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I did not ask for or earn my atheism any more than believers did their theism, yet in this country (at least) it seems enough to have rendered me hopelessly single. I have kind of given up looking, so my coworkers signed me up on this site to try to find me a nice girl who doesn't believe a bunch of nonsense.

I guess since this site should host different caliber women, maybe I can just list the unpopular things from the start to weed out anyone who sees one as a deal breaker.
-I am a cat person ALL THE WAY. I don't understand dogs at all or why anyone would ever want one.
-I think Michael Vick got a raw deal. Animal torture is animal torture. You should not get to promote the torture of animals by buying meat or animal byproducts then judge him for dog fighting.
-Never wanted kids.

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I tell ya.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 12, 2022:
Also, dating sites suck ass for dudes, too. I only get matched with bots. Well, used to. I gave up a while back and just hope for the sweet release of death now.
I tell ya.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 12, 2022:
It must be because I'm an atheist agnostic, but I can't figure out if he was saying it's sad you may be agnostic, or sad you're not sure you are. 🀷‍♂️
Legal experts expect charges by end of the month for Trump's efforts to overthrow election and ...
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 12, 2022:
I'll believe it when I see it...
Uh? City must mean something here
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 11, 2022:
I think they're just warning you that there is no exit, and that unless you want to stay there until you die, you shouldn't go in.
Armed man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home charged with attempted murder
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 9, 2022:
Fuck me. That fuckin' dude couldn't do us all a favor??
I'll smoke to that..... []
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 9, 2022:
I think it's supposed to read: Don't do school, Eat your drugs, And stay in vegetables.
Study finds widening gap in death rates between US areas that vote for Democratic rather than ...
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 8, 2022:
Love it!
What's changed since Columbine?
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 8, 2022:
All gross. I hate Republicans.
Actions Speak
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 7, 2022:
Careful. The same people who believe in the power of prayer usually pray that guns stay legal and fetuses have more rights than women...
🀭🀭🀭 WTH?
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 7, 2022:
The driver turned left when they were supposed to make a right...
No, because this might actually help.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 7, 2022:
I don't see how those two things are at all the same. A close nuclear blast (so much so that it makes it through the walls of the school) will necessarily kill every child in the building, desks be damned. An active shooter, on the other hand will not.
There's been 33 mass shootings in the U.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 6, 2022:
I heard there was 13 just this past weekend.
Republicans brace for next round of Trump primary chaos
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 6, 2022:
They'll be fine. Go all-in on Trumpism. Parents don't care enough about children and women don't care enough about their reproductive rights, and those are the only two big or changing issues behind the economy right now. So if those things don't matter that much to those it should matter to, Republicans are probably going to clean up the next two elections.
I have a question for those knowledgeable about firearms. Is an AR-15 more deadly than a handgun?
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 6, 2022:
The reason they are saying that is because those coward fucking cops gave the guy like an hour. I could kill that many people with a fuckin' Swiss Army knife in that amount of time.
πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ A Democrat FINALLY showed up!!! []
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 6, 2022:
As much as I hope it happens I just don't think it will. Women don't care enough about their reproductive rights and parents don't care enough about their children for there to be a blue wave in this economy with democrats in charge.
We first sent men to the moon over fifty years ago.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 5, 2022:
Would have been great if we had sent them all. I wasn't conceived until '79.
Here's a sick and perverse way to start your Sunday: Twas’ 24 days into the month of May, ...
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 5, 2022:
Well, God loves guns, and the cost of those guns is bunches and bunches of dead little children. Also, heaven needs tons of groups of 72 virgins, so two birds, one stone right? That, or all of this is bullshit, our gun laws are fucked, and Christians/Republicans need to be forced to own the fact that their dumb fuckin' beliefs and policies will needlessly result in countless dead children.
Trans is go
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 5, 2022:
That question won't get you anywhere. Most trans women are of the mind that they've always been women regardless of their outward appearance, organs, or manner in which they were living.
I don't care what the founding fathers would say or want. They aren't here.
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 4, 2022:
I'm confused. This sounds like a pro-unfettered-access-to-assault-rifles argument. (e.g. Man: But the founding fathers didn't intend for the Second Amendment to allow for access to instruments of mass casualty because they couldn't have foreseen the advancements that would be made to guns. Woman: I'm going to stop you right there trying to restrict my access to guns based on what you believe they intended. It says my right to keep and bare arms shall NOT be infringed. Period.)
