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*A Quick Peek at Who I Am Now😘
Take A Dash of "Professional Security",
A Dash of "Financial Security",
Add These Two Hard-Earned Facts:
"Personally Secured Man". 🙂

Native Texan(El Paso), New to Madison/Huntsville, AL, area, arrived in Jan, 2018 🙂
Liberal-Minded Systems Engineer who Lives & Works by Old Fashioned Values.
My life's travels has taken me to 3 Texas cities, cities across 4 U.S. regions, and 3 Countries(U.S., Germany, Mexico), exposing me to a variety of cultures.

On religion: I Don't Believe in Religion..I Believe in God. Religion & Bible with the Flag have been used Too Many Times to Justify and Codify Hate.
I dare not go into the Ugliness of the Catholic Church's Hiding its pedophiles..that's Just Too Sick.


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Open to meeting women
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