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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


A serious event occurs that wipes out the power grid.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
With no power grid you will have no cell phone and this event will likely be worldwide. Unless you quickly set up to live off ther grid you will have nothing but darkness and chaos. Comunication as we know it is gone. Suddenly we are living in 1800 again.
Christian Ex-Witch: The Illuminati Controls Our Minds via Flu Shots on Easter – Friendly Atheist
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Don't worry. The frequencies used are higher than the human ear can hear, so what is the problem?
What's a thing that you love?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Good conversation is great. So is cuddling. I had one wife that I cuddled with and I slept with my nose in her hair. It was a peaceful feeling and a good smell. Of course, you can't be glued together that way so in the hours that go by you do toss and turn.
Have you ever done a good deed and someone assumed it's because you're Christian?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Her good deeds do come with that promise of heaven even though she will not admit it. This is why believers are doing good deeds. Their god will look kindly upon them for it.
Christians argue that the founding fathers had Christ in mind while designing the constitution etc.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
I'm still trying to figure out just which mean old King it was that would not let our early settlers practice their religion. That's how they tell the story, so they came to America and started our Christian Nation. WRONG! Believers keep wanting to re-write history.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Do you eat meat? If so you are on steroids. Do you take meds of any kind? If so you are likely on steroids.
Do you as an atheist feel more intelligent than believers?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Being more logical does seem to make you more intelligent. Even so, we all have our little quirks. We tend to exaggerate at some point or another. I recently took an online test where they said if you pass this you have an IQ of at least 134. I scored 97 out of 100 questions and they were all about history in our recent past within 200 years. What did this have to do with IQ? I thought it was just a need to know and paying attention.
Hello my girlfrined is bully me into becoming an evangelical christian like herself,I have been a ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
It doesn't look good. You cannot change or give in just because she cries and doesn't want you to go to hell. I compare religious nonsense today to trying to understand something that the Easter Bunny is trying to tell you. I give it the same authority and validity. BTW, Easter this year is on April Fool's Day.
Do you spend time debating your views on religion with the religious?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Sometimes, but I refuse to debate and most often do not go into any more detail with them than you see me do on this site. To believe or not to believe is not something that you "win."
When on Facebook and I read "pray" for this that or whatever my answer is: "Faith means not wanting...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Even when I was a theist it was hard to believe that others were actually praying for you. I think it is more lip service than anything. One example is sacks of mail in a church and they simply pray over the sacks claiming god knows what the letters say inside. Then we always have those politicians who are "praying for us." They don't even know us, so what is this all about?
The subtext of texting....
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Texting sucks. I hate it. You can be scammed more easily in texting than in any real time phone convo. Here is why I hate texting: Whatcha doin? Nuten Wanna get a pizza IDK Isn't Suzie cute Yeah Would she date me IDK Wanna hang Maybe Short messages are OK but texting bullshit just goes on and on and on. I have yet to figure out a purpose for it and think most people should buy a pet.
Lol, 'proving' magic is real! Now tell me doesn't this always work?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
It sounds like computer speak to me.
A Georgia Mom Crashed Her Car Into a Concrete Pole to Show Her Kids God Exists – Friendly Atheist
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
I hate all religion because it is all the same. We are taught to believe in imaginary beings and told what this/these beings want. The idea of this is ridiculous.
Cis, hetero men: how to have women fighting over you: 1.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
I'm not much of a dancer but I think I agree with you on all 3 points. My ex loved my foot massages too. I think I might just run an ad saying I can do foot massages. :)
How do you deal with Backstabbers in the workplace?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
I confronted one recently with my boss as a witness because I told the boss what I was going to do before hand. The man threatened me, told me he was going to kick my ass, told others present why he was going to kick my ass, told the boss why I really had it coming, danced around and then denied everything that he had said about me. The boss told us all to get back to work and I no longer have troubles out of this man today.
Does meaning matter
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
You and those around you are what gives your life meaning. It is that simple.
Is "God" a bunch of Aliens?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
God is indeed an alien but I did not give up on a biblical alien in order to start believing in a sc fi version of a space alien. That is cherry picking. Do I believe there is other life in the universe like us? Of course. There would have to be out of sheer possibility.