Talk about masters of democracy
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 1, 2022:
The funniest part of that is the meme creator is looking down on people who think that have some control with their ballot, completely fuckin' oblivious to the fact that people don't even have free will. What an idiot.
There go your tax Dollars
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 1, 2022:
Even if that's true, "known to" and "already did some illegal shit we could lock 'em up for" are two totally different things. Are we living in the fuckin' Minority Report?
Simpsons in 2012 and the actual event in 2017
ChestRockfield comments on Jun 1, 2022:
It's fuckin' amazing to me that there are still people out there that still haven't fuckin' heard of Snopes.
question about the Christian Bible: Hi - I was raised Jewish and don't claim to know that much ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
They always quote the Old Testament when they're trying to justify their hate...
I'm reading a book called "Quick Money for Dummies"... By Robin Banks.
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
For dummies or *from* dummies?
Can you believe it?
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
How can they both perpetually drink the booze left by the other? So, I guess I *can't* believe it...
Must maintain....
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
Hey guys, if you look really close you can see words on her shirt.
Hey heathens πŸ™‚ have you ever been fooled in a relationship?
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
I don't understand any of this...
Some guys are lucky
ChestRockfield comments on May 31, 2022:
No, that's a woman's car... I know because she went to my high school.
Just in case you run out there is instant. This is an actual item that can be ordered on Amazon.
ChestRockfield comments on May 30, 2022:
Wouldn't you need emergency underwear when the ones you're wearing get wet? Who the fuck are these for?
Call the cardiologist
ChestRockfield comments on May 30, 2022:
The Big 'n Cheesy
I'm 64.
ChestRockfield comments on May 29, 2022:
That's a super tough question I'm likely ill-equipped to answer. I was never lucky enough to marry the woman of my dreams because she inexplicably wanted children. We were together almost 5 years and our sex life did not dwindle even the tiniest bit, so I like to think that if we had gotten married we would have never faced such problems. Before you resort to anything destructive, are you certain you're putting in all the effort you used to if not more? Everything is a cost:benefit, so you gotta make sure you're tipping the scales. Maybe sex is more work at this age? Maybe it's painful? Maybe diminished drive makes it a lower priority? See if you can overcome those hurdles. "Lord" knows I *wish* I had a woman I could try to get to want to have sex with me.
The day woujld be incomplete without a mass shooting. NRAmerica []
ChestRockfield comments on May 29, 2022:
On a weekend? Don't they know kids don't have school on the weekends?
Firearms were the leading cause of death in children in 2020, researchers say : NPR
ChestRockfield comments on May 29, 2022:
That's only because they're volunteering to lose their lives to protect our freedoms. Oh, no, wait. That's the stupid fuckin' Republicans that are almost eager to trade some some children carcasses for unfettered access to assault rifles.
Sorry, I'm on a tear this morning.
ChestRockfield comments on May 29, 2022:
Unless by that they simply mean listen to their partner and provide what they need...
No dick pics you say?
ChestRockfield comments on May 28, 2022:
I know this is not PC, but I wish I could get paid $250,000 to look at a dick. Line up all the quarter-million dollar dicks you want and I'll stare down every single one of them until I can afford a private jet, a vacation home in Jamaica, and a Ferrari.
Kind of makes you wonder why cops get paid more than firemen.
ChestRockfield comments on May 28, 2022:
That's that searing truth burn right there.
The blatant and persistent refusal of Congress to do anything about the mass murder of children in ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 27, 2022:
I don't know, but I hear guns are really easy to get.
Gun stores should start having back to school sales.
ChestRockfield comments on May 26, 2022:
I'm allowed to laugh at that because I'm not a piece of shit Republican that is the root cause of all these deaths.
Montana bars birth certificate changes, even with surgery
ChestRockfield comments on May 26, 2022:
They may be one of those things that the right gets to criticize the left for in good conscience...
ChestRockfield comments on May 26, 2022:
I really wanted discreet packaging
ChestRockfield comments on May 25, 2022:
Man, now I want to start mailing people boxes with those labels on them just for shits.
Why everyone is so rude lately.
