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I did not ask for or earn my atheism any more than believers did their theism, yet in this country (at least) it seems enough to have rendered me hopelessly single. I have kind of given up looking, so my coworkers signed me up on this site to try to find me a nice girl who doesn't believe a bunch of nonsense.

I guess since this site should host different caliber women, maybe I can just list the unpopular things from the start to weed out anyone who sees one as a deal breaker.
-I am a cat person ALL THE WAY. I don't understand dogs at all or why anyone would ever want one.
-I think Michael Vick got a raw deal. Animal torture is animal torture. You should not get to promote the torture of animals by buying meat or animal byproducts then judge him for dog fighting.
-Never wanted kids.

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Rashida Jones
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 4, 2022:
Nice find!
Just wanted to give an update to everyone here on my son's condition from my previous post.
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 4, 2022:
Why would someone who's 5 now ever want to have kids later? I just don't understand. The world is going to be a giant disaster in the coming decades. I guess if they're anti-vaxxers, they are also probably dumb enough to deny global warming. I would love it if the covid vaccine both lowered my risks from covid and made me sterile, not that I'm likely to sleep with anyone before I die, but still, seems like a nice bonus just in case.
"Scar" is a pseudonym here. The hyenas are metaphorical.
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 3, 2022:
Except the MAGA hyenas are far too stupid to realize Trump lies.
Have more republicans (vs Democrats) died of COVID?
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 3, 2022:
There is some wonderful news out there regarding the death rate of Republican voters!
Maybe the next door idea was common when people thought I would marry my school sweetheart in the ...
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 3, 2022:
How many people here believe in souls or soulmates?
Hi all. Newbie here, first post. What is your greatest fear?
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 3, 2022:
Locked in syndrome / paralysis with an inability to Million Dollar Baby myself. That is always my greatest fear. Second greatest fear is that my life will continue to get progressively worse and I still won't ever be able to end it.
Why are there so many inactive groups?
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 3, 2022:
New features are likely never going to come. Admin has been MIA for a long time now.
Now that is attitude.
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 2, 2022:
Wow. You were, not too long ago, sounding pretty down about your last lady. Now you've got a new one. Congratulations on all your success. If I wasn't so over life I'd probably be pretty jelly.
“I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them.
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 2, 2022:
The movie "Don't Look Up" impressed me, sort puts things in perspective if you take it at face ...
ChestRockfield comments on Jan 1, 2022:
The scientific community has been warning about the coming disasters of global warming for decades and yet there are still tens of millions of people that don't even believe it exists...
Next question: Any success stories between people on this site?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 31, 2021:
Only one that I know of...
My dating profile says I'm liberal and that Trump followers need not apply.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 31, 2021:
I'm the same way, but get zero pushback. But that's probably because there are zero people interested in me, thus, none for whom that ban could matter.
If you report someone for spreading misinformation, are they automatically wiped from your feed?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 30, 2021:
Doubt it. I don't think anything happens at all. Don't think there's an admin here anymore.
I'm sentimental, what can I say. ;)
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
So good. I wonder how long that dude had that loaded, ready to go.
She's got a point.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
That's because Barron and Tiffany hang out with people that are too old for Trump. He likes to rape 16 year old girls...
You could not make this up if you tried: Illegal activities.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
I mean, some people do report illegal income, and with good reason.
"COVID-19 Jab is Cause of Death in 30-40% of Autopsies of Recently Vaccinated, Says German Chief ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
I followed the link, but all I learned is that doug6352 is a fuckin' idiot anti-vaxxer that's easily fooled by misinformation.
I like capers, especially with eggs.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
Mmmmm, everything bagel, cream cheese, red onion, smoked salmon, tomato, capers.
A breakdown from people smarter than me.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 29, 2021:
What does he have against Tether specifically? There are numerous stable coins...
One of the minor good things about being an atheist originally from the Jewish culture (or a Jew as ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 28, 2021:
David Cross cleared this up, I thought. "Was your mother's vagina Jewish? Well, then you're a Jew."
Amazing person
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 28, 2021:
What an idiot.
I have a fake COVID-19 vaccine card.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 28, 2021:
Hoping for a new variant that's 100x as contagious with a 100% lethality and a 0% vaccine breakthrough rate.
What is the terminology for someone that is no longer your friend?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 27, 2021:
I had found this one in my lea today it looks like dinosaur dung.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 27, 2021:
Dung or lung...
Don't Look Up (2021) is Worth Watching no spoilers I just watched Don't Look Up and I think it...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 26, 2021:
Yes, it's brilliant.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 26, 2021:
Neither. Fate is nonsense and free will is an illusion.
