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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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I'm not much into texting or words on a screen that others write and send. Unless I know you that is not important. Being bothered daily by constant texts is annoying.

In my youth I studied to be a Pentecostal minister. It's the worst thing I ever did and it haunted me for years because I dropped away from it until I realized that gods are imaginary. For the first time I have real freedom now.

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DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
This is pretty funny.
And the liberals think they are on their side….
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
I do not have a net worth. Flying below the radar here and I work 2 days a week for a corporation but I live off their money while the rest of mine goes straight to the bank every month. My home is a mobile on a half acre lot in a very small town. People that I tell this to just do not know how I do it. For starters, my car is a 2004. I can buy a new one tomorrow but what would be the purpose? I've had 2 new cars in my lifetime. I am good at picking out a used one. Never had or bought a lemon. If I died tonight my daughters are all set up to move on my bank account.
We hold onto the idea that companies and industries, much like family and friends, have our best ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
It is totally manipulated. I only work 2 days a week but the corporation I work for does a balancing act between hours we work and profits they make. Last Tuesday by boss called me just as I was walking out the door and told me not to come in. She had just got an e-mail from corporate that told her to cut hours. She started with me. She knew I would be happy coz I don't really need the money but I live off their 2 days a week pay. Today I went in and found all my 2 day schedules restored and all of the hour cutting went to most of the others. We had 3 people less today than normal but we get by. Right now my schedule looks good through the end of the year.
Humanists UK Reminder: the most reliable data indicates that the majority of the British adults ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
Maybe I should have married a Brit.
What do your enemies hate more than anything about you?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
What enemies?
Where else can one listen to a 2-3 hour interview with the air raid siren Barbara Streisand?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
I found that interview somewhere and it was good but I had to go on to work so missed all of it.
A simple but concise article on why we don't believe. []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
I found that interesting and can agree with just about everything said there. The advice to the daughter was wonderful in my opinion and hit it all right on the head. My mom and stepdad got me into religion when my sister was born and then died in the hospital. My parents wanted to know "where she went" so religion became a big thing with us. She died. That's where she went. It's sort of like before you were born. All of these arguments were very good. I know people want comfort but lies don't cut it. Christians need to know how, where, and when we got the bible we have today. They would find that the many books making up the big book were planned by decree to have a beginning and an end. This was somewhere about 330 AD and Revelation barely made the cut. I guess there had to be a Genesis because without it all the reasons we need god and salvation would not exist. Save me from what? Oh, I'm saved now from all that you were going to do to me if I did not believe. OK. Then I go on into Constantine and how his mother was a believer and she gave him some nails from Jesus true cross to protect him. How many nails were there? I think it was also said she had slivers of wood from the one true cross. Later the Catholic Church helped sell all of them, but Jesus may have had more than one cross. I was told today that because of the middle east war there will be no Christmas decorations in Israel. It went over my co-worker's head when I told him those people over there are not Christians. Search for it and you will find 4 or 5 places that claim they are Jesus' tomb. Jews and Palestine people need to make some money. They just do it differently than our American church people do.
In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 20, 2023:
Keep in mind that Leviticus can only speak of men in this fashion. Women are considered property so no one thought much about lesbians at that time. By 300 AD both sexes were know to practice with same sex partners. I'm going to add my greatest upset about all of this. Here goes: I do not understand people wanting to remain religious if they have same sex partners. Get away from that bible and live your lives!
Evil doesn't die...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
Very true. He took an oath to uphold that which he wants to shred. Now he wants a second chance and this time he will be worse.
Here's a "Freethought" from an all time favorite of mine; Jodi Foster.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
She is exactly correct. Those who say otherwise and want to argue with you also have no evidence.
In a twisted way, I think this may explain why Trump is liked as much as he is...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
Yes, but Donald Trump is a lie.
Trump called his political opponents 'vermin' echoing language used by Hitler : NPR
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
Donald Trump is a lie.
Mommy, why don't I go to church? ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
I agree with this one fully but because of my past my 2 daughters are believers. I was brought into religion as a teen because my parents wanted to know where my dead sister went. It was not enough for them to know she was dead, so they joined a group who started making things up.
This one is probably accurate
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
The whole system was there for navigation in a time when there was no GPS.