Will you be changing your FB account?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Many things are coming out now that are remotely related to Dolt45, the election, how everything is managed and used, who may or may not have profited, etc. to the point of where I am sick of it. Of course they all use your information. Of course they all have your information. Google even said that if you click on their stuff then you agree with them. NOT. What this boils down to is the algorythm and it's use. I disagree with it and do not see this the way they do. That will not stop anybody. I don't want to be used in click bait, suckered into anything, or discover that I am being sold carrots because 5 years ago I posted that I like carrots. The situation used to be that they led us like a horse to water. There has been some trouble in getting us to drink. Today they want to show us the water and hold our heads down in it. That don't work with me but I won't be changing or deleting my Facebook account. In the meantime we will see and expect many lawsuits about the use of our personal information until they finally get this issue adjusted on both sides.
Board Games
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Monopoly is still good but I haven't played it in over 5 years. I'm not much for board games, cards, games in general or on an app or a computer. I'm usually doing something else. Every now and then I find somebody smiling and jabbing their thumbs at their phone in an excited way and I ask them what they are doing. "I'm playing a game" they say. Imagine that in a sci fi movie.
Do you believe Atheism is a religion?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2018:
The simple premise of atheism is that atheists do not believe in gods, period. There is no way to call this a religion. On a personal level I cannot stop my atheism there because god belief is supernatural and I do not believe in anything supernatural. This is because I am an atheist who came out of theism. Sacred scriptures have something in them supernatural and a creator god is usually a spirit of some sort. If I deny existence of a creator god and still believe in ghosts I see this as an "apple and oranges" compromise. It means that I am "cherry picking" in my beliefs. Many might say that they have "had experiences" in their lifetime. We all have. This is where religions come from. Before we claim that "earth is a farm and we are the crop" we had best look at facts and possible explanations for events. Back to ideas of atheism as a religion, it becomes such when we start adding to it and scheduling services and meetings for it. This would lead to dogma which would lead to viewpoint and controversy, and in the end we would have denominations. I avoid atheism as a religion.
Farm animals?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
I love animals. Currently I do not have any. It would not be fair to the animal. I have never had a desire to race them.
Most people have a best friend, that person that knows them better than anyone else.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
I've had 2 best friends in my lifetime. We are all still friends but not "best friends." One of these men drifted from the "best" ideas when he wanted to become a music star. He had a limited success but his friendship drift was so he could be a friend to everybody. Not just a few or just one. He played backup in 2 C&W bands. My second best friend has remained "religious" his entire life. He doesn't understand my atheism and falling away. Often he puts a little bit of "god" into our conversations. On world events and politics he wants to look at everything through the eyes of the book of Revelation. This gets involved sort of like The Easter Bunny planning something with Casper the Friendly Ghost. If you throw in bigfoot, UFO's, etc. and what Revelation said about them you get the whole story here. Often I feel like "stop the world and let me get off."
What are the best TV series/shows you ever watched or are currently watching?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
I like many shows. The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Person of Interest, Lost, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Anything ID Discovery or forensic, Westworld, and more. Into older TV shows I love Have Gun, Will Travel and Wanted Dead or Alive. I've always been a western TV buff and sci fi fan of many types.
I was admitted to the hospital recently.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
They always want that religious affiliation. I tell them I have none and religion is not important to me. I'm sure it upsets them. If the doctor doesn't help you they want to send in god. Or, even if the doctor has years or training they want to pray that "god will guide" him. This is almost as bad as that old cartoon where the man is flat on his back in bed and the doctor is giving instructions to the nurse. She has a strange look on her face as the doc says "nurse, he's not responding to the medication so why don't you try jacking him off."
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
This has been happening to me ever since the last election. I wake up often and it's hard to sleep, I do not feel safe at all. Some of it is because that bastard wakes up often and he tweets. He always tweets disturbing nonsense. Dammit. Will someone shut him up or at least take his tweeter away?
Something interesting.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
Some of this is as simple as ads on sites. You might find ads on Atheist Nexus for example, but the site itself is not religious. Other times it really is sneaky sites that want to throw their false 6000 year old "god science" on you. Since the Internet will be the death of god in the end, we have those online now making unheard of claims for their deity and coming up with new "science" proving the word of god.
