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A bit of community today...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Great. Hemant is there and I see Tracie Harris has re-emerged since leaving the Atheist Experience. She is talented and has such a good logical mind. I'm glad she is still involved in atheism and freethought.
I haven't been to a funeral since my dad died in 2010 and I just got back from my ex-mother in law's...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
You are correct. The ones having the worst time at funerals does appear to be the believers.
this "new" christianity is rather offensive
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I agree. This is a result of wanting to remain on top while oligarchy vs. democracy progresses. This new Christianity is modeled after "The Family" in DC circles. They run on the idea that Jesus was sent for and to the ones in power. They are "the chosen." It's the same old story or pie in the sky by and by but they say you can have it right now. Just give us your money.
If all religion ended tomorrow, what do you think would happen to all the churches,etc.?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Hmmm, they could raffle them off.
Pentecostal Christians Are Burning Australia’s Sacred Aboriginal Objects | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Just terrible. It really is.
Don’t fight for the Saudi’s
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I certainly agree. We do not need to defend the Saudis.
What is your main method of research that leads you to change beliefs on a topic?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 22, 2019:
I use all those methods and also check the source of blogs and sites on the Net that have come up recently with opposite opinions. Maybe the site itself is new or took on new ideas to support Donald Dump. That does not make it accurate. Fact check everything that you can. If you cannot do that and follow a link it might be wrong. Media does not become "fake" just because Donald said so. Currently his supporters are using false pictures and false ideas to claim the Dems are lying about him. There is even some ridiculous idea that Trump and his GOP have a plan that would eliminate being on the street and homeless but the mean old Dems will not let it go through Congress. Just imagine. If that crap was true every Republican would be on talk shows with it and it would be all over Fox News. Being a "non-fact" does not stop Trumpers from believing it and posting about it.
Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
These days I agree with Bertrand Russell. As a young teen I certainly did not. My young teen years involved having the made up knowledge of the many believers who still argue about dogma to this very day. I finally grew up later in life just when the fearful think I should beg for mercy from a waring tribal god. Nevermore, saith me.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
I love this kind of work but know very little about it.
I'm flying out on a one week business trip to the Netherlands.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 21, 2019:
I've never been an expat but the military changed me. I was stationed in Germany and traveled Europe some, later going to Africa as a civilian in 2004. It's my honest opinion that if I had never had this experience I might have ended up just like most of Trump's support base right now. Most in my area who cannot understand why I am for diversity and the betterment of all have not even left the US in their lifetime. People need to understand that we are all together as one and that government by fear does not work.
‪GORINCHEM, Netherlands — In France, a visit to the doctor typically costs the equivalent of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
This is exactly why the USA needs the same medical and health care that Congress and Senate have. They can call it by any name that they want to.
I am posting under health and happiness because I realized my health and happiness are taking a hit ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
Suzanne, I think you are dedicated but your job would make anybody tired and grumpy. Others need to understand that.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I certainly agree. As a younger man I studied all kinds of nonsense that was a part of the supernatural. Today I see it all for what it is. It is all "woo." There comes a time in your life that you have to openly admit that "you do not know." If this is not done you just keep on making things up to attract others.
The Christian Right Is Helping Drive Liberals Away From Religion | FiveThirtyEight
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I'm not surprised but I do wonder about the future of all this. What happens when the Trumpers calling you "soy boy" finally realize there is no god? Do we then have 2 groups of non-believers that still disagree.
My partner says that my labeling religious people "delusional" (which has mental health ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
I take a simple approach as I am totally non-delusional.
One of my Evangelical classmates calls himself "a justified sinner" to excuse his homophobia, self ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 20, 2019:
Good luck. Of course he is a "justified sinner." Regardless of what he does he can be forgiven. This is the beauty of Christianity..
Windows 10 is annoying.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I have one desktop with Windows 10 but I have modified it to use a Windows 7 start menu and added a few other things. I simply use programs to clean it and keep it all going nicely.
Redemption for your failing Economy I am an Australian and realise that we follow you guys in the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I want to see a couple of Republicans want to run and they would draw away Trump's votes. The GOP is wise to it and they want no primaries.
"Pimping out my life story."
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
When you pimp something are you selling it? I've always imagined the word as referring to a man who takes money from street women for protection. I'm also aware of wanting my ex-wife to cut my hair and she asked "how much are you going to pay me?"
About legal immigration to US [youtube.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Trump is full. He is infecting our country and Trump is full.
Pastor's wife believes whoever was behind the vandalism was someone "crying out for help," but still...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I believe the person or persons might be crying out for help, but not from you. As far as redemption people are not savings stamps.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Yes, sex scandals are not just things that happen to the religious. At least I know more now, but I always thought a good safe word would be "stop."
