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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Churches closing their doors in record numbers
DenoPenno comments on Jul 10, 2022:
Less churches but believers are still around. They want it their way. and i don't mean Burger King. The twisted and misused godspel is becoming anything they want it to be or say.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 9, 2022:
I'm not a fan of Google Chrome but I do use their search engine mostly. I'm definitely not a fan of others controlling my passwords. Often they play stupid games with me, even calling me, and then crow loudly about how they are protecting me and my password. "Hey, Deno. Somebody with a different ISP signed in to your account. Let us know if it was you." Hey, Dummo. It was me using a VPN. Sorry." :)
Churches closing their doors in record numbers
DenoPenno comments on Jul 8, 2022:
Just the opposite in my town. We had a large building that was a showcase for cars and car repair. For reasons unknown to me the owner turned it into a church. As the pandemic was ending in our area they started building again and turned this into mega church. The heads up I'm getting here is that you can pretty much do as you wanna do as long as you believe in mega Jesus.
MORE CREEPS SPROUTING FROM THE SWAMPS There is no end to the creepy Repugs coming out of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 7, 2022:
How did Roe v. Wade disturb white life in any manner? This Repug is nutz.
Christian activist: I 'pray with' Supreme Court justices ruling on my cases
DenoPenno comments on Jul 7, 2022:
Not acceptable at all. This is almost on the level of giving someone a trial before you hang them when you knew in advance that you would hang them.
Medical ethical questions arising from political bans on abortion Post by Rebecca Solnit ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 7, 2022:
Many living things have a heartbeat. This is for the circulation of blood not for determining if human. A tapeworm also has a heartbeat and I would not want one in my body. Todd Akin, a GOP politico from Missouri, was once heard to remark that a woman's body had a way of dealing with sperm so as not to get pregnant if it was "legitimate rape." Think on that statement and be aware that this is the mentality we are going through yet today with political bans on women's healthcare. If they succeed we will be having funerals for a miscarriage.
What will this so called Conservative Court do if a case on creationism appears on their docket?
DenoPenno comments on Jul 7, 2022:
I'm sure that "teach the controversy" would be very appealing to them.
The Catholic church is dictating reproductive health care — even in blue states |
DenoPenno comments on Jul 6, 2022:
Everyone is lining up and waiting to side with the American Taliban. Let's band together and see which item we can repudiate today. SCOTUS will help us.
Twelve religious group members arrested over Australian girl's death []
DenoPenno comments on Jul 6, 2022:
Maybe thoughts and prayers went to the extreme.
DeSantis signs Bill into Law making students and faculty profess their religious and political views
DenoPenno comments on Jul 6, 2022:
Just when you thought it could not get any worse. They know that you might be changing religious and political views yearly so this is why you have to register your views yearly.
"I don't want to see religious bigotry in any form.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 5, 2022:
He is correct but that was 1981 and today it appears that Franklin Graham would be all for it. This merger of religion and the far right is a done deal. I have found that when you run onto one of them and point this out they cuss you.
NO POP POP, no here a pop pop, or there a pop pop.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 4, 2022:
A little bit of pop pop in my town on Sunday but there were big public displays where everyone was invited just 6 miles away. I chose to go and be with my family but there were people everywhere and I could not even find my group. I finally gave up. Should have brought a phone.
I was listening to a video about sex in the middle ages when the conversation turned to Thomas ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 4, 2022:
Things appear to be heading in that direction. Neighbor spying up on neighbor and reporting to our American Taliban, checking to see what you received in the mail and from whom, no crossing state lines for Womens Healthcare, Imagine a roadblock where people in the car are showing I.D. and they find a pregnant woman in the car and make it known that she had better still be pregnant when they return. Packages from Canada and elsewhere will be checked and x-rayed because we need no pills mailed in of any kind that match birth control or morning after, or chemical abortion. Lots of new jobs opening up here and it is really not what it seems. It is all about power.
Letters From An American 07/02/2022
DenoPenno comments on Jul 4, 2022:
This is so well written. I remember those times but will say here now that we need to eliminate the filibuster or once again take up the floor to actually talk it to death. Today all they have to do is say "I filibuster that".
