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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.


Is the schism in the Republican party a political death sentence for the gop?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
I'm seeing just tonight that McConnell will not put the bill to protect Mueller on the floor. Looks to me like they are desperate and want to keep some last minute "protect Trump" options around. I don't see how they can hold their heads up and look anyone in the eyes right now, those Republicons.
Believers are always asking me, "If there's no god, what's the meaning of life?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Reverse it on them. Here we go. If there IS a god what is the meaning of life. Let them fill it all in just like they want to and ask them if any of this would work without a god. If what they tell you back is that we are really just here for god's pleasure and to do his will ask them why you would want to do this. Play this right and it will boil down to "nobody wants to die and we all want to live forever." Now you see the reason for religions.Nothing here about god and his love, or love in general.
I see the new Trump action figures are in.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
It's Somo Trump. Maybe we can sell these in Japan.
Lucky us!!
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
My religious friend since our childhood still thinks that someday I'm gonna wake up in some place I don't want to be. It's really funny.
Never worked for me
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
In America the 2016 presidential election made boobs appear. Lots of them.
'There is no such thing as past or future': physicist Carlo Rovelli on changing how we think about ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
I have a device that speeds up time for you. It works well but you can never come back once you go to the future. It electrocutes you and your journey is ended. Going backwards in time we could try putting peas back on the vine or even having the plant return to seed. I don't see that working out well either. I want to believe in past, present, and future but I'm afraid this is only a concept of the mind. Future is a continuem of the ever present now and this is all a personal thing to us. It is because of days and our sleep time that we divide things into compartments of which all do not exist.
When/how did doubt about God's existence occur?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
I had to know everything and was studying to be a Pentecostal minister from the time of my late teens. I could never live up to the religion. I tried time and again but ended up later with a mind full of guilt that always followed me and made me feel bad. Around 2012 (maybe earlier) I found Jerry DeWitt videos on You Tube. As this man told his story he was telling my story. In short order it followed that I am a non-believer and that gods are imaginary. The fact of a book speaking of a god is nothing new. There are many such stories. Today I believe in none.
Woo-hoo! SEAN HANNITY! []
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Poor Hannity. In one interview he claimed to have given Cohen only $10 and said it was for real estate advice. Not only does that sound un-real, it also sounds insulting. How can you believe these people? Then Cohen files a motion to get all of his stuff back before others see it. Trump even requests to look all of this over before it goes to court. These guys must be really stupid, huh?
Hannity Says He Totally Forgot Michael Cohen Was His Lawyer When He Criticized F.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Well, he did pay Cohen $10 one time for some stupid frigging reason that a 5 year old would not believe. So much for Hannity and his credibility.
The Fuckery of Many Churches This post mostly discusses my personal experiences growing up in a ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
I was talking to an old Christian friend on the phone just tonight and I told him about this site. He can't believe that I'm now on an agnostic site. I told him maybe it's because I'm an agnostic atheist. His remark is that it sounds like I'm trying to "cover myself on both sides." My friend means this as more of a Pascal's Wager type thing. He honestly says I'm gonna wake up someday and be in a place I don't want to be. It's no secret that he thinks I'm gonna wake up in hell. He doesn't understand that I don't believe you die and then you wake up. I also do not believe in hell. He's been taught this crap all his life and he knows it's true coz he has the book. Today I know that it's only another book. If we talk politics he gets offline a bit because he talks Trump and the gang and holds them up in his mind to a transparency of the book of Revelation. Sometimes I want to laugh about this. It's all such a "no go" but you can't tell my friend that. Remember that he has this book that tells him of events yet to come. It makes as much sense to me as Jesus and the Easter Bunny. I know they have to have something going together here. I have dreams where they are both waving at me. Jesus is holding the Easter Bunny and he is holding his basket. Yet, I wonder just what Nessie has to do with it? We can search for it and get an idea. It all might be written in some book. Just imagine. You are born on some planet and find with study that your entire destiny from birth to death and beyond is already written in some book. You have no choices of your own really, and the best part comes after you die. It says so in the book.