Bill Gates is predicting COVID will be over by summer 2022.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 26, 2021:
Obviously there's no way to know, but given the rate of mutation and the quantity of anti-vaxxers, I'd bet it's going to be around for many years if not forever.
Don't Look Up.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 26, 2021:
I am shocked this was not about the pandemic.
What would it matter if realization was preconscious?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 26, 2021:
It only suggests that * if * there was ever also organisms that didn't have said lag, no?
Some of the loony members of this forum seem to think that everything is black or white but the ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 24, 2021:
There is plenty of evidence out there. Whether or not you are smart enough to parse good information from bad is another story. This person obviously can't. Who knows if that person is even real or a surgeon, but that * still * doesn't mean anything. I've been working in hospitals for almost 2 decades and I've met numerous doctors that were FRIGHTENINGLY stupid.
[] JP is always funny, can women really compete with men in all sports, be honest?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 24, 2021:
JP is kind of a douche, but I'll admit he's kind of funny in his delivery and he does make some good points in the process. My take: * If we're going to continue competing in sporting events like any of that shit matters for any reason... * If there is an advantage for one sex over the other in a sport, then you should compete with the gender associated with the sex assigned at birth. If there isn't an advantage for one sex over the other, then everyone should compete together and there shouldn't be categories.
QAnon cultists are now drinking bleach compound from communal bowl QAnon cultists gathered in ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 22, 2021:
I love when problems are self-solving...
This hypocrite has plenty of company with many on this site.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 20, 2021:
They're already refusing a facet of healthcare, so not really all that hypocritical. Also, notice, they're * asking * the dumb fuckin' anti-vaxxers to stay home, not banning them from seeking help.
I am literallyI compelled to share this information with you.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Wait, hold on everyone. She may be making fun of that meme that has repeatedly resurfaced about Elon Musk being able to give everyone in the world a billion dollars. Here's just one version...
Sarah Palin Suggests She’d Rather Die Than Get the COVID Vaccine During an appearance at the ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Sarah Palin dying of covid would be an amazing Christmas present!!!
Most vaccines unlikely to protect against Omicron infections, according to initial studies Only ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Though breakthrough is likely, they're saying if you're boosted, you'll have "super immunity" and that the symptoms are likely to be very mild. It's still killing Republicans, too, so GRAY-VEEYYYY!
Some tomato bread for dinner.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 19, 2021:
I wouldn't mind some grilled hard salami in there. Maybe a drizzle of balsamic reduction?
What the.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 19, 2021:
That looks amazing.
This will look good in the lobby at 725 5th Ave.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 19, 2021:
What a disgrace. I hope he dies during the next presidential election. That might be the only way the Democrats stay in power.
Heck, this one got me thinking... Is intelligence really simply an accident of evolution?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 19, 2021:
I think it is for other species, and used to be for humans. Not sure I believe that to be true anymore. Seems as though the skill of being convincingly deceptive is far more advantageous. We live in a post-truth world now where 'elite' and 'ivy-league' have become insults. Strictly evolutionarily speaking, the unintelligent reproduce at a far greater rate, so it would seem to be a disadvantage from that perspective, the cause of which one could only speculate, but Mike Judge makes some interesting guesses and predictions in Idiocracy.
Question am I Agnostic?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
You will never find a consensus on this site for the definitions of 'atheist' and 'agnostic'. You can listen to others' explanations but then you'll have to make up your own mind how you want to use those terms. The downside of that is that others still won't know what you mean when you use them. It's really quite silly we can't have solidified definitions, though. As for me, I believe that 'atheist' describes what you believe and 'agnostic' deals with what you can know. They explain two different things and thus, aren't mutually exclusive. I am an agnostic because I can't * know * whether or not a god exists, but I'm an atheist because I do not personally * believe * in any gods. I have met agnostic Christians before as well (the only logical way to be a Christian if you ask me).
[] Now a second life jacket must be used or you are not fully protected.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
Once again, you are 100% correct. Don't get a vaccine, hang out with people who have covid, and prove to us all how stupid we are for recommending these useless vaccines!
20 million dollar underground "skyscraper" built by prepper - now selling access to the rich.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
Who the fuck wants to live after a nuclear apocalypse?
I have NEVER said "Happy Holidays", I've ALWAYS said "Merry Christmas", but not anymore, I swear ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
I don't wish anyone happy anything. That's on you. 😝
"What If YOU Were Never Born?" is an Awful Argument Against Abortion
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
I love David Cross.
