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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


BREAKING NEWS MSNBC Ari Melber and Rachel Maddow Show Updated.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Thankfully he ratted. For some time now Republicans were trying to convince us all that their way of doing things is actually being done by the democrats. It's so damned funny. They have total power and can't govern or get anything done. They are currently scared to death of a balance of power.
When someone says" well it was ment to be" or it was gods will. What is your reply?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
How do you know what was meant to be or even what god's plan is? I'm almost to a point of asking that question flat out because I'm tired of the nonsense.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Women have never been treated equal and the new algorithm strategy and market control has things screwed up even more. Many people are being forced to go along with things they do not understand, especially foreign CEO's.
Closing argument for voting for Democrats:
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
That's all a damned good question and young Joe Kennedy had hit it squarely here. Vote blue while we still have a voting right.
Is it unethical to reward ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
I disagree. Life insurance and other programs like it have been around a pretty long time. Are you wanting the parent to kill one of those 5 kids for money, or to just get pregnant and have a 6th kid? A person could argue that either one of these would work for you in the right situation. The alternative would be that if insurance did not pay out why would anyone even have insurance?
Religions vs Cult
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
In my mind cults and religion are both the same. Some just have more followers.
Protests Underway in Squirrel Hill Neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA Vs Donald Trump BREAKING NEWS - ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Why did he go? He's just playing us. He sets these things up in media and then blames the media because nobody likes him. We need to get rude! Imagine these signs: *Go away. We do not want you here. *Your words are causing these bad things to happen. *Nothing you ever do helps the situation. Lets see if they would film those signs and put that on TV.
Trump Fan Convicted In Anti-Muslim Terror Plot Asks Judge To Consider Trump’s Rhetoric ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
When the man in the high tower seems to be pushing for these kinds of crimes it's time he was also held accountable. Either that of be told to STF up!
Welcome to the Jungle [consortiumnews.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
A "god given dictatorship" is a good way to describe this new Brazilian president. He says there are a lot of beliefs in Brazil but everyone had better get used to him because it's all Christian now. Trump thinks he likes this and he appears to think this is how America should be. That idea is very wrong and someone needs to pop up in support of Brazil so Trump can see this and change his mind. A "Christian dictatorship" is not going to cut it, but then what would Trump know about religion?
The caravan disappeared over night......
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
I'm sure Bozo and his bunch can find them. His wall and his immigration policy depend upon them.
Some Evidence for the Simulation Hypothesis The Simulation Hypothesis suggests that we don't ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
When did mankind start thinking of this simulation? Was it before the books and movies that deal with the subject or was it after? Let us replace gods with another idea. Presto! Here is a new religion.
We know that cheating on a partner is unethical, but...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
You have some valid points. Keep in mind that this sort of situation does not always involve "spending time" with someone else to a male.** It is often just sex for the sake of sex. **Men do not have to have an emotion attached to cheating and therefore they sometimes do not look at it as cheating. A rich man may have a woman wanting a "sugar daddy" on the side. Sometimes he wants to come and see her for an hour. A poorer man may have money enough to go see a prostitute for an hour. The motivation in both cases is simply having sex with somebody else. It's a release that is sex for the sake of sex. This does not make the situation right at all, but our society teaches men that women are sex objects and pornography seems to back this up. Men often think with the wrong head.
Wisconsin governor may seek waiver to let insurers hike premiums for pre-existing conditions - ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
If the governor of my state did this I would know that he is not a man who is for the people. He is owned in some way by the insurance companies. That could be stocks, relatives, etc. This action of his would be my clue to get that man out of office at all costs even if you have to go door to door at election time.
Every time someone brings the valid legality of the march toward ameriKKKa I will like to remind ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
**Trump is an instigator of fear**. There is no proof of mass murderers marching into America at this time or at any time. Trump claims the marching immigrants are a stunt by Democrats or others to discredit him. I claim that the immigrant caravan plays right into Trumps plans for a border wall and is being used to create a border crisis. Trump is a liar and a conman and we are being conned.
Now we know the real reason why Christine Blasey Ford testified against Kavanaugh.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
**Proof of her "one million dollar windfall" might help others believe this post**. I see no proof of even an offer, let alone of actual money received. So far this has all the validity of a god claim. Prove it!