I wish this was true!!!
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
It should be true and happen in NY on 6th Avenue.
"Billionaire Philanthropy Is a Scam".
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
If I was truly rich I would start a foundation. Liebowitz and Gormazano had one.
And I'm here to tell you....all is always well.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 19, 2023:
I have some of this but thought it was meds my doctor was giving me.
I understand donald trump has picked george santos to be his running mate (or cell mate-whichever ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
Our states need to grow a pair and then individually decide that the 14 th Amendment will not allow them to put Trump on the 2024 ballot. Let one state do this and then another. Trump will explode and then his lawyers will take this to court. How long will that take and what are they going to do? Hold up the 2024 election just for Trump? No, I don't think so. If just 5 states would do this Trump would just be bad history.
Federal judge: Atheist parolee jailed for rejecting Bible study can seek financial damages -- ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
I see, read, and understand these things. There was a time that the offender was put in prison and given a bible. The idea of punishment was to make you penitent. The unfortunate thing is that this was long ago and ideas of it still linger today.
"Truth prevails" is the national motto of the Czech Republic.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
One big mistake he made was doing bible translations. This alone would have condemned him in his time of the 1400's.
“Religion, is a mistake of geography.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
This is the "logic" that every religious believer holds as true. I have talked to those who actually think they would still be Baptist if born in Egypt or India. How sad.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
Yes, the sun is real and for centuries nobody knew where it went at night. This includes ancient sheep and goat herders who decided to reveal there god to us and tell us all what he wanted and expected. A little knowledge here is amazing.
I thought his name was “hallowed”…until I realized the hoax.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
Our father who is Art in Heaven, Howard be thy name. Yes, god has many names and you are lucky. It is your religion that knows all of his names. :)
It's just Brits acting weird. 😆
DenoPenno comments on Nov 18, 2023:
Confused religious Americans thought Harry Potter was of the Devil. Those crazy Evangelicals.
War: Two Options Option 1: Are lives being saved in the Middle East and Ukraine by arming either ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 17, 2023:
Using nukes is insanity! We should never use a nuke unless there is simply no other way and we are fighting WW3.
Atheist: Believes in no god.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 17, 2023:
Usually you find idiot believers in some rabbit hole.
Did Jada divorce Will because he's gay? Oh well that's hair loss.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 17, 2023:
I'm not sure. Did he really get his front teeth knocked out?
Are we going to be satisfied with a cashless society?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 17, 2023:
A cashless society is only a semi-truth.
Look who's been asking for a line of credit from USA.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 17, 2023:
Is it Snopes or Nur Ibraham? Enquiring minds want to know.
Uncover Mohali's premier app development company, committed to creating bespoke mobile applications ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 16, 2023:
You do anything to get paid by clicks and views.
It's a possibility
DenoPenno comments on Nov 16, 2023:
It's Boris J. Trump.
Support communism
DenoPenno comments on Nov 16, 2023:
I have been multi married in my lifetime and I have also been poor. Divorced from my Kenyan wife now for a few years, my kid's mother told me next time do not marry. Just pick a woman and buy her a house. :)
Redsky Advance Solutions is the industry leader in website creation in Mohali, providing affordable ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
The Great Agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
Ingersoll is great. I never heard of him until I became atheist.
A short 15 minute explanation of 1984 for those that have not read. []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
This sounds a lot like the world Donald Trump want to create. If elected again he will spend a lot of time on revenge and have those with him that can do his bidding. It will not be like the last time and it will not be a good time.
What’s your take on the Big Bang?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
Keep in mind that there were no ears to hear the bang. A singularity orgasm that started it all. Our universe is alive!
SEC filing: Trump's Truth Social has lost $73 million — as valuation plummets more than $850 ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
There is no truth in his social. People have seen this. Everything he touches turns to crap but he makes it all about himself and just keeps on touching.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
Messed up in the head.
[] Is Donald Trump a fascist ?. Robert Reich thinks so.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
A fascist who makes everything out to be all about him.
More Bashing!!!
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
All are children of the con.
Pecan Chocolate Chip?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
I always accept all cookies and then I have programs to remove them too.
Good morning…it’s another bright and sunny one here so let’s get out and about in that autumn ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
May the sun keep us all warm forever. We are saved by the sun.