Meet the man who accidentally started an assassin hiring website | Life and style | The Guardian
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
“So far, nearly 150 lives have been saved as a direct result of the site and my actions.” I think someone is patting himself on the back a little too hard here. Do we really think people who do a * Google search * for a hitman are really all people who would eventually find someone to provide murder-for-hire services? I don't think so.
Found a great pro-Ecology post on Facebook.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 18, 2021:
The first one is true, until you realize no one is ever going to listen, so you give up and do whatever the fuck you want. Their children, not yours cause you didn't have any, will be stuck playing all the consequences. To bad for them.
Yes! Please!
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas is the best selling Christmas album OF ALL TIME. It's incredible. If you can't see why, * she's * not the problem...
Christmas is upon me again.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 17, 2021:
I feel you on everything in this post. No one understands being done with this shit world full of shit people. Every night when I go to bed I hope I die in my sleep and every morning I'm devastated I woke up. And no one gets it's not * my * issue, * I * don't need to "work stuff out so I can love life again." No platitudes from this guy. I hope whatever gets you doesn't cause you any more pain or a dragged out process. Sorry everything sucks.
When you realize your fucked
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Fuck that dumb, ugly, horse-faced cunt.
Definitely imbecile
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I hate her so much.
Should the financial institutions closely tied to extremist Christian nationalism movement be ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 15, 2021:
What collateral "damage" could there be, other seditionists might get hurt too? How is that not all good news?
Prompted by the disbelief of one of our members that atheists would ever visit a theist site, I ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 15, 2021:
Are you the only yes vote??
Prompted by the disbelief of one of our members that atheists would ever visit a theist site, I ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 15, 2021:
I don't really know what a "theist site" is, or what I could possibly have to gain by going there. People here make ridiculously illogical arguments, and they aren't even saddled with the need/desire to justify nonsense in a holy book. Can't imagine how fallacy-laden the posts would be on a site specifically for theists to talk about theist things.
Posted this in response to every useless Kentucky tornado "Miracle" post (works for hurricane, ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 14, 2021:
I like this one as well.
"Dash for Cash" stunt demeans teachers, critics say
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 14, 2021:
And @TheMiddleWay wonders why I hate humans. They are greedy, shitty, awful creatures.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 14, 2021:
Part of the cost of the Second Amendment is dead children. That is an inescapable fact. If you're pro unfettered access to guns the way most Republicans are, you are pro dead children.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 12, 2021:
You should lead by example and visit with a many people as you possibly can. Maybe bring get well cards directly to all the patients that are positive for Covid, but never with one of those liberal hoax masks that only serve to mock your immune system by claiming it needs help!
Evolution only responds to the current situation, it has no foresight.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 12, 2021:
Given this, and the fact that selfishness is bred into the winners of her evolutionary process, I've been thinking lately that it would take an extraordinary set of favorable circumstances for evolved beings elsewhere in the universe to not fall victim to the same self-destructive process we have. As a result, the classic idea of some super-evolved beings that live harmoniously with everything else and their environment, thus allowing them to pity us and our petty human emotions, seems so improbable to me.
Definitely points to it
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 11, 2021:
Or they're the ones in the morgue because they wouldn't vaccinate. Keep the variants coming, every one kills a disproportionate amount of dumb fuckin' Republicans. Also, I love that if I type * dumb fuckin' * the predictive text asks me is I want to say * Republican * next. Beautiful.
Thats how it starts
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 11, 2021:
Was there a mass shooting in Australia? Don't know how that would invalidate it as an example though. They imposed restrictions and then didn't have a mass shooting for a quarter century whereas we have them damn near every day.
Here is what I am up to: I'm considering taking my voice public (podcast/twitter/blog, etc) on a ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 10, 2021:
We live in a post-truth world of echo chambers. Anyone who listens/likes what you have to say already agreed with you, anyone who doesn't never will. You may have fun, but don't get your hopes too high on changing hearts and minds...
Oh goody.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 8, 2021:
Seems pointless. Anything that could get here would have almost necessarily been able to avoid the evolutionary pitfalls we fell victim to, so they likely wouldn't learn anything. And there isn't enough time left on Earth for humans to die out completely and have something else evolve to the point they could learn from it. It's just going to fill up, stop recording, then melt to a gigantic solar flare or massive asteroid. Maybe those scientists should be working on gene therapy to prevent fetuses from turning into dumb, backward-ass, regressive, Republicans?
I'm going to put it out there
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 7, 2021:
I can't tell you how many dumb motherfuckers to whom I've had to explain the difference between hating intolerant people and hating people for arbitrary reasons. They never understand though... because they are dumb motherfuckers.
