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I've been an atheist for a little over two years. I recently have come completely out of the closet concerning my atheism. There are two main reasons. 1. I don't think I should hide who I am. 2. I know there are other people like me who are doubting/questioning, and I think it's important that they know they are not alone.

I have a love for languages. I'm conversational in Spanish and I'm learning sign language. I dabble in other languages...a few words here and there. I also love making quilts, although I'm not sure I'll ever finish all the quilts I want to make.

I love a good spirited debate. I don't mind hearing other viewpoints. That's how we learn. I would rather have someone honestly disagree with me than dishonestly agree with me.


Do women tend to like, or dislike wet, sloppy kissers? I tend to be a bit wet and sloppy.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 24, 2019:
I'm not into sloppy kisses. If I have to wipe my face of after, that's too wet and sloppy. I'm into passionate kisses. I want to feel that intensity...that heat. If it's sloppy, I'm likely to lose any chance at feeling passion.
Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a pleasant weekend.
Cabsmom comments on Feb 10, 2020:
Yes, I've felt it. How do I deal with it... not well. I might be sad or frustrated or mad depending on why I feel it.
For some reason this song was on my mind yesterday. Kenny Loggins this is it. []
Cabsmom comments on Nov 12, 2018:
Great voice!
Yeah, how long?
Cabsmom comments on Jun 30, 2018:
That made me chuckle.
Are you into pegging?
Cabsmom comments on Feb 10, 2019:
Not for me.
Question: For both guys and gals - Do you prefer a circumcised penis or uncircumcised penis?
Cabsmom comments on Aug 9, 2019:
I've only been with circumcised. I wouldn't care in the end if it's clean.
This is how life treats me most days :P
Cabsmom comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Sometimes life is just like that.
I never know what or how much is going to come out of me when I start writing to something that has ...
Cabsmom comments on Aug 16, 2019:
For me I don't need a great established friendship first. I do need chairs m chemistry for great sex. The better the chemistry-the better the sex. The best sex I had was on the 4th date (using that term lightly) and I didn't know him before hand. I felt very close to him, but that may have been just lust...but we didn't know a lot about each other.
Cabsmom comments on Sep 25, 2018:
Idiots driving 10 or 15 miles under the speed limit blocking the lanes.
Cabsmom comments on Nov 9, 2018:
Fake people People who come to almost a complete stop before a simple turn...especially without using their turn signal. People who don't know how to use the entrance ramp Tailgaters People who are rude to waitresses/waiters or any other person in that customer service field.
If two hearts are meant to be together☺?
Cabsmom comments on Jan 29, 2019:
This hits close to home.
Let'er rip.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 8, 2018:
My last FWB had a worries.
Being in a relationship is great but having a fall out is hurtful at any age. This to will pass. ?
Cabsmom comments on Feb 27, 2019:
I'm sorry. That hurts!
Does age really matter in a relationship?
Cabsmom comments on Nov 26, 2018:
It matters to me. For me I might...just might...go 10 years older or younger. Beyond that...I don't think I will date them.
No explanation needed.
Cabsmom comments on Jan 17, 2019:
I have an alternate idea...move the bed farther away from the wall.
What makes you feel sexy? This question is for men or women....
Cabsmom comments on Jul 31, 2019:
I feel sexy when a man expresses that he's interested in me. It's even better when I'm interested in them. I feel especially sexy with loving touches ang kisses and more from a partner.
Good morning! One of the things I am really looking forward to is going back to the Rijksmuseum in ...
Cabsmom comments on Apr 10, 2019:
I think one piece that amazed me was at a student show in the community college. There was portrait that was amazing and it was all done with varying sizes of black dots.
Thought it was sweet
Cabsmom comments on Dec 21, 2019:
I've seen this before, but I absolutely love it. I remember I was really down about myself the first time I saw it.
Thursday meme 😜😊
Cabsmom comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Man. I wish I could afford to do that.
