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Psychosis: Bending Reality to See Around the Corners [youtube.com]
DangerDave comments on Apr 16, 2019:
So since over 90% of the population is theist, we ALL are insane! At least that's my excuse and I'm stickin' with it!
Thoughts on Satanism?
DangerDave comments on Oct 22, 2017:
The Church of Satan, founded by Anton LeVey in 1966, is actually an Atheist church. Their primary tenet/commandment is "do what thou wilt" based on a literal belief in YOLO. Theistic Satanism is a mixed bag of the academic, esoteric beliefs of those such as Aliester Crowley and his Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn DOWN to what I like to call "punk satanists", those of the moronic, pathetic ilk who destroy or deface property or microwave kittens in hopes of gaining Satan's favor. Theistic Satanists have one thing in common: the same, sad belief in the xian god. It is interesting to note that Lucifer ("light-bringer" in Latin) was "recast" in Hebrew mythology as an evil entity for trying to bring enlightenment and knowledge to mankind. Judaism and its offshoot sects (xianty, islam, etc) have been VERY successful in keeping the majority of humanity "in the dark" since. Little wonder so many of their "true believers" are really pissed! A concise read on the history and types of Satanism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanism
Who is good enough ( my Sunday morning rant)
DangerDave comments on Mar 4, 2018:
Good for you? I'm not even sure I should be answering this...I'm not looking for a relationship...I'm just a guy who likes to have some fun. By proxy I "date" a lot of beautiful, intelligent, creative, young women as a model tog and act lead in which said act has a beautiful, intelligent, creative, young frontwoman. "Dates" are usually meals and breaks from our sessions and usually nothing more. Still, the mere company of such wonderful ladies goes a long way for a guy my age. I no longer risk the business of these relationships for any possible "pleasures"...that's led to some disastrous results. Besides, some of the greatest "loves of my life" are from those very special but completely platonic relationships in which I've wondered if we were closer, more open and honest than most married couples... ...wondered, in that I never married and never intend to do so. I've dated "outside my box" and, while that can be fun, it hardly compares. My standards are so incredibly high because they can be and I see absolutely no reason they should be otherwise.
It shore does
DangerDave comments on Mar 8, 2019:
Wynona, on the other hand.... https://youtu.be/aYDfwUJzYQg
Goodnight Cat.
DangerDave comments on Feb 23, 2019:
awww...a kitteh mommeh an' kitteh babeh...apparently up past his bedtime.
Just waiting for it
DangerDave comments on Sep 7, 2018:
Dead (not) asleep giveaway!
some people will do anything to get the toy out of a happy meal.
DangerDave comments on Feb 17, 2019:
hmmmm...how old are these pix?!?
The job is getting to her
DangerDave comments on Sep 17, 2018:
Her next job...and she'll suck at that too
Always do a leg check before you get out of the car...
DangerDave comments on Mar 29, 2018:
She'll be looking for that for hours...frantically.
Oops! ??
DangerDave comments on Feb 10, 2019:
I wanna go where ever "down there" is!!!
What’s the one thing I can learn from you today?
DangerDave comments on Feb 24, 2018:
That even when everything sucks you can still be happy. Even without weed.
Millenialls! Am I right?...
DangerDave comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Perhaps the winds of them flapping their mouths?
Another question. Sorry lol How do you define relationship? (Like when do you decide your in a ...
DangerDave comments on Mar 28, 2019:
ummm, I wouldn't call my ladies 'fwb's anymore than I'd call them 'fuck buddies'. I'm a polyamorist...my late teen to 20-something 'loves' are all over the US. I keep in touch with a few but, out of consideration to them, I don't complain when they cut it off. Usually that's due to a *real* relationship but I'll love each forever for what we shared when we shared it. LTR's of that variety are rare in Las Vegas...there is the ever typical monogamous majority and the party crowd I tend to follow as an artist AND polyamorist. Seeing my last LTR lasted 3 years and REALLY crashed and burned mine now last perhaps 3 months...but I'll always cherish 2 2/3 years of marvelous memories from the one I thought might be 'the one' Honestly, I was hoping for a different kind of 'one hit wonders' when I moved to Vegas but I'm adjusting...and very happy!