The Shape of Water .....Overrated Oscar Winner?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
I loved it. Sally Hawkins was great and at least Hollywood found other work for the creature from the black lagoon. Outside of eating cats he could actually heal people.
Just got bombarded by three born again Christians.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2018:
I like your words here and the way you handled it. I suppose god's gift to the world was a suicide mission. At best Jesus had a bad weekend. What was god to do? He could have just changed a rule that he made himself but that was too simple. He had to be born as one of us, being his own son no less, and there had to be shedding of blood. This way, if you believe, you won't die, but first you have to die anyway even if he died for you. Oh, hell, it gets so complicated. At least it gave us a reason for Jesus dying. This happened to me once this last summer. It was 2 Baptist men and I told them to just sacrifice a goat for me. (That's a Daniel Dennett quote.) One of the men informed me that doesn't work anymore. LOL
Do you feel as lonely as I do?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
There are times I am the most lonliest man in the world. I'm an introvert and do not need groups or friends around close all the time. I feel at times as though I have no real friends but I cannot let it get to me. The difference between us is that I am 71 now and I have been in LTR's 4 times in my life. At 27 you have a long way to go and lots of time yet to find someone. Do not despare. There is time. Be honest with yourself and with others and it will happen.
Psychic Dreams?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I no longer believe in anything supernatural but like all of us, I have had experiences. It's all a matter of how we interpret these as to what has happened. Here's a story from a friend of mine about his nephew who died from a brain tumor. My friend (now deceased himself as well) said he just could not deal with the death of Wesley. I knew both men well and knew they were close. My friend says then one night Wesley appeared in his bedroom and came close to the foot of the bed. Wesley said he was perfectly fine where he was and there was no need to worry about him. Wesley said he really was OK. My friend said he stopped worrying after this and he never saw Wesley again. My take on it all is that he needed to see Wesley and be told this, and that is also why it happened.
Ah the ocean,so peaceful. Until something touches your leg.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I avoid the ocean. Don't like sharks or stingrays in the sand. You wonder why sharks attack people and you are in their territory. They think you are food.
Fuck snow.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I hate snow. People say that I had to like it as a kid, and they know that I played in the snow then. Yes, that is why I hate snow. I remember being outside in the snow until I thought my feet were going to freeze off. I don't call that fun. It's madness.
So has anyone else read OT Ezekial?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
There is no evidence for anything except speculation.
Losing Faith in Humanity
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I am not sure that I have much faith in humanity. We are all false information and "monkey see - monkey do."
I have finally watched Black Panther, I have failed to see the hype it received, the whole movie to ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I watched it and enjoyed it. The movie cannot be deceptive if it is based on Marvel comics. In that realm there is always kingdoms that never existed. My big fear was that virtual reality would ruin the film in some way. Actually these scenes helped the film emensely. There are 4 or 5 people to really like in this movie, and Michael B. Jordan was so good that he could have had the lead role. Could the film have been better? Yes, but it also could have been worse. I loved it but my ex (who is black) did not like it much at all.
Crucifixion So the kids and I were talking about religion in the car and crucifixion in ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
Smart kids. As for religious symbols imagine for a moment that believers walk around with small electric chairs around their necks on a chain. That's for the Jesus of a later timeframe. Then we could also have the injection gurney on that chain, or just a hangman's noose. The faithful will cry and swear that you are mocking their Jesus. Yes, I am mocking. The complex and drawn out version Of Jesus and his crucifixion would have been a simple case of stoning to death if they had of followed Jewish law.
The Historicity of Jesus?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
There could have been an actual Jesus of history from the time frame involved (or before) but he is not seen in the Gospels. These writings were not eye witness accounts and seem to be talking about a complex and contradictory person. This is why Jesus seems at times to be a madman wanting death for some, then later a champion of the oppressed and downtrodden. The faithful believe that they actually have the "words of Jesus" in their scriptures in red writing. The reality is that today we would not have any such words. Is it any wonder that modern Evangelicals seem to have so many different versions of Jesus?