Did popularity ever matter to you throughout High School Years?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
I had only a limited popularity in high school. Even today I'm not much for being popular or wanting popularity. What I want and value the most is for others to say that I tell the truth, or that I tell the truth as I see it.
Is there anyone here that values the teachings of the bible, but rejects it's supernatural elements?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
The ethics you are pushing here are subjective ethics so I cannot go along with this idea at all. For the most part religions do not have ethics. You post is similar to saying Superman can run fast and he is strong, but he cannot fly.
So, I got up this morning and found this email forward in my inbox.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Delete it as you say Merry Christmas.
Halloween Myths
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Ronald Clark O'Bryan (October 19, 1944 – March 31, 1984), nicknamed The Candy Man and The Man Who Killed Halloween, was an American convicted of killing his eight-year-old son Timothy on Halloween 1974 with potassium cyanide-laced Pixy Stix in order to claim life insurance money to ease his own financial troubles, being over $100,000 in debt. (From Wickopedia.) I might also add that says that over the years Halloween candy has had pins, needles, and even razor blades put into candy and apples. **This would show me that trick or treaters should be organized fully by parents who also go along on the chosen route for Halloween and also inspect the candy. ** Dracula gets a clean bill of health. He has never bothered anyone on Halloween ever.
Here is a man that got a slap on the wrist and 45 pardoned him.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2018:
D'Souza is yet another religious asshole with fake books and movies. This is why the right likes him and also why he was pardoned.
Very easy costuming ideas using only a sheet.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
You got most of them right. :)
Make no mistake! Children will be impacted by legalization.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Wasn't that a movie? Man of the Munchies.
The truth about Liberals:
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Looks good to me. Doesn't look good to the Kock brothers and friends. DJT and his swamp are some of their friends. Vote blue.
Need some SERIOUS thoughts.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Something might have came in some way. I had field mice come in one time but when I discovered them they left almost the same way they had came in. It was very strange.
this is one of my favorite pictures, that's me ,a 10 year old Charlie tuna with my two sisters and...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Nice pic Charlie. I've met a few celebs but don't have any pics with them.
Morning Joe discussing Trump, the synagogue and letter bomb attacks. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Trump reads his speech and it's too much for him. He gets off of it and blows the dog whistle. He gets cheers, hoots, and hollers. He tells his base "they want me to tone this down so I'm asking, do you want me to tone this down?" The crowd goes nuts and yells back "no." Trump smiles and keeps setting the tone for bad things to happen, and they do happen. This might stop if the GOP would hold him accountable or say something but they just let it ride.
Today I'd like to recommend a movie adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, starring Jason Robards and ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
I saw the movie and it's pretty good.
Is This Taboo?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Mostly waiting until marriage for sex is something a man hates. Men want sex and it's the driving force in their lives. This is why a man will tell you anything to get sex and he also poisons the minds of your girlfriends. Do I want sex? Of course, but I'm not going to lie to you to get it. When I was younger I might have told you about the strange disease I have in which I will die if I do not get sex on a regular basis. Today I'm an honest man.
With all the violence going on in America, formerly a beacon of freedom, now a hate spewing country ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
I don't have the money to leave this country. I know a couple of more friendly areas but going there and being able to live there isn't an option at my age with my money. I'll have to stick around for the civil war and hope I don't get killed by an idiot.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
I'm not sure? I would contact the admins on this issue but be aware that it also could be a virus. I had this happen to me in Facebook before but it is all corrected now. Under the "about" section at the top of the page click on "contact."
9 hours of ‘Executive Time’: Trump’s unstructured days define his presidency The ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Read his schedule a bit more and you see why we know more about things than he does. Again, I am repeating but he wants his views and agenda known so he speaks out against media for making his views known. In this way he uses the media, blames media so he never has responsibility, and also hopes they carry his every idea. Currently Pittsburgh doesn't want him in their city until he denounces white nationalism. Trump continues to blame media for the shooting there.
Went over to my daughters place and got a pic of myself taken wearing the Agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
My drink is Sangria Senorial from Mexico. It's a soda that you can buy in Dollar Tree stores.
Just in case anyone was wondering.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
That means the same people attacking you are usually the same ones who want to take away your healthcare.