What's your favorite car? Mine is 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Car pictured is not mine, but I can dream.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 17, 2018:
I'm not sure I have a favorite car. I drive a 2004 Monte Carlo today. Bought it for my ex wife but she liked my Malibu better. When we split up we traded cars then because our cars were in our own names. My very first car was a 1950 Studebaker. Someone said I would be lucky if I drove it 100 miles. Boy were they ever wrong. The cars of today get so many miles more than before because of close engine tolerances and modern oli choices. Just do the sceduled maintance.
69 Visitors and no one says 'hello'
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Hi there. Hope you had a good day today.
What Are the Psychological Effects of Losing Your Religion? []
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I felt as if the scales on my eyes had fallen off and I could see clearly for the first time. Suddenly my mind knew that 2+2 really is 4.
Trump and the insane republicans lack any sort of truth or Morality!
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
If you are not totally blind yet read Dark Money which is all about the Kock brothers and how they came to be behind what is going on in America today.
Trump's Stupidity
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
It is kinda dumb isn't it. You have to excuse Donnie. He doesn't play well with others and he is only following what the Kock brothers wasn't him to do.
Do you give to beggars?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I would give to beggers but the only ones we get in my area are false. They want to come inside for a drink of water or to use the bathroom. Often a child is with them. They use this child to help gain entrance and then case the joint, also stealing all your meds from your bathroom. Since they have been inside your home you could be robbed in the future. This is the way of dopers in my area of about 1200 people. Sorry! I'm not your mark. But if I do get a real begger and I can see they are real I might help them. They still cannot come inside. I will serve them on my porch instead.
Have you tried studying biblical history?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Biblical history is what believers use to prove the bible true. It doesn't. There is much truth in biblical history but nowhere do we find anything proving a flood, Moses, the Exodus, King David, events at Jericho, people brough back to life after touching the bones of a dead prophet, Jesus, or any biblical miracles. What do we expect from a book that says a bat is a bird? If you want biblical history read up on findings of Israel Finkelstein.
See Some Similarities?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I see way too many similarities. Those that do not haven't studied Hitler like I did. I didn't have to study Trump. His ideas are an open book once you see where he is coming from.
Do you send pics without being asked?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Usually not. All my good pics are too old now. I'm working on a new arm pic that will look good for 71. In the planning stage now. Hell, it will look good for 21. Bragging here.
Post your weekend plans.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Computer work, a little booze, and replacing a faucet in a shower stall. I'm always into multiple projects at one time but these faucets I'm doing have likely been put off too long. Once I finish a bathroom sink I will have replaced every faucet in the whole house. Guess I got on a roll here.
How do you keep promises?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I do avoid making promises but my family always told me "you promised." That was always their answer but not really the words I had said.
I've screwed up again.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Some of this is caused by a man thinking that you feel exactly like he does. We are all guilty of that. The truth is, nobody feels exactly like you do. True with men and women alike. This is why we have to discuss things and get to know each other. Often we lie about this. We "want" others to feel exactly like we do and often just assume they do by the way we interpret our chat. I used to think my ex wife felt exactly like I do on many things. It means I kept on believing this nonsense even after we were married a while. If it was true she would not be an ex wife would she? Imagine a man and woman laying on their backs smoking cigarettes under a starry sky just after they have had sex. One asks the other "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sorry folks. There just is no way possible that this is real.
So. How many of you are fans of The Walking Dead?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
A friend got me into the show and I'm all caught up on it. My interest in it is to see what happens to the people. That is the story for me. I don't give a damn about a zombie one way or the other. You might say I wonder on how we would get along and survive if some apocalypse did happen. There should be enough cars, gasoline, and food to last a mighty long time if scouted for in any reasonable way. In this shjow they are often prevented form doing so by the zombies.
I was watching one of the Atheist Experience docs where they were talking about religious people ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
Theists are so persecuted. Their book tells them that, the pastor tells them that, and Jesus told them that in the book. Oh, the poor babies!
