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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


What or Who created the universe?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
It may be possible that there has always been a universe.
Wow! After feeling so isolated in this crazy religious freedom shitstorm of a year, it sure feels ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
Welcome, Mary. I hope you like it here and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
Mike Pence is such a suckass
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
I watched a video where Trump put his water bottle on the floor and then Pence immediately did the same thing.
We are slowly appreciating over the last year that lying under oath was an Obama-administration ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
Obamacare takeover of healthcare? Strange. I still pay zero dollars for my prescriptions. Obama era "scandals and lying" when Trump is in power and laden with this same thing. A millionaire and a billionaire ran for president and the billionaire won. Imagine that? The Kock brothers and friends care only about their agenda and nothing about others.
If you've never dated a gal like this can you really say that you've truly lived?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
I've dated a few "bad girls."
So my 16 year old, (who knows how to do everything,) used my iron to put a transfer on a hoodie.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
You might try cleaning it with denatured alcohol. Keep away form fire and flame, and with the iron unplugged gently clean it's surface with denatured alcohol. IF that doesn't work look for resale shops in your area and go to all that you can find. You exact iron might be there for only a buck. I've shopped like this for as long as I can remember.
What are your top 3 current favorite TV shows?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 7, 2018:
Westworld The Flash Supergirl Any Walking Dead Anything Forensic More than 3 and I've got more also. Been a TV fan since it came out and I grew up with TV.
What's your favorite ridiculous Bible verse?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I like the one that says "Jesus wept." It must be the shortest verse in the bible. There maybe is a cagillian sermons on just those 2 words. I've hear many of them. If there really was a Jesus and he saw the world today I can imagine that he would weep and make that verse a reality.
“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Maybe so, but I've spent my life as an actor of sorts creating an image for others to see. We all do that to degrees. This is why our children have views of us that are not quite real. The image that you become depends on others that are around you. It is best to be yourself.
What is the main thing that attracts you to someone Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I like real people who are intelligent and honest, not just full of bullshit and trying to fake it through with you. In that sentence I've eliminated over 95 % of everyone I know. Well, let's try wit and humor. Actually it varies with everyone. Two of my wives were younger. Two were older. None of them were alike. One of them was black. I interacted with them openly as myself and I think they did the same with me. I'm not sure that I have a "type" unless it was someone from a movie. BTW, my ex from Kenya fits into that mold. She could have easily have been a model if not an actress. I get along in a "live and let live" mode. My plan is I will be me, and you can be you.
Could you stay isolated for five days in total isolation as an asocial experiment?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I can do it indoors or out, but out is much better. I've turned into a computer nerd but my ex wife said recently that she remembered that I had a "Tarzan outfit." What's that? A pair of shorts and a knife?
Is America Great Again?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
The moron has greatly damaged our country. The slogan for November should be "Make America Sane Again."
I was going to post a time travel joke, but no one liked it!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Post it anyway. We might like it. Here is mine. It's a thought that happened to me just today, and maybe it happened because I often think I can see something ahead. It's not really possible but let's assume there is life after death. If there is, then I've died and got caught in a loop.
Freedom carries a price.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
We indeed have enemies foreign and domestic. Some of them are within out government and even occupy the White House.
Truly disgusted to see these Trump pardons.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Trump is flexing muscle here trying to remind us that Mueller's investigation means nothing. By doing this he sends a message to his people that there is nothing to worry about. He will get them out of it by pardon. Ignore the 17 plus indictments Mueller already has and Trump supporters deny. Trump pardoned 2 from his Reality TV days recently and now tweets all over that he has power to even pardon himself. He may try it, but do not believe it. He's a cornered rat with a bad habit of picking idiot attorneys. ://
Anti-vaccine is a religion
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
It's almost idiotic and just more insanity. My take on vaccine is really pretty plain. As a child I knew people who had polio and I saw what it did to their arms and legs. I don't see polio any longer. I also do not see other major diseases that they vaccinate for around today. The reason I do not see these things is because vaccination works. I'm able to see these results because I just turned 72. I was a witness to what I write. There is no way in hell I would think that vaccination causes autism. Somebody is making money off these ideas and they do not care about you or your children.