Hope all is well amongst the group!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Still here, Mel. :)
Not that far from the truth....
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Very true. Conservative talk radio is still convinced that this bomber was a convenient setup because it was all so "sterotypical" in nature. They wanna make you think the Dems were behind it.
"Donald Trump suggests Jews might secretly be committing anti-Semitic hate crimes on themselves so ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
The asshole thinks he is educating the media for doing stories that make him look bad. His base hears the nonsense and they believe him. Trump is deliberately dividing the country.
Trump Just Called a Bomb Recipient a “Crazed & Stumbling Lunatic” – Mother Jones
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
So Trump thinks that prominent Jews are buying the election but the GOP is not? Are any of them Jews? I think the remark could have a direct connection to mass shootings. The crazies see it that they are validating Trump by their actions. Conservative talk radio laughs at the idea that Sayoc is a full blown Trump supporter complete with MAGA hat. Somehow they still think this was a setup. I see it as possibly a dog whistle when Trump says things. He blames media for spreading his message but without the media he could do nothing. Trump wants to show all of us that he can make it very hard on people if they do not go along with his ideas. He speaks and the crazies react.
Scientists Are Working on an Algorithm to Predict Death - Tonic
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Let's hope it works better than predicting the weather.
What type of death do you most fear?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
What death do I most fear? Maybe the painful one, but I admit I don't think about it very often.
What If the Earth Does Not Exist? - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
What if it was all just so much bullshit?
North Carolina Woman Tells Black Sisters Waiting For AAA 'You Don't Belong' []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Somebody needs to tell that mofo that she might be white but she ain't hot!
My Opponents Are The Enemies of The People
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
**I find it frightening **and I went to an even Saturday where an old man is an avid Trump supporter and has all the info on Bilderburgers, Trilatertalists, etc. Trump is a different animal. He became possible because of the Kock brothers and the old man is a bit behind the times.
Some Trump Lies
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Trump is a big liar and needs fact checked on everything. Also, the fact of a stock market doing good is not showing the economy is doing good. What it does show is that people who have invested in the stock market appear to be doing good. This has very little to do with blue collar workers. Especially in this day and time.
Are posts ever monitored?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
I agree. I also take anything Trump says about voting blue as a threat. I do not see liberals or Democrats as instigating anything. I know for a fact by simply reading past histories that it is not them who are taking away your healthcare.
Though I am an atheist, I am a Jew by birth and by tradition - my mother, grandmother and ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
I hate that this is happening also. Even so, it is Donald Trump who talks of "us vs. them" in tweets and personal rallies. It plays to his base which happens to have Nazis, Fascists, and Klansmen. Trump then blames media for displaying the same message he is trying to send. He takes no responsibility. We can only blame those who are in power right now. Trump and his GOP are the ones in power. Vote blue and restore sanity again.
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
Crying is an emotion. I seldom cry because it is hard for me to show emotions. Cry if you need to. Do not think that crying is weak or that it makes you weak. Sometimes we just need a good cry.
A Week of American Hate: Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed, Jews Slaughtered
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
The cry seems to be "Make America White Again." The twisted words of Donald Trump creates strange actions and murder out of his supporting Swamp. Think. It's pretty damned hard to blame these things on people who are not in power right now and the GOP has all power. Vote blue so we can make America sane again.
Vote as though your life depends on it. Because it does.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2018:
This is correct McConnell has already announced that to balance the excessive budget these areas are in for severe cuts after the mid terms. Vote blue. Your very livelihood may depend on it. OK, you don't draw social security yet. If you cannot afford to keep grandma in the home can you afford to stop working and take care of her full time in your home? Probably not. Vote blue.
Nothing more need be said
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I miss Obama but somewhere along the way the Kock brothers got ahold of things. That's why we have Trump and all of the brash lies today. It appears our nation has become everything we were trying to rid ourselves of.
Spread the word
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I voted. Instantly found out I was gay, but before that I was a good Republican.
Still Women Warriors -Gloria Steinem & Angela Davis
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Men and women alike should be so glad that they spoke up and spoke out.
