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It is time that I give everyone their Christmas present.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 22, 2023:
All you need is in a browser window. My original post went haywire so if you can read this give it a try.
Iowa district rejects ministry's offer to buy vacant building and launch Christian school -- ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 21, 2023:
Christians will get it all screwed up. They know that their god wants to be taught to kids in public school.
America's Mayor self imolates (dig the diva nails) 🤣
DenoPenno comments on Dec 21, 2023:
Poor Rudy. He just does not get it.
In every land, every society - hatred and violence for god
DenoPenno comments on Dec 21, 2023:
Is that Vanessa del Rio? Count me in.
On the bright side, we won’t be around for it….🤠 []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 20, 2023:
I wonder about these things in other ways. As far as I know my eyes are normal in the sense they have been for years. I need glasses to read up close but otherwise my vision is fine. (No cat tracks.) Recently the sun is so bright at times as it comes through my car windows that I can hardly see. The visor helps but yesterday that did not work and I was sun blinded to a point of making a turn and taking another route to where I was going. I find this strange as I leave for work at the same time and it was only this bad once so far.
At least the first digit is still a 2.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
I may not go that far but Jennifer Aniston is my Facebook friend. :)
Amarillo, TX city government considering banning people from traveling to get abortions.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Blame it on Greg Abbott.
I love Colorado!!! The Supreme Court in Colorado just ruled that trump is not fit to be on the ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Colorado was right to do so.
Who in their right mind would still support this authoritarian thug?! 👀 []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Colorado was right to do so. If you use the 14th Amendment it says nothing about lawyers or trials. Enough things have been said, printed, or seen on video to make Trump's removal no problem. This does not mean it will happen that way.
The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Donald Trump is disqualified from being president ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
They should also come to that same conclusion but most likely will not. The thing is this. If Trump was not guilty of sedition or anything because he was a "sitting president"then we have to understand that our current president could do anything he wants to Trump and get away with it.
The Catholic Church, which is still anti-LGBTQ, will let priests bless same-sex couples -- ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Good news except that we know they will not "be fruitful and multiply."
Don't wonder about those who are good without god ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Yes, some need god to be good. They get upset sometimes too and accuse us of cherry picking the OT and using lots of verses out of context. Supposedly their Jesus came along in the NT and made some things in the OT no longer valid.
“Could” get somebody killed!?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
At this point I'm greatly surprised that the man has not got himself killed.
Says the genius that displayed dick pics of Hunter to Congress!!🤠 []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 19, 2023:
Poor MTG. Oh, that poor baby.
I try to resist calling myself an atheist ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 18, 2023:
I use the term no longer a follower sometimes. Truth is, I am no longer a believer.
Petition to investigate River's death
DenoPenno comments on Dec 18, 2023:
Too much time has went by now. Several people saw his reaction to the drug that killed him and I read some of those reports. What happeneed to him is about the same as what happened to Janis Joplin. You get ahold of a high potency uncut drug and it will put you down quickly. Sometimes the one you got the drug from also does not know if it is uncut or not and people die.
Religion created hell to make you fear dying...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 17, 2023:
Well, sort of. Religion teaches that you go to Hell if you kill yourself. This is because they need you because of money and the sheer number of believers they have. Now I give the ministerial answer that to take you own life you might not have been in your right mind when you did this. God would make an exception for anyone not in their right mind.
I cannot believe how big today's Christmas stockings are.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 17, 2023:
Put the computers and cars in the larger stockings. There was a time that all we got was things inside those stockings.
How to respond when people tell you they pray that you come to know Christ.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 17, 2023:
I say outright (if asked) that I studied to a point of being able to see how and when we got our current bible with this including all of the books that did or did not make it into the big book. It means I can no longer believe as I once did. Some of the dates on this are off by hundreds of years.