An olde but a goodee []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
He sounds pretty good but this is not Richard Penniman.
I would cry for him if I weren't laughing so hard.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
Shut that mother down!
A friend indeed
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
That is the best reason I can think of.
History does repeat.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 15, 2023:
What does Covid have to do with this? I might also remind you that media is the only way you will know or see what is going on over there unless you go there yourself. In that last case you might even be in with those who are targeted.
That's anti-semitic Fuhrer.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 14, 2023:
I do not hate the Jew or those from Palestine. Not liking the Hamass so much. "Let's set up headquarters here in this hospital or hide behind others as a shield. Then we can cry fowl when they bomb us."
Every time I see a pic of MTG in the news, she looks a bit more like a baboon….😇
DenoPenno comments on Nov 14, 2023:
Some sort of monkey anyway.
Excellent news as all leaders will now think before supporting war.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 14, 2023:
Is he Donald Nuttiyahu or Joe Nuttiyahu? The world has a lot of genocide.
I'm not sure if anyone ever posted this video by Rebecca Watson about the way a law maker in Texas ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 14, 2023:
James was pretty smart here. Noble, not so much.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Christian now. Good luck figuring out why. -- Friendly Atheist
DenoPenno comments on Nov 13, 2023:
Usually when a person goes from non-believer to believer there is a potential partner involved who only accepts you if you are of their belief. This works in reverse also.
Jabbing at my computer like a confused monkey with a cell phone.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
All of your pictures here are great but I know your frustration. My operating system is Microsoft but I have programs that kill the parts of it that I do not like. Every now and then they find a way to stop me and I have to do it again. As for malware there are free versions of the top programs against it that you can look up Online. They will pester you to buy them but you can use them free. Malware comes simply from being on a computer.
How do I define God?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
I have no need to define a god other than imaginary.
Trump's Veterans Day message is completely off the rails.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
This shows how much the GOP has went to hell. It seems that most of them nod their heads in approval of this lunatic and then smile and laugh behind his back. This shows me that they hang on wanting power themselves and hope to be there with Trump if he makes it. Nobody really gives a damn about our nation. Some of them are trying hard to reduce another politicians salary to a dollar rather than governing.
I have found a very long post about the criminal, and con-artist, The Don, Trump.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
This fits Donald Dump perfectly. When he is gone I will proclaim that it could not have happened to a nicer man. These are my thoughts regardless of how he exits.
Dills, Drongos & Bull Shit artists! 1- DILL: We went through to the McDonald's driveway ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
I went into a local supermarket in my town recently and walked up to a cashier and asked if she was the one I gave a free cable app to recently. Her and another beside her had a small fit until I named the app. Then she smiled and said she had watched a few programs on it already. I smiled back and told her I was just checking and hoped she really liked it.
Harry Potter style whiz bang capabilities, meme organism and biblical usage for the word faith ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
Isn't he the guy who said he would return in the lifetime of some of those who gathered around him? No wonder the Christians I know claim Jesus will return in their lifetime. This has went on for over 2000 years now.
A little late for Halloween ain't it buddy?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
It does not matter. Most likely you will be dead while your kids are still alive. They will take your money.
Donald Trump: Legal experts see uphill battle in fraud case: [bbc.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
It seems it is Trumpty's nature to bring things upon himself and then he fights it like a game he is playing. This is how he keeps attention on himself.
If you have any interest in what Christianity truly was then you might find this interesting.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
I am aware of the fact of this gospel and also that many books did not make it into our bible of today. The Catholics have more books in their bible. It fascinates me that Jesus walking on water or healing someone makes the bible grade but Jesus making a bird out of clay and then it flies away is not accepted.
George Carlin on the language of politics - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
Classic Carlin here.
It was clear so why do Republicans insist our nation is based on God?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
Republicans use religion to get believers behind them and get them involved. Ronald Reagan started that. The MAGA Christian today glories in the idea that this is right and the only way.
Growing up in India I was so turned off by the bizarreness, primitivity and it's widespread ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
I became a Christian as my parents became fully involved in religion. Studied for the ministry and then backed away from it. I always felt at fault and a miserable failure until somewhere around 2010 or 2012 when I re-examined the faith and saw the many flaws in the bible and all holy books. Isaiah and Daniel knew nothing of Jesus because of the mismatch time system. Revelation barely made it into the bible and it is not a futuristic book. The bible as we know it today is a book by decree and designed to have a beginning and an end. It is one of the many holy books written by men. Just another work of fiction.