"He is a master of the art of propaganda.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Agolf Donnie is following these ideas today. Blames the media but yet needs the media to advance his plans.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
These things are confusing lately because nobody knows in which way to go. They want to conform to ideas of Bozo the Clown so as not to be found in bad favor. This is just another reason we now need a balance of power again in our government. Meanwhile, Bozo wants names of everyone against him in Facebook. I imagine the list is longer by now. Unpredictable algorithm screws everything up and you have a POTUS wanting these names. What could this be about? Certainly he is not planning anything bad for people or wanting any type of revenge. The man is not fit to govern. Vote blue.
[] Accused Bomber Lived in Sick World-Ex Stripper Destitute
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Did they leave off the part about him being a strong Republican? The more I read the more it looks that way. Why is this, Donnie?
After we die
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
When you die you are dead. I don't know of any other way to put it.
"He is a master of the art of propaganda.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
From the looks of this I would say that Bozo had a pretty good teacher. Those times have long past and today we have Agolf Twitler.
Now it’s rearing its ugly head again
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I think this may be correct. I have no identity as a Nationalist and I also am not seeking any. I am a world citizen who happens to live in the USA.
New Zealand Prime Minister Takes Non-Religious Oath of Office Without Bible | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I agree with you fully but the move in America is to declare us a "Christian Nation" and the powers that be are working on that right now. All of our laws should come from the bible and they want to role us back to the Republic of the founding fathers. Trump supporters are even declaring that they want their country back. They seem set on taking us back to about 1900 or before.
I will be so happy when this election is over! The ads on TV are so annoying! Just sayin.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
In my area I have seen 5 Josh Hawley ads in maybe 10 minutes. Short but sweet dark money ads for the wonder boy of the Kock brothers and their clan. I hope the bastard loses.
What damage has social media caused to the individual?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Apparently this situation will all get worse. Efforts to get rid of unacceptable media is now going into areas of censorship way beyond what should be allowed. There has to be some censoring because you do not want to advocate killing or murder, or even cause others to react that way unless you have orange skin and hair. Then it appears to be OK and is a fault of "media." I hope that a few will excuse me just a little bit. When I was a child the telephone was a brown wooden box on the wall and your number might be 2 longs and a short ring. You did the number with a crank on the side of the box. Censorship was there too coz the neighbor would listen in when she knew it was your ring. Even in those days we figured out who it was pretty quickly.
Any Sam Harris fans here?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I'm most certainly a Sam Harris fan.
Fact Checked
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
His fans just look at it that he "tells it like it is" and never that his words have encouraged anything bad. Then when something bad happens he himself just blames the media. This is strange and accepted by all when media was only doing its job to begin with. When will we be rid of this thorn in the ass? If anyone else had ever have said the words that he says you can bet they would no longer be in the White House.
Who's a person who inspires you?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I had one of those once. He wore his flying suit under his regular clothing and people could see that and always asked him why he wore so much clothing. People wondered when it was over and done why he let others pull his beard and hair out, then chose that look forever in his glorious body. If you needed him he would start to pull back his clothes from his chest and you would see the "J" there before he ran off to a phone booth or another room to change. Wait. There were no phone booths and depending on the dominate culture of the time the letter on his chest might change and be different. Sometimes he was just "E." Today he does not inspire me. He was imaginary.
I love this time of year.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Whatever any of you do please avoid a series of graves with all the household names on them. Bad people can use this to trick your young kids out of school or maybe trick you in some other way. Beware.
Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media ‘Just the Beginning,’ Warns Top Neocon Insider ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
**We are just starting to push back.** That is your key sentence but the problem seems to be that accounts of **others who were pushing back** are the accounts being deleted. This would be in a direction we do not want to go I would think. Bring in algorithm and you activate bots that have no idea what is going on for the most part. If you contest your deletion or censor you end up in conversations that make absolutely no sense. Facebook should know better but I suppose they will go with this because of past troubles and Congressional hearings. I'm sorry. We cannot please government and whomever is in the White House. This is not the goal of alternative media. Without alternative media we have no voice. If this continues I see no way around or out of it other than hacking or starting another media source to post things in.
Even RT is publishing material for you g:40 members: Posters in New York declare Trump supporters ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I wish my area had some of those trash cans complete with the pictures.
Do you think that if God does not exist, life is ultimately absurd?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Objectively there is no purpose to life other than reproduction so that life my continue. This is deeply ingrained. The subjective purpose of life can be anything that you want it to be. The pleasures and joys of one person may bore another to tears.