Did you ever find your calling? Or, are you still looking?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I don't think I have ever found my calling. I'm not sure exactly what a "calling" is but I know many of us are looking for it. What I have found instead is something that I cannot put a name on. I can look backwards in my own life and see why I did something at the time that I did it. I only know this today and would not have known it then. I know it today because I am honest with myself and I make no excuses because I am only revealing what I find to myself and not to others. Much of this is not pleasant. It also reveals actions at a basic level. Down deep we are all influenced by feelings and sayings that are almost tribal. We can learn from this but to do so we must be honest with ourselves. Drop the mask of the myth of self and underneath you find a totally different self and the principals that the self operates on.
The last male northern white rhino has died! ?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
I regret seeing any species go extinct. We should do our best to prevent this. Go online and search for video of extinct animals if you like. Some were filmed before we lost them forever. Many think of a rhino as a bad animal. They have a wonderful sense of smell and bad eye sight. Put this together with a desire to protect themselves and you have the rhino pegged. Yes, he will killl you, but only because he is protecting himself and his kind.
When I told my mother I as an Atheist she just laughed and said she had known a long time.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
You are lucky. I've went from precher to atheist and it confused my daughters but they were confused anyway. My stepfather once told me "you are going to split hell wide open" as if this place called hell was something that you dive into. I still have a former religious friend who always finds time to "preach" to me in our conversations. If we talk politics he warns me of what the bible says. Sometimes I answer him back that the bible says nothing all about our politics. Sorry. It just doesn't.
What is the bible to you?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
The bible is a collection of stories by different authors from different times and it tells many different stories. Some versions of it have 66 books and others have more. There are no original writngs today of any of the versions. Everything is a copy to the extent that today we have no evidence exactly of what was copied. The Old Testament is used extensively to "prove" prophesy in the New Testament but the writings are contrived to prove a purpose. There are no eye witness accounts of anything at all, Jesus and all about him included. On close inspection much of the New Testament was written long after the time of Jesus. It's therefore not surprising that you find writings that appear to refer to 70 AD and the Jewish war of that time. The earliest date for Revelation being written is 96 AD. In the first 300 years after the time of Jesus this all came together in accepted ways of what people were going to believe and allow in their collection of all the stories. Constantine had a lot to do with this but so did Marcion and others. The biggest irony of the New Testament is that Saul of Tarsus (as Paul) was the real founder of the faith and he never even met Jesus. Many did not trust him then but today the entire bible (biblios) is looked at as the enerrent word of god. The big book comes about in truth as something closer to Frankenstein's monster, but you cannot tell the faithful that.
Marijuana for recreational or medicinal? Dont be shy?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
In my lifetime I have used marijuana but I no longer do so. I support legalization because I think it is absurd that we arrest people for using and smoking something that grows wild out in fields. You can have laws that apply to excess usage, but not laws that prevent use of something growing naturally.
Describe your love life in one word.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Why Men Send Dick Pics
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Endowment is good to have but men just don't know how women think. This is true. Imagine a couple outdoors under the stars and they have just had sex. Smoking and looking at the sky one asks the other "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" This situation is just impossible. It pisses me off that someone might even post it as a cartoon. There is no way they are thinking the same thing, just no way, period. Maybe men should wonder why women do not send vagina pictures. I've never known one that did.
What do you think about this saying "there is someone for everyone?" Is it true or BS?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2018:
There is someone for everyone if you truly are looking for someone. To say there is only one person for everyone is BS. If this last one seems to be you, then you are making that happen. If you are not with "the one" any longer it is simply up to you as whether you want another or not.
Trump sucks
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I have nothing but loathing and disrespect for that man and I have never met him, don't want to meet him, and would walk across the street to avoid him. I think he is horrible in every possible way and has nothing good in mind for his fellow humans. He is a liar, cheat, and a conman. If I heard that he died tomorrow for any reasaon at all my reaction would be "it could not have happened to a nicer man." I would say this if he died of natural causes or if he was murdered.
In your opinion, what is the most fascinating thing happening in the world of science right now?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Nano crystals and I don't know enough about them to invest properly in any way. It is totally possible that batteries and power supplies as we know them are very soon going to be a thing of the past. They thought Tesla was crazy but once everything went digital I suppose they gave his ideas a closer look.
What are your pet peeve markers you look for on a first date?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I don't like moles or tats, and moles are not "beauty marks." Even so, nobody is perfect and none of this is a "deal breaker." I guess my worst pet peeve is people that talk and use thier hands as quote marks for what they are saying. Totally ridiculous there, but today it gets me to laughing when I see this. Quote marks are for paper, silly.