Originally, I kind of pictured g:31 as a cult of personality, from whom I could use raise an army,...
DangerDave comments on Mar 11, 2019:
Take over the world? I just wanna be able to walk two blocks!
Historical meme.
DangerDave comments on Feb 6, 2019:
Some do get stalags, though.
Someone is about to come out of the closet. Source: [reddit.com]
DangerDave comments on Feb 15, 2019:
...and they're clearly fabulous!
Tag Someone Who Loves Their Vagina [facebook.com]
DangerDave comments on Mar 14, 2018:
If she loves it that much you'd think she'd learn how to pronounce it... now...about my panis...
Cold as ice.....
DangerDave comments on Mar 9, 2019:
Silence is golden...in a lot of ways!
Sounds good in theory
DangerDave comments on Mar 5, 2019:
No friends with kids so that ends that
What kind of posts do you prefer?
DangerDave comments on Nov 24, 2017:
"Get to know you posts", such as this one, are among my favorites. I also enjoy the intellectually stimulating ones. within and beyond the realms of our beliefs. My "bonus" lately has been fewer posts and much less harassment of myself and others by the idiot fringe atheists. (Some peace may best be enjoyed in silence...but you asked!)
That would surprise me, too!
DangerDave comments on Feb 6, 2019:
Oh...that caulk
How many have been defriended on Facebook over your atheist memes and opinions?
DangerDave comments on Oct 22, 2017:
I've lost count both ways. Unless I really know and/or like the person I'm very likely to unfriend anyone who posts anything that, say, ends with "can I get an Amen?" heh
I agree! Lol
DangerDave comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Oh, that's one of the new ones with the "sextuplets indicator"!!!
I forgot to study
DangerDave comments on Sep 6, 2018:
Legit question.
Where is evil?
DangerDave comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Good one!!!
??Do you like flower girls?
DangerDave comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Flowers AND Candy (she's the 1 on the left?)
How open are you about debate?
DangerDave comments on Nov 19, 2017:
None for me thanks. I'm just here to meet like-minded people, as we are in many ways. We've had some "exchanges". I wouldn't call them debates. Then, we can accept each others' points of view and treat each other with respect.
What can I say?
DangerDave comments on Feb 2, 2019:
Road workS ahead?
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. This community helps me through the holidays, ...
DangerDave comments on Apr 1, 2018:
You're welcome! We've had a blast in the Memes group!
More realistic
DangerDave comments on Feb 18, 2019:
Been there, didn't do that
Kitty isn't playing
DangerDave comments on Mar 5, 2019:
More like "Kitty Cat's human"
Do you think there is only one human race?
DangerDave comments on Oct 22, 2017:
Genetically speaking, yes, we are one species. The wonder (and terror, sadly) of it is we are all unique. Yes, there are racial and cultural differences but the greatest differences among us are on an individual level. Instead of celebrate these individual differences we have instead too often look at those who are different than "us" with xenophobic fear.
A great gift idea for mom....
DangerDave comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Indian Atheists 1, Arab fundie 0
You know who you are.
DangerDave comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Thanks for the heads down
Sounds like a boring show.
DangerDave comments on Feb 9, 2019:
Spare me that series
That sums it up
DangerDave comments on Jan 23, 2019:
PERFECT!!! This needs to be on tRump Pinata!
I am an athetit!! ThIs came from conservatIve Christians for trump, and the level of IntellIgence ...
DangerDave comments on Mar 27, 2018:
Who is jesuses? Ooooh...xian conservatives for spanky...nm
Smile, You're on candid camera.
DangerDave comments on Feb 12, 2019:
mmm...I'll keep shopping
Whoever owns this loo did not raise four sons.