The Family
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Scary for me too. Watch this and you will see how they are pulling one over on us constantly.
The Family: It's Not About Faith, It's About Power | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I am watching this now and it is all about power. You can watch this and see how the Evangelicals fit in and also know why Trump is "the chosen one." To these people if you are elected you have been "chosen."
Ya don't say
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Yes, their god always forgives them. Some of them cry in public and hope you will too.
Drop the Old testament?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
There has been a Jesus only movement for years. One such meeting place is close to me and called NHIM. Meanwhile, more cherry picking continues.
Is the impeachment investigation a constitutionally defined inquiry, or a unofficial political ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
I think this move is about as valid as Trump's wall right now, but there is a lot of talk.
There could be worse things than Hell: 🤔
DenoPenno comments on Sep 18, 2019:
Now that would be hell.
Sex vs Lovemaking - Sex = sexual stimulation vs lovemaking = emotional bonding What's your view?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
Sex has nothing to do with love making.
Had my first colonoscopy yesterday.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
I avoid them but I do drink aloe vera almost daily.
Homosexuality is not unnatural
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
When I was a young boy did we actually have homo dogs or was it just because there were no females around?
Ku Klux Klan donation account suspended by PayPal - BBC News
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
I hate the Klan.
Being Canadian
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
That just about nails it.
Such a difference
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
That was my opinion of him when he first ran for office. Trump will baffle you with bullshit but when you claim this is what he is doing his supporters say you are full of anger and hate. I thought it was only a difference of opinion.
The last few years of my religious life were pretty good years.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
Bible writings are all static. It means they can only take on new meaning in a modern era by having apologists tell you what it was all about. They want you to think that your god is whispering in every ear and laying ideas and a burden upon the heart, but in the end this is no more than a news analyst telling you what you just read or just heard. It is mere suggestion.
Churchy Chicken: Why the Religious Right Won’t Stop Talking About Chick-fil-A There are 2 parts to...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
The people behind them must be related to Hobby Lobby.
I had a conversation with a coworker.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 17, 2019:
I feel much the same way and yet I know I am lonely. Perhaps this is just thinking out loud, but at least you are honest.
Early to bed or night owl?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
I have been both. Here lately I'm early to bed. Depression is a part of that as well as being tired.
Same shit all over again
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
If you are white and in power it is all OK to do this. Just ask a Trump supporter.
Charles Koch Is Funding a Campaign to Kill Food Stamps and Medicaid
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
I hear that Charles misses his brother and wants to go visit him soon. The irony of those wanting to kill Medicare and Food Stamps is beyond belief. What do you do with grandma in the nursing home? If you take care of her yourself it's a full time job and you are not making enough money to make ends meet. Then we have those pesky Food Stamps. Who knew that our real problem was that family in front of you in the grocery line? People like Charles set around and dream of ways to have more of your money but these bad ideas are not very valid.
Christian Radio Host: ‘Educated Women Don’t Make For Good Wives And Mothers’ | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
It doesn't matter to me if you earn or have more money or even if you are taller. I don't care. Some men do in bad ways. I know a cop's wife who had the same training as my ex wife. In order to keep their marriage together this woman was persuaded to take a lesser job and not use her training.
56 years ago today four young African-American girls were killed in a Church bombing in Birmingham, ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
A racist bit from our past that has always bothered me. I guess it always will as long as I can remember.
AI will transform religion with robot priests like this one - Vox
DenoPenno comments on Sep 16, 2019:
Give it a little time and it will be a robot who returned from the dead. At least it is more believable.
My dad's meatloaf dinner I grew up with.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
Looks good but I don't like lumpy potatoes. It took me this long to learn how to make them mashed and so very smooth.
Can I get an awomen?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
Yes, he is the Lard. 300 pounds and lardy, lard.
Donald Trump confuses 9/11 with 7 Eleven - BBC News - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
It is possible that Trump went to a 7/11. As for him mingling with the 9/11 first responders, well, not so much.
All ready for Halloween!
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
Nice. :)
How would you respond to "You can't have true love without God"?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
What do gods have to do with it?
Republican's Burn AOC's Picture in Disgusting New Ad []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 15, 2019:
AOC is a threat to them because she is progressive. All they can talk about is socialism and they want to debate it as well. You never hear any of them say that every American deserves the same healthcare as our Congress ans Senate. Maybe the language is to plain.
The debate - Last night's debate was the first one I've seen this year and I could only hang in ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2019:
I love this hat. Gonna send it to all my contacts.