An open letter to white evangelicals: We’re done with you.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 4, 2022:
I think I can go along with this. Just recently a man was telling me something on a site and I had to brand him as a white supremacist. In protest he told me that white supremacy is as hard to find as a pink unicorn. Somewhere in Christian Nationalism or Republican Jesus is where his beliefs stand but people like him do not see it. They carry their own branding words and put it on the left. They want power and many of them think it was Antifa that did the January 6th insurrection. Somehow Donnie Boy woke them up and Donnie and John Wayne are going to come up out of the sea and guide them.
Religion belongs on public life, Florida tells teachers - The Washington Post
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
Many used to cherry pick the bible. That practice still goes on. Now they want to cherry pick our history. I highly recommend the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James W. Loewen.
The Righteous Cruelty Of Republican Jesus Religion using Politics / Politics using Religion.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
It's all more of the "America founded on religion" bullshit that so many want you to believe. It simply was not so and many different people from all over came here. In recent convo with my former boss on this subject he said the problem was that if you stayed in England you had to be Church of England. This last one is another fallacy that Christians want to use. America is too diversified to ever be "a Christian Nation."
NO POP POP, no here a pop pop, or there a pop pop.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
Pop pop finally came Saturday night about 9 PM and lasted a modest half hour. I guess a couple of fools bought some fireworks.
Reconciling my atheism with my racial/ethnic identity and my passion for different cultures
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
My now dead stepfather once told me that I think about things too much. I agree and this helps me to understand myself and others. Today I can look back and see exactly why I did certain things in my life. This is not foolproof. At a recent reunion my longtime friend Larry recalled an incident but he does not remember me being there. A book gives you different concepts of things and people have different concepts as well.
So being an atheist, one of the most significant things that I struggling with is that since I also ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
In reality there is no evidence for or against gods in any form. All we have on either side of the argument is claims and no evidence. Logic and evidence is everything and you cannot use your scripture book as evidence. You might be going to the wrong persons Hell. :) Demons, spirits, and Bigfoot an flying horses come out of the mythos that people create for themselves in order to understand things. Jesus was not the only virgin birth if you go back in time. Each culture has a story. Things change with time and interests do too. That has been my experience.
I went to the bookstore (Borders) today.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
I stayed inside all day and watched my movies and TV programs. Finished the third season of Stranger Things and went to the Millie Bobby Brown fan page to comment on the series. They are now going to( or are already in) Germany for a Comic Con visit that promotes the actors and their work. Later in the day I downloaded all of the Shout Factory films and movies to find that my Facebook friend, Michelle Lintel, is there in her complete series of Black Scorpion. That was a tongue in cheek show similar to Adam West's Batman. In fact West and several others guest starred in Black Scorpion. The Von Lintel family must be proud but Michelle is busy raising baby Charlie these days. I used to read books and still catch an e-pub now and then if I like the titles and subjects.
Dozens freed from church awaiting 'Second Coming' in Ondo Nigeria []
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
My ex wife's family was deeply involved in Legio Maria (Legion of Mary) and her grandfather was one of the founders. The group is a mix of Catholic, African, and Pentecostal belief. There leader, Simeo Undato was poisoned but many believe he is the black Jesus and that he resurrected and they see him all the time. He appears at least one time a year. They also know that the "Second Coming" is right around the corner.
Every echo-chamber needs a positive or negative center of gravity: positive if members of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
I have had similar experiences online. Recently a former soldier who thought he was a patriot claimed to have been wounded 3 times. He came across as a white supremacist that believed Trump's bullshit. I guess people have been crossing our Southern border for the last 6 years or so. Obama had more of the illegals sent back than anyone. When I said I am also ex military but I believe in equality for all, he told me in a bad way to shove that shit right up my ass. I said politely that I am done. People of this caliber believe that Antifa are the bad actors that did the January 6th insurrection. The real conspiracy comes from the left and the white and right must take over. No one will replace them. Jesus, I would hate to have that much venom in me. It will eat you up.
A joke about second hand cars.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
I drive a 2004 Monte Carlo that is a second hand car. Bought it for $6000 and it is a fairly good car. A few problems here and there but you can expect that. Right now I'm over 200000 miles and working for more because I will keep this car as long as I can. Personally I have no preference of car names and models. Two new cars in my lifetime but I just know how to pick cars. Had this one for over 10 years now.
Where Does This Test Put You?
DenoPenno comments on Jul 3, 2022:
It says I am a religious resister.
A wise man once said If you choose to play chess with a Bantam Cock, be prepared for him to not ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 2, 2022:
This is true and even more so if they are believers.