Good afternoon! Almost Friday, yay! So ... popcorn or M&M's?
Cabsmom comments on Nov 21, 2019:
So i posted about a casual relationship here and in another group on FB.
Cabsmom comments on Jul 29, 2019:
One of the admins in that FB group removed the rude person.
Let Go of What You Thought Should Happen and Live in What is Happening.
Cabsmom comments on Dec 31, 2018:
Exactly. I've tried to change things to make things happen my way only to realize you can't force things to go the way you want.
Let's go back in timeπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Cabsmom comments on Jun 15, 2019:
It depends...smoking pot with friends or sitting at home doing nothing.
Shinedown / Save Me []
Cabsmom comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Great song
Hi all .
Cabsmom comments on May 29, 2019:
Good overall. I have a little anxiety, but that is my "normal." It's at a very manageable level...πŸ˜€.
What's your all time favourite rock guitar solo?
Cabsmom comments on Jun 24, 2018:
I would have to say Dimebag's solo in Pantera's Domination.
Question 32: What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?
Cabsmom comments on Dec 9, 2018:
Legally...nothing Morally... Atrocities and abuse
I had a lunch date.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 12, 2018:
Maybe just tell him to be gentle. He will understand unless he's a jackass.
Okay, ladies, a question. How many of you on the online dating scene actually make the first move?
Cabsmom comments on Jan 17, 2020:
I've messaged first quite a few times. I've also asked to exchange phone numbers first. I've also suggested we meet in person first as few times.
People don't think it be like that but it do
Cabsmom comments on Jun 29, 2018:
I think when it's appropriate, use the word cunt. If it's appropriate- like towards my son's dad, I might call him a cunt. He abandoned his son. He hasn't seen him in about 14 years. He missed out on watching a great kid grow into a great young man.
At an excavation site somewhere in Egypt (blanket thieving while sleeping is nothing new)
Cabsmom comments on Dec 9, 2018:
That would be me. It would help if my partner would cuddle me to keep me warm.
Have you gone on a date with someone you met on this site?
Cabsmom comments on Feb 9, 2019:
I went out with two different men from here on one date each. I'm working on meeting up with another man.
Cabsmom comments on Sep 17, 2019:
New TOOL. I knew you were cool. I like two songs so fast... Descending and 7emptest. One of my favorite groups!!!! I am familiar with feeling sad and lonely. I wake up that way most days. I have lots of friends, but no significant other. I crave a man's presence...not just any man, but someone I connect with and can share my deepest innermost parts of my being. I want to touch and hold them and have them do the same. I want long talks into the middle of the night. I want back rubs... giving and receiving. I want sweet kisses in the morning or night or both. I want deep meaningful kisses whenever the opportunity arises. I want crazy ass sex. I want laughter. I want to share tears if needed. I wasn't someone that GETS me and still sticks πŸ˜‰.
Celtic pine dining table I made some years back using over 200 branch segments.
Cabsmom comments on Dec 18, 2018:
Hey, y’all.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 25, 2019:
I hope they find the answers soon and get you healed quickly.
How easy is it to find atheist women in your opinion?
Cabsmom comments on Nov 7, 2018:
The numbers aren't in your favor. Women are a minority in the atheist community. However, that doesn't mean just means you have to make sure you're being proactive. Look up local atheist/agnostic/free thinker Meet Up groups. I live in Texas and there are several within driving distance for me.
Dan and I just returned from seeing "Bohemian Rhapsody" the epic awesome bio of Queen and Freddy ...
Cabsmom comments on Nov 11, 2018:
I watched a documentary recently about Freddie Mercury. I cried big time...I was drinking which always intensifies my emotions.
Are you a proponent of New Year's Resolutions?
Cabsmom comments on Dec 31, 2019:
I haven't succeeded with one. However, I'm thinking of trying yet again this year with a delayed I plan on January 2nd or 3rd. My plan is to exercise and live on a budget.