I miss being in a relationship.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I get everything that the OP means here. I try to have that kind of relationship but I'm afraid that my ex took it that I'm not that much into her. WTF? It's OK for both of you to be your own people and have your own interests. If I'm at home and completely ignored by you I feel so great knowing that you are there with me but doing your own thing. We might have our interactions but we do not have to be glued at the hip. Each partner should have their alone time even if you are so obviosly together.
Saturday 24th March 8.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Never heard of it. BTW, complete darkness is really pretty damned dark.
Atheists can 'go to hell,' says Sedgwick County commissioner | The Wichita Eagle
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Not me. I actually have a "get out of hell free" card. Maybe the commish didn't know that. I have connections and could get him one also.
Does Evil exist?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Of course evil exists. Does it exist in a personal being of any kind? NO. Evil is a construct that we use to measure by in the same sense that good is.
Beware the Ides of March...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Poor Julio. Now they put pencils in his back. BTW, what is an "ide" anyway?
What is the main reason why you are not religious?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I studied myself out of god belief. There is no proof in any of the holy writings of a god being. Now some people tell me there could be gods anyway even if you do not have tales of them in books. OK. You would be beleiving in them in advance wouldn't you.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I believe in monogamy. My problem is that in most cases that lasts about 12 years or so. There is something that comes along at about the 12 years together span that makes one of us want to go a different way. It isn't always another person either. I'm still trying to figure it out.
Who or what do you sleep with at night?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I have a big pillow I can wrap my leg around, and I usually have a handy hair brush to scratch with and also the remote control. If the right female is present I can wrap my leg around her instead.
Should psychics and fortune tellers be handled like con-artists and thieves?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Psychics and fortune tellers are con artists and thieves.
I had the most mind blowing lucid dream last night.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I did once. Dreams are strange. Many years ago I woke up so tired I could not go to work that day. I had dreamed that I got no sleep and had worked all night. This is a true story.
Who isn't on medications here?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
I take meds for BP, gout, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. That's it. I don't even get headaches and most of my life I've been an exercise fanatic. Recently my doc and nurse were both excited about my blood smack. All the reading were great except for my triglycerides. I explained it to the nurse. I take my meds and eat and drink what I like. She says "yeah, that would explain it." I don't see doctors living longer than the rest of us and I refuse to eat what I call "cardboard food."
Have you ever been disconnected electronically from the world?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
Only for a short time in Kenya in 2004. I can agree with you on the relaxed feeling you get from this.
If you could pick any historical period to live in,what would it be?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
Anything pre-Trump would be nice. If this question came up for me as a younger man I would be stuck in the American old west.
Who else has high blood pressure? How do you control it?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
I simply take my meds and eat and drink what I want to. That's it. I don't let high BP worry me. In 1980 I was told my BP was 140 over 80 and that it was the BP of a teenager. Today they sell more meds by bringing that number down. At home my machine reads me more like 128 over 80 today, but my recent doctor visit had the nurse reading me at 110 over 70. They just love that. I take 30m of lisinopril and eat and drink what I want to. No worries.
The Bible Says The World Is Going To End On June 24, 2018
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
Without looking at it, the bible says no such thing. In fact, the bible is not aware of any of these dates. People that read into this nonsense are the ones making the prediction. IF the bible ever appeared to predict anything it was because the NT writers wanted to use the OT writing to claim their NT writing was valid. It was never a factual prediction from the start. There is even an instance of writngs about Cyrus the Great being confused with Jesus Christ simply to "fulfill prophesy."
Phone addiction?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2018:
If you mean on the phone as in talking I find that almost nobody does that any longer. What they do is text to death, thumb through everything constantly, smile and walk around looking down at a hand held phone as if it was a part of their body. Businesses tell employees not to do this, then the very ones that warned you are there doing it also. Every spare moment is spent like this from what I can see. Since I drive for a living I'm watching others at stop lights and wonder how they are still alive. I've even seen people get into their cars and fix one hand on the steeering wheel with the phone in it, then set up the other hand to turn the wheel as they drive. Once they are set up they drive away. I'm not exaggerating. This is real and scary! Be aware on the roadway that the other guy may kill you.