Proud to be a resister.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I'm both a resistor and an activist.
Judge Orders EPA to Produce Science behind Pruitt's Warming Claims - Scientific American
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Trump and the Kock brothers and friends think they are setting us all up here and things will just have to be their way, but there are still a lot of people that don't buy it and want the evidence. I think like that too. It is not so just because you say it's so. We demand evidence.
Jesus Christ took a dip in my local YMCA today
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Was it really Jesus ?? lol
The Trump Presidency (if you can call it that), in the nutshell: "I'll scratch your back if you ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Donald's dirty deeds are not done cheap.
Van Jones for President 2020. truth
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
For 2020 how about any functioning adult.
New ad about trump's abuse of the law from Need to Impeach.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Signed it and gladly so. For those ignorant enough to believe Trump can pardon himself maybe they should click on the link below which is from 1974. ://
NRA and GOP and Guns
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Thoughts and prayers are both to see. It's almost like they are non existent.
They take our jobs, we take their citizens ?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I have no problems with Mexicans. Most Americans that do don't even know any Mexicans.
Business must be booming!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
With a sign like that I would never go there. It reminds me of a new store in my tiny town. They call it BOR2 and the best I can get from the outside is that they are a front for a Trump store. It's supposedly about guns, flags, bumper stickers, and the 2nd Amendment. How idiotic! A moron gets elected president and a store like this pops up.
[] Trump called out the wrong guys!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I wouldn't go across the street to see or hear this moron. He's so wrong all the time.
Trump doesn't know the words to "God Bless America" []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I'm sure there are a lot of things that asshole doesn't know. I would like to know that he was never born.
I got an email about signing a birthday card for Trump, I doubt he'll read it (he's an illiterate ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I hope it's your last birthday, Moron. Please go away.
Did this rumor come out of the Trump administration?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 5, 2018:
I've given thumbs up to 2 people here for their replies. My insurance lady asked me if I had read about this and did the reboot. I told her the way it was all presented sounded as silly as hell.
Man Caves in History
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
My house is my man cave but I don't give a damn about football.
One of the greatest comedians of all time!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
Carlin was great. I laughed at everything he said about religion. Believers hated him for it and one once told me he was a "horrible man" who was "rotting in hell." Just last night I talked on the phone with a 79 year old relative who is a believer. It upset her when I said there is nobody in hell right now. It's empty. When I proved this by scripture it upset her a bit more. The reason is it messes with their "soul belief." Theists of the Evangelical type have to instantly be in heaven or hell if they are not alive here on earth. It's so damned funny. Carlin could have done a good job with it. BTW, thanks for the quote. I used to hear that on a morning show run by 2 DJ's in the Houston, Texas area years ago.
Let's list the ways...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
This is perfect. It should be put on billboards all across the nation. We could get Mexico to pay for it.
I am Bagher I am 20 years old and I live in Finland but I am from Afghanistan my religion is atheist...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
I'm trying to understand you but please understand atheism is not a religion. It is a lack of belief in gods or religion. Anyway, I hope you find friends here.
Trolled! []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
They cheered until they found out Obama said it. Are we that far gone and torn apart because a black man was president? If so we are bringing all the bad on ourselves.
From my Canadian friends: (Cross posted in Canadian, eh?)
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
Trump is the Rump. He is a feckless cunt.
Quite a couple
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
The role they are each playing here is most likely accurate. Trump is a feckless cunt.
Whoever Controls The Narrative Controls The World []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
I think Trump and the Kock brothers have that in mind. It's why Americans are having so much smoke blown up their ass right now.