DangerDave comments on Sep 14, 2018:
They may have *raised* the sons...but they're grown, gone and banned from this bathroom if they ever visit!
Early Ayn Rand.... evil even at that age.
DangerDave comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Does it being real make it even funnier...or scarier?
Might be an overreaction
DangerDave comments on Jan 23, 2019:
I call the 3-prongs throrks so...
Getting closer!
DangerDave comments on Feb 25, 2018:
Hehe...can I relate! Now, just to get some workout clothes...I do have the underwear though! TMI?
Get your timer out!
DangerDave comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Hell, just buy her a damn ticket!
When butthurt normies pop in crying
DangerDave comments on Mar 28, 2018:
Yeah, we have our share of those...I think we've been infiltrated by fundies sometimes!
It's my Birthday memers.....and I'll cry if I want to!
DangerDave comments on Mar 17, 2018:
BD & SPD...this could get wild! HBD/SPD!!!
How much of the bible have you read?
DangerDave comments on Jan 7, 2018:
Cover to cover several times, often against the wishes of my southern baptist family, too many peers and finally my southern baptist professors. (Don't ask...or I'll tell!) How many times did I say back then "anyone who believes the buybull can't have possibly critically read the whole thing." Not as many as I'd have liked, I assure you of that! Usually with a baptist concordance but my favorite annotation, the "tell it like it is" of all time, is the *Skeptics' Annotated Bible*. A barrel of inconsistencies, absurdities and laughs from Genesis 1.1. I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to debate theists (they have a quran and book of moron, too!) on their own turf while being entertained in the process! http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/gen/1.html
Who’s guilty ?
DangerDave comments on Feb 12, 2019:
Sadly this describes too many people.
The more time I spend on here, the more it feels less like a dating site and more like as social ...
DangerDave comments on Nov 12, 2017:
Its a relatively new site and, as you see, they're working on it! I agree though...with the exception of just a few trolls its a great social site! Its good to have a forum of like-minded people. I'm interested in seeing how it grows and evolves!
If you don't like me...
DangerDave comments on Feb 16, 2019:
My sentiments exactly!
Putting it into perspective.
DangerDave comments on Feb 3, 2019:
Oh, I do...and I like it!
What was he thinking?
DangerDave comments on Feb 9, 2019:
What was he thinking...oooh... https://youtu.be/iiZwrRLS2-A
I think they got their movie descriptions mixed up.
DangerDave comments on Jan 25, 2019:
I'll bet this is...wait for it...this is that person's one job!
Do you like Christan music?
DangerDave comments on Jan 6, 2018:
....so, I answered "yes", but moreso for the music itself than any messages the songs might impart. Still, I offer a suggestion. There are several secular sources for "inspirational" music. You might consider adding some of those, free of theist messages, to your listen list. If your "hard times" are ever in part caused by being different, this tune's for you! Here is a thread I started some time ago, with several great (and, as always, not so) responses from members who have added much "secular inspiration" in a world where if its considered "inspirational" its usually theist. The "cover song" is We Are The Others - Delain If any part of your "hard times" is about being different, this tune's for you! https://agnostic.com/discussion/2578/inspirational-antidepressant-songs-for-agnostics-atheists
I'd like to see his bride, now....
DangerDave comments on Mar 6, 2019:
...and just as upbeat as always
Yeah...I said that.
DangerDave comments on Mar 8, 2019:
We Bernie fans salute you!
Are you a robot?
DangerDave comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Meanwhile... in Japan
DangerDave comments on Mar 31, 2018:
They love our culture...so what if they don't always get it right.
Mystery solved....
DangerDave comments on Mar 6, 2019:
Share this with every mom with a toddler you know
?I gave you a boom.... Now here's the bam!
DangerDave comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Upskirts...you're still doing it right!
Is this a groaner?
DangerDave comments on Feb 28, 2019:
We do have an extended rental plan...