A pastor is arrested for exposing himself at a Starbucks in Florida, a Catholic school in Maine ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 2, 2022:
Thanks so much for this. I watch it every month.
Was the designer of these church windows actually unaware of what he was doing OR was he actually a ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 2, 2022:
Maybe he wanted to shoot his rocket.
Our minds manage to distract us from the terrible reality by filling our lives with stories about ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 2, 2022:
I believe this and think these are very true words. We are storytellers and are the very fictional characters that we create. This is why we have tall tales of certain people. Truth gets exaggerated to account for the myth. Some things we are aware of like stories of Paul Bunyan. Let Jesus come along and all of his stories are accepted by the gullible. There is an inner fear that something bad will happen if you do not lay claim to this. In a recent phone call to a widowed woman I had not seen in over 40 years she immediately got defensive when she mentioned her faith and bible belief. I told her I understood what she was talking about and things became normal again. I'm sure she had heard that I am no longer a believer and she possibly thought I would verbally attack her. We become what we want to become, or as close to it as we can imagine.
Maybe that church is on to something:
DenoPenno comments on Jul 1, 2022:
One problem is that when others ask you how is work that is not really what they mean.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - SCOTUS Restricts the EPA & R.
DenoPenno comments on Jul 1, 2022:
At what time did SCOTUS get such power as to rule on everything? They seem to be doing this and we follow them like puppies. Why?
SCOTUS seems to be losing the plot []
DenoPenno comments on Jul 1, 2022:
SCOTUS should have nothing to do with the EPA. We might find later that they are the ones leading our country regardless of who our president is.
Those hateful atheists who think that "religion poisons everything" (one of their mantras which I ...
DenoPenno comments on Jul 1, 2022:
Religion gives false hope and security. It may unite people but it is following a false hope telling you about pie in the sky and an afterlife. Mankind has such a fear of death but it seems they worship death. This is not for me. Can I pinpoint when we left the "clever ape" stage? No more than I can present your ever present god.
WHO: COVID-19 cases rising nearly everywhere in the world
DenoPenno comments on Jun 30, 2022:
I had Covid a couple of Decembers ago. I also had 2 Moderna shots later. No boosters for me yet. I'm thinking i might build up some resistance to the damned thing. It's now having lots of variants just like the flu does. IF the cases get stronger in my area I might get some more shots. Playing it by ear so far and our cases in Missouri are down. The corporation I work for has also recently dropped their incentive for us getting vaccinated.
"For the message of the 'magical sleigh' is foolishness to those who are 'not getting toys' but to ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 30, 2022:
I certainly hope we do not allow it to happen. Following right along with you here, what I see is people who are afraid. They need something and the powers that be (or want to be) have decided the answer is in religion. If you believe long enough and hard enough it will happen. Just pray more and often. People need hope of something. Mix religion and fear together and politics falls right in line. I have one daughter who wants to see her murdered son again and another who was operated on for breast cancer recently. The only way they can get what they need is through religion. This growing fear with people of today goes so far that they think their god wakes them up in the morning. As for me, I still use an alarm clock.
Falling into the (non) religious trap?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 30, 2022:
I understand your worry on this. Many already claim that atheism is just another religion. We have no rules, no doctrine, and no gods but this does not stop people from making the claim. One man who influenced me was Jerry DeWitt, a former pastor and the first graduate of the Clergy Project. I ran onto some of his You Tube videos and I understand Jerry still runs a secular church because many people seemed to want one. None of that is for me, but Jerry is a remarkable man.
After the overturning of Roe , some people compare SCOTUS with the Taliban and fear that a kind of...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 30, 2022:
Abortion in America is compared with murder because of the nonsense that American's believe. One of the biggest is that abortion is used as birth control. Why would anybody be so dumb as to believe this? Even so, the gullible want to believe it. Clinics have free pills for those that need them. Strange that Islam has a more tolerant view on abortion. Stranger yet that the GQP is pushing a political agenda that seems to be sucking in Evangelicals bigtime. In the last year the Republicans gained a million new members. That's right. One million.
Republicans Busy Drafting Laws Prohibiting Crossing State Lines for Abortions Conservative legal ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 30, 2022:
Thanks for the post. In the end all of this will come back to bite them in the ass.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
Looks to me like a giant bat without the wings. LOL
“Say what you will about the sweet miracle unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
At this point in my life I certainly agree.
