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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Children's stories
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
It's strange how we got god in 2 people. It gets more strange when we have god in 3 people but there is magic in numbers. I doubt that many believers could do math or write. I wonder what language Jesus talked to Pilot in. Who would believe those 2 even had a meeting?
TikTokers Break Down Massive MAGA Republican Scam - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
I think I get it but money is money. If I found money buried out in the woods I would keep my mouth shut and keep the money. If money fell out of a Garda truck and I stopped for it I would keep the money and keep my mouth shut. TV movies wants everyone to be sooo honest on these issues. I guarantee you that my mind has no political qualms about money. I would keep the money and NOT have a new car the next day. :)
Out of curiousity, how many different people do you, personally, think is the AVERAGE number of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
Why would i count?
Cartoonish in just about every way.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
I don't believe this because Trump would want something in return. LIke maybe money.
Happy Labor Day...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
My boss called for volunteers on Labor Day so I volunteered to stay home.
Nikki Haley HUMILIATES HERSELF with DESPERATE defense of Donald Trump on Fox - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
This means that Nikki still has political aspirations and that possibly she thinks Trump will be able to help her.
Anti-gay WI GOP candidate had 'many sexual encounters' with male colleague
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
Well, of course he did but he's not gay. God will also forgive him.
I couldn't help myself and I ordered six of these.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
Looks like plan to me. :)
What Is Satanic Panic? Debunked '80s Conspiracy Theory Is Making a Return
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
The McMartin case was totally sickening but I'm sure many still believe it today. As I recall they brought in "experts" to work with the children and these people totally suggested what might have happened. The shame was in everyone believing it.
Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, urged lawmakers to overturn Trump election loss in ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
I find it greatly disturbing that Ginni is speaking out like this. Is she not aware that the election is a done deal? Is she not aware that her remarks make her and her husband very unpopular? Maybe her words and actions are some preface to a proposed political run of her own.
Is anyone familiar with "Vision Church at Christian International?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
My advice is to stay away from this one coz it is a cult.
Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Falls To Death Days After Company Announces Massive Closures and Layoffs
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2022:
Not much on Putin here. This guy had to lay off a lot of people and company stock fell by 21 percent. He he also owned some money so it is likely that he jumped.
A Christian school baptized 100 kids without telling their parents
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2022:
This would make me extremely angry if I was one of the parents.
A good point. []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2022:
Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!
If a mature woman, enamoured of her husband, said you could ask her any questions you liked about ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2022:
I do not discuss people and their sex lives. If you knew anything about it personally it would be because someone told you. They might be lying or trying to brag. Why discuss this?
Trump Claims He’s ‘Financially Supporting’ Jan 6th Defendants During an interview on the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2022:
I can go along with every word of this. The problem is that some Trump cultists do not get it. Trump has to keep busy and get a lot of money you know. That's because payments on some big loans are all coming due. The gullible are lining up with their credit cards. They know all about Pocahantas and The Squad.
Good Samaritan faces charges after stopping armed attacker in Baltimore - Washington Times
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Totally unfair on this one. The thing is that a "good guy with a gun" is being pushed at people and that idea may promote gun sales. I have guns. I never carry them.
Sesame Street: Celebrity Lullabies With Ricky Gervais - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
That's funny. :)
Several prominent Russian businessmen have died by apparent suicide in just three months - CNN
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
My take on this is when Vlad finds out you are against his war he will have you killed just to prevent you from talking about it. Businessman or not, if you are silenced the public knows not to engage in anti-war talk. They are afraid to even talk to the neighbor about it but secretly people know what is going on.
St. Louis Archdiocese chooses anti-LGBTQ bigotry over free school lunch
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Absolutely disgusting! Yes, bigotry is so much better than feeding hungry kids. Just imagine hungry and we do not want that LGBTQ kid to eat. God's all for it and Little Johnnie is praying "god keep them away from me."
Born on September 3, 1913 actor Alan Ladd. D:1964 []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
Always a favorite. Shane was the western where the kid could run to town and get there the same time he did. Other than that it was realistically done.
Will this ultimately result in a health catalyst to break the current cycles of infection from ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2022:
I heard this on the news and do not know what to make of it.
Ricky Gervais – Golden Globes 2020 (Uncensored, HD) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2022:
Ricky is always funny.
Oh Canada!
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2022:
I looked the article over and have known a few people like this. Many are "apostles" and they also know the second coming will happen in their lifetimes. My, how important these people are. They must be special, huh?