Pipe Bomb Suspect's Twitter is filled with Pro-Trump and Anti-Democrat memes []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Conservative talk radio today had a fit that this bomber could even be Republican. All the callers thought it was a "put up" job and they laughed at the memes and MAGA hat type person that was arrested. Somehow this showed them that the Dems were behind it. Limbaugh even said that Republicans would not do this. Would a Nazi or a Fascist do this? OK, now they are saying the guy is mentally ill. Oh, that changes everything. If Donald would keep his frigging mouth shut that might change everything too.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
He wants the media filled with voting issues and not bomb threats. It would not matter. He would find something wrong anyway and turn the issue to himself. He always does.
Here's a question I often pose to the anti-abortion crowd.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
**I'm more likely to make sure she is on the pill so she doesn't get pregnant to start with.** Abortion is NOT birth control and it was never intended to be used as birth control. Contrary to popular Republican opinion women are not using abortion as birth control. Price some pills against the cost of abortion and you will see. If you think it is all free at a clinic keep in mind that those people are not stupid. Most people do pay something and it's based on your income and personal situation.
Alright, I said I would reveal who she is so, here's a pic.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Nice pic of her. Many thanks.
What is holding you back in life to life out your fantasy ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I cannot become invisible and time machines do not exist. :)
So the stores are open here in Montreal with no product and Well we have huge lineups at the pot ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm seriously thinking of dropping $15,000 into Canopy Global or some other legal supplier now that this is legal. I'm reluctant because I know nothing of the stock market so I'm not sure what to do.Looks to me like investing in pot would bring a steady growth and a good return.
What do you think about this article?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
If AI develops a mind of it's own in our future lets hope it can see through and do away with political nonsense and things like cartoons advertising insurance, etc. On the other hand, if AI develops in different ways we might have new political parties and be super screwed.
Voter Suppression & The GOP’s Indirect Racism - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Voter registration. If you have satisfied requirements for a drivers license you should be able to vote. OK, you were born and they instantly gave you a social security number. Let that also be voter registration time as well. The GOP would have a fit because it would limit their gerrymandering.
Has anyone out there seen this guy Jesse Lee Peterson?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm sorry. I had to exit this nonsense when he got to the part about a beta male and what the normal state of a male was, and he called it conservative. I would be OK with this if he was talking about being frugal. Instead he appears to be talking about politics. It's laughable.
Do we ever truly get over childhood hurts?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
You did what you had to do and I cannot blame you. In my own situation it has been over a year now since I have seen my stepdad who is in a nursing home. He criticized me constantly as long as I knew him, and I even bought my place from him after mom died. He has dementia now and fixed it to where no one would ever have POA over him. Well, he was wrong. He will die there.
Do you consider yourself a good lover to your partner or spouse and why?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Probably as good as anybody else. Why? I'm knowledgeable.
Hound Dog Man.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Filling the Swamp | The Daily Show []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Pruitt was a big mistake. So is Ben Carson. In fact, the entire Trump Swamp is beyond belief and in my area the rednecks all like them.
Ron DeSantis Has MELTDOWN During Debate - TYT []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2018:
Is Ron DeSantis a white supremacist and a racist? Does a bear crap in the woods? Don't give me that spiel about how poor white men suffer from racism today. Most of us know better.
This sadly is what the country is going through!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
They represent how I feel right now. As most of our people go through life daily unaffected, I wonder when we are going to wake up and realize that any other POTUS doing what Trump does and says would have long been forcibly removed by now. He would not only have been removed, he would also be in prison. Ask yourself if Obama would have gotten away with any of it, or Bush, or Bill Clinton. Wake up America!
Suddenly all the mass media is now starting to spew doom and gloom for those running against the ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Vote blue to get rid of the fascists. If you do not vote it may be a rite of the past for future generations. Vote and stay free.
A Convenient Caravan: Cui Bono?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Nice and very well worded. I'll have to see the caravan outcome to actually know what I think about it.I'm repeating here again but a man on this site said it was probably the Dems doing this, or George Soros. He just knew there was something going on with the caravans because he watched footage closely and he saw money changing hands. That showed the plot part of it, he said. My reply was that maybe they wanted to stop by Piggly Wiggly along the way, or perhaps stop at McDonalds. Sometimes I just cannot resist.