Just sayin'
Cabsmom comments on Sep 12, 2018:
Good analogy
Good morning, everyone! Here's today's question: What songs have you completely memorized?
Cabsmom comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Bohemian Rhapsody Gravity (A Perfect Circle) Passive (APC) Judith (APC) Many others that I've known for years. If I really love a song, I want to know the lyrics so I can belt it out in the car.
I’m thinking about dumping Netflix.
Cabsmom comments on Aug 25, 2018:
I stopped my Netflix for a long time and then problem. I am enjoying binge watching some stuff.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 15, 2019:
I don't have any old ones. Lol.
So my daughter showed this to her therapist, who laughed for two full minutes, then asked my ...
Cabsmom comments on Sep 12, 2018:
Love it
Good morning! While going through tons of stuff yesterday, I found my report cards from 2nd ...
Cabsmom comments on Mar 10, 2019:
I was good and bad. I learned how to memorize useless information. I learned how to write a well written paper...even though I hate writing. In college I learned that some professors were really not that demanding and I learned how to make them like me. If they like you, when they read your papers they already are predisposed to think it's a great paper. Other classes...well...I learned how to learn what was necessary. I think the modern educational system is broken and seriously needs an overhaul.
I am finding that some of my chats are becoming a little lamb so we say your Randy.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 7, 2020:
I've had a few fun phone conversations also. 😈
Feel each other's senses.(close your eyes)πŸ™ˆ
Cabsmom comments on Feb 22, 2019:
I've had sex with an ex. I didn't take it too seriously. He did. He proposed...I said, "no, and this will never work out." I realized that I couldn't sleep with him anymore.
I'm wondering is this really true?
Cabsmom comments on Feb 2, 2019:
I know I hate my friend's ex more than she does. She's seeing him again...ugh!
My foul mood just got worse.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 12, 2018:
I don't know that right thing to say. I'm sorry that you're going through this though.
I WILL REACH LVL 7 - Probably in a month or so. After that, I'll be there for years.
Cabsmom comments on Nov 6, 2018:
I just achieved level 7...will I power up to 8...not anytime soon.
Ok, let's say you meet someone and you two hit it off.
Cabsmom comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I think marriage is overrated and antiquated. I wouldn't care.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Maybe not now, but I posted something on FB a year or more about not QUITE feeling like I belonged anywhere. I now feel very much a part of certain groups and still feel like I don't quite fit in others.
In dreams.
Cabsmom comments on Sep 28, 2019:
Yes, and I didn't tell. If I had still been with him I would have.
Update: one week .
Cabsmom comments on Mar 1, 2019:
Well...if 3 out of four aren't local, that means one is, right? That's something...hopeful! in the morning!
Cabsmom comments on Aug 25, 2018:
I don't like coffee...but sex, that's a good wake up call.
Having been divorced for a year I have been looking at single pages and the like.
Cabsmom comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I've made first contact before. If a man is weirded out by that...oh well.
I have lots to show here, I’ll try and space stuff out though... hand made copper rose to start!
Cabsmom comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Beautiful work
Falling in love when you shouldn't.
Cabsmom comments on Aug 31, 2019:
I've only been in love once and it happened so quickly that it was overwhelming and sad because he wasn't in the place for a serious relationship. It was also that a little time has gone by. I still think about him every day, but not every moment of every day.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 4, 2019:
One woman at work made me feel very accepted...until she found she had a lot in common with another woman. Then I was definitely an outsider.
Good morning! Just a goofy question today: Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with...
Cabsmom comments on Mar 14, 2019:
True love...definitely.
When do you think its time to let go of an Internet relationship/ friendship that you know is never ...
Cabsmom comments on Oct 20, 2018:
When you start thinking it might be time...maybe? It's really not that simple. If you're wanting romance and they're never going to budge, it is probably time.
Guess I'm one!Ha.. I finally did see it tho..You?
Cabsmom comments on Nov 17, 2018:
It took me few
Does anyone else hate the phrase "I love you" ?