My "sell-by" date is in two days. Tick...tick...tick.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
I agree with you. Too far away. I'm 76 and not glued to my cell phone. I do not grin at it and thumb it to death. I'm also a movie and TV series buff and watch all kinds of shows and films going from now to way back. Everyone thinks you do this on your cell phone. Not me. I use desktop computers and a big screen TV. **Now here is where the dating thing comes in**. Nobody gets it that words on a screen are simply words on a screen. In order to get to you and hook you there are invites to every app and every page imaginable. It happens to me even on this site. Where can we have more privacy with our words on a screen? Maybe they think you are crazy. If they are mining at least they might get your cell number and your e-mail. Collect a bunch of these and sell them as active. "Too far away" sounds like and end game but not with many of these that I run onto. Some might be bots. IDK.
White nationalist: After School Satan clubs are an 'act of terrorism'
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
So, what's the problem here? Everybody agreed that after school Christian Clubs could do there thing and scare the bejesus out of young kids. :)
Atheist take marriage seriously.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
I am not surprised that divorce rates are highest among Evangelical Protestants. At the same time I cannot agree that atheists take marriage seriously. What I do believe is that the stability of your parents marriage might end up saying a lot about your own marriage as time goes by.
MeidasTouch - BREAKING: Trump Files INCRIMINATING GIBBERISH REPLY TO DOJ Mar-A-Lago Response ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
The reason Trump waited to file any motions is because he first needed someone to explain just what motions they would be filing.
Cases against 20 arrested voters in Florida on shaky legal ground.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
Yes, a political stunt. It is simple really. Either you want a con to be able to vote or you do not.
That is why I don't go out...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
I'm social only when working. I live alone and come home, get naked, and do things around the house. I see out and nobody can see in.
Never have I ever..
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
I never bungie jumped and there is no way in hell that I ever would.
The 'Safe and Effective' vaccines may not prevent infection or transmission.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2022:
They are supposed to assure you of a milder case of Covid if you are vaxxed and do get the disease. You know, sort of like the flu vaccines. At no time or place did anyone say get these shots and you will not get Covid. Being vaccinated is called an immunization but it does not mean you become "immune" from Covid. Antivaxxers want to argue that one forever and they know what is going on. It's just that they will not shut up. People behind the vaccines want you to take them because some people actually do have to pay for them and the companies make money this way. It is also believed that if you do not die you might be a candidate to buy many of the useless products being pushed worldwide these days. Yes, they make a profit when you buy products. On the other hand, my cousins friends uncle knows a man who got the shot and died an hour later. There are many of these stories. Then you have my real cousin who got Covid and went to the hospital with it, then died later after they approved him to leave. Then there is myself who got Covid 2 years ago and I did not work for a month but I survived. I also had 2 doses of Moderna. BTW, Covid is slowly sneaking back. My son-in-law has it pretty bad right now.
U.S. can't punish Christian hospitals for refusing to do abortions, gender surgery | Reuters
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
I don't think any of this was what the Affordable Care Act was about.
Think it's more than just DeSantis and Florida.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Trump knew on thing very well. People thrive on ideas of "us against them." He even gave rallies to illustrate and demonstrate. Everyone wanting elected gets on the clown car and followers think the ones wanting power believe exactly as they do. Right now the party followers are afraid to object.
Texas lawmaker: Those Arabic 'In God We Trust' posters don't count!
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
These people are batshit crazy. I'm still upset by "In God We Trust" displayed on law enforcement vehicles. In going after the bad guys we are led to believe they all gather at the supposed scene, hold hands, and pray before getting to business.(Dog does this on TV) A sensible person knows this is insane! I propose that we have a dollar bill displayed instead and as big as the entire ass end of the vehicle and plainly you see the motto "In God We Trust" on that dollar bill.
Overcoming religious guilt:
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
Imagine ideas that God is watching while you take a crap. This would be hardest for women I think.
Mikhail Gorbachev recognised the failings of communism and sought to reform the system.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
The collapse of capitalism is coming about now because of the extremes it is following. A simple system of supply and demand has turned into everything you do and every move you make becoming something to buy being pushed at you. This is because all your habits online are being bought and sold. You have become that dog who chases cars but cannot drive. E-mail is showing you that car from yesterday you looked at and others know it and do not want to be under sold. If they know you sneezed you will be shown the right medicine without asking for it. This is the beginning of the end for capitalism.