While I don't ride the stereotypes against anyone, and I don't jump on racism bandwagon, I would ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
The Boy Scouts didn't seem to want to take girls. The reason was that they were not boys and therefore should be a Girl Scout. (I would take girls.) I'm not sure if any of this had to do with whether they were black or white or not. I don't think that question came up. BTW, all lives matter. Touche!
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Abortion is a piss poor form of birth control. I think it is only GOP men that think it is used this way. Other forms of birth control seem so much cheaper. Jesus said nothing about the issue at all. Yes, it is in the bible. Men need to learn that they have no control over a woman's body. I know. They ask in their brain where they would be if mommy did this. I understand, but you do not have control over a woman's body. Sorry. Abortion is a last resort.
Dating after 50
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I've read this post twice. I think I can just about agree with all of it. One thing I find is people that want you to entertain them. Now what is that all about? You know the type. You wake up in the morning and they ask immediately "what are we going to do today?"
Guardian Angels?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I used to believe the same. I even invoked my guardian to protect me. Much of my life has seemed as if I had a guardian. Is there a real guadian angel? Not in scripture but mentioned by many ministers to get reactions from you. In truth the guardian is likely a "higher" you than anything else. This puts a higher power into a mental direction.
Without religion, what keeps morality from being completely subjective?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Morality is subjective. This is why it is ever changing and is not the same in every part of the world. Morality of 50 years ago is much different than today for many of us. Morality evolves as we evolve mentally. Maybe others use these terms differently but this is my take of it.
Obey zombie Jesus
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Yes, you will, but you first have to die yourself before the death of Jesus does anything at all to make you live forever. It's kind of like saying here's a gun. Use it and blow your brains out. It won't hurt you. Look I'll do it and blow my brains out first and then you follow. Then Jesus was killed first. He's dead and waiting for us to follow. I'm waiting for someone to sacrifice me a goat. I'm a little behind the times.
Should athiest really be saying 'rest in peace'
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
An alternative view on "rest in peace" is actually like a prayer of the believer wanting the recently departed to "stay dead and not come back to haunt him" in any way. Don't be moving around any and just stay motionless in the ground. RIP was taken later to mean you are "resting in heaven" but ideas of heaven have little to do with rest. RIP as something you are doing in heaven just don't measure up. It is all superstition.
Gal Gadot posted a controversial tweet in honor of Steven Hawking.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Screw 'em! I'm on Gadot's side and don't think she meant any harm. Ableist language is a part of the current "politically correct" that is not always correct. I was kicked off the FB Atheist Experience page for telling another man that his elaborate theist belief system was pretty "lame." I didn't mean his idea couldn't walk, had a wheelchair, or had anything to do with mental illness. I'm sure everyone knew this. It might be pointed out that Jesus healed the "lame man" but it depends on what biblical translation you use. Today we might still have a "lame horse" but we do not have a "lame brother." You never learn that someone is in as wheelchair and then hear him called "lame." The politically correct crowd simply wanted to make Gal Gadot wrong in what she said about Hawking. She was not wrong and if he was here himself, Hawking might even agree. Since Gadot is Jewish we might find in her remark a desire to place Hawking in a spiritual afterlife that to Christians appears to be the final goal. This would be the part I do not agree with.
Are you racist?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I can tell racists by the subjects they talk about as well as how they talk. They deny this if you call them racist. It's so damned funny. I work with some of them. One has it on his websight that he is so proud to have been born white. He still denies being racist. As for being proud of my birth race, I never thought of it much before. I can tell you that the earth is like a big box of crayons and all of us are the colors that fit inside that box. We can be in any order inside that box also.
Do you remember your 1st kiss?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
It might have been my cousin, Brenda. Not really sure.
Do you accept the possibility of a god, but reject man’s perspective of one?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
There are 2 types of god belief. The first is simply that a god being or creator might be possible. If you have that belief out of thin air, I take it that you wanted to believe in gods anyway. You have approached the subject already wanting to believe. Beyond that we have scriptural writings the world over that speak of gods. They are all different and say different things. Which is real? I fall into this second type and my studies show none of them are real. If you can disprove the scripture you disprove the god. End of story. The diehards still tell me I could not have studied everything. They make jokes about logic and evidence classes, etc. It's not that complicated really. What do you think happened at the baptism of Jesus? Is the biblical story of it credible? Do you think anyone was ever taken to heaven on a winged horse? It's all pretty simple when you put on reality glasses.