I'm troubled when I hear people say that we need to "respect" people's religious beliefs.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2019:
Tolerate fits my belief on this totally. With reluctance I tolerate them.
I've always been fascinated by Christians who say they believe in heaven, then scramble in a panic ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2019:
I agree with your words totally. In defense of these Christians they believe that you cannot do yourself in or hurry up the process. Killing yourself is forbidden, and many today imagine they will end up as the small sparks surrounding god's big spark. That does not sound exciting. As for being in heaven with loved ones and reunited, this used to be preached as a big heavenly reunion. It all makes you think that deep down they do not believe this at all. It's just a big club that they belong to and not anything that is real.
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House - POLITICO
DenoPenno comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Oh, it's OK. trump is friendly with Nuttiyahu. :)
Why Invent the Jesus? • Richard Carrier Ph.D. - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 12, 2019:
The Jews expected the coming of a physical ruler who would be Messiah. There were lots of contenders for this title. Jesus was one of them. Once he was killed there was lots of changing around to explain all of this. At that time Jesus became a magic man concerned about parts of your being that there is no proof of at all, and his kingdom was within you. Along came Paul who took this along other directions until we have the Jesus of today. It's all a myth.
Whaaaat??? You knew it was bound to happen.. 🙄😒 []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Walmart should stop selling cars. Maybe that will solve the problem. Also, if I can't carry my gun into divorce court I'm just not gonna go. Do I think the above makes any sense? No, but neither do a lot of things you read today that others prepose as ideas.
We so often learn far too late than the heroes of history were actually horrible people, and the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Unfortunately your last line is the truth. The winner always decides the story. This is why some in power are tyrants. If they are winners to most people they look good in the end.
Is George Monbiot correct. Is ideology more important thatn policy and money?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
It's not hard to watch the media now and figure out just who the DNC wants. It makes me wonder if media sees or even cares about our real problem. Maybe they do not.
[] "You're expecting some kind of obligatory 9-11 post, aren't you?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I like your post and I'm sick and tired of bathing in the blood of that day every year after. This sort of patriotism breeds hatred in my opinion.
Today we've all seen several posts about 9-11.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
You are correct. We were not all on the same page. In Colorado an Indian Sikh was killed because of rage against Muslims. I'm sure there were other cases also. Just Google and follow it.
I know it’s not just me but it’s pretty much only my Google account to get the message like ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I'm not sure why people think we fall for this crap. I know I don't. I also get this sort of mail all the time. Maybe they think it is another type of social media lies and all.
Just heard a great quote from Dan Barker, one that I wish I had thought of myself.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Believers all tell you that god "always was" in order to void that question. These days they even have their god in "another dimension" to be sure they can protect him form you and your questions. This only makes it worse because it does not explain how you communicate from this dimension to his to make contact with him. They just keep making it up.
Leaving religion for me happened so slowly I didnt really notice it.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
As long as you have that peace you are OK. Abandoning faith gave me great peace but I am guarded and sometimes fearful of others today as I see the real world. It is violent out there but I simply guard my actions and have no hatred or enemies. I have no need of "revenge" that so many around me seem to be scripted into.
Been a while since I made a post here.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Please understand that it is her "job" to convert you. Even in Paul's writings it is claimed that a believer might bring a non-believer to Christ. Most sensible believers are OK, but there comes a time with Evangelicals that they will even cry because an invisible unknown and un-located part of you might burn forever in an unknown place after you die. It only makes sense to a Christian or an ex-Christian. Some unions do work. I knew of a Jewish man who married a Baptist woman and they had 3 kids. This was managed by avoiding religious discussion.
I feel like cats have never forgot this.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
It seems to me that this would fit history. It's just that many will not want to admit it.
Satan vs.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
If a man goes to prison and he "finds god" keep in mind that this guy would like to make parole and he also has no other place to go.
Trump To Rally Crowd: I'm Never Leaving Office - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
IF anyone would come up with such a plan as to how he could be POTUS and never leave office, I honestly think that Trump believes he can pull it off. Like I've said before, everything has turned into Bizarro World.
A church lured in homeless people then locked them in houses and forced them to panhandle, feds say...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Where I live they do this all the time. Most of them that come around are Baptists.
Dear English; Why does christian have to be capitalized and atheist doesn't? Naughty, naughty!
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
The word "Christ" is **not** a name of Jesus and it simply means "the anointed one" or "chosen one." I used to crack up every time I saw that big rig with writing on it saying "Jesus Christ is his name and not a swear word." That trucker was really wrong. As a title and similarity to a name I suppose this is why Christian is always capitalized. The meaning would have been lost to Jesus and his followers because back in that day "christian" was not associated with Jesus.