Conservatives can't handle the existence of an After School Satan Club in Tennessee -- Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 17, 2023:
One problem believers have with this is that they believe in a real Satan. This sparks them to want and need to do something. They just do not seem smart enough to know this is all about them not being able to dominate a belief system in a religious sort of way. This appeals greatly to Christian Nationalists.
Explaining why atheists almost never have many notable persons who follow them because of their ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 16, 2023:
I ave a very small circle of friends and most of them are relatives. I do see a woman in public sometimes that I know is fascinated with me, but she is religious and does not know me. She seems to have a great personality but the religion thing would make it impossible.
The ACLU made a critical error in defending Christian pseudo-historian David Barton -- Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
I always side with the ACLU. Many years ago they provided lawyers for my then minor children in a situation that resulted in my kids residing with me.
Christian zealot vandalizes Satanic display in Iowa Capitol -- Froend;u Atjeost
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
Your last sentence above says it all very nicely.
Friedrich Nietzsche: “Madness in individuals is something rare.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
I used to believe in god. I thought this was normal for almost everyone. Then in study I found out there is no evidence. That finding goes both ways. I no longer believe in gods.
How Did Catholics Get ‘Under God’ into the Pledge of Allegiance?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
When Eisenhower had the words "under god" added to the pledge it was to fight communism. What followed next is the part I hate to this day. "In god we trust" and it is everywhere. Maybe all of us do not trust in gods.
The wonderful part is he (donald j trump)brought all of this on himself.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
I would not walk across the street to see Trumpty and I never want to be in a picture wit him. His followers need to grow a pair or wake up to what is really going on. If re-elected he still will not leave.
Keeping things as they used to be.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
This seems like a pretty good definition to me. Conservatives do have that intense fear.
Republicans should be careful of what they ask for
DenoPenno comments on Dec 15, 2023:
Republicans are in a bad spot right now. The wrong ruling on Trump and what he could do might get him locked up for life or eliminated entirely. What is good for the goose will take a lot of gander. Something like that.
So, should presidents have complete legal immunity?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
The entire immunity thing going on right now involves Trump and should he have immunity as the GOP claimed he had. They claim "a sitting president" is the one with immunity because if he was drawn into constant lawsuits he would not be able to do his job. On January 6th Trump was in office and the ongoing thing with this is that he was president -- but was he really? Biden had won the election. The powers that be are going to hurdle this to get it over as quick as possible by sending it on to the Supreme Court. Trump and his lawyers want to delay this as long as they can. If it goes on long enough and Trump is elected again you have Trump doing a dance and saying " I'm president and you can't get me! Na na nana na na." (Well, something like that.) The problem with this quick trial and getting this over seems in Trump's favor because the Supreme Court is now asking Trump how he wants to do this thing. That's the way I get it but this does not sound like justice to me.
I don't know if this is satire but I can't stop laughing at this article!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
I worked in a factory s while back and in conversation a woman asked me what I would do if I woke up one morning and found out I was black. I told her I didn't know what you could do and I think they made a movie about that once.
‘Wake The Hell Up!’: Mika blasts 'cruel' 'desperate' Texas AG mimicking Trump on women’s ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
Some bad days are ahead.
Hunter Biden calls Elon Musk the world's "Dumbest smart person".
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
Hunter Biden is a drug addict. So is Trump Jr. As for computers left in a repair shop you must consider that Republicans found the computer and we still have no info on what was inside it except for speculation. This all hits sort of like Hillary's e-mails.
Going by today's posts, Agnostic has become the domain of spammers.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
Spam is not what it used to be.
Y'll, remember this.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
She appears to have eaten a few ribs.
Xmas Truth
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
The Puritans also had a weaker mild beer for the children according to some sources.
You are the father
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
That info just in from the Wayback Machine.
Where'd it all go
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
Rent still going on as you have high heat bills and also have to get that third grader a computer or a car maybe. Well, he can drive it in a few years anyway.
Every time a Republican makes a pathetic post about who is creating the problems in this country I ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 12, 2023:
There is a lot of that going on right now. Some people are too dumb to notice it, or they just do not care.