Janis Joplin - To love somebody - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2022:
I never knew or met Janis Joplin but I grew up with a local girl that became a musician and did all the Joplin songs. Patty O'Neal was her name and she is also dead and gone now. Any time she was around a band anywhere they wanted her on stage and the audience would hardly let her go. Her claim to fame was that she was a backup singer but on stage alone she was Janis Joplin. Many of us thought she did Janis Joplin better than Janis Joplin.
I actually believe this.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
Could be totally real. Many are getting tired of her off the wall comments and this could have been a message for he to lighten up.
Holy shit.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
You are correct. I suppose they wanted to end the war but I still watch some of this stuff. Had to believe today that i was in Germany just 20 years after Hitler. There were some bars that a GI was not welcome in.
The Right's Embrace of Racist Replacement Theory Is Both Dangerous and Dumb: A Closer Look - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
Tucker is nuttier than a fruitcake. So is anyone who supports him in any way.
Former Elder Robert Lee Harris Convicted Of Killing Wife In Kansas
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
These people are crazy. When not working or buying food I am usually home because i know how crazy people are today.
Religion can have its advantages.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
Looks like it was something extramarital. Whatever it was you seem happy with it.
There are it is said as many different definitions of what the word “Religion” means, as there ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
I go with Mark Twain's idea that it is believing something you know is not so. A bit out of context here but it works.
Two Separate Bigfoot Sightings Reported In SC This Year [wsoctv.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2022:
The site might be batshit crazy but so are many TV channels these days. One in my area is Story TV and they do indeed tell you a story. Sometimes it is accurate and other times it is totally crazy. I can imagine the gullible saying, "well, it could happen."
Jamie Foxx Gives His Best Donald Trump Impression | Rap Radar - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
This is hilarious! Jamie does a great impression.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
Song is good but I have no faith.
Trump's Truth Social Is Devolving Into Utter Chaos - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
Maybe they can get money by claiming Trump lost the election. It has happened before. :)
It’s funny because it’s true
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
There is no way this kid was protecting anything. We have to ask ourselves why others think a high school kid was asked to come there and guard anything and also ask why his mother drove him half the way there.
Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Facing Grave Financial Issues Former president Donald Trump’s ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
When he finally croaks we all know it could not have happened to a nicer man. :)
Urethral Sounding “Urethral sounding is a form of sexual play that involves inserting a thin ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
No thanks. I will pas on this one.
Letters From An American 08/27/2022
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
I'm not really a Biden fan but I keep wondering what is was that held the toilet paper to Trump's shoe as he boarded the plane. Biden may have fallen off his bicycle but at lest he's not full of crap.
I want to pay tribute to my father.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
Sounds like you had a wonderful father.
There is a general confusion in America about the meaning of terms like "conservative" and ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2022:
Maybe I am just too sleepy yet this morning. I don't get this at all. I'm a former conservative turned liberal and identify today as a progressive. Currently I see no good coming out of any political belief where somebody has to lose. There should be equality and benefit for all as much as possible. Common good does not come about by the working of some invisible hand but I do agree that religion has poisoned everything. This is true today more than ever before because of desires to make America a theocracy when it plainly is not. Business practices seem to work out of stupidity and greed. If you have ever been in a checkout line in Walmart, for example, it is assumed that the person in front of you using a food stamp card is the real problem. They are using your money and have stolen it, but this is not true. Move on now to there conversion to self checkouts where they claim to be saving so much money. In reality more people are involved with this system than individual checkouts. The claim is that this system helps avoid theft. The reality IMO is that more can now be stolen.
Donald Trump Jr posts bizarre image of his own father with ‘redacted’ private parts | The ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2022:
Trump Jr. has a drug problem. The entire family might have one because Eric recently posted about how clean and pure they all are. The whole family should be redacted.
The World Has Lost Common Sense
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2022:
He is globsmacked by change and his ideas of mankind around for only 6000 years. None of us like change unless that change is openly doing something good for us. If we do not understand it then it must be bad. I'm wondering how he can get all of his ideas out of a book written by sheep herders who wore all kinds of clothes. If he does not catch this and what it might mean he is controlled by his bible and his pastor. Someone should ask him who wrote the book of Job and knew about the bet between God and the Devil. How did that happen and how would it be real?