Cabsmom comments on Jun 8, 2019:
I like "I love you" if it's sincere. However, it does need action to back it up. If I had to choose to hear the phrase without any real demonstration or have it shown to me without the phrase, I'd gladly choose the latter. I like compliments if they are sincere. I get what you're saying though. One of the best compliments at work IMO is of the bosses leave me alone because they know I'll do a great job. There are ways too show appreciation without just outright saying it also.
Biggest Age Gap You've Dated/Slept With?
Cabsmom comments on Oct 7, 2018:
Not much...2 years.
Name One Thing You Want in Your Life in 2019.
Cabsmom comments on Dec 14, 2018:
A new job
Lets hear your opinion
Cabsmom comments on Dec 2, 2018:
Yes, but probably wouldn't want to or at least very often.
Good morning! It was a long busy weekend at the Toastmasters conference, and we had a great time ...
Cabsmom comments on May 20, 2019:
Laughter Sharing Concern Love Joy Brutal honesty (only when needed)
Cabsmom comments on Aug 23, 2018:
Pick up line
Cabsmom comments on Oct 5, 2018:
Pet peeve time.
Cabsmom comments on Aug 18, 2019:
I don't think it's necessarily a waste of time and resources. Hobbies can be very therapeutic. I like to make quilts. It takes quite a bit of money for just the fabric and a LOT of time. It's mental therapy. It's peaceful. I could easily buy a quilt or other type of blanket, but I choose to make them.
Good morning, and Happy St.
Cabsmom comments on Mar 17, 2019:
Something money can buy-college to get a bachelor's degree. I got my associates already, but that doesn't do much. Something money can't buy- a truly connected and loving relationship.
I have kinda given up on online dating for the time being.
Cabsmom comments on Nov 14, 2019:
I'm a non- smoker and I've dated smokers. It never bothered me, but that's just me.
Is trying to meet women on dating sites a bad idea while separated but not yet divorced?
Cabsmom comments on Dec 11, 2019:
I think it will make it harder. I would date a man if he was honestly separated. If I were to start seriously dating, I would want to meet the soon to be ex.
Domino when he's being sweet!
Cabsmom comments on Feb 12, 2019:
That's a cool looking cat.
It's definitely a Slow Ride, by Foghat, kind of night for me. What are you listening to, if music?
Cabsmom comments on Aug 23, 2018:
I love that song.
I'm very interested to hear your thoughts!
Cabsmom comments on Jan 21, 2020:
Enthusiastic pleasure giver
Last evenig for the first time ever i visited a chat room.
Cabsmom comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I can be easy to get lost in the chats.
Avoid People Who Mess With Your Head.
Cabsmom comments on Nov 9, 2018:
Very good advice
Happy Halloween, everyone! I ended up dressing up for work.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 31, 2019:
I went to one car dealership to get my car fixed. I
Too blasphemous!
Cabsmom comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Very true.
This I can do!
Cabsmom comments on Dec 15, 2018:
That's me...(blushing)
You would be far less concerned with what a person thought of you if you realized how infrequently ...
Cabsmom comments on Mar 21, 2019:
Hopefully one day someone will think of me often...but in a positive way.
I broke it off with my latest, with whom I had two dates.
Cabsmom comments on Mar 24, 2019:
Yikes! I get down about things sometimes, but I usually still see good in the world.
Good morning everyone.
Cabsmom comments on Sep 12, 2019:
A lot more than it used to. We don't have sick days and we get points for every day we miss.
Me and you, Building.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 10, 2018:
Well, it wasn't that long ago for me. It was my birthday.
Good morning! Yes, I did sleep in, and am still slowly waking up .