Liz Cheney's memoir "Oath and Honor" is a warning about the Republican Party : NPR
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
I am no long a Republican but I would vote for Liz Cheney. If she was elected she might have to prevent her dad from coming to the White House or carrying a gun. :)
Does anyone know? lol
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
Then you have the Evangelicals coming along and saying and doing all they can to prove that wine was only grape juice.
Writers at 'The Atlantic' examine what Trump's second term could look like : NPR
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
That hits it all right on the head IMO. The sad thing is that people think there has to be a trial over 14th Amendments things in order to "convict" anyone. The Amendment itself says nothing about a trial, so are we going blind and deaf here and just letting this all happen?
The shortest/darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is less than 2 weeks away, (Dec.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
Constant spring or summer is the best for me.
Bloody Amazon
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
Once a year at a wrong time we have to put Jesus in a manger as a baby again.
Democrat problem solving.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 11, 2023:
Don't make me start lying. :)
Today i help set up the annual Atheist Display on the Vernon/Rockville CT town green, where it joins...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 10, 2023:
That sounds exciting. I need to get involved with such a group myself.
Thinking out loud, please shoot me down if you like.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 10, 2023:
Religions will tell you they are good because they believe it and it is the nature of religions to do so. I pick up food from time to time from a food pantry started by a bunch of former dopers who have done prison time. You guessed it. They found Jesus in prison. LOL Food I get here helps out and I have leftovers that I share with a neighbor who has a family. I'm not so sure the town likes these people because it is claimed they are inviting the homeless. OK, do homeless people need to eat? Food is coming in from all over with a lot from St. Louis, Mo. and this is a "good work" for these people. Now we get to the bottom line. The idea is to get you into a church attached to the building. Their head man is the preacher and they also want to help you find Jesus. Been there, done that, and I will never do it again. Thank you.
It’s ALWAYS been a HUGE double standard, fact!! The old Muslim bad, christian good bullshit….
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
Yes, most of us are ignorant of this bullshit. The reason why is that Americans backed Israel "because of Jesus Christ" and they still do. Americans think this is where their religion came from and the Jews do not give a crap about Christianity. Yes, this is the "holy land" we say and America is along with Israel in them becoming a nation and anything else you can think of. What we forget is that this is all made up crap that pushes our "Christian Nation" crowd right to the limit. If the wrong people get elected in our government we will see this to an extreme. It scares me a lot. It should scare everyone a lot. People need to be looked and and dealt with as human beings.
I've never met anyone that didn't cry watching "Old Yella"
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
I do not like Old Yeller.
How Not to Make Art [] .
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
He makes a lot of sense with this.
That feeling when...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
This is the real wake up moment.
The Christmas tree in the city this year. A bit different, but still nice. Canberra, Australia.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
I do not have one of those. If I need one I simply look outside at what my neighbors have.
Have you seen this turtle?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
He might be on this site.
I'm not sure what help I can give
DenoPenno comments on Dec 9, 2023:
My ex wife used to hide from me in Walmart. We would be there half a day.
Ho Ho Ho the Xmas ads are out.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 8, 2023:
My workplace gives us a moron lamp almost every year.
Same thing every year, you think I'll ever learn.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 8, 2023:
That is exactly why I have none of it in my house but I do admit if there were kids here I would do it. The difference is that I would tell the kids the truth but allow a tree and presents. I once had a girlfriend who said I should have a tree and put myself a present under it. Then I asked her if I should pretend that I did not know what the present was.
In the Philippines but can happen anywhere
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
Well, they kinda look alike. :)
[] The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron - new stereo remix versions
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
One of my favorite groups. :)
The theme of this public school marching band's halftime show?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
What this school is doing is against the law.
If your holy book tells you how to treat your slaves...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
Your holy book should not be a qualified source of anything.