Anyone watch the James Comey interview?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I didn't watch it but I did see a few clips. I think Comey is trying to sell his book. When he tells us that Trump is morally unfit to be president he says nothing that others did not already know. Being against impeachment and saying the way of getting Trump out is to vote him out is actually something in Trump's favor. It stands out to me that at the last minute in the campaign Comey once again brought up that there just might be something to Hillary's e-mails after all. At the time I thought WTF? Now it comes across that Comey was simply doing what he was told to do in a move to preserve his job. Later he was fired anyway and decided to write his book.
"Back in 2015, Steve McConkey, the president of the Christian sports ministry 4 WINDS, was whining ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
If Steve believes this somebody should tell him to stop all and go into preaching. He should also be reminded that there is no prayer in public schools. If you want prayer go to a private school.
Scott Pruitt
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Right on, brother.
Worried about the future of her adopted children
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
I'm sure she saw plenty of it in South Africa. Once the door was opened for it again here during the election campaign plenty of proud American Nazis and others came running out of the woodwork.
Editor's note
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
This is very good. Someone on Facebook said they know this girl and she is Amish. I can't verify that however.
The US is bombing Syria now along with EU allies as retaliatory punishment for alleged chemical ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
It's Desperate Donnie again. If things go badly in a bigly way, start a war. We are bombing Syria because Syria bombed Syria, and if they do it again we might be back. We are locked and loaded. It was the children, you know. Meanwhile, there is no news on that caravan of rapists and drug dealers coming up through Central America by way of Mexico that only Donnie seemed to know about. I'm not sure if our National Guard shot of stopped anyone, but I think Brown sent a few Guardsmen from Califonia to help monitor the scene.
I wonder if animals have an actual sense of right and wrong.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Animals have more sense for these things than we know, and often for different reasons than humans. Animals have different ethics and I usually can understand them and get along with them very well. My oldest daughter sleeps with a little dog named Rudy. He adores her, but when I visit he is giving me extra attention. I honestly feel that this little dog knows I am her father. I have no animals of my own right now but get along well with her other animals, including 2 cats. If I take a nap there any number of them might sleep on me.
Do you think there is a difference between liberal and progressive?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
It depends on what part of the world you come from. Seriously. Politically I'm a very liberal person. I beleive in Democracy for all and equality of all. I cannot buy Trump and his "fake news" for a minute. He's a conman and a liar. On the other hand I am personally conservative. My car is 14 years old but in excellent shape. I have low overhead and fix everything all the time if need be. I'm watching my money because if I gave it to you I would not have any. If you need $20 go to your momma, not me. I'm not the man to come to if you need a "small loan." I've also been flat broke before and have been around the block a few times. There's not a con that I don't know. Should we do immigration and let in more people allowing them a chance at the American dream? Certainly. This is how America was made. We are the great melting pot.
"People have lost the ability to judge what is real and what is not.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Mr. Tyson is correct. The denial that is happening here comes about because of those with dark money who are wanting total change today. The New Apostolic Reformation wants a "Chirstian Nation" and people like Mike Pence will go along with that. They are already in place. Some of it is backed by the Kock brothers, Mercers, Hobby Lobby, etc. They all see money escaping their hands if we continue as a Democracy. After all, we are a Republic and there cannot be any equality. They have bought into government and what is wanted is the money and the religion. It's this religion that gives the key for a fascist takeover.
To those who have left religious or ideological communities or social structure, have you maintained...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
I remain friends with a man I first met when we were young teens and both of us religious. Beyond that I recognise and speak with a few Pentecostals from my wife and I's church days. I have told a few that I no longer believe. The others simply know that I am no longer religious. My workplace knows I was once religious but I cannot ever tell them I am atheist.
Gonna get personal.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Without taking sides or choosing a gender outright, play both angels of it and see how you feel. There are always men who would date a more masculine woman, and there are women who like women also. I'm not talking stereo types. Date and see how you feel. Let this become sexual and you willl learn more. Before long you know if you are bisexual or if you favor one gender. Find your dates outside of your little hick town and even if you bring them home you can cover up what you are doing because it is your business only.
"Friends with benefits"
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
FWB is OK and having a permanent one is too.
Whats your best garage sale find?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Too many lifetime finds for me to be sure, but my latest was last Friday. I paid $5 for a set of black computer speakers that would cost $15 to $25 new. They are 8 inches tall and work fine. Two controls and they make my second computer sound like a jukbox. I'm a lifelong resale and garage sale fan and you can often find the bargain of your life still in its package if you only look. Things change and people change and that means a lot of "stuff" is still out there for a bargain.