Brazilian Paper Puts Gay Marvel Kiss On Front Page After Conservative Rio Mayor Tries To Ban Comic
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
This is almost as stupid as Jerry Fallwell deciding that some of our cartoon characters are gay.
I don't know why I'm ever even surprised anyone
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
These are the bastards that have decided he should be our dictator.
Just saw where the Department of Justice has arrested 271 e-mail scamars world wide.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Good start but if this is the current Department of Justice the end result might just be something else that would totally surprise us. Keep in mind how Wilber Ross threatened members of NOAA for disagreeing with trump over Dorian and Alabama. What if ideas of Commerce and Justice start working together?
You lost a bet, so you have to choose a religion. Which will you choose?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Glad you asked. I'm non-delusional.
A history of the Bible: who wrote it and when? []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Lots of people over a very long timeframe. The bible is made up of many smaller books that were never designed to be put together as one big book. People decided on which books would or would not be a part of the whole, and we have more than one version of the bible. The book of Revelation was almost left out of this monstrosity as well. The above is why there are so many contradictions in your bible and keep in mind that this all happened some 300 years after Jesus.
Was there something that prompted you to leave your religion?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
As one who studied for the ministry I was good at reading the bible for myself.
Is the term "African-American" rasict.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
i can't tell you if that term is racist. What I can tell you is that you go with the term that a black person wants to be called and you are never wrong even if that term changes over time.
Mississippi man pleads guilty to cross burning, sentenced to 11 years in federal prison.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I've never fully understood why people think something like this is a thing to do.
So,they caught Jerry Falwell Jr in a Miami nightclub he said he was never at.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Seems normal. Jimmy Swaggart reportedly told a prostitute that her young daughter could also join in with them. At a later time on TV with many tears in his eyes he said "I have sinned against you, my lord." I knew quickly why he only had one child.
I see lots of comments here about not ‘coming out’ as an atheist.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Mostly Bible belt USA in my opinion. Keep in mind an old Merle Haggard song in which the mother is praying for her son's crops to fail. In other words, if you are not right with god your parents will pray anything for god to stop you and this includes taking away your livelihood. It's a bad take on the plagues of Egypt. Over time the parents will note whether you date women and how much it appears you pray. If you are not begging to say grace over the meal you might be called on it. Then you have to "come out" as the saying goes. People even today live this crap daily.
I think back sometimes on my years of indoctrination, and I was thinking today about all the grown ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I understand. In my church days I recall a sermon where it was preached that "you are nobody until god calls your name." People were blubbering and crying like babies, throwing their hands up in the air, etc. It was near pandemonium. Afterwards people would give accounts of god calling their name. At a much later time I am at an apartment complex working on my car. As I lay under the car I think I hear someone calling my name. People who heard me talk of this later said it might be god. OK. How many people have my name and why did god wait til I was laying underneath my car at an apartment complex? Yeah, that all made perfect sense. Should I start crying and hold my hands up in the air?
Just a couple of thoughts heading into 9/11.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2019:
I am very well aware that a lot of people lost their lives on 9/11 - some directly and others indirectly and possibly at a later time and all connected to the tragedy of 9/11. My heart is with you and I bleed for you because of this. Still, I'm tired of a yearly "we will never forget" that tries to build us into a frenzy for some reason. 9/11 is molded into some patriotic mold that cannot be right for everyone. I do not want to remember the death of past wives every year as their death day comes up. I'm also not wanting to remember the murder of my grandson on a yearly basis. Of course, you will never forget. Pain is not fun. It's just that I refuse to be browbeat with events as others want to turn them into a forever monument.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2019:
People were confused when he was killed so they had to tell a different story. The earthly Messiah would now have to take on some heavenly mission in order for it to all make any sense. The problem was that it made no sense.
Tennessee GOP Senator says getting rid of higher education would save America
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Getting rid of higher education would give Trump more supporters.
Trump says N.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Trump always makes things up. This is a standout point of Michael Wolf's books as he puts the tweets and stories all together. BTW, are you aware of what that idiot Obama tweeted at 3 AM? Neither am I. Obama was probably asleep.
The Mix-up of the Two Jonathans.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2019:
How right you are. People are making "Donnie excuses" so badly that many claim he was right about Dorian and Alabama and those that say differently can be disciplined or fired for attacking him. How bad can this get? Adolf used to put out all this stuff but poor Donnie does not know better because he was born in Kenya.