US sets policy to seize patents of government-funded drugs if price deemed too high | Reuters
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
Excellent idea for sure. My doctor's new nurse told me I should be on Farxiga because it is a new medication. Why am I using generic drugs? My doctor approved it and my pharmacy called me. It's ready and costs $141 a month. There is no way in hell that I will use this. I called back and told them just forget it. I'm the guy who uses generic drugs and some people have decided I should pay the ones that developed this new drug. There is no way.
When I get a headache I take two aspirin and keep away from children just like the bottle says.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
People that visit me and bring their children should know it is time to leave after about 45 minutes.
I recently watched this movie, and really enjoyed it. []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
I will have to watch this one. Thanks.
I am furious at the hypocrites among us who continue to push for gun proliferation and for virtually...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 7, 2023:
I own 2 guns and I doubt that you would ever see me carry them in public.
Oklahoma Senate candidate: Parents who use IVF are “waging an assault against God” -- Friendly...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
By this posting it must be fully understood that Dusty Deevers is against jerking off. That sperm could have been your son.
Piss off your conservative relatives...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
This is really a pretty good idea. :)
Fetterman mocks Speaker Johnson over Biden impeachment inquiry push: ‘Oh no!’ -- The Hill
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
I work with a Trumper who thinks Biden has committed horrible crimes. He tells me certain things in the media he would not even read and I tell him we have different political feeds. I'm not sure he gets it.
I cannot disagree with this meme
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
We had one. These days a few people ask me why I still have ceiling fans. Try asking Lowe's and Home Depot why they still sell them.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
Both funny and true. I have lived it. :)
Here's a good question
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
In a case of death you might cry over and over again but there comes a time that you must face the reality that the deceased person has completed their journey.
Jesus suffered in many ways
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
Was he played by Tab Hunter or Rock Hunter? IDK.
[] The Ronettes - Be My Baby | Colorized (1964)
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
Wow! I love this song. In 1964 I joined the US Army. In a different lifeframe I would have ran away with that lead singer for sure.
I'd watch that episode!
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
I'm waiting for the Christians to come up with a TV program for kids called "Johnny Socko And His Giant Flying Jesus."
In the name of “transparency”, we shall blur the faces!!!?🤠 []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
Blurring the faces so they cannot get arrested is simply wrong in this case. If Republicans are behind this it means that Republicans feel that no crime was committed.
Well I’m pretty certain he will be killing again…..👀 []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 6, 2023:
I view him as killing again simply because he was a "thrill killer" the first time. People like this should be executed of never be up for parole. How could you possibly trust someone like this in any capacity? When people do this type of murder there is something wrong in their brain.
Disinfo researcher says Harvard silenced her work after Zuckerberg donation | AP News
DenoPenno comments on Dec 5, 2023:
Facebook has one hellva lot of disinformation. As a FB user I can vouch for that. Not sure how they use all of the clicks, likes and articles but they try to put things in your feed that you will interact with. I scold them openly on my feed if they start showing me something I recently looked at at Lowe's. "OK, Zuck. You know I looked at that wood but it does not mean I am going to buy any. Dogs chase cars but they cannot drive."
Dating and Agnostic
DenoPenno comments on Dec 5, 2023:
I can date but usually do not. I also do not look at this site as a dating site. Now I do know some women that I get along very nicely with but if I dated them they would soon know my secret. I once studied to be a minister but these days I am not just agnostic --- I am atheist. Knowing this is too much for some women to take.
How do you view Jesus?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 5, 2023:
Yes, I agree that Jesus was not Christian. :) As for a birthday we have none for Paul or Jesus . December 25th was "assigned" as a birth date for Jesus so as to get more people in with Christianity. Jesus is a story that fills the 4 Gospels and in many ways the stories do not agree. Paul is the one who picked up on Jesus and created Christianity by claiming to have seen Jesus and also writing a big part of the New Testament. To some people Paul was the Antichrist but don't tell believers this. The Jesus believers make up all sorts of stories and histories of Jesus but they have little to say about Paul. He was once a persecutor of believers but changed his mind and became one of them. They do not know much more about Paul or even how he died but they sure can make up a lot of Jesus stories.