Does anyone use the Skywire device for television reception? What can you tell me about it?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
Skywire is simply another TV antenna. It's similar to the Moleaf outdoor/indoor antennas and there are several outdoor OTA (over the air) antennas out now. All of these will work if you are close to the broadcast source. The difference between analog and digital is simply a broadcast format. All TV is digital now. It means that your antenna will recieve 1080 HD signals OTA if you have an antenna. There is no such thing as a "digital antenna." When it all went digital in 2009 I dropped Dish and started experimenting with antennas because I knew a digital picture is the best you can get. It's now years later and I have an antenna that I built on a tower 38 feet in the air. (30 feet is recommended.) I'm 65 miles from St. Louis and I get all 32 of their stations. My antenna is similar to the GE Outdoor Pro that you can buy at Walmart. (I beefed mine up more.) The antenna is as light as a loaf of bread and less than 3 feet long. Aiming it by compass degree can be learned on sites similar to TV Fool. If you live less than 65 miles to 70 miles from the area you want signals from and can mount an antenna in "line of sight" direction to your city you may have great luck with these antennas. A friend of mine 50 miles from St. Louis gets great TV with an antenna mounted a lot less than the height of mine. It's a great hobby for me and I can turn my antenna from the ground and get stations in Jefferson City or Columbia as well. Becoming a "TV King" might have even contributed to the end of my marriage. I was totally obsessed with doing all of this in the last 3 years of my marriage. :)
I thought I Would remind a few of us just how the 2016 election final outcome really ended.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 4, 2018:
The meme details our last election but fails to point out that something referred to as "cross check" was also used in the final analysis. Cross check is a flawed machine right out of Kock brothers Kansas that checks to see if Smith and Jones (you and me) might have voted in more than one location. The electoral college got this final vote later after cross check was applied to all Democratic votes. It was not applied to Republican votes at all. Clinton's upper hand and vote majority simply vanished. Do not be surprised if the bastards use cross check, or re-name it and use it again in any future elections. Nonsense like this should be eliminated immediately.
We appear headed in this direction.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Anarchy is here now. Powers that be want to protect this moron so much that they say he cannot appear before Mueller for fear that he will perjure himself. In other words, they know he cannot tell the truth. Now they want him to pardon himself and anybody that Mueller has indicted. Ask yourself if this is possible. If it was illegal in America before and it now becomes possible, ask yourself what it means. Dump Trump. Donnie has to go. Hell with the Kock brothers and friends. This is not government.
I'm in favor of the only form of democracy with a demonstrated track record of success, the draft.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I enlisted but there is nothing wrong with the draft. You learn a lot and it makes you a better man. Maybe no draft is a lot of what's wrong with our kids today.
Some more of my Anti Trump stuff...;) .
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
All truth in that Trump and Hitler comparison. Adolf would have that Orange Clown for breakfast or have him hanging by his nuts and wrapped in barbed wire.
There is the smell of an election cooking in the air.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
This is either Russian trolls or someone working for them. A worse thought is that it's our own religious right working with and through these trolls. I don't know if others noticed or not but I (for one) have had a lot more troll activity in e-mails, phone calls, and scams of any kind ever since Trump was elected. Sometimes multiple times a day. Please do not give them any information.
Don the Con in all his splendor.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I think more could have been added to this meme but there was not enough room.
It is baffling that any Trump supporter still actually believes that any of his actions or policies ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Let's use common sense here. If I levy tariffs on raw products that cause the price of steel and cars (among many other things) to go up in price how is that going to benefit the American consumer? Is the public happier and more well off paying more for things? Did that cheaper healthcare that Rump promised us all ever materialize? NO to those and 100 other things. Are we winning yet?
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I ran off 2 Baptist ladies last summer. Told them my past and said I do not believe any longer. OMG! They had a fit. Nature, trees, and the sky proves there is a god, they said. If you mess with me too much I will destroy your arguments quickly using the very book you believe from. This is easy coz the bible is a jumbled mess. Let's assume you are Muslim. How do you believe that the prophet flew to heaven on a "winged horse?" This is an impossible fairy tale. Anyone ever heard of a winged horse? All holy writings have their idiotic areas.
Firebrand atheists
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
You do not have to label yourself but I'm a firebrand atheist and I have no trouble with that or David Silverman. If you beat around the bush people do not hear you so well.