ChestRockfield comments on May 24, 2022:
Nothing to do with the message or likelihood of the reality of the piece, but does anyone else think all of those quotes were written with the same hand? They're eerily similar in so many ways.
A good campaign
ChestRockfield comments on May 23, 2022:
I want one of those!!
Women! Now With Fewer Rights - YouTube
ChestRockfield comments on May 23, 2022:
Spoke to a woman about the law Oklahoma is working on. She shrugged it off and said it didn't affect her and that she had a hysterectomy. I reminded her she had a daughter. She replied, "I'm not raising my child like that; she'll pay the consequences of her actions!" (Which I don't even have the time to get into how super fucked up that statement is before moving on to the point of this story.) Shocked, I asked about the case where her daughter *didn't choose* to have sex and get pregnant. She said she "didn't even want to think about that". Well, fuckin', of course not. No one *wants* to think about their child getting raped. But I can guess something they'd dislike even more. Having their daughter's rapist be a forced baby daddy that can then sue for parental rights. This is why I have no faith that any sort of pink wave will change the course of this country. Apathy and insanity are occupying too much of the space that needs to be filled with outrage and fear.
What side of history do you want to be on?
ChestRockfield comments on May 22, 2022:
The fucked up part is that the other side has "democrat" and "anyone else" and those motherfuckers are so fuckin' stupid they're voting anyone else.
Thought it a bit quirky but still great and fun. []
ChestRockfield comments on May 22, 2022:
That was awesome.
17 Sex Tricks Men Learn From Porn That Women Wish We Could Wipe From Your Brain
ChestRockfield comments on May 21, 2022:
I think I'm pretty good about most of that stuff, especially the big ones. I've never once grabbed/pushed a woman's head before or during a beej. It's crazy that anyone even has to tell guys that. I could probably pay more attention to breasts, because I've always been more of an ass man. The worst one is that the last girl I was lucky enough to sleep with doesn't like getting head and it's just about my favorite thing to do in this world. I've heard that before from girls and after they let me, they change their tune. I have a feeling it may be a self-esteem or self-confidence issue because she's staying with a dude that treats her like absolute shit, *and I know I'm super good at it.* She did let me go down on her a few times, but I think it was for the lubrication because she wanted to have more sex. I might be sharing too much...
Nothing to disagree with here
ChestRockfield comments on May 20, 2022:
I used to work with a nurse that thought all doctors were necessarily smart. You have to be quite the idiot nurse yourself if you're too dumb to have ever noticed a moron doctor.
I can't believe I am arguing with a fb friend that COVID is real.
ChestRockfield comments on May 20, 2022:
This MFer doesn't believe in HIV?!
I just thought of something.
ChestRockfield comments on May 20, 2022:
Nope, nail on the head. They do not care about children AT ALL.
A kid friendly restaurant
ChestRockfield comments on May 20, 2022:
Never would have made that mistake is they had just banned children from restaurants.
Maybe Mr. money man is starting to see some light. []
ChestRockfield comments on May 18, 2022:
So let me get this straight. The guy who routinely influences the markets to his advantage sold 4,400,000 shares of stock A for $4.4 billion, which then tanked, to buy stock B, but isn't going to buy stock B and will likely rebuy stock A, currently $710/share, for $3.1 billion and have a cool $1.3 billion for free. If I had pearls I'd clutch them right now.
Doesn't the Trump family ever get tired of whoring around?
ChestRockfield comments on May 18, 2022:
Making money is making money. Their not above any method for it.
In the middle of a severe baby formula shortage, many have suggested mothers should simply switch to...
ChestRockfield comments on May 18, 2022:
There is a physician I work with that wears portable pumps WHILE PERFORMING bronchoscopic procedures. Granted, maybe not everyone's insurance would cover said device, but a quick glance shows you can get a pump like this for as little as 4 interest free payments of $75. Considering Smartasset estimates formula costs between $5-10k for the first year, that pump is a STEAL even without any insurance, so I don't think "had to return to work" should have been included in this list of reasons as valid as the other reasons are.
Dave, did you pee on the rug again?
ChestRockfield comments on May 18, 2022:
My cat's name was Chandler. If I get another before I die I'll probably name him Ross.