Henri-Joseph Harpignies «Clair de lune», 1889
DenoPenno comments on Dec 5, 2023:
Clair is a loon.
Google's ad-blocker crackdown is changing how people are using YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Dec 4, 2023:
I use ad blockers exclusively and use Firefox. The irony of Google is they do not want you to use an ad blocker but they also have reference to them if you want them. As for Brave, it is a good browser. I put that on my daughter's computer.
The House is making history, but not as Republicans envisioned | AP News
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
I have an idea. Why don't they just do their jobs instead? It was what they were elected to do.
US govt-linked Ukraine activists hold pro-Nazi Veterans Day rally outside White House A recent ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
Looks to me like proper gander. :)
First Road In The U.S. That Charges Your EV While You Drive Opens In Detroit
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
This is a start but why do we not bring Amtrak back? When I was a child trains were a good way to travel. When I was in the military trains were a good way to travel in Europe. I am old enough to remember streetcars in America with many in St. Louis, Missouri.
Judge rejects Trump’s claim of immunity in his federal 2020 election prosecution | PBS NewsHour
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
Even if you buy into the idea that Trump was immune while he was president the fact remains that he is not currently president. There is no grandfather clause here.
Doesn't look like he brought reforms to women
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
Here is the man who farted at the Devil. Martin Luther was known to say while drinking "here devil, I blow you a little kiss."
...the devine plan?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
In our modern world of 2023 isn't this what praying over your food really amounts to?
For me, fascism is quite easy to define.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
I'm an enemy of the snake.
How many of our members have participated in these actions?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
My ex used to work for Raytheon.
Our local Aldi has removed the check out lanes and installed self check out points.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 3, 2023:
One big problem with all of the self checkouts is the brainwashed idea that this is saving them money. How is this so when they end up requiring more people to watch you?
Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible. Charles Haughey.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
I work for a corporation that has roots in Ireland.
No invasions, no crusades, no Conquistadors, no Earthquakes, no floods.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
As far as I can find out this is a fact.
It's the thought that counts.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
Splendid idea. I think I heard Sarah Silverman say that she does this.
George Santos expelled from Congress in historic vote: [bbc.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
That took long enough. Santos should never have been there in the first place.
Court rules Donald Trump can be sued for allegedly inciting Capitol riot: []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
Of course he can be sued. Currently he is not president.
Yerp, Biden is well on his way to being the most warlike and murderous Dem POTUS since Johnson.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023: is not there to praise anybody.
Former Trump golf club worker was sexually harassed by supervisor, then conned into signing illegal ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
What is the remark here that Trump could lose his presidential immunity in January 6th cases. Surprise! Trump is no longer president. Some do not see the urgency here for Trump and his attorneys. The idea is to put off all of the wrongdoing until he gets elected again.
These above the law arseholes better not use our passports again. []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
A poison pen or umbrella tip goes a long way.
This sounds somewhat ominous.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 2, 2023:
So we need this Russian lady to inform us about U.S. banks and unrealized loss?
DenoPenno comments on Nov 30, 2023:
I have a mind full of memories of many things and the people I hung out with in earlier life. The problem is that I meet some of them from time to time and find that we do not have the same memories. One friend does not remember me being at a certain event but I was there. Now put that into a time machine and see how it works for you.
It works both ways, it always has.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 30, 2023:
Just whateth is goingeth oneth? Oh, yes. That KJV bible. The most accurate one ever made. Some people base doctrine on that bible alone.
Moses would have no answer
DenoPenno comments on Nov 29, 2023:
This statement seems correct as there is no proof that Egypt had large amounts of Israelite slaves. Later these imaged slaves wondered in the desert for 40 years and never once stumbled upon their old campsites. There is also no evidence for any of this.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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