So I presume that a hacker, I'd guess a religious nutcase, found a way to make our site unsafe, The ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
There is no hacker involved here. It is just your browser reacting to an expired security certificate. When this happens I use my Edge browser and make an exception and chose to visit this site anyway.
Now in stores, just in time for the winter
DenoPenno comments on Nov 12, 2023:
I still remember the dick mitten.
When atheist kids try church...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
They are going to drink his blood symbolically. This means that the wine or grape juice is actually changed into his blood at communion if you are Catholic. For all others it is still grape juice. Jesus turned the water into wine but everyone cannot drink it. Keep in mind that drinking blood and eating the flesh of another was thought to make you just like that person. There was a time that this was literal and not just symbolic.
Imagine a god so powerful...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
Yes, a group of ancient sheep and goat herders decided to tell us all about their god, how he created everything, and what he expects out of us all. They knew about their god but did not even know where the sun went at night.
Bible thumpers are still claiming they have found Noah's arc.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
There is no mention of Noah's crazy story but I have heard preachers claim that nobody believed Noah because there had been no rain before his boat building. The Earth was watered by a mist. Does this mean nobody fished or crossed waters one side to another? Did they even have bodies of water of any kind. For this story to be true god would have already made up his mind on destroying everyone else. There is also no explanation in the story of just what the "exceedingly wicked" people did to all be drowned. Obviously this whole story is a great myth.
Imagine a god so weak and puny that it needs humans to enact blasphemy laws so that its feelings ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
Not hurting god's feelings is one thing. It is also hard to imagine a god who actually lives in another dimension. His followers make this claim in order to fully protect their god. He is hard enough to know anyway but how would you even find him in another dimension?
Ironic that Mother Theresa came from Albania which became the first officially pronounced atheist ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
From what I have read her gruesome love is more like sadism.
As an agnostic, do you "believe that nothing is known or can be known about the existence or nature ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2023:
Which god? I'm not only agnostic, I am atheist. The meaning is "without gods." Once a theist I have now come to a reasoning that the existence of a god or gods is not needed or wanted. This means I have no definition for an imaginary being. I do not need a savior for anything as the idea of "original sin" comes from the first man and woman. The woman was tricked by a talking snake and I'm still wondering about the first fruit fly or first buffalo. Apparently science is one up on the bible.
I would hope that soon we will get an explanation from Admin of who is initiating the "Your ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
I'm using an Edge browser to get in here now. My Firefox browser will not work because it stops and flags any site that is https because they have a renewable certificate and it was not renewed. The Edge browser told me the same thing but then allowed me to over ride that and login anyway.
Noah had to make a boat because nobody had one.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
This is funny to me because I have heard preachers get on this subject and do it for real is if the people then did not know what a boat was. ROTFLMAO here.
A Nigerian man killed wearing a bullet-proof charm during a test.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Africa has many strange religious beliefs. My ex came out of Legio Maria (Legion of Mary) and her now dead grandfather is a Saint in that religion. It is a bit of African/Pentecostal/Catholic all rolled up in one.
Why I am not a Christian
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Give her a ham and organ.
Anyone traveling anywhere during the holidays in December?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Maybe if you can afford it. December is another time that I hide. Don't care about lights, trees, or a missle toe (rockets foot.) :) and If I take trips the kids want to know why I did not include them.
Meanwhile in the Twilight Zone....
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Is that Tor Johnson?
Praise the Lord
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
I silently praise all the doctors who fix cleft palate and lip free of charge for these young children. A few do this and it is a wonderful gift for the children.
The story of a homeless man who stole Sean Feucht's guitar, then found God, is a lie -- Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
This story is truly a miracle. It is a miracle that some people believe it.
To protest a Texas university's anti-drag president, Andrew Seidel spoke there in drag -- Friendly...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Why are these things an issue? Actors have always been in drag and we think it is funny. I do not care for drag and I also do not care if you are in or out of drag. I think it is a non-issue.