Madison Cawthorn Loses His Primary, Squashed By Republicans
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
Nice! There's little doubt I'll hate the motherfucker that beat him just as much, though.
Wow, I guess I could drive this.
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
A Saturn, specifically so that I knew how to drive stick when I got my Mustang!
Redneck Swmmin pool.
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
I have to imagine that would destroy the truck.
Just a comment this time.
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
"Things were different back then! OUT OF CONTEXT!!"
I fail to understand what is so difficult in engaging in rational thought about Covid-19 and ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
I'm no anti-vaxxer, but to some people the are more important things than being alive. I want to die, so doing something I want to do that could potentially kill me is a win win. I, however, do not want to live and be debilitated (the least desirable of all possible options), which covid can certainly do, so vaccinations for covid make perfect sense for me. I just think you're not seeing all the angles here.
Any guess how no longer being able to take privacy rights for granted will affect liberal voter ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 17, 2022:
Honestly, as sad as it is, I don't imagine it's going to be that impactful.
Life in America
ChestRockfield comments on May 16, 2022:
That is definitely not a fear of mine...
I am not a cyclist or a vegan, but I spent the afternoon at a brewery with both types.
ChestRockfield comments on May 16, 2022:
What were they doing at a brewery?! If you're a vegan for animal rights reasons, you shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Additionally, if for health reasons you're so vegan you won't ingest a single thing that is even an animal byproduct, it seems weird to be drinking alcohol.
Some rare wisdom from the clergy.
ChestRockfield comments on May 15, 2022:
Ah, but having an additional layer of something beyond the casing changes it into something else like corn dogs or pigs in a blanket. By that rationale, we'd be something hot dog related, but not a hot dog itself.
Don't forget! Blood moon tonight! Should be spectacular! []
ChestRockfield comments on May 15, 2022:
Everything I learned, I learned from Magic the Gathering.
this reminds me of our first kitchen, Kirsten chose avocado green as our wedding gift color.
ChestRockfield comments on May 15, 2022:
I bet those fuckin' appliances are still in perfect working order, meanwhile the shit they make these days breaks in two years.
Here we have - more proof that it is the best place in the world - the USA.
ChestRockfield comments on May 15, 2022:
See, the problem is we're so divided in America. We don't have a common enemy to band us together like dingos eating our babies.
I just deactivated my Match account with about two weeks to go.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Huh, that's a good term for it. I'm a leftover.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
There's a hot chick at work that said the coming ruling makes her want to have as many abortions as she can before it's illegal. I told her I'd do whatever I could to help. 😝
... and I'm not particularly fond of Sec. Pete Buttigieg but he's dead on here.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Just changed the mind of a coworker making almost the exact same point.
Biggest pile of it I've ever seen.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Clarence Thomas says abortion leak has changed Supreme Court
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Sorry bro, nothing *changed*. Did the Catholic church change when people found out about all the child rape? Nope, they kept right on raping them some kids, people just knew about it. The Court has always been filled close to the brim with partisan MFers. Nothing's new here.
2 for me.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Definitely don't want more brain power. Already wish I had been born with Downs. 1 would be super fun, but not the most useful. 4 I don't understand what it means. A specific memory in your own mind you'd like to forget? A memory out of someone else's head? Or completely blank someone's mind? 5&6 would probably be the most useful, but 6 would need to give you the power to make things you're carrying invisible too, otherwise it's not all that great. 7 could be teleportation which would be amazing (again the great part being if you could teleport things with you) 8 could be the power to control someone's mind which might be the best one
He has the right to bear armsπŸ€” and to bare arms.
ChestRockfield comments on May 14, 2022:
Seems like that's pretty risky. I imagine someone could grab that gun from him a lot quicker than he could get it on the ground and use his feet to pick it up and shoot...
Piece Of Shit Republican Dr Oz Claims To Be A Vegetarian.
ChestRockfield comments on May 13, 2022:
You can't be a vegetarian that hunts?
Almost makes me want to subscribe to read it.