Do you self-identify as a nerd?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
I have become my own nerd. Well, sort of. I'm a nerd in many good ways. Even though I'm a former body builder I would make a good mad scientist.
Crisis pending
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
The time arrived for real in the elections of 2016. The powers that be wanted change and not business as usual. They saw 8 years of a black president as being an oportune time. Poor proud to be white Americans could help in this change. Convince everyone that the news media is false and have others agreeing and you are well on your way. Does this have anything to do with your bible and Revelations? No. Not a damned thing at all.
Best daily multi-vitamin for a man 65+ or waste of money?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
What does a doctor say about vitamins? Not much if you are eating food. Most say you don't need them. I take 3 meds daily and an assortment of other pills as I think I might need them. I never did care much on what my doctor said. Mostly over 65 they wanna draw blood and have you take your meds and just shut you up. These days my doctor is more serious with me in 2018 because she sees that my blood readings are phenomenal. They were not that way 4 years ago. My 3 meds alone did not make all the changes.
I haven't checked this morning to see if others have posted on this topic and I am discouraged and ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Today Americans say it has nothing to do with them. Most would say that LGBT was a choice that others make because "they are not right with god and they just want to sin." My proof is in the fact the Evangelicals are always wanting (and claiming) to make gay people straight again. Some bright guy came up with the idea that men just want to wear a dress and rape young girls in the women's restroom. All this because of LGBT in America. I remember when I believed these things myself but not today. I remember unisex restrooms in Germany in the 1960's. They had no problems. As for the 2 black men in Starbucks it was believed that they came inside simply to use the restroom. Some have said the same could happen if it was McDonald's. I say it would likely have not been noticed so much if it was 2 white men.
Manna is still falling from Heaven even today in Africa - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Manna from heaven. Well, what flies? How many types are flying so that you get variety in the manna? Would bird crap taste sweet because of fruits and berries? Anything is possible. Well, let me correct this. The impossible here is an invisble jealous god from the OT of the bible sending manna for food through the air down to Earthlings. That just isn't happening.
Sometimes you have to love the NY Daily News...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Somehow I don't have much trouble believing some of this.
Decided to see how well this works out! Any advice?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
It sounds exciting and keep in mind that our bees are in trouble. We need to protect our bees.
I have a ghost in my apartment.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Glad you figured it out. I don't believe in ghosts.
Fighting in the middle East will continue as long as the religions hate each other because of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Be that as it may, politics will continue to play the religious card to get things done to their liking. Keep in mind also that America is sort of like an oil company with an army. Drugs and armaments are the 2 biggest money makers in the world.
Do you think that exposing children to fantasy movies and books conditions their mind into accepting...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
The crazy idea starts first. Believers in gods and religion start the children out early. They need this to "stay in the faith." Then Harry Potter, Halloween, spirits, the devil, and all the rest creep in there. Why do they believe it? The bible is full of it.
'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven' Sues Publisher, Accuses Father of Taking All Profits From the ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
When I first read about this family it was plain that the boy was coached the entire time. Why do religious people keep doing this? Why do people continue to believe them?
You can lead a horse (trump supporter) to water, You can never get them to drink it! Any way now ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I really like this.
How do you style your hair everyday?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I have very little to do these days. My hair is normally no longer than one inch and I do this to make it easy to take care of. I was vain in my ealier life, have even had long hair twice, by my view today is that "Elvis is dead." I don't even keep sideburns.
Shoes On or Off
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
My shoes are clean and should stay clean, but I come in and take my shoes off. I have nueropothy and I wear New Balance with special inserts. Once inside I switch to a rubber molded Klog that keeps my feet warm and helps stop the tingling. If I visit you and you want me to take my shoes off at the door that is no problem.