Babies are fun, until they're not
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 7, 2021:
Who thinks that?!? I told my mother once that babies laughing is the second worst sound in the world behind babies crying. She said that was terrible. Later that day we were at the grocery store and from a couple aisles over we heard this AWFUL sound. I said, "Hey mom, is that baby laughing or crying?" Perplexed she replied, "Jeez, I can't tell." To which I promptly replied, * "THAT'S * why babies laughing is the second worst sound!" If I could push a button and never hear another baby make a sound ever again...
That's a Karen for you
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 7, 2021:
This is fuckin' killin' me. * Really * look at that cat's face after reading the caption and tell me it doesn't make you bust up.
I think the abortion debate is putting the cart before the horse because we have no widespread ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 7, 2021:
I your assessment begs the question, why do you think the definition of 'life' is even relevant? If you simply believe that one owns their own body and shouldn't be forced to carry a parasitic organism in it regardless of how people define it, that solves the debate i.e. even if it's a life, that life doesn't supercede a woman's bodily autonomy.
I thought I would post my own biased poll, as seems to be traditional now on this site.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 6, 2021:
You should have had an "I've been vaccinated" option so everyone could play. Also, if you've been blocked by a many idiot Republicans as me, you might not have too many unvaccinated people that can read or respond.
The death of Bob Dole is an appropriate time to reflect, with sadness, on the passing of generations...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 5, 2021:
Fuck him. He was a Republican pile of shit just like the rest of them. Maybe he's not * as * vile as the new breed, but when you're the woman that couldn't get an abortion because of people like him, then you can tell me how he "genuinely cares for our people".
I still have my CDs and DVDs but no longer have the device to play them.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 5, 2021:
I have all 5...
Every time . Yeah . My life
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 4, 2021:
You could always live in a home without dogs...
Why does anyone listen to this moron?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 4, 2021:
Just look at how many morons retweeted and quoted it. Dumb motherfuckers elevate other dumb motherfuckers into positions of power because, well, they're dumb motherfuckers.
I never would have guessed so many gentlemen didn' t want kids .
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 4, 2021:
Is the first sentence supposed to read * wanted * kids instead of didn't want kids? Either way, kids are the pits. You made the right choice.
There's a metal song about that! Lol!!!
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 4, 2021:
How is that even possible?
What Part Of "Well Regulated" Don't They Understand.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 4, 2021:
A kid barely old enough to legally drink a beer is smarter than half of congress.
EV Motorcycle Speed Record - 283 MPH Run
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 3, 2021:
Holy shit, that's amazing. I've gotten to 165 in my Cobra convertible and almost 180 in a Camaro SS coupe. The convertible ride seemed much crazier than being inside the car with the windows up, so I can't imagine what 283 on a bike would be like. I know I wouldn't be able to do that.
4 dead, 8 injured (5 critically.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 3, 2021:
Dead children is part of the cost of our current gun policies in America. Tons of people, some who are otherwise rational (like people I see daily) cannot grasp this fact. There's some magical disconnect in their mind that irrefutable evidence that meaningful, enforced, gun-control legislation would necessarily reduce the frequency and lethality of mass/school shootings is somehow wrong. David Cross has a hilarious bit in his Making America Great Again special on Netflix about a congressman who takes donations from the NRA holding their dying daughter after a mass shooting. It starts at 47:05, strongly recommend checking it out.
In Hindsight, Crossing Horse, Demon, and Nazi DNA Was Probably a Bad Idea
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 2, 2021:
The question of bringing children into an overcrowded increasingly hostile planet is an important ...
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 2, 2021:
Everyone should stop having children until the plague of humanity comes to an end.
Hmmm ...........
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
For a split second I saw them upside-down. Can't get it to go back even if I don't look at it for a long time. Weird.
Can you imagine … abortion becoming legal and overturned in the USA in the same lifetime?
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
If I've said it once, I've said it 42,863 (now 42,864) times, I FUCKING HATE REPUBLICANS.
If you get caught in the act of Mass Murder—you get put to sleep.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
Nonsense. You can't * know * someone's guilty. We've put too many innocent people behind bars and in the ground to be arrogant enough to think this is a good idea. I hope someday proponents of the death penalty end up wrongly convicted, thereby removed from the electorate.
Up yours, Texas!!
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
It's gonna be the whole country soon...
Things can often be perplexing.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
To be fair, even without the picture I think most would be confused if told to bake a cake at 120 degrees...
The most disgusting person this week.