Have you ever had a romantic "pet name?"
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I recall an occasional joke or something but no real romantic pet names.
Did They Really Believe That Nonsense?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
As for current religious belief, America is the worst in persisting in god myths. This is because the myths are used in our political system again. The powers that be think they need this to help rob us blind. It might also be that those in power rose up as believers. Museum of the Bible is a good example. Who would want this or even go to it? The Internet will prove to be the biggest tool in the death of gods. Used properly it will help train minds. I'm still saying it might be 100 years before the nonsense is looked upon by most as just myth. That is because the ones that want gods are fighting back hard and they continue to make things up.
What do you feed your brain?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Leave out the puzzles and games, human brain concerns, and add TV shows about forensics and you might have me. I'm much like I always was in younger life.
Mother Theresa. Bad or good?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Bad. She beleived in suffering. Her Jesus suffered and it is only by suffering that you get to god. The sadistic bitch thought if she could make you suffer she was doing her job right. She had a lot of weird beliefs.
Do you believe in any higher power at all
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Do I beleive in a higher power? Higher than what? If I take on spirits, guardian angels, etc. it's like I'm still believing in gods or something. I need evidence. I'm not simply picking and chosing my imaginary friends. Doing so might give you "answers" but it is OK to admit that nobody has the answers. People that do are simply making things up.
Well you believe in air and you can't see it! Twice this week I've had this really weak argument...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
When you get a theist right down to it he will claim his god is in another dimention and you cannot touch his god because of this. He thinks he has protected his god and confounded you at the same time. Then he starts maiking things up again and this is like 2 fish bowls. God is in one of them in his dimention. The other fish bowl is us in our dimention. Then the theist has his imaginary god jump into our fish bowl anytime he wants to and do whatever he wants. God does this without leaving any evidence. The theist will go on and on about this. OK. Then it's sort fo like your god was imaginary the entire time, right?
Is time a real concept?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Time has been a real concept ever since its invention. Without time we cannot explain certain events or certain things.
What was something that pushed you towards doubting your religion?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I studied too much and eventually found that all of the believers actually believe in advance. There is no evidence of gods. None. Zilch! I was studying for the Pentecostal ministry but none of it matters. There is no "one true religion" or belief. There is no proof, period.
How old is your avatar/profile picture?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Maybe 10 years. Here is a current one of the 250 lb. gorilla with white hair. I no longer color my hair. Click on the pic to see me.
Black bull makes you Jesus
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
That's really funny.
How would you explain Easter without referreing it to as the ressurection of Christ?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
How would I explain Easter? OK, let's try this in a way that every child will believe it and it fits together. When they took Jesus down from the cross there was a rabbit. He wasn't afraid and he bothered everybody. He wanted to make a bunny trail. Then they put Jesus in the tomb and somebody slit the rabbit's throat and threw him in there too. A guard said "silly rabbit ." no wait. That is something else again. Then Jesus and the rabbit went off to basic training together. Then they came back.They became good friends and the rabbit had a basket full of eggs. Jesus smiled and carried the rabbit and his basket around everywhere. Eggs were given to the faithful if they could find them. Each year people would watch closely just to see what Jesus and the rabbit were going to do. But if they see their shadow . . . . . . . . . .
Why did your marriage fail?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I am totally aware that she will give you a different story. For example, I worry about money and sent her home to Africa 3 times out of the 12 years. She will claim we never had any money worries. It simply is not true. I found that many people you know and work with will cut your throat behind your back. Since I am older, they did that all the time. Doubt was planted maybe coz it's just a game to some people. The biggest thing I found is that people can grow apart and go in differnt directions over time. Some tell me it was the age difference. I disagree. Both her and I have memories of electricity coming to us for the first time. She lived with her parents then. I lived with my grandparents. The stories were much the same. Putting my marriage failure squarely upon myself, I bit off more than I could chew. She was going to be the "forever love" that would be with me the rest of my life. Somewhere in my idiot brain I thought I could retire and she would be the breadwinner. Sorry. Things just do not work like that. Today I have a less than $200 mortgage. Hers is much more than that. Who would have ever thought a simple plan like that could fail? Love is not only blind, it just has no sense at all.