Do you get a lot of spam calls?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I feel for you but talking on the phone is the only way I know you are real. Once I know you we can message and text. I get my share of junk phone calls. Most are plain out spam. Since I have the phone that my stepdad once had I'm getting scam artist calls for him and one outfit wanting to "give Paula that small loan." I looked her up by the number and she is real. It can only mean that she had the phone number before my stepdad did. After more than a year of this I'm getting it mostly worked out now.
Just watched a movie on Netflix called The Most Hated Women In America.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I watched it and finally understood how greed had killed her and some of her family. It took a while to get it figured out because nobody cared that the leading atheist was missing or murdered. Back in the time it happened I was still a believer. As such I had perfect "Christian think" to her murder. It was simple. God killed Madalyn Murray O'Hair because she did not believe in him. This is the same false logic that believers put on you about religion all the time.
What's your favorite charity?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I am my own favorite charity. I have limited money although I have more than most people I know. If I was to donate to anything I think St. Jude would be as good as any. I love the work they are doing and I was never nowhere close to being Catholic. I so sorry for those poor children.
Ham and short wave radio
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I never got into it really but have friends that are. They could never understand why I was only interested in music, TV and movies to the extent that I am without getting into ham radio, but I watch almost anything I want free and without commericals.
Do you have a motto or mantra that helps guide your day to day life and interactions with others?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I try to do no harm but my real life motto is "live and let live." I told my now deceased mother that once and she said it wasn't good enough because it wasn't well defined. OK, she had then explained to me without knowing it why she got trapped in an Evangelical religion. I'm so glad that I finally escaped it.
Inquiry To All
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I am often a depressed alcoholic. The depression comes and goes and these days so does the alcoholism. My days of drinking like a silly idiot are gone. I can also identify with your need to talk to people but not wanting to be around them at the same time. What that always meant in my case was my significant other and I talking and ironing things out. During those times I had little depression. That changed again when I found myself alone. It's a strange world.
Anyone want to recommend a good (and hopefully cheap) downloadable tax program?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I use the totally free version of Turbo Tax . I think Intuit has something to do with that. It has worked for me for 2 years but it depends on your income level as well.
What are your thoughts on Faith?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I agree with the OP in every way here except for one. The source of that unquestioning blind faith is not ONE BOOK. In the Christian religion it is at least 66 books bound as one and will be more if you are Catholic. It follows as a point of logic that these books do not and cannot agree with each other. They may appear not to disagree but that is another matter. A cookbook doesn't disagree with Harry Potter either.
Would you like to live simply?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I live simply in a nice mysterious mobille home on a half acre lot. I do have to cut the grass and I work 3 hours a day M thru F but otherwise I'm just me. That means I'm an 18 year old inside this older body and my life involves doing the things I like. I am a recluse to my neighbors and not involved in anything they do.
Your dream career if money wasn't an issue.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
I would love to be involved in the movie industry in some way. Maybe an idea man who would assit writers or come up with story ideas.
Congress has approved 700 billion for defense and only about 1 billion for the wall - It seems the ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Why do we need a wall? We build a wall and they discover airplanes. Trump wants to use Israel and walls as a talking point. I'm back to why do we need a wall? Whether we had one or not has nothing to do with Israel or anyplace else. When you go back through history and look at walls they don't seem to be practical today. Imagine for a moment that Trump's wall would be stopping ants invading your home. Then you have to imagine the ants only coming in only at that one location. It's not logical. Trump's wall is only a talking point used in election promises and issues.
Is a married human being happier than unmarried one?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
It depends. Married people can be happier. So can single. Sometimes marriage is more stress. Imagine this scene from the past. I see this man with his arm around his wife as TV shows are discussed. He says "as for me and this house nobody here watches 90210." That's interesting. He has his hand up his wife's ass like a puppet. I'm sure it was a stressful relationship in a stressful household. I say this and I have never personally watched 90210 myself. It's just that who are you to speak for other people and what they can watch on TV?
When Syria invites you in for an investigation and you instead send in bombs.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 14, 2018:
When your presidency is in trouble just start a war. That might be why Bolton is on board, but this is different. You tweet and announce what you are going to do. Before it is done everybody knows just where the strikes are going to be. Does this make supporters happy or just make it look good? MAGA. Morons Are Governing America.
Where would you send him?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
To spend the rest of his life inside one of his Trump Towers and never be able to leave.