29th June 1964…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Historic Event: Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes after a 83-day filibuster...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
For those who do not understand and think this was only a "black thing" let me point out that every human being has Civil Rights.
pretty much sums it up
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
Before this is all over we will see exactly how big of a can of worms has been opened. Right now is only the beginning.
Freeman School Bible Court Case - Homestead National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service)
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
The believers will think that they have a right to do this. Some in conversation even tell me that the bible was once used as the Weekly Reader for kids at one time. This does not justify the bull that is going on.
😒😲😰🀬🀬🀬 Another Freddie Gray.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
Cops at the station simply state that Mr. Cox has had too much to drink. He was arrested on a gun charge. Common sense (if anyone there had it) would tell you that Mr. Cox was in no way capable of even holding a gun when they got him to the station. Some even view this that he was faking. Now back to the common sense thing again. The officer who transported Mr. Cox knew that he was injured. With the right attorney Mr. Cox and his family will get a lot of money but this will not be overnight.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 29, 2022:
This will not bring the guy back but in the end his family will get a lot of money and it will most likely be settled out of court.
I just kinda stay in a pissed off mood: U.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 28, 2022:
If we find in the future that church and state are no longer separated the only action is to tax the churches. This move also brings up the anger I have when the school wants to teach my Johnny all about Jebus. I will have a different belief about Jebus than what they are wanting to teach him. WOW! Would this idea really open up a big can of worms.
It's speech that should be protected just as much as Christian prayers, right?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 28, 2022:
If Mary and Jesus were real people then Joseph was the father. The bible gives his genealogy with that intent in mind. If you examine ancient writings of that time you will find other god men or godlike creatures all being born from a virgin. In fact, most of us know that things like this are not true. LOL There is also no mention of Joseph finding Mary hanging around Roman soldiers. :)
The Supreme Court rewarded religious coercion by a Christian football coach
DenoPenno comments on Jun 28, 2022:
There should be no praying at sports events. Not like this was done anyway. If you do pray then do it silently in your head. This reminds me of a time that I told a believer "god sure does like football and baseball games" I did this in mockery and she wanted to use it claiming that I really do believe in god. When it comes to god and sports some people just do not get it.
Lauren Boebert Says Trump was ‘Prayed Into Office’ by Millions of Americans After making a ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 28, 2022:
Apparently Bloefart really is that dumb.
I guess as long as reference ( not deference) to Jesus is made, it's a Christian religion
DenoPenno comments on Jun 27, 2022:
This sounds right to a Christian but Jesus was a Jew.
The poisoning of the next generation.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 27, 2022:
In the bizarre land of Christiandom this is entirely possible today.
I don't really celebrate anyway.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 27, 2022:
Oh yes. Pop Pop Day. Pop Pop here and a Pop Pop there. Everywhere a Pop Pop. Chitty chitty bang bang. All of that has nothing to do with independence.
The Justices that overturned Roe are “Constitutionalists.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 26, 2022:
I have heard Alito's arguments. It makes no sense. Why would abortion or anything else have to be a part of our Constitution? If we are using that document to prove our point then stopping women from voting is next. Maybe we can even bring slavery back if we try hard enough. People need to see and understand that when you vote GOP you are throwing away your rights. Mark my words that there will be something on the ballot next time about "for or against" on this issue.
Just sent my daughter, 32, a Valentine's card to hide cash. Ha ha!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 26, 2022:
That was nicely done. With gas so high these days I fill up the tank 3 times a week just to avoid a cussing fit over prices.
George Carlin about abortion and 'the sanctity of life'. - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 25, 2022:
Yes, Carlin was funny. There is still a lot of truth in what he says here. The Supreme Court should listen to this because their recent action will someday bite them in the ass.
SCOTUS: Supreme Christian Overlords Terrorize US.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 25, 2022:
I found it totally silly that they took up a 50 year old item like Roe and defended getting rid of it because it was not in the Constitution. What's next. Will we regress into slave labor again?
[] Irreversible Damage?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 25, 2022:
Legal penalties for not using a persons personal pronoun of gender? Oh, come on now. What confusion is this?
Radical Religious Regression
DenoPenno comments on Jun 25, 2022:
Are those eyes watching her?
Pastor Column: Bible tells truth about dinosaurs - Morrow County Sentinel
DenoPenno comments on Jun 25, 2022:
Those were very sharp teeth for eating vegetables. No, wait. Maybe they all had teeth like a cow and when man sinned they sharpened up. LOL I do remember a film with Raquel Welsh where they lived with the dinosaurs.
