mix gas, no numb hands and almost no noise. []
Buttercup comments on Jul 14, 2019:
My grandfather had one, even after he got a city job, they had about 5 acres. Cut hay for milk goats and sheep by hand. They had a big flock of chickens, Sunday dinner (noon) was walking around Sunday morning and the garden made a serious contribution to the food supply.
I've noticed most people have a "button".
Buttercup comments on Jul 14, 2019:
Scratching my scalp is pretty good way to focus my attention. A platonic friend of mine, when I stroked the back of neck instantly melted, closed her eyes and arched her back, it was sexual static electricity I could feel her tingling through my hand. I remember thinking,"Whoa, that's nice to know!"
Ya. Like Sheryl's she shed...
Buttercup comments on Jul 13, 2019:
I'm old school, my man cave has a stick welder, vise, bench grinder and a bunch of hand tools. Real men do stuff besides sit on their ass.
How do you console a young boy who's father has just committed suicide?
Buttercup comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Anything... I lost a mom and a brother to suicide. Just knowing people are there for you is what matters.
Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong in the US.
Buttercup comments on Jul 12, 2019:
I had a incredible stroke of luck that improved my whole life. Due to parents issue, I got bounced from state to state and school to school and fell badly behind. In the third grade my school got some federal money to hire reading specialists. I soon caught up but instead of sending me back to regular classes they kept me as a guinea pig to see what I could do. By sixth grade I was reading 1100 words per minute and devouring several books a week.
Here's looking at you....
Buttercup comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Reminds me of me
First earthquake experience this morning a little before 3 am! Whole bed was shaking back and forth.
Buttercup comments on Jul 12, 2019:
Didn't notice, the Nisqually quake was surreal, whoa the whole world is moving. I've been in several small ones, once I just thought I was near a train, others I slept through or didn't feel because I was in a car.
I need suggestions for a low growing ground cover.
Buttercup comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I have a trouble spot near my goldfish pond dense, acid clay and constantly wet. I'm leaning towards a plant called bee balm. It's not low growing but it is friendly to critters.
Adverse Childhood Experiences — ACEs — are linked to a wide range of physical and psychological ...
Buttercup comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I'm a 9 and my siblings were 8 or more. Maybe a even 10, my mom wasn't in prison but she had short stints in mental hospitals, detoxes, and other absences. We've all struggled, I'm really happy that schools are taking an interest, teacher friends of mine are enlightened and motivated. They are using this scale but I think the details are less important than awareness.
A new theory of climate change.
Buttercup comments on Jul 10, 2019:
I think she's smart enough to know she talking about a different and unrelated warming phenomenon.
Do you see same color as everyone else?
Buttercup comments on Jul 10, 2019:
It's impossible to compare subjective perceptions, but I tend to think they are largely the same. The programs that are passed down generations are consistent. My yellow is my mom's yellow, Occam's Razor.
‪Trump said the army took over the AIRPORTS during the Revolutionary War? WOW!‬
Buttercup comments on Jul 4, 2019:
With flying Sherman tanks
FAKE VIEWS: The real Americans in Trump's new ads are foreign stock models - AOL News
Buttercup comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Another example of foreigners doing jobs too degrading for 'mericuns
My Mount Rushmore of comedians, not in any particular order.
Buttercup comments on Jul 3, 2019:
Carlin, Chris Rock, Bill Hicks,Jimmy Carr for delivery but Lenny Bruce for originality
The case of the...
Buttercup comments on Jul 3, 2019:
Several facebook friends posted the bookcover. I'm having such a hard time not turning into snarling foaming at the mouth maniac at every new insult he heaps upon decency and reason.
What Are Your ThoughtsOn Vacation Bible Schools?
Buttercup comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I kept seeing signs for VBS classes which I read as Visual Basic Script, I was totally baffled why anyone wanted to learn an old computer code that was mostly abandoned because it was very easy to write viruses in. I'm even more baffled why people look for answers in an ancient book written by semiliterate sheepherders.
Visit to the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Garden
Buttercup comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Funny I went to the Botanical Gardens in Rio and some of their "exotic" plants were from the US, admittedly Venus Flytraps are pretty bizarre anywhere. Southwest cacti, are a lot different than jungle plants too.
HOW NOT TO FIND A PARTNER -Lessons from an old man I have a friend whose wife died a year ago.
Buttercup comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Anybody's pool is going to be fairly small. Just like employment, you don't want any job and don't expect to be hired for jobs if you lack the skills or aptitude. I think less even than 1 in 50 women would be a good match for me, which means there are still hundreds in a small metro area. I do most of the cooking and want an egalitarian partner. Regular church goers are right out, so are Trump sympathizers, though years back I had a Lutheran minister answer my personal ad, we really hit it off but also totally agreed that I was a little too Bohemian to take home to meet the congregation.
Men do everything they do to get laid. True or false?
Buttercup comments on Jul 2, 2019:
So do women, we are all only here because of an unbroken line of those who reproduced. The power claim is wrong on its face. Every human has two parents, the books have to balance. Women may reproduce more reliably as individuals but men make up for it by having a different ratio of successes.


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