Who wore it better?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
Wimpy without a doubt.
How do you get tasks accomplished?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
These days I find it harder to get started on my tasks. Sometimes I write down what I have to do and leave the paper where I can find it. Tonight I replaced a water faucet in a small shower stall. I'm done in about 2 hours and happy with it. Earlier I did a faucet/ shower combo in a bathtub in another room. My friend asked my why they had both went out at once. Nothing went out. They have needed replaced probably for the last 6 years. I'm just slow to get things done.
Here is a joke I wrote: So in the middle of a large park, about the size of a football field, ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
You forgot the part where the cop runs after the person that was reading the book and he ends up shooting the man inb the back 8 times. I think this was because he failed to stop on command.
Dating And Relationships
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
I'm not scared really. It's just that I have little money and a cheap mortgage so I'm not going to suddenly find a woman that I move in with unless it happens that she moves in with me. If a woman buys the food and buys her own clothes both of us could end up saving a little money. It's nice to be able to still have money when you are poor.
I am my own best friend!
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
Now that I'ver read your post I think I'm also my own best friend.
So I am cleaning up my FB account, and finding a lot of gems.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
I'm not cleaning or deleting. Most people that interact with me on Facebook think Trump's wall might keep me out of America. My reall name and real workplace are not told. I once worked at "someplace else." My friends list looks 50% Pakistani and I'm against the Orange One all the way. I'm borrowing this from Sherry Martin. I'm very worried about Trumpageddon and I fight to try and prevent it.
They are so religious! LOL!
DenoPenno comments on Apr 13, 2018:
The meme tells it like it is but why should our laws reflect Christ's teachings? What did this man Jesus have to do with a parking ticket, or buying property, or arresting criminals? Is that what Jesus did? Not that I could see. Therefore, the hypocrites should only teach their Jesus in religious institutions.
Straight,bi, or gay/lesbian folks, I have a question.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Sexual orientation (just like color) does not "wash off" or affect anyone really. Fears and phobias have been taught to us as children in the same way that racism was. Since I'm not going to be "dating" a man my remarks here go to a bi woman. I do not care if you are bi. It doesn't bother me. Of course, I don't want to come home and find you have run off with your girlfriend, but I think if we are insecure we always fear this as being an issue. It's not an issue with me. I'm not sure how women would handle this. To each their own. .
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
I save my cans and give them away to a recycler. Other trash is picked up weekly and I do have a burning barrel even thuogh I'm in city limits. I se plastic bags but burn most of them outside in my barrel.
Do you have compassion for the believers?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
I have no compassion for them at all.
A Trump supporter tweeted this and Fox News shared it on Facebook.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Jordan Rachel seems to have graduated from Trump University along with so many of her friends and other Trump supporters. These people are so dense that they would rather believe it is a mass conspiracy that so much of the world does not like Trump. If they ever try to explain their views to you look for a hell of a lot of disconnected nonsense.
Knock, knock....
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
I crack up each time I see this. We can image Obama and Hillary getting a good laugh but Trumpsky says it's the Democrats doing this to him. That is hilarious! Everyone involved is a Republican and also nobody "broke in." It was all done with a warrant and would have therefore been "knock, knock." I think Ryan bailed early to avoid criticism when November voting comes and the Republicans in general want to change things around so they might stand a chance of re-election. The only way to do this is doing something about Trump.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
At 71 I still like all of the old classic cartoons and a few of the modern ones. Why would I stop laughing or smiling just because I got older? I also still like the Three Stooges. Kids today don't get it. They don't even think they are funny. I think they are idiots and hilarious. You hear parents claim the Stooges are not for children. I agree. They never were for children in the first place. They were invented to give you something to watch at the double feature movie while the first reel wasa re-wound.
What is the best Cartoon Series ever to grace television?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Maybe Super Chicken. IDK?