Big city living versus small city
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
It's your call. I was born in St. Louis and I've lived there as well as in little towns 75 miles away. A big city has areas you would like to avoid, and by living there you learn how to do that pretty well. A small town is similar but has less choice. I have traveled here and in Europe and have been in many large cities. These days my home of choice is a mobile home on a half acre lot in a community of about 1200 people. Most people would say my area is boring but I did not move here to be entertained.
Trigger warnings and micro-aggression's.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
We are almost at the point today where everything offends somebody. Too bad. Grow up. One of my favorites is when others say a certain thing "made them feel uncomfortable." OK, so what? Seeing dog shgt in my yard makes me feel that way too. Deal with it. We are fast into the time that a doctor will not know the procedure because he opted out of that part of the class and graduated anyway. Maybe the attorney missed something he should know for the same reasons. All of this gives "being professional" a bad name and we are the ones who started and have allowed such things. This is sad.
Early Humans Slept Around with More than Just Neanderthals
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
Early humans would have slept with a snake if somebody would hold its head up. Things are pretty much like that even today.
Wondering if anyone else is afraid of this.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I try not to live in fear but I know what you mean. I'm in mid Missouri in the heart of redneck land. Many here do not like my politics at all, and if they know I am atheist it would get much worse. This is why I am not out to everyone and that includes my right wing religious employers. I'm outspoken, yes, but you might notice that my user name is not a real name. Things work for me simply because I was once one of them many years ago. I'm also a political activist, once married to a black woman in the heartland. I know how to crow without crowing too loudly. I'm hoping that I can still get the job done.
Help wanted
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
The irony of all this is that the fool thinks he is doing so good because what he is up to is exactly what he did on Reality TV. I don't like Reality TV and certainly did not want "Reality America." If that isn't bad enough, we move right along to find that most of his support base took his Reality TV show as real and this idea goes into how they think he is doing so great right now. Somebody please stop this fool before he totally ruins America or gets us all blown up!
How do you meet people?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2018:
I have a certain confidence but I am different than the average Joe. When it comes to movies, music, and TV I have to know names. I'm sort of a self taught historian and I have studied many things. Once I was a walking encyclopedia.This doesn't interest anyone today as language and times have changed. I'm not giving a damn about eating Tide, and I had to look up "gaslighting" to see what it meant. I'm an imperfect self educated dinosaur. I don't dance well and I no longer hang out at bars. It's a big waste of time. Getting someone to come over to my place for a Netflix evening would be great. I'm not even sure today how you do that. I'm at a stage where I really do not know what I want out of life.
Do you think touching money is gross?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
I do not think touching money is gross but I do offer good advice. Wash your hands often. We touch door knobs, gas pumps, money, books, and various other things daily. Wash your hands often to avoid things like the flu. As for money in particular it could have been any place, even up someone's behind. Wash your hands often in flu season and often all year round if you handle money.
Ever been 'double crossed' by a friend?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Double crossed means that you have been crossed at least once before. Hell, if I try to picture it I see a Catholic priest making a sign of the cross.
So I'm in a long distance relationship with two people.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Oh, my.
When Is It Time For Sex?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Hopefully when you both feel like it.
Do You Have An Age You Turned Which Made You Sad?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Actually I have not. I'm 71 and age is just a number. I have a friend that lamented forever the fact that he turned 40. I thought it was funny. My take on age might be because I've been down the marriage road 4 times now. Two were younger and two were older. I feel like I have lived a very long life because of this, but I'm not ready to leave yet. Life is but a movie in which I have played many parts along with many other people.
I have a bit of an embarrassing confession to make.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
I hope this helps someone. In 2004 I met a woman online. She was from Kenya and we talked for 6 months online and also on the telephone. We talked daily. I flew to Africa to visit her that July and we decided to marry. I did the paperwork and got her here by December of 2004. Our marriage lastest 12 years. Sometimes relationships end even if you meet them in this country. Sometimes they last a lifetime regardless. The best I can tell anyone is check out the options and do what you think is right. It's all about your life and therefore is your decision.
Beware 'Disease X': the mystery killer keeping scientists awake at night
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Disease X is an unknown disease. Why are they trying to frighten us?


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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