US Supreme Court Strikes Down Landmark Abortion Decision Roe v. Wade | Twitter
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Most of us that see or read news knew this was coming. What I do not understand is the Supreme Court acting on its own to take something away that has been with us for 50 years. People have bitched about Roe v Wade off and on because of that one word -- abortion. We let them get away with terms like about clinic, abortion doctor, etc. This leaves most of the right believing women used abortion rather than birth control pills. The far right does not even believe in birth control pills. This is all a big sham that will come back to bite them in the ass. It is also one big strike against women's healthcare and a woman's right to choose and have control of her own body. Let's be honest. This does not make abortion go away. It makes abortion go undercover without capable care. Listening to it all on PBS today one authority claimed that Roe v Wade was not part of our Constitution and did it in such a way as to claim that makes the decision valid. I thought he was avoiding the questions.
Just curious how many of you, esp.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Well said. I notice in my realm that others (especially women) think your input on things is asking them to fix a problem. All I am doing is sharing a situation.
Thoughts and prayers should help!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Why is it that some of the religious continue to send thoughts and prayers as if that is a real thing?
Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about a TV show, survival, and generational conflicts.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
I have basic survival skills art a level of 7.3 according to a poll I took. My daughters have a few of these also.
Rebirth | A Shamanic Documentary by David Al-Badri
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Rebirth could have complications unless you go back to being much smaller in size.
I'm no Biden fan, but this is ridiculous.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Yes, let that sink in.
An intelligent & succinct statement by the Russian President.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
When Vlad was a child he must have played with ants while using a magnifying glass and firecrackers.
Anybody else remember Alexander Butterfield? []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Wow! Now I have found immi. Does rof stand for "rolling on floor?"
America's belief in God hits new low [axios.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Reagan, what hast thou done?
Lauren Boebert's Shooters restaurant kicked out after new landlord cites "moral" imperative: report ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
Say what. Who is Lauren Bloefart?
"You don't have to die to go to the Kingdom of God.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 24, 2022:
I didn't watch it because I'm not worried about or concerned with the Kingdom of God. The reason is because I am not trying to please any gods and I 'm living for myself. It is different with my daughters. They both believe that the god of the bible wakes them up every morning.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - T Campaign Staff Didn't Notice Film Crew At WH | Johnson Runs ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 23, 2022:
Many of these problems can be solved if Liz Cheney works towards having Trump become friends with her dad and then they both go hunting together. :)
[] overturning Roe
DenoPenno comments on Jun 23, 2022:
Overturning Roe and the scene they show us from a movie makes ridiculous claims and even tries to tell us the film maker is standing on the site of the city of Sodom. How did he know? This was all about propaganda.
Money saving tip.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 23, 2022:
My washing machine has no temperature setting but the water heater itself does have one.
Good YouTube show ffrf, freedom from religion []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 23, 2022:
Very interesting. Many of you may also not know that Dan Barker is a former preacher himself, and I believe he was Assemblies of God.
MAGA US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens’ Ad Calls for ‘RINOs’ to Be Hunted and Shot Missouri...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 22, 2022:
People like Greitens appeal to the "have it your way" voter projecting a message of "you can have it and change it" right now. It's surprising how many will believe this. The man is a disgrace.
GOP State Officials, Election Workers Testify About Being Terrorized By Trump Supporters
DenoPenno comments on Jun 22, 2022:
I feel that it was all very deliberate.
When I was a kid, I used to have an imaginary friend.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 22, 2022:
That same thing happened to me. I decided that he no longer could hear me.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Thinks Elon Musk Is Black, SLAMMED After Calling Tesla Founder ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 22, 2022:
Yes, this musk be a joke. Where is South Africa?
Steven Weinberg once said, "With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 21, 2022:
Are there both good and bad people? Most certainly, but it takes a situation you are aware of and your moral views to find out who that person is.
Krystal Ball DOMINATES Bill Maher's Show With Facts - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Jun 19, 2022:
I saw the show and Kristal Ball has a lot of my beliefs and facts. I was really impressed with her politic.
Happy Juneteenth to all our African American members on Agnostic!! πŸ₯³
DenoPenno comments on Jun 19, 2022:
Yes, juneteenth is important.