As is the custom now on receipt, on reaching level 8.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2019:
Congrats. :)
Anyone try Facebook dating yet?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
I may try this but I think it is Facebook's way of trying to get more on you. My user name there is the same as here and I do know some people from all over. FB seems really confused as they show me pics of those whom I might know. I like that because I'm a bit of a political activist. I really do not care about "likes" or sharing on a dare or otherwise. I'm also sick of all the damned stuff about religion from everyone and also my family members. The funniest thing about this user name and Facebook is that a few of the Trump supporters always get into telling me that most likely I did vote illegally and they even question my citizenship. Jesus Christ! I bet their Orange God is really happy and proud of them. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and I did 3 years active in the Army.
I know someone (I have been distancing myself from) who is a Trump supporter.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
The gay community does not bother me but I do not fly their flag. In fact, I do not fly any flags. Also, please be aware that each letter in LGBTQ stands for a different sector of that community. My idea is that it is time for them to be recognized. We are all people and all human.
JP Morgan Concocts ‘Volfefe’ Index To Track Trump’s Market-Rattling Tweets
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Trump is literally controlling the stock market for himself and his friends. This makes him correct when he says that the markets would fail without him. That in itself shows how close to collapse some markets are.
The Trump Administration Is Revoking Passports of Some U.S. Citizens of Hispanic Descent – Fortune
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
If they are US citizens what would be the point of doing this? The only answer is to show the base that he is for white supremacy and let them know he is their last chance of turning America back to that idea. Trump is sick, but so are those who see nothing wrong here.
This is not specifically about trumpus assholis maximus, rather, it's about supporters.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Nobody gets everything for free. This is a "wedge point" created by Trumpers and comes from the fact that US born children are citizens by birth. It is the children who get benefits and not the non-citizen parent. I've seen forums where ill informed whites think the illegals get here and in 6 months have their parents here and all set up on social security. I'm sorry folks! Nonsense like this simply is not happening.
Next Friday is Friday the 13th AND there's gonna be a full moon.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Nice photo. If I saw you naked dancing in the woods I might want to dance with you.
Spooky, dark, and mysterious season is on it's way! Which reminds me of my 3 favorite fictional ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
I have no favorite villains. It all seems just like a lot of nonsense to me. I used to love supernatural movies and books but once I became atheist most of it seems laughable. Example would be the "true story" of Annabelle coming from a Raggedy Ann doll. I once predicted that horror movies would finally have mutated cockroaches in them and the day came that I saw that movie. If I did dope I would always be watching these funny movies. Otherwise, not so much.
How the “prosperity gospel” convinces poor people to give everything to grifty millionaire ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Years ago a Texas preacher by the name of Ewing gave that secret to Oral Roberts and Oral Roberts gave Ewing a jet plane.
Would the discovery of living beings on other planets make earth's religions irrelevant?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Probably not.
How would you reply to a theist who says, "You send yourself to hell"?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2019:
The flawed reasoning behind the "send yourself" answer is that you are sending yourself because of your disobedience. Apparently a biblical command not to mix fabric does not apply here because of cherry picking, but not doing a stern thing that god said is the problem. In the garden god said "do not eat of" and they did eat. Oops! That did it. You're done! Believers all know that a loving god would not send you to hell so they have to invent some way that you did it. Remember that god created mankind with a flaw and wanted to blame them for it from the beginning. All god had to do was change his rules. To make us reliant on him from the start he clung to his perfect plan of getting us all here through incest. This plan was used a second time after Noah's flood. Such is the wisdom of god that we really do need him in order to be clean and pure. This is why he got that teen girl pregnant and sent us Jesus. Try that one on them and if they say it sounds crazy tell them it sounds that way to you also.
I find it amazing how much so many of us have in common on this site, much of it due to our lack of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2019:
I've been here about a year and a half. I get attacked sometimes because others do not understand what I am saying, but these things can be worked out in discussion. Once politics enter the picture it all changes into "Bizarro World." Since our last election I have come to find that I live in Bizarro World and I really do not like it. As for anything to do with an absence of god belief I can affirm that I do not believe in anything supernatural. Without evidence neither should you.
The Entities Just think.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Do not let Scientology get ahold of this.
Today is my birthday.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Happy birthday.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Yes, this is painful. It sounds like the UK is going through as much nonsense as we are here. Apparently there is some connection between Brexit, Cambridge Anylitica, and the UK Trump lookalike. Who would have guessed?
What Are Your Thoughts About Spiritualism ?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Indeed it is all bullshit. Done in the dark so as to better fool you and just another brand of supernaturalism. In earlier life I studied these things. Today I believe in nothing supernatural. No spirits, no gods.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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Illogical atheists guide for ending Christianity
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It’s Not Our Democracy. It’s Our Plutocratic Oligarchy.
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