Your Influence
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
We all have an impact on others whether we know it or not. I'm not particularly liked at my work but I am respected. Then you have that occassional person who would undermine you because they are jealous. I know this sounds strange but many are if in some way they are not sure of themselves. The problem starts when they assume you might be a threat to them in some way. Not so long ago this sort of situation came to a head with me where a man wanted to turn an old family relative against me. It's a complicated story but it did not work. I addressed the issue in front of him and our boss. Calm, cool and collected the issue was ended before it cost me my job. While I cannot tell you the exact story on here today I am confident that it will never happen again. We all influence somebody. We are all also influenced. Movies, TV, books, etc. sell images and phrases that many of us chose to identify with.
Do believer friends invite you to their Church?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
I'm invited all the time. Believers think it is their duty to invite you coz if they do not you might not "hear the gospel." Also, an atheist like me might be "angry with god." Evangelicals love it when you are in tears, crying and praying and you say "Oh, Jebus. I am so sorry." Later they can smile and say "Jebus just reclaimed one of his own." One of my childhood friends invites me to his church with promise of me meeting a nice woman there. I wonder how that would work out? If both of you become an item you might have to go to church again for the rest of your life. I'm aware of many of these "traps" that religious people set for you.
Do you collect anything?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
I used to collect books and CD's. After a few years go by you find that both are not as important any longer. Also, you will run out of spave. I still have a few.
As a child, the earliest memories of a TV show that made the most impact on me was MASH .
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Mash was good but my childhood TV memories go back a lot further than that. I sat and watched a test pattern on TV and then Howdy Doody came on. I grew up to find later that we are all puppets and you just have to look for who might be pulling the strings.
Famous person?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Warren Oates who is now long dead.
'Atheist Day' 2018: Billy Joel, Emma Thompson and More On Why God May Not Exist
DenoPenno comments on Apr 12, 2018:
Well, she could believe that god did it for her or at least helped her. Then you would have to believe that god likes actors. Next, you would have to believe that god likes each football team and wants them both to pray to him because he likes sports. When it comes to war god would have to be on both sides so he doesn't really want anyone to get killed. Well, it depends on who pissed him off the most. Whatever happened to god? I keep waiting for him to heal those kids at St. Jude.
Watch Trump's nonverbal behavior.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
I think he is already unhinged. He is ruining the country and idiots ae praising him for it. Morfons Are Governing America. MAGA.
Does the thought of dying alone scare you?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
Dyingg prematurely scars me.
Do you have nightmares?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
I used to have nightmares. Not exactly so anymore. First, try to remember your dreams the minute you wake up. Write them down then or you will forget later. Today if I have a nightmare it involves saving someone from something, or things that might have been. Often some of this is mixed with final thoughts at bedtime and things going on in your life right now. What you end up with is disquised versions of anxiety mixed with hope and doubts. Very often you can interpret your own dreams this way. Not much in these dreams is really real in a valid sense. One of my dreams involved driving. I drive for a living and used to do that years before also. I like driving. In this dream I was driving but the situation was different. My ex wife was in the dream and all of us (even others) were trying to keep dry. The dream was weird but I woke up to rain outside that you could hear on my rooftop. Remember also that some dreams might be started by that last minute ham sandwich!
Could a computer create a more fair/functional society for mankind?...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
Possibly but not at this point in time. The AL computer would have to be able work totally without human interference. A comic example of what I mean is that my one computer tells me something is wrong with my camera. Of course. It still has the lens cap on.
Have you settled on being single?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
I don't like being single but I do like the freedom it gives me. What I miss is my other half being here to talk with and share experiences and small talk. Maybe that's not enough for some women. I always did the occassional shopping and looking around thing, eating out once in the while, etc. but I'm a homebody. I have my little projects I do and improvements I make. Small things, not spending money things. This weekend I'm doing changes to one shower stall as I replace the faucet. Maybe I have always thought that younger women kept me from getting old. I don't want to relocate. These days despite being on a couple of dating sites I think it's time to settle on remaining single. It might be the best answer but I won't rule anything out.