Spouse and religion
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
My ex wife was African. Her grandfather was part of a group that founded Legio Maria. This is sort of a mix of African beliefs with Catholicism and Pentecostalism. (You would have to look this up.) We used to talk religion. Once I became atheist she would still talk religion with me and she would agree with me. She thinks my words make sense. Even so, her final words are always "everyone knows there is a god."
I'm way too picky for my own good...also it's damn hard to find single atheist women...just sayin
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I'm not that picky but I just do not want to travel or relocate. True that I traveled to Kenya for my last lady, but I just cannot afford that any longer.
Would you contact a person with this bio?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I understand this but not the part about life being fab. Everyone has ups and downs and life is what you make it. Even so, I do not want to rescue anyone and I also do not want rescued. I'm my own person doing my own things and it works for me even if it bores you. Live and let live I always say. It doesn't matter much as my relationship experience seems to only go about 12 years. After that we are each going in different directions. I honestly feel that too many people remain together because they are faking their togetherness needs. Two people simply do not become one, but insecurity may cause many to want to be.
I'm an atheist Unitarian Universalist.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
My grandfather was a Baptist who turned Jehovah Witness but he never went to meetings. One of his son's did, and he took his entire family to the JW Meeting Hall. Two of his boys turned out Pentecostal. My mother was always searching and when she married my Freewill Baptist step father they both became Pentecostal. By age 13 they are really getting me into this and I'm going to become a preacher. An atheist today, I feel like a latter day Marjoe Gortner. I was indoctrinated but without the water boarding.
'It was like talking to a toddler’: mother of school shooting victim recounts her meeting with ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I read this in another article where they have Hart saying "It was like talking to a toddler," then they throw in another lady that says he was supportive, made a lot of sense, and is trying to prevent future shootings. I can only suppose that this other article was both trying to report as well as trying to keep a balance. We should not do that. Just because he is POTUS he has no "higher ground" and does not deserve our respect unless he also shows respect.
"American economist Jeffrey Sachs has written a scathing takedown of President Donald Trump, calling...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I agree with every word. The problem is all the people that still make excuses for him, and this includes a few friends of mine. I'm amazed that everyone on TV news programs are still trying to "play nice" when talking about him and how everything really is. He's a liar and a conman.
CNN Ratings Continue To Tank.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
Is there any way that I could even remotely believe this crap to be true? Not on your life!
Does anyone have random strangers approach you and do their damn best to save your soul?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
Once on a shopping trip in another town I was approached on the sidewalk by a street preacher. He really had a lot of people going there and his spiel apparently was about living forever. He gave everyone a tract that they could redeem for eternal life if they just knew how. He handed me one but I refused it. He then asked if I wanted to live forever. My answer was "not really." At that point he avoided me. I had looked him straight in the eyes but was already atheist at the time. Perhaps he knew this by my answer. Certainly I would have disrupted his show.
Michelle Wolf... []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
She's a jewel.
Last Easter I posted the following photo on FB and apparently I offended some relatives.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
Leave it up! I think the entire thing is bizarre. Imagine instead a Jesus that was given the electric chair. His followers now wear small electric chairs (with him sitting in it) around their necks on a silver chain. My, how religious we are.
I have a very big dilemma that i need help with to make sure that i am not in the wrong here, any ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
If she is Catholic and hellbent on this it would appear that you have to do it their way.
Why doesn't god intervene when innocent children are being raped or starved?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
The fact that god never does ANYTHING is the biggest evidence of the non-existence of any gods. People simply make it up. They have always made it up, but they lie so much that they tend to forget they are lying. I once attended a church where god needed a certain number of piano players. People even pretend that "god heals" when they are taking medicine or have surgery. Believing surgeons sometimes want to pray with you before the operation. WTF? Not me. Sorry, doc. YOU are not going to operate on me.