This is our final episode of Atheist News.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2022:
Sorry to see you go Steve but you did a fine job. You also know you own priorities well.
NC Lt. Gov.: Kids shouldn't learn science or history in school
DenoPenno comments on Aug 26, 2022:
I suppose this asshole thinks kids should learn science and history in his bible. Why do people like him think they are a Patriot? Ask that and you will get a bullshit answer. I want to know who's body the pregnant woman becomes. If it is no longer her body we must be making B grade sci fi films here.
Letters From An American 08/24/2022
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
Idiots surrounding me all say this is totally unfair. Students should not get debt relief because someone else is bitching that they had to pay good money for their schooling. Oh, the poor babies! Chances are their incomes were so high they did not qualify for schooling or debt relief.
Cassville, Mo.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
Do corporal punishment if you want to but my child would never have done that. He is also an SP4 now. :)
Trump says he stole the classified documents to put them in his Presidential Library.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
Trump is too redacted to have a Presidential Library.
Mom fighting abortion bans after her daughter's death points to her homeland as a cautionary tale
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
This can happen when you politicize what you think are biblical beliefs. People are too stupid to see that the child only becomes a child at birth. RCC and worldwide theocrats push this the other way because each new birth is a potential donor.
Does Twitter Discriminate Against Nonbelievers?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
I have never felt the urge to make tweets.
The sound of a black hole.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
Is it a good vibration?
Now Christians are targeting women who wear pants
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
This guy is out of his mind but in my Evangelical church daze the preacher told you how it was a sin for women to wear pants. Bible aside, I think it's just because they think men are supposed to wear the pants.
Cats and dogs
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
I never took the question seriously.
Now that American citizens have had six months to feel the effect of their governments policies ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2022:
I didn't vote and I'm not going to be swayed into a belief that the Ukraine started the Russian genocide. I am not batshit crazy.
I'm just going to post these all in one post.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
The cops I am seeing on screen here should all be in prison. They also never should be allowed to work in law enforcement again.
Atheists Win Settlement After Suing Christian Nationalist Lawmaker [atheists.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
After reading about this man I do not think he should be holding political office of any kind.
GOP Candidate Said It's "Totally Just" To Stone Gay People To Death - LGBTQ Nation
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
People of this mindframe are not even sure of their own sexuality.
Today I wrote an impassioned letter to WA State director who ordered logging in Squilchuck State ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
Logging should never be done in a state park unless it is for beatification projects. IMO logging for the sake of getting timber would be a no no in state parks. Thanks for writing that letter.
Trump files motion to bar the government from reviewing seized materials.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
Anything to keep in the spotlight and make others think he is concerned and doing the right thing. This man is all ate up and full of himself. Maybe full of crap also.
‘Forget about your worries or dying’ As Christianity rapidly declines, these religions are ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2022:
I suppose people think they have to belong to something. Otherwise, I am not impressed.
Heil Jesus! I was studying a bit of history around the foundation of Christianity.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2022:
We cannot take it as fact in any argument that JC was around for some time before he was born. It makes no sense at all unless you are an Evangelical Christian. The fact that elements of what we know as Christianity is found also in other religions simply shows a similarity in religions.
Ever notice people do not “find God “when they are happy?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2022:
When people find Jesus in prison it relates to their past childhood upbringing.
Texas will force schools to display donated 'In God We Trust' posters
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2022:
Do not accept the donation. Texas and its white supremacists unawares apparently do not care about anyone who is different from them. They deny anyone different from them or claim it is all made up by the Left. You can't make up those other races and religions and this is just a start. Someday this will all come back to bite them in the ass. A woman I worked with a few years ago asked me what I would do when the white race is a minority. There is no white race and I have no interest in checking the stats on this. It is not anything that scares me.
How do you spot a fake account on Agnostic? Easy, they’re the ones that start following you!?🤠
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2022:
I can agree with that but I might have an exception. A young girl friendly with me is from India and wants to become an IT tech. She is going to school for this and is excited about it. She seemed happy that I put her onto some Internet sites that might help her if she wants to come here later with her IT skills. She asks me for nothing but checks in every now and then to report her progress. I am like a mentor.
Saying your anti mandate, is like the same as, saying your anti vaxxers.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Vaxxed all my life and not dead yet. BTW, the issue is not about killing you. It's about keeping as many people as possible alive so they can continue to get your money. If I can sell you anything, anything at all, I have your money.