The microbe behind the baby formula recall can be benign—or deadly
DenoPenno comments on Jun 19, 2022:
Maybe. Why is this so hard to read and understand? True, but almost in the what if category.
Easy to understand but it would need common sense
DenoPenno comments on Jun 19, 2022:
Certainly I got it but a large percentage of us never do. They think it is almost sacrilege to even suggest such things. In god's plan it is all a yes or no and the outcome is only known to god. Therefore, we beg him to change his plan and do what we want.
Happy 80th Birthday Paul!
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Happy birthday, Paul. You got 4 years on me.
"An evangelical childhood is a total mindfuck" article by a religion professor printed in Rolling ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
I can identify with a lot of this although I was not religious until my parents started going to church. I was about 12 at the time and today I connect this attitude with the fact that my youngest sister did not make it out of the hospital after she was born. It is like most evangelicals to ask or wonder what happened to her and say that all things happen for a reason. I know what happened to her. She died. She died and went into a grave. Evangelicals make it all much bigger than this.
Marjorie Taylor-Greene blatantly endorses Christian nationalism, Canada appoints its first humanist ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Thanks for the news, Steven. Poland has made great changes in their scouting oaths. MTG should also realize that her views come from the radical right.
Want try ancient Hinduism? Like every religion, they say it is superior to any.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
I never take an enema while fasting. :)
What does liberalism mean to you?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Interesting. I just took the Pew survey to find that I am a Democratic Mainstay. I have a Libertarian membership card in my pocket and never vote that way. My views are Progressive like Bernie and AOC and I do not identify with either of our major political parties.
Still too high, but any downward trend is progress.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
I find this interesting because I may have been involved in that poll.
Why do religions, claiming high ideals, always seem to end by being divisive ?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Exactly. The rest of humanity is not special and privileged and your group is the only one with the truth. Nice plot background for a movie but I'm finding adults of all ages today who believe it. Some also seem sad that I cannot grasp it, especially with my fundamentalist background.
The American South is fired up over this, they truly believe this
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Straight out of the QAnon playbook and believed by fired up church people who follow Trump, Bannon, and others. Many think this will happen supernaturally in the twinkling of an eye. Recently I was in a 40 minute phone conversation with a woman from my past. Sadly she believes this and she attends the Assemblies of God church. A softer take on this is that many now fully believe the Burger King motto of "have it your way."
At one time there was supposedly separation of church and state but suddenly churches have expanded ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 18, 2022:
Once I was in a church where others claimed that some of the things they believed are "a good idea." The buybull is not concerned with good ideas and putting politics in the church is a reflection of who would support the mixing of church and state rather than separation. I feel this is because of "Merica" being founded as a "Christian Nation." So many believe that and I find it very often. Believers want to include everyone who came here in that worn out line. Another big problem I have is the "abortion clinic." Women's healthcare is not done at an abortion clinic with abortion doctors, etc. It is "Planned Parenthood" and not an abortion clinic. Abortion can be performed there but we have all allowed the names of the clinics and doctors to be hijacked. This gives the religious and politicians who use them all the ammo they need. Now even the media speaks of abortion clinics and abortion doctors. Someone should be working to overturn this idiocy and not Roe v. Wade.
Loose lips sink ships.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
Exactly. This is like the American sniper movie where the sniper is about to get off a good shot and his phone rings.
This is why a person has to be extremely cautious whenever calling the police.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
I saw a movie once where a woman called the police because she could not get her cat out of a tree. A policeman appeared and shot the cat out of the tree. Today this appears more likely than not.
Walmart to Stop Selling Mike Lindell’s MyPillows MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced on the ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
Lindell does not need their money or their sales. He is making millions with his bizarre far out claims.
The bad news: Bannon got a pardon on his fraud conviction.
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
He got millions pretending to finish Trump's wall. People are really gullible.
Has anyone seen the new Top Gun movie? If yes what did you think?
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
I'm not a fan but I saw the preview and quickly decided this movie is not for me. The preview shows a bunch of flying airplanes.
Fucking Christ did it. []
DenoPenno comments on Jun 17, 2022:
This story is about as weird as the article.
“There seemed no question in Dawkins’s mind that atheism as he understood it fell into the same ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2022:
There is some talk in here about the proper gander. Then others want to monkey around.
One of the fundamental misconceptions many atheists have is that they consider religion to be ...
DenoPenno comments on Jun 16, 2022:
I do not need any of the functions of religions and consider myself to be without gods.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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