We, here, like to debunk platitudes and ideologues that are out to hijack minds. What about the ...
DangerDave comments on Feb 17, 2018:
This is one of my many reasons for a continued mistrust of science. No, it was never part of growing up southern baptist...it was pouring over so much conflicting "research" each presented as factual. In that way (as many), science mirrors religion. You bring up a very valid concern of "bad science"...in so many ways it is used to put profits before people. In the same vein, I was disgusted but not surprised the NRA, in response to the Parkland shooting, issued a statement that there is no valid research that proves easy access to assault weapons is related to mass murders in which assault weapons are used. Really?!? And people ask why I'm agnostic.
Would you worship a god if one existed?
DangerDave comments on Dec 11, 2017:
I don't have a valid vote because of a lot of contingencies. First of all, how would this god reveal itself? Even if there were a booming voice which spoke to all the people of the world simultaneously saying something like "ok, you are finally ready. You are worthy of worshiping me now so let's get started." mmmmk. So what god are you exactly? What proof do you offer? Even before I'd blame aliens I'd consider the possibility of an Illuminati type of new world order populace control operation. I'd need considerable convincing. Benefits of the worship would definitely come into play but the rituals of the worship would be more important to me. How long is this going to take? Are the actual rituals something beneficial to me or just you needing me to make you feel important? Are you THE god or are there others? If there are others what do they have to offer and what will they require of it? When will these benefits manifest? If we're talking about some "great beyond" no thanks...we have a world of religions making the same empty promises. Even though I'm Agnostic I just don't see me worshiping anything. Two points I find abundantly clear: 1) All the world religions are man-made and have very clear basis in mythology bent into population control and 2) IF there is a god it has no desire or need to be worshiped.
Give your coordinates.
DangerDave comments on Mar 19, 2018:
A1...if not darker
DangerDave comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Almost makes me wish I hadn't moved to the desert. Almost.
Exersize is very nice.
DangerDave comments on Jan 31, 2019:
I'd still rather rent than be owned.
I'm thinking of changing our Avatar...but I'd like your input.
DangerDave comments on Mar 28, 2018:
Go for it! It's not like you can't change it whenever you want anyway!
Not looking to good in his favor.
DangerDave comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Dr.'s orders!
DangerDave comments on Mar 8, 2019:
Ima havta talk to her doctor
Understandable misunderstanding
DangerDave comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Yeah, those too
Where does the discussion of alien life fit in this forum?
DangerDave comments on Jan 22, 2018:
The first choice was closest for me though I believe little and think a lot these days. Given the extreme conditions in which life developed on our planet and similar conditions exist on countless planets its a near mathematical certainty. Any that'd be intelligent enough to create UFOs is another story. And fuuuughet the naysayers. You can talk about whatever you want here...welcome!
80 percent of law enforcement are overweight.
DangerDave comments on Feb 8, 2019:
Didn't see a thing.
So saw this on Facebook and the believers are PISSED. As non-believers do you agree with her that if...
DangerDave comments on Feb 16, 2018:
What a can of worms! I know fundies believe jehebus talks to them and they think everyone who doesn't just "ain't right with gawd". We have Pence, our lusterless VP, and a ton of congressmen who believe that crap. To them you're only crazy if you're hearing voices other than jehebus...or you're possessed by demons.
Write your own caption.
DangerDave comments on Feb 9, 2019:
Who are you looking at? Hey, you're in here too!
?? Anyone not likely this picture?
DangerDave comments on Mar 23, 2019:
Great looking girl but I usually toss the shots with focus this bad. (Hey, you asked!)
You can tell the cartoonist, Scott Stantis, is a Republican.
DangerDave comments on Feb 13, 2019:
One way of not looking at it!
Looks level to me.
DangerDave comments on Feb 14, 2019:
You'll need a much larger level.