Has anyone here read One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America by Kevin...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 2, 2018:
I haven't read it but maybe I should. My take on religion in America is that believers have always wanted you to think we are "a Christian nation." This starts out with false claims of settlers coming here and why they did in the first place. (To worship god, of course.) At some point it might benefit corporate America to push these beliefs. One mindset is created to the point that today believers think that god and Jesus had something to do with our Constitution. How utterly bizarre this trash gets. This is the mindset of why Israel had to become a state when it did (it's in the Buybull) and what it all means to believing Americans. My step father always said that his big proof of the bible being true was that it predicted in the end that Jews would all come back to Israel and that was happening today. OK, I would predict that there are just as many Jews living elsewhere as there have ever been.
A 64-year-old put his life savings in his carry-on.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
His life savings was likely to be over the limit that you could safely carry around with you. As such they will take the money coz "he might be a drug dealer." We have an added possibility that he might be "taking the money out of the country." Sometimes it is a long hard fight to get this money back, if you ever get the money back.
God's plan for your life
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
Exactly so. This is also why god never heals those poor children with cancer at St. Jude.
Random thought - Do you think that the Trump/Kim Jong Un meeting is back on so Trump can hock his ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
It's back on but Kim wants more, so look for more than one meeting on this matter. Later we will hear how much Dump worked on this, so he definitely deserves his Nobel Prize.
A big contingent of my wife's bible thumping family is coming to our house for the weekend.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
Why give in? It's your house so don't let them have the high ground in this. Also, imagine over 2000 **years ago with no refrigeration** and people praying, thanking god for the food, and** asking that it be used "for the nourishment of their bodies.**" I know exactly what that means under the circumstances. Todays believer goes right into how god controls everything and without him you would have no food. Wrong! Just totally wrong on the "grace" idea. It should be self evident.
Trump likes orange...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
We need to take control of our society, our evolution, our world and our Multiverse!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
I read your main title for the meme and it seems that TV shows like "The Flash," "Supergirl," etc. have already done this. Yeah, a multiverse can explain anything.
Nice to know history
DenoPenno comments on Jun 1, 2018:
The bad thing here is that the moron really did say this. It made headlines. Yet, his base will support him claiming that he never made the remark.
There's no such thing as a 'pure' European—or anyone else | Science | AAAS
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
We are all people. None of us are pure anything. The earth is a big box of crayons.
Angry Young Preacher: The Bible Says Gay People Should Be Executed (Humanely) – Friendly Atheist
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
The angry young preacher needs to remember that he is reading out of 66 different books that all say different things and some are contradictory. He has been tricked into believing that all these books go together. Truth is they are just under one cover now. When you find trouble with the bible just remember where it came from and what form it had then compared as to its form now. The writings prove nothing except the fallibility of the book.
Just for grins, how many of us still have bibles laying around the residence?
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
I have several bibles and the study books and courses that go with them. If I got rid of them now it would be like I was all angry or something. I do have anger but not at these books. My anger is in being lied to and taken advantage of. What can I say? My parents didn't know either. They went with what was passed on to them.
How can someone halfway believe in a god or gods
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Can I halfway believe in a god or gods? Let me think. Can I halfway believe in Santa Claus?
Do you think the EPA is good?
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Without the EPA the Kock brothers and friends will live exactly in locations they want to be in, but they don't give a damn about you, your water, your food, your land, or anything else about the area you live in. Polluting is OK. You have to pay for it to be cleaned up and they do not want to pay. This is a major reason they are trying to get rid of 8 years of Obama.
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Do you mean will Trump make up his mind? Make up his mind about what?
'Last Tuesday, Donald Trump addressed the Susan B Anthony List at its 11th annual Campaign for Life ...
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Exactly. This is why we have to do our best in November to turn the tide and hope we could change the balance of power in favor of Dems. That may not happen. Maybe the best we can hope for is to have a balance of power again. That would make a big difference. Keep in mind that between now and the mid terms Trump will campaign almost weekly in states that he has carried. He may lie a bit again as he wants to keep the GOP power that they have now.
So recently I decided to quit drinking and it's been a hard thing to do I was doing pretty well ...