New details emerge on man who died after hearing guilty verdict in Denton County | News | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
If Leclair is dead by any means available does that mean he escaped justice? Only if you believe he should go to hell and be tortured forever and ever. Face facts. Leclair will do no crimes any more forever and ever. He's dead.
Salvation/Liberation as Human Transformation “The great post-axial traditions, as we have ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
There is no reality to religion. In Facebook people keep giving credit to god for waking them up every day. That's a big job. I suppose that if they did wake up it is supposed to be proof of a god. I use an alarm clock and it works every time.
Dick Cheney has no shame.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Donald Trump has no shame without a doubt.
George Carlin - Saving the Planet - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Have a cat for humanity.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Crush the Clown. He should not be allowed to hold office again.
Missouri pastor says congregation poor, broke, and busted for not buying him a luxury Movado watch.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2022:
Greedy bastard. I don't even wear a watch. They get in my way and also stop working on me.
The 'blasphemy' of Beth Moore crushing on Jesus because of grapes
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Maybe if Lucille Ball was still alive they could crush grapes together.
The Texas Christian Taliban are at it again.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
In which god do you trust? People in your schools are from all over and their gods should get mention or display as well. If you do not think so, then let's go to court about this.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Why does the worried man think he is a "Patriot?" Did he have time served in the military? If the answer is no then you are not a damned Patriot.
I have been hearing good things about Australia
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Constantly looking for females to practice on. I am very discreet and selective.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
For the record I am not a fan of tattoos. I have none while my 2 daughters each have a few. As for not going to heaven if you have tattoos people need to read Revelation where Jesus comes from the sky on a white horse and his titles are tattooed on his thighs. People need not be so righteous and smug that there is anything new about tattoos.
Paulogia - 12 Reasons Why Christians Will Be Persecuted (Todd Friel response) []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Christians are persecuted because their book told them they will be persecuted. Most of them claim they believe their book.
You knew that when Donald Trump was elected to the presidency that it was going to be horrible.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Trump was worse than I ever imagined. I knew he was terrible from the time he went to Puerto Rico and threw paper towels at people. Then he denied them aid. Time for re-election and he said once he was in office again he would start dismantling Social Security. Trump and many others look at this insurance program as getting something for free. I think it worries them.
Comply, don't die says conservatives. []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Comply and stay alive. I inform police of exactly what I am doing in a traffic stop when my hand is reaching for my driver's license.
If Biden runs again in 2024, will he keep Kamala Harris as his running mate?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2022:
Since the VP choice is up to the Biden Team I'm not going to waste time or energy trying to convince anyone that the choice should be anyone else. What's the point? As time goes on I find more and more that people want to believe that if the election winner was not their choice then an instant voting "re-do" would fix everything. It won't.
Why don't old, liberal atheist men corner me a Walmart instead of old, conspiracy theorist Christian...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 18, 2022:
I go to Walmart but not the one in Springfield. :)
So being an atheist, one of the most significant things that I struggling with is that since I also ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 18, 2022:
As an atheist I do not struggle with things so much at all. My biggest struggle is to keep aware of how things are constantly changing on social media. Rather than take it too seriously I simply remain aware. Do not take awareness too far because if you do it becomes paranoia.
Paper sculpture by Chinese artist Li Hongbo representing the strength of a mind built by reading.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 18, 2022:
Reading is a wonderful thing but this guy needed something to do.
Just a thought, Bernie Madoff defrauded an estimated 65 billion from clients who he told would make ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 18, 2022:
The big swindle is eternal life. Yes, The RCC has a guy called Pop and he might die but he will live forever. He has a doodly do that lives on. It's a rah rah rah. The gullible claim god gave it to you when you started breathing. Saul of Tarsus, an RCC forerunner, claimed he used his to travel to heaven and back to get his teachings. He saw the dead Jesus when nobody else did and if you were hungry you could eat meat offered to idols. Give thanks at the collection plate.
Biden is not doing anything and immigrants are taking our jobs.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 18, 2022:
I have agreed with this for a long time now. LOL
Me when people from out of town call
DenoPenno comments on Aug 17, 2022:
Dating sites make a game of this stuff and you also have to watch your phone for pop up information gathers. I access a site called Meet Me but only with a desktop computer. The site is really for phone use and everyone there is mining your info.
Alito’s Call to Arms to Secure Religious Liberty New York Times, Aug.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 17, 2022:
So Alito does not think we have religious liberty?


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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