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Hi there, I'm Rachel. 54 years old, of two awesome adults. I'm a green eyed brunette bbw. Widowed years ago. I have since lost all my siblings. As a result I am intimate with the fragility of life. So, I try to take life one day at a time.
I live simply, try my best to be a good person, what I don't have materially I try to give back in being of service and a good friend.
I am fiercely independent, but like all of us I would like to have somebody special to turn to. I'm not sure how far I'd like to take a relationship it's been quite a long time on my own, and I like my autonomy.
Oh and I'm an animal lover. I share my life with one crazy dog and a couple of funny fuzzy kitties. I can't imagine life without our furry companions. Wildlife is included in my love just at a distance.

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