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
I stopped drinking and smoking. I haven't smoked in 18 years but I have started drinking again in limited form . Beer in my frige is over a month old and I have Sangria wine sometimes. If I do go over my limit I regret it and I feel it. Sometimes I want to come home and just get drunk. I make maybe 2 drinks and quit. You have to figure out why you are drinking and what attracts you to it.
They are going to have to take ambien off the market.
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
I like the fact that the makers of Ambien are now admitting that racism is not one of their side effects.
Is it wrong for an Atheist to be bummed that Lucifer was cancelled? (I loved that show)
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
When I first heard that they had such a show with the name "Lucifer" I almost laughed out loud when I found out what it was about. I've never seen it and don't want to see it. I could just never bring myself to watch something like this.
What do yall think about what happens after death?
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
What happens after death? How can this be a serious question? I cannot fully answer it and I guarantee nobody else can either.
What is the quickest easiest meal that you make yourself and love?
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
I crush Ramen Noodles and make them with just enough water, adding other things to make them over 15 different ways. It's a quick snack or can be added to other foods. For example, mixed with chili it becomes a version of chili mac.
Trump is a TV reality show host do you really believe he does not look like Max Head Room???
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Max is better looking. I'm wondering what Donnie will do once his hair is all gone?
Trying hard to keep my sense of humor...
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
Pretty good.
Don't you think this whole Roseanne thing is just a big show to distract from the 1500 missing ...
DenoPenno comments on May 31, 2018:
No, I don't think that but I also doubt that you will hear much at this time about 1500 missing children. 45 and friends would just like for that issue to go away.
Something I thank Donald Trump for.
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
I think you have pretty much explained the modern right and GOP as they became more entangled with religion over the last few years. The problem here is that both they and the Evangelicals now come across as delusional hypocrites. At least I have no problems in seeing where I stand. I would never again be associated with either one of them.
Why do we hate?
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
There was a book out once called "Future Shock." I think there is something to it. Put us all together and "rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell" and you can see the fear, anger, unfamiliarity, and ignorance needed for this. Bible thumpers say "it's the end times." I say our lives have speeded up so much since 1950 that it is so hard to keep up with everything. This might explain why as we go forward it might look like we also go backward. We have too many gadgets and apps and fear and anger surround us as we don't know what the hell is going on.
Kinda out there, but that is Whoopi.
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
I love it. I've spent a big portion of my life haunted by the JFK murder. I swear, if I found out tomorrow that Trump had his brains blown out my remark to everyone talking about it would be "it couldn't have happened to a nicer man."
More than white
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
Roseanne brought this on herself. She can claim she is not racist all she wants, but her remark was directed at Valerie Jarrett who was an Obama advisor. Why now? Why words like "Muslim" and "ape?" It looks to me like Roseanne believes every word Trump ever said about Obama and wanted to stir things up. The problem is simple really. The GOP and powers around them overlook Trump on issues of this sort when he should be taken to task for it and called on the carpet. It won't work that way with Roseanne as she never figured on a brave black ABC President, Ms. Dungey, to take action here that nobody else in the world is doing. The ABC President is showing that we simply will not stand for this. Meanwhile all of Roseanne's old shows are being pulled from syndication, and everyone is treating her as if she was contagious. Both Roseanne and ABC might lose millions but the world (and Trump) is being shown that we cannot allow things like this to become contagious. White supremacy is just another dumb and bad idea. It's not a joking matter.
He can go behind the bushes.
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
I'm all for it.
This has to be some kind of joke! Trump to meet with prison reform expert Kim Kardashian at the ...
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
I don't think I could ever like Kim just because of her TV show and stuff but she is a real life activist.
Do you support Trump?
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
You think Trump deserves the respect that his position affords him? He's a liar and a conman. Please explain to me what "respect" you are talking about.
I find it fascinating that conservatives are appalled, offended and totally freaking out over the ...