Anyone listen to Zuckerberg today?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
While many of you want to see Facebook take a dive and go away, I'm not of that mindframe. I watch what is going on sparingly and still believe that anyone who thought Zuckerberg would set this up simply to create a meeting and sharing place just for you is not very smart. It would seem obvious that he was going to use your personal details to try and set you up with people selling a product. That's why those people pay him the money and why he is so rich. My personal info on the site is limited and not even under my real name. I use that same name on this site. Where I went to school is listed and the fact that I'm ex military. I drive for a living and I used to work at "someplace else." I'm very vocal with them and most of my friends on the site are "Facebook friends." I'm politically active and most people think I'm not American. That's good enough for me. On the other hand, Zuckerberg and friends know you by your IP address. OK, so does your ISP and most places you visit on the Internet. My advice is simply do not be afraid and share less.
Any home brewers out there?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 11, 2018:
I did home brew in the 70's and mostly with brew kits. I think I got into this because my grandfather had done home brewing when I was a kid. My specialty was to make beer extra strong. That really meant it wasn't a good beer tastewise. I finally did get to where I could make a good beer but I quit brewing then. I few years ago I took this back up and made good beer but have stopped brewing today also. Beer is so terrible today that I should start this again and do all grain beers and take the extra time. What I made took about a month to be drinkable.
Believers are always asking me, "If there's no god, what's the meaning of life?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
They don't get it do they? I believe your every word on this.
are you afraid of death?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Earlier in my life I was afraid of death and I was also a believer in god at the time. Many will not get what I'm saying now. I do not fear death and dying. What I fear is the possibility of pain in that process, so I want no pain. Another fear in death is all of the unfinished business. I have that too. When everything just stops you are not doing what you like any longer and you are not with family and friends. If I died tonight I still would not have fixed my shower stall that I plan on working on this weekend. Unfinished business, and that worries me. We get accostomed to what we do, who we are, and our family and friends.
So I had my account on another website 'permanately suspended' because I had the audacity to post ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
It makes perfect sense to me today but would have given me fits while I was studying for the ministry.
Hey we can play this game too conservatives
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
This year the Easter Bunny saw his shadow.
Do you prefer to be corrected if you're wrong?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Certainly, unless I take it that what you are doing is trying to lead me into debate. We live in 2018. Most of us anyway. I don't care what Kepler thought of science and religion, I'm not into Aristotle, Socrates, or classical anything. I simple use logic and demand evidence. Up to date modern evidence. Recently in these forums a lady from Alaska told me I had best look at my idea that all digital transmissions today go through the air. I did, and she was right. 99% of America to Europe transmissions are still transatlantic cable. This is phone and Internet.
Seems that most Republican supporters are not dumb or idiotic, just mistakenly misinformed! They ...
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
They do seem to memorize certain talking points and repeat these things as if they were gospel. Only recently have Evangelicals started to have a problem with Trump. It shows me they were not listening before. Then we have the GOP definition of rape where they mention in a "real rape." I suppose most rapes are not real to them. A GOP supporter I went to high school with told me of all the abortions women have had at Planned Parenthood facilities as if that information is public knowledge. He cannot see anything they do as having to do with women's health. Like most GOP men he wants control of a woman's body. Then we have idiot women who want men to have control of their bodies. It's a strange world. MAGA. Morons Are Governing America.
Twitter News Update @johnroberts Tom Bossert @TomBossert45 resigning as WH.
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Yes, and Trump blames the Democrats but Mueller is a Republican. This "raid" of home and office has to have proper paperwork. Trump makes it sound like they broke in. This is not Watergate. Trump questions this entire move as "not American" meaning, I suppose, that he wants us to think somebody broke in. Trump also says "there goes client/attorney privilege." This will mean he is very pissed that some things might be known now. The poor baby. Keep in mind that Trump has always wanted a private meeting with Mueller, or he suggested he could answer select questions on paper without a meeting. How nice. We decide in advance what questions we will answer. I'm sure Trump is so angry now that he will fire somebody. The thing is that not all of the GOP is on board here, and the wrong move could be the beginning of the end.
Is She All There?
DenoPenno comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Here lately Trump is the one causing some world chaos. His steel tariff move has hit home now in a big way. Companies might even be going out of business. Trump claims to know the farmers are in trouble too, but he thinks they will be "patriots" and see this through. What does the moron think they will be using for money? How can Trump or Sarah Huckabuck see this happening and even keep a straight face? I forgot. Sarah never has a straight face anyway.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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