ChestRockfield comments on Dec 1, 2021:
Murder black kids = keep your job. Harm a dog = 20 years in prison. That checks out for the US justice system.
I am curious, does anybody have any "favorite" holiday themed movies.
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 29, 2021:
I watch all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Thanksgiving (if not several times that week). I watch Home Alone once or twice each Christmas season (couple years ago went to see it with the Cleveland Orchestra playing the music, it was amazing). There's no Halloween movie I watch every year as there are too many good ones and none that I think are so good they need to be watched every year at the expense of others, so I just watch ones I haven't seen or seen in a while. I watch Con Air every Con Air day (July 14th). That's all I can think of.
Usually when the block comes, I feel disappointed, but occasionally, there is a sense of pride that ...
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 29, 2021:
What you said was * technically * true, and you were very civil while she was not... That said... I have a real problem with the framing of your argument. To state thing X, which seems to only be for the purposes of causing thing Y, with zero mention or regard for the necessarily resultant thing Z, as if it was in a vacuum and thing Z didn't exist, is very disingenuous to say the least, and downright dangerous when thing Z is so bad it completely overshadows thing X. For instance, if I were to run targeted ads to young girls on Facebook and Instagram who follow beauty or dieting trends or who have markers for self-esteem issues about the fact that cigarettes are an appetite suppressant, especially with zero mention about the dangers and intentionally-addictive nature of smoking, you could see how that would be a cunty thing to do, yes?
Always hated this
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 29, 2021:
Should everyone make the same amount regardless of how much experience they have?
And of course there's also the control issue.
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 28, 2021:
I'm looking forward to the self-driving trucks (hopefully) never being in my way in the passing lane.
Lauren Boebert Offers a ‘Non-Apology’ for Islamophobic Comments Congresswoman Lauren ...
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 28, 2021:
What a total cuntbag.
Ok, foodies: I’ve made turkey rice soup, added a bunch of Better Than Bouillon to the stock, ...
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 27, 2021:
Did you cook the carcass down with too much water? I found several years ago that the best stock I've made came after barely submerging all the bones and stuff in cold purified water with aromatics/ celery/onion/carrots and refrigerating overnight. Then I pressure cook for several hours. Strain. Chill to pull off a bunch of the fat (there's usually a lot the way we make turkey and stuffing). I've never had to add bouillon. Then season and add the normal soup fixins celery/carrots/noodles/egg. You may need cook it down more. Or if you're really invested, get a roaster chicken and use the stock you have to cook that carcass down too. If all else fails, check to see if you caught covid and can't taste.
Okla. Cops Killed Man by Using Taser More Than 50 Times |
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 26, 2021:
Convicted? Was the dude they killed white?
God: "We should make trees out of non-conductive material.
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 26, 2021:
The only problem is that our bodies rely on being filled with conductive material...
Is it possible to ever have a social conservative political movement that is free of discriminatory ...
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 25, 2021:
Are you asking if there is a single socially conservative issue that's not discriminatory, or if you can be socially conservative without * any * discriminatory beliefs? Maybe to the first, definitely not to the second.
Welcome your dog to Thanksgiving but NEVER any gravy.
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 25, 2021:
Who wastes the neck giving it to their dog?!
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 22, 2021:
Unfortunately there's a difference between allocation of personally donated organs and resources from self-pay or federal funding that is to be available for everyone. Believe me, I don't like it any more than anyone else.
This comment was posted Online by anonymous poster.
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 21, 2021:
Does it matter where the votes are from? I agree with your experiment statement. The world is shit and broken. We don't share reality. Our horrible behavior is going to turn this world into a hellscape full of migration, starvation, war, & disease. People who continue to have children are both failing to see the problem and exacerbating it at the same time, and dooming their children to live through an even more horrible life than we will.
Sums up the whole matter and tells us just how corrupt the trial was....
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 21, 2021:
We no longer have a shared reality. Our country and our world is irreparably broken. I'm done.
I don't think the sausage is in the mood. lol
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 21, 2021:
Uugh, I had a 75% off coupon for Beyond Burgers, so I gave them a try. Never again! I had horrible gas and abdominal cramping I assume from all the yeast and other plant byproducts that can produce gas (at least according to a cursory Google search). The calories aren't even that much lower. Thanks, I'll stick to good ol' fashioned pig and cow like evolution inadvertently dictated.
Not an excuse...
ChestRockfield comments on Nov 21, 2021:
That's so weird, same kinda thing happened to me, I was robbing a bank and the security guard pointed a gun at me so I had to shoot him in self-defense.
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