ChestRockfield comments on May 13, 2022:
I have a nifty trick that allows me to do this... F.D.A. Authorizes Underwear to Protect Against S.T.I.s During Oral Sex It’s the first time underwear has been authorized for this purpose, and it provides a new choice for protection where the few options have been unpopular. Shelly, a nurse in Washington State, decided to try the panties because she and her fiancé, Ashton, were having trouble re-engaging in oral sex after his struggle with oral cancer.Credit...Jovelle Tamayo for The New York Times By Pam Belluck May 12, 2022 This is a story about infections, sex and underwear. More specifically, it’s about sexually-transmitted infections, oral sex and ultrathin, super-stretchy, vanilla-flavored panties. The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the panties to be considered protection against infections that can be transmitted from the vagina or anus during oral sex. It is a first for underwear. The undies are part of an understudied but important area of sexual health where the few options for protection are considered cumbersome and hardly used. “Oral sex is not totally risk-free,” said Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the division of infectious diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She said the need for protective methods was of growing importance because more “teenagers are initiating their first sexual activity with oral sex.” For people of all ages, she added, a protective barrier that is enjoyable to use could “reduce anxiety and increase pleasure around that particular behavior.” Infections like herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis can be transmitted through oral sex, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The risk of transmitting H.I.V. from a vagina through oral sex is considered very low, the C.D.C. said. But HPV — human papillomavirus — is more easily transmitted that way, and mouth and throat infections from some types of HPV may develop into oral or neck cancer, the agency said. How often people transmit infections in this manner is unclear and difficult to study because most people who have oral sex have vaginal or anal sex in the same encounter, said Dr. Kenneth Mayer, the medical research director for Fenway Health, a community health center in Massachusetts that focuses on patients who identify as L.G.B.T.Q. “The F.D.A.’s authorization of this product gives people another option to protect against S.T.I.s during oral sex,” said Courtney Lias, director of the F.D.A. office that led the review of the underwear. The only product previously authorized for protection during oral sex was a dental dam — a thin, rectangular sheet of latex (or sometimes polyurethane) that typically must be held in place with one’s hands to form a barrier ...
Well, I guess this beats a pregnancy positive.
ChestRockfield comments on May 11, 2022:
Soon every positive is going to be better than a pregnancy positive.
Justice Sotomayor suggest SCOTUS won’t survive the stench if Roe vs Wade is overturned.
ChestRockfield comments on May 11, 2022:
Sotomayor thinks the court's reputation is still alive??
Slam dunk.
ChestRockfield comments on May 11, 2022:
What's next on the state GOP agenda? Another travel ban?
ChestRockfield comments on May 11, 2022:
Wait til they start jailing women who won't stop drinking or smoking...
First served, First cum
ChestRockfield comments on May 11, 2022:
Who is Stephanie Mallard? I Googled and nothing apparent showed up.
BACKLASH People are getting really pissed off at the Repugs and their antics.
ChestRockfield comments on May 10, 2022:
I'm banned from Twitter, so I can't see it.
He don't like bs
ChestRockfield comments on May 10, 2022:
Shouldn't that say you'll never *get* wasted at work if you're already wasted when you arrive?
Great answer.
ChestRockfield comments on May 10, 2022:
It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand...
What would the family size be like? πŸ˜†
ChestRockfield comments on May 9, 2022:
Is it one baby per burrito recipe, or do they mix the baby meat for a better flavor profile?
I ended up indirectly blocking @FrayedBear by reporting him for a private message he seems to have ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 9, 2022:
I didn't get that email. Must have known I would have told him to go fuck himself.
Here's some fodder for those men who think the availability of abortion doesn't affect them.
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
100% To my knowledge, no woman has ever had to make that tough decision as a result of sleeping with me. I would hope any of them would know I would support her choice and help her in any way I could. It's possible it could have happened and they wanted to protect me from knowing. Either way I'll assume that they could have and I'm grateful they had the choice to if they needed it.
This is so unspeakable.
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
Don't worry, that number should drop to zero. Now that the pro-life brigade is in charge, I assume they are going to ban guns because easy access to guns is the clear differentiating factor between the US that has school shootings every week, and other countries that have one a decade or less.
Heather Cox Richardson I told this story here two years ago, but I want to repeat it tonight, as ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
I hope the 81% of women who don't think abortion should be illegal in all cases band together and vote a straight democratic ticket every single election until the SCOTUS is 9, 30 year old liberals and democrats control every single elected and appointed office in the country.
Guess what Papa got stuck doing on Mother’s Day? Who knows what the appliance on the right is?