DangerDave comments on Apr 19, 2018:
...and sadly why I don't get blasted before work. I'm too obvious. *sigh*
Is America A Christian Nation? - Freedom From Religion Foundation
DangerDave comments on Mar 27, 2018:
Depends on who you ask. I miss the 70s, when the "moral majority" was a morbid minority.
Walmart also ruins everything.
DangerDave comments on Mar 4, 2018:
Vegas, especially!!! Not Henderson, North Vegas...but of the many "trips off the planet" around here I MUST recommend a visit to an actual Las Vegas Walmart. You will no longer question the fate of humanity and admit the absolute hopelessness of it. :( ;)
You know who you are
DangerDave comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Sounds like the ride for me!
Sorry if this is a repeat. But given the posts about this lately, I wanted a lil ray of sunshine on ...
DangerDave comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Ohh so much potential truth in this one
DangerDave comments on Mar 7, 2019:
Finally, a job I'd enjoy!
Legally Dealing With Christians That Troll
DangerDave comments on Jan 7, 2018:
I moved. The "wholly" dirty south is generally no place for free thought.
Coffee anyone?
DangerDave comments on Sep 19, 2018:
Always wondered about that two tailed mermaid.
Found these inches from each other. Black man selling "drugs" scary dangerous and deserves to rot in...
DangerDave comments on Mar 5, 2019:
Just have to wonder what kind of drugs he was selling
Am I the only one who is super excited about the holidays being over?!
DangerDave comments on Jan 1, 2018:
I don't hate it...it has its charm. Just keep me away from the crowds and theist xmas music, tyvm.
Why am I the only one that doesn't think I'm crazy? My BFF says I'm crazy. My boss says I'm ...
DangerDave comments on Sep 15, 2018:
You say that like it's a bad thing.
What song best describes you/your life?
DangerDave comments on Dec 9, 2017:
I'll be Mellow When I'm Dead - Weird Al The first to come to mind anyway!
Ok my kinky friends. What are your favorite thing to do in the bedroom. Me, well I love anything ...
DangerDave comments on Apr 3, 2018:
Definitely bondage...I have a particular fondness for spreader bars. Complete control!
I want honest opinions and no fighting. If you want to fight - make your own thread. I just ...
DangerDave comments on Jan 28, 2019:
People are omnivores, cats and dogs carnivores. End of any intelligent conversation, regardless of what the makers may tell you.
Figure it out!
DangerDave comments on Mar 17, 2018:
K...Ima need a clue...Batwoman
Very hard choice
DangerDave comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Too get some or get nun....hmmmm...
Just looking for some opinions. At what point and for what reason does Erotica become Pornography?
DangerDave comments on Mar 13, 2019:
That's the question for this site, isn't it? I have a VERY liberal view of porn...it happens at the point of insertion. Though it runs against current societal norms, I don't consider an erection or a wet vagina porn. These are beautiful human conditions and indeed a necessity of our procreation. We all remain victims of Victorian principles, an entirely theist concept.
Speaking of recruiting posters..... I ran across this little gem from the past.
DangerDave comments on Mar 11, 2018:
Wtf ever happened to us...
Well okay then.
DangerDave comments on Mar 9, 2019:
Yeah, it'd be hard to find that bumper sticker
Know it all women!
DangerDave comments on Mar 20, 2018:
If you're ever on a con/de-struction crew in the wholly dirty south this isn't a daily occurrence...but its close.
What a ripoff!
DangerDave comments on Feb 3, 2019:
How it still calls itself "History Channel" is a mystery to me... Aliens?
Sing along with me...
DangerDave comments on Feb 8, 2019:
At least she's...woking
Know when to stop!
DangerDave comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Been there...long ago! Not the best place to be.
What brings you here?
DangerDave comments on Dec 10, 2017:
Something to do for me. I do want to meet new people here (Hiya, Witchy!) and I've talked to some I truly admire I may never meet in person but I have enough like minded friends to be comfortable.


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