Cabsmom comments on Jul 27, 2019:
Yes, a friend I met at a job when I was 19 (I think). She and I lived together and laughed many times together. We bonded almost instantly. She got married and divorced and remarried and had children, etc. I had my son and got busy raising him and working. She had moved a few hours away. Nothing bad happened...just time and distance. We reconnected and while it's great, we still don't talk much. She's not great about messaging back and I'm not going to beg for attention. When we do get together it's great and like no time had passed.'s mixed. Another friend, a man I've been friends with for over 25 years reconnected a few years ago. He's married so I visit him and his wife. She and I have become friends. I visit them 4-6 times a year. I go there because she is disabled AND I don't want her to feel any jealousy that her husband had a female friend.
Something to perhaps lighten up a dreary Monday evening (well it’s dreary where I am anyway): ...
Cabsmom comments on Jan 27, 2020:
I was VERY young and just exploring my body and masturbated myself to orgasm. I think I was probably 11 or 12.
Good morning! Back to the 36 questions.
Cabsmom comments on Apr 28, 2019:
No, not really. However,I recently texted someone and it was important. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and thought it through first
Cabsmom comments on Jul 23, 2019:
I got so used to being single that I'm not navigating the dating scene very well. It stresses me out. After 20 plus years of not dating (really!) I decided to start back about a year and a half ago. Now, I'm in a place where I REALLY want a significant other. I want someone to cuddle with, talk to, have sex with, and share intimate details of my life with.
Happy Friday Eve! Here's today's question (and I'm sure none of you will have an answer ;) ): ...
Cabsmom comments on Jan 24, 2019:
I thought of another one. I actually like organizing...once I get started. My stuff really isn't that disorganized, but the satisfaction from organizing is a wonderful feeling. I like to go through EVERYTHING I own about once a year and declutter.
We've learned who owns what shelves in our house:
Cabsmom comments on Feb 12, 2019:
So. Beside sex. What are your thoughts on maintaining a good healthy relationship?
Cabsmom comments on Nov 5, 2018:
Talk Watch movies Visit friends/family I also feel it's important for each person to have their alone time and time with friends.
Im 57 and I almost have sex everyday.
Cabsmom comments on Dec 28, 2018:
That's funny.
What was your most enjoyable dream?
Cabsmom comments on May 15, 2019:
My most enjoyable ones have been sexual in My worst nightmare? In the nightmare a couple who I know in real life lost two of their children due to a flood. It was incredibly sad and felt real. I have continued dreams, but I don't think I made it happen.
Anybody know how to repel romantics?
Cabsmom comments on Jan 14, 2020:
I fell in love very quickly once...or was it infatuation? Anyway, it actually scared me in a way. I didn't tell him anything then, but I showed my feelings in other ways. I never did say, "I love you" to him. I think in my case there were a few contributing factors. I recognized that I wasn't seeing things clearly. We are just friends now. It's definitely not a pattern with me. I've gone on lots of dates in the last couple years and had a little interested in a couple other men and no interest in some others. I agree though. I want romantic love, but I don't want it on the first date.
Stella looking regal.
Cabsmom comments on Feb 12, 2019:
Too cute []
Cabsmom comments on Feb 12, 2019:
I felt a bit weird writing out my biography last night.
Cabsmom comments on Mar 3, 2019:
"How to be single" I'm an expert. I've been single for a LONG time. I've dated. I had a FWB. I had semi-relationship that I desperately wanted to turn into a real relationship, but he isn't in the same HURT. That's recent...still healing. Anyway,I'm at the place where I WON'T settle. I would rather stay single than be with someone just to fill that spot....void. It is a void in my life, but I've seen to many people just fill that void with any person only to be left heartbroken or abused. I'm strong enough to know what I want, and what I want is not unrealistic.
Women always seem to have the upper hand
Cabsmom comments on Sep 25, 2019:
Well a man can rub his cock in a women's face... just saying.
Name something a stoner can't do without.
Cabsmom comments on Oct 24, 2019:
A lighter
Do you believe in "soul mates/true love/the one?"
Cabsmom comments on Dec 1, 2018:
I believe in true love, but I don't think the universe or fate has anything to do with finding it.


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