I have to wonder.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Obama is an educated but yet fortunate man. I believe he has genuine compassion and could have done more as president if the GOP would have worked with him. They chose not to. Trump has little education by comparison and his word choices seem to declare this. He tells a different story but was literally born into wealth. He has no compassion and he's a habitual liar and a conman.
Anyone Checking the Red House? Errrr I meant the white house. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
As the insanity goes on and Limbaugh says that "Republicans would not do this" I have an early pitch for conservative talk radio Friday morning where Dave Weinbaum is going to go with the pipe bombs as a "Democratic plot." Trump blames "fake news" and even includes the media he uses but he takes no blame himself. Is somebody laughing somewhere or are they pissed that the bombs did not go off?
Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I'm sure there are exceptions but it is true for the most part. A friend of mine is in with the silver haired legislators group in this state and he is trying to explain things to older people for the upcoming mid term elections. He told a group of seniors how Trump is taking away your social security and the GOP will claim portions of that money next year to help balance the budget. One senior there decided they could take all of his money because he didn't draw that much anyway. Young or old, this is what we are up against when you present facts.
Here's my AGNOSTIC shirt! I like it a lot! Thanks to Administration!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
You look great. I'm happy for you. I got mine today also but no one to take my pic in it until Saturday.
Fox Business Network host peddles conspiracy theory about suspicious packages.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
As if this was not bad enough already Trump blames the media that he always said was "fake news" and he also blamed Twitter in another post. Apparently they are allowing something here that Trump doesn't like but at the same time they are mostly reporting/tweeting his words and biased opinions. This POS can't take responsibility for anything. He's the worst.
Another great Beto endorsement! []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I'm really hoping Beto wins but you never know about Texas these days.
A Faceless Dialogue -
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
Amazing. The entire FB dialog is coming from a faceless bot set up by algorithm. They are starting to use this method in phone calls now too.
Myths and facts. can you tell them apart? it's easy if you have a brain and pay attention. g
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I agree with you totally. I also note that some posting here are not from our country and they make the claims that something is going on here because they looked closely at the caravan mobs and they saw money changing hands. Well, there we go again with myths vs. facts. Rather than blame the migrant caravans on George Soros can't we just assume that maybe along the way they are going to stop at Piggly Wiggly or McDonalds? Then we have the bombs that were left for liberal politicians and some are saying foul because the bombs did not go off. Just today Rush Numbnutz says "this is not Republicans because Republicans would not do anything like this." Oh, the limitations of political party! Is this a fact?
God’s Intelligent Design?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
That covers it nicely. Maybe god was just trying to "fine tune" human beings over time. :)
National Socialist Workers Party = NAZI They the Hitler and the Nazi party were “Nationalist”...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2018:
I can see this 100 percent. Then we have people like Rush Numbnutz who says "this is not Republicans because Republicans would not do anything like this." He is speaking about the bombs that were recently sent to political opponents. Robert DeNiro even got one. Now if you listen to conservative talk radio you will be hearing this all day long. Suddenly a party affiliation prevents you from doing bad things.
So what are you going to be for Halloween?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I think I will just be myself and keep my porch light off. Why not? I live here alone.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Joe at NBC is exactly correct and Ivanka certainly acts clueless.
What happened today is ALL on 45.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Very true. He plays to his base and seems to make it plain that violence is OK. He praises the man who body slammed a reporter and has crowds chat to lock Hillary and others up. He tells everyone that the media is the enemy. Now there is another caravan coming and he blames all this including todays bombing attempts on Democrats. Hey, Bud. Your people have all the power and all you can get done is chaos. Let's vote blue and make America sane again. All we need is a balance of power and this nonsense will stop. Maybe they can get back to governing.
My new book & cover case was delivered today! Does everyone like it?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
I don't have one but I just use theirs online.
Are we all generally aware of the diff in Atheist and Agnostic?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Yes, more times than you want to know. The problem here is that when you state 100 percent that there is no god you have shifted the burden of proof to yourself and you must show evidence. There is no evidence either way.
Hope everyone is having a good hump day ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2018:
Hey, that would straighten me up! Oh, you meant the week. Yep, 2 more days and I'm done!


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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