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
Is that an ice cream maker?
Maybe the blue states where abortion is legal, should put clinics at the airport ?
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
1. All states that ban abortion will ban abortion pills and criminalize traveling to another state to get an abortion. 2. All states that ban abortion will criminalize traveling to another state to get an abortion. 3. All states that ban abortion will ban the ability to get abortion pills by mail. 4. Most abortions are via pill these days. 5. It is my sincere belief that women will begin to get incarcerated for behaviors that will get outlawed meant to protect fetuses (because they will count as people/ citizens. e.g. A pregnant woman who gets caught drinking or smoking will be jailed until she gives birth.
Democrats are going to lose in 2022 and 2024....
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
I don't have faith that enough women will stand up for themselves, but it sure would be nice if 81% of ALL women eligible to vote use their vote to defeat every single Republican in every single race in this country from now until the Supreme Court has 9 liberal justices in their early 30s. I'll be voting with the ones smart enough to do this.
Now that women are basically being told that they're just breed mares for the government, what else ...
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
I think it's going to go the way of Gilead. If women who want to drink, smoke, and use drugs are forced to carry a baby they don't want, a percentage of them (I would hope a large percentage) are going to continue to do what they want regardless. More laws controlling women's bodies will follow. And if it's a slow back and forth of resistance and control measures, it will get really, really bad for women. If, however, they vote as a bloc, they can take back control of EVERYTHING and do whatever they want. This, unfortunately, is probably unlikely considering the same percentage of men and women think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances (19%). That seems like a really low number, but it's obviously not when it's part of an extremely cohesive bloc that always shows up to vote and always votes the party. Also, everyone knew reproductive rights were on the ballot in '16 and it didn't motivate women enough. If enough of them cared about their bodily autonomy as the number one issue, there would have been a gigantic blue wave in every state of the country. There wasn't, so they probably figured the women wouldn't stand up for themselves so they could probably get away with whatever they wanted.
Gee thanks McConnell....
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
Don't forget to thank the Bernie Bros.
My pro-choice friends are really posting some goodies right now.
ChestRockfield comments on May 8, 2022:
I wonder what going to cause more people to lose their minds, the first male to give birth with a transplanted uterus, or the first male to abort a fetus from a transplanted uterus. Hopefully I'll be dead before either happens, but man would I get a kick out of watching that go down.
Hillary Was Right
ChestRockfield comments on May 7, 2022:
Spot on. But I think the American electorate is dumb as shit though, so it checks out.
Minority Rule
ChestRockfield comments on May 7, 2022:
Not sure where the person who made that meme is getting their information. According to this Pew Research Study, there are only 5 states that DON'T have greater than 30% support for banning abortion: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Hell, 14 states have 50% or better the number that think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases with Arkansas topping the list at 60%. I do not believe stuff like this is helpful. Okay, I looked them up. "Data for Progress" didn't do any polling. Their numbers are total junk. This is what they state regarding that conclusion they reached: "MRP [multilevel regression model, not sure why that's not MRM, but they said 'MRP' three times in their explanation, so...] consists of two steps. First, we fit a multilevel-regression model to a survey sample to estimate how likely someone is to hold a particular opinion based their self-reported demographic characteristics and the state where they live. A regression model is a statistical model used to analyze the relationships between some observed outcome (in this case, a political opinion) and other characteristics, called predictors. Multilevel regression is an advanced modeling technique that makes efficient use of sample data. The second step in MRP is called post-stratification, where we use our multilevel model to predict the responses of the population of each state. Using the demographics and population counts from the voter file, which account for differences in the demographics and geography, we post-stratify the survey sample and the population." []
'They're sticks.' 'You'll find they're twigs.' 'How can you tell?
ChestRockfield comments on May 7, 2022:
There is scale. You can see buds on one of them...
So many liars
ChestRockfield comments on May 7, 2022:
There's no amount of terrible shit that could befall that woman I would ever tire of.
House made with hempcrete.
ChestRockfield comments on May 7, 2022:
I hate to be that guy, but y'all are arguing about what configuration looks best for the deck chairs on a post-iceberg Titanic. Unless someone creates some magical machine that eliminates carbon from the atmosphere (without emitting even more carbon to run it) we've passed the point of no return...
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