Democrats re-introduce bill cracking down on Christian "health care sharing ministries" -- ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Is Wellcare one of these? I just got a thing in the mail about them. My take on my healthcare is that I take the doctor's medicine and then eat and drink whatever I want to. Not doing this in a stupid way but I do not monitor my sugar nor check my blood pressure daily. This is because they are not out of control and I will not let doctors and others in the medical field "scare me up." I'm checked every 6 months and the only thing wrong is that I eat too much and cannot tell when I am full. Now the big worry is my doc says I have too much potassium. Over a year now with this and she worries about it but I feel fine. My diet is high in potassium so I suppose this is why. OK, gimme a water pill.
Speaking of the Trump family and the Trump business fraud trial...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Isn't it money laundering?
Fact-checking GOP debate claims on Ohio’s new abortion amendment | PBS NewsHour
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Women need to have total control over their own bodies. Having this right is also a big part of their healthcare. Politics is using this abortion idea to attract voters and no one sees the total picture here.
“You’re Just Scum”: GOP Debate Melts Down in TikTok Melee – Mother Jones
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
I don't watch these debates but this is awful. I'm also not a Tik Tok fan but how would you "ban" them? The only thing I can think of is you would have to control our websites. This would then lead to VPN's being illegal. How would you force the sale of Tik Tok? They are owned by China and I don't think we have control over them in any way. If this is what debaters are worried about maybe they should all join forces and fight with Mickey Mouse. Are these the people you want running our country?
I love going outdoors...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
When my daughters grew up they admitted to me that they used to go out windows. Yes, your kids will sneak around.
Democrats & Abortion Rights Win Big On Election Night | The Daily Show - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
I love this but I'm also a big Sarah Silverman fan. :) I doubt that she will ever adopt me though.
Republicans Debate in Miami, Ivanka Testifies in Daddy Donald’s Fraud Case & Rough Election for ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
Is Lindell both broke and back on drugs? Maybe he and Trump Jr. both need to go to rehab.
And now a word from the kind of president we wish we had.... []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
I think this is funny and biblically accurate. Modern believers will simply pass it off by saying "that's in the Old Testament."
Did you know of this sick belief?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
The problem in this is that Karma is not something that goes around and comes around, then bites you in the ass. Karma is simply "doing." We all have a different Karma and we are all doing. If not, your Karma is off track. Maybe the Hindus have if wrong. Most Jews agree with me.
George W.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2023:
This seems to be true, and don't try drawing pictures of our profits. Yes, I said that right. :)
Trump's Testimony Goes Off the Rails & Mike Johnson's Anti-Porn App | The Daily Show - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
I like Sarah Silverman. :)
Many people today are sure of the choice 1
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
Jesus cured a blind man by putting mud in his eyes. This was OK coz Jesus used his spit to make the mud.
Please join me on this special occasion
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
She hangs on to her only claim to fame.
Indy police arrest ‘terrorist’ for purposely driving her car into home used by hate group 
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
People like this are entirely stupid. I recall that a militant wanted to kill terrorists and then killed an Indian Sikh. Moving up to present time, people in an airport wanting to hunt and identify Jews by their passport so the Jews can be raped and killed.
Atheist will endow "Secular Studies" chair at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater -- Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
A great step forward.
Allah is neither material nor spiritual...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
Exactly, but they think they are hiding their god in a way that you cannot touch him. All Abrahamic religions do this.
When someone tells me they have deeply held religious beliefs...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2023:
That is exactly what it means. On a delivery yesterday I found out that the man and his wife are Pentecostal and we talked for a while. They had no idea of my background but were in hopes of me "finding my belief again" in the future. This was said after they asked me what got me away from my religion and I replied "too much bible study." They did not listen when I told them the facts. My remark was treated as if I said I got tired of too much bible study and that is not what I really meant. I know how and when the big book was put together and how and when we got the bible book we have today. This knowledge alone is enough to make any reasonable person stop believing.
The boner is not really a bone
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2023:
Bone is in a dog, but curved is a disease.
How many more are out there?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2023:
I think they say this because it is the only way they can be important in history. On the other hand, didn't Jesus tell some of his followers he would return in their lifetimes?
A site certificate doers note expire that often but the site has problems again.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2023:
Computer says the certificate expired November 6th.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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