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
Roseanne brought this on herself and I don't think Trump can help her. Now she blames ambien for her outburst. Great! If they take that seriously it enforces the war on opioids. Soon nobody will have sleep and pain pill meds and that includes Roseanne. Great job, great role model. Meanwhile in Missouri, everyone thought that Trump would come to the defense of Greitens but that could never happen. Since Greitens delimma is a sexual scandal the entire thing would draw too much attention to Trump. Powers that be want our attention drawn away from Donnie being charged with the same things. It's time everyone understood that sexual and racist remarks and actions have zero tolerance in America. Monkey and Muslim remarks do not go together. Some do not even see that the Roseanne remark is yet another stab at nastiness during 8 years of American history. Enough is enough. Trump is next.
Also, although I've had drinks, eaten a couple good meals and dealt with a moderate amount of ...
DenoPenno comments on May 30, 2018:
Congratulations, tot. Along with those good meals eat some pears. :) You can do this!
Republican? Democrat? Libertarian? :)
DenoPenno comments on May 29, 2018:
I'm a card carrying Libertarian today but I never vote for them. In my lifetime I have carried the cards of the other 2 parties as well. How I vote depends on the issues but I will not likely ever be a card carrying Republican again.
Missouri’s morally reprehensible governor resigned today in an effort to avoid becoming Lazy Left ...
DenoPenno comments on May 29, 2018:
I heard that on 5 PM News today. As a Missouri resident I was so happy to hear that Greitens "Christian family values" had finally done him in. People pointed out others that had affairs but they missed the whole point. This man ran fro governor using the GOP family values position and the scandal he was fighting proved plainly that he lied to the voters. That did him in. GOP supporters wanted to say it was all OK, and between him and his wife, and that she had forgiven him. I'm sure the voters thought differently. The official resignation is Friday, June 1st. As for him and his dark money that I'm sure he doesn't want to reveal fully, let this be a lesson to the Kock brothers and friends. We do not need bought and paid for politics in any state and we also do not need it in our POTUS.
Special Issue Mad Magazine
DenoPenno comments on May 29, 2018:
Where's Eddie Munster?
That's wh.y I'm here. :D
DenoPenno comments on May 29, 2018:
Yes, and they openly said they would not work with Obama. Now they cry coz we don't like Trump. This is classic hypocritical racism.
Jesus loves you? What does it mean to you?
DenoPenno comments on May 28, 2018:
Equally pointless to me also. How does Jesus love you except for the bible telling you so, just like in the old song. Other passages in that same book talk of a Jesus with a different opinion also. Yes, Jesus. The warrior King who was killed as a threat to Rome. Someday he will return riding a white horse up in the sky, and he has tattoos on his thighs. He was also resurrected with a perfect body but he kept his injuries and his hands will never heal. Everything is fuct up.
AL Pastor Puts Up Sign Saying “Black Folks Need to Stay Out of White Churches” – Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on May 28, 2018:
I saw a video once where a white female pastor claimed that god never intended for the races to be together. She said this with a straight face too. My immediate mind reaction is that her god is** so stupid** he never suspected that mankind would make big ocean ships and later the airplane. It's idiot nonsense like this (backed up by the Buybull) that helped me decide to ditch religion. People try to scare me from time to time asking what I would do if it turns out there really is a god. If there is such a being he would have nothing to do with any of the claimed scriptural writings. Bible study alone can get you to this point.
Greek Orthodox Church: Don’t Blame Us for That Viral (and Violent) Baby Baptism – Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on May 28, 2018:
After watching this I wonder if the child will confess? I guess the 3 times dunking is for the trinity.
First it was God with devil having a meeting over Job Secondly is Jesus with devil having meeting ...
DenoPenno comments on May 28, 2018:
Abrahamic religions are idiotic. All this crap over a rule that god could have changed himself. He hated that he mad man and then drowned everybody except 8 people. He could have just made new people. Later he gets a young girl pregnant so he can come to earth as his son, then he arranged for the kid to be killed so that if you believe in him you can live forever and kiss his royal ass for eternity. No thanks. Not interested. I'll just keep things the way they are. Forever worshiping something is just too frigging long.
Gentlemen, could you please give me some insight concerning unsolicited pictures of male genitalia?
DenoPenno comments on May 28, 2018:
Suzy I promise to never send you one. Sorry you had that experience.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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