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Wednesday morning cuteness
DenoPenno comments on Feb 15, 2023:
Isn't that just ducky.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
DenoPenno comments on Feb 14, 2023:
I've found eggs for $2.99 a dozen but 16 miles away. Walmart was so extremely high and I told them so. I'm very vocal and an activist. They seem to be listening but maybe I am not alone in this. Now they have a dozen eggs at $3.48 and some always sold out dozens at $2.02. All their eggs seem to be from caged hens which is why they get diseased. Then we are supposed to pay for this. Also, the egg shells are so thin that you need a table spoon to remove the eggs from the carton coz they might break. It's amazing what greed will do.
My thoughts exactly
DenoPenno comments on Feb 14, 2023:
You tell 'em, sis!
Former Memphis officer charged in Tyre Nichols death allegedly beat jail inmate years earlier
DenoPenno comments on Feb 14, 2023:
One thing to note in the beating death of Tyre Nichols is the swiftness of getting these officers to justice after the death of a black man. That's right. These black officers were nailed pretty quickly for killing this black man. Could we have expected the same if the officers were white?
In tight situations we all grasp at straws
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Then the magic words all start flowing to influence that clogged toilet.
Ballooning Concerns “Rebekah Jones tweet giving NORAD explanation for all these UFO detections ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
I have heard this and it is a very good explanation. Not at my workplace. It does not work there at all. The Republicons I work with all think Biden put up fake balloons and objects just to appear better than Trump. They laugh and joke about how it's fake and Biden did this. How incredibly ignorant. Since any of the shot down objects will be collected and examined you would think people would understand this is almost impossible to get everyone going along with it. From my viewpoint the Canadians and many others would all have to be in on this incredible hoax that Trumpers think Biden is pulling. China says they are angry their balloon got shot down. Is that supposed to be a fake remark too? Every day I am finding more incredibly stupid people.
It's Monday and the trumpsters are out.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
This was because Trump knows that his faithful will keep sending him money and he has some big loan payments coming up pretty soon now.
In case you ever need to explain it
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
There is a rumor that the unskilled who perform this use a pencil sharpener.
My idea of perfect happiness is a healthy family, peace between nations, and all the critics die.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
All of what critics? Which critics are you talking about and why do you want them to die? Make you a bet that none of this would even make you happy if it happened.
She must REALLY like chicken!! A Cook County School Cafeteria Worker Stole $1.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
I hate chicken wings. I really do.
Lightning strikes the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Is it real? It must have been a sign from god. I checked this out and it has been struck by lightning several times over the years. Lots of "end times" comment on You Tube so I put my 3 cents in there by saying things high up in the air are likely to get struck by lightning.
This is what I've always thought.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
That sums it all up nicely.
I felt like these two went together
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Yes, but they are only visiting.
One of my favorite all time movies.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
I must have seen this film more than 50 times.
I'm sure many of you have seen this meme on facebook or elsewhere this week.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Nice pic. I could not give a rat's ass about a Super Bowl or men hitting a ball with a stick.
Hobby Lobby founder revealed to be behind effort to "rebrand Jesus" |
DenoPenno comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Rebranding Jesus would involve changing his known image and a possibility that he failed with the public the first time around.
So, I've been telling my brother that my mom was sending large amounts to right wing nutjob groups ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
She will not go willingly but this is something that you must do. It was all the opposite with my step dad. He was convinced that he needed to borrow money from others and did so constantly with many relatives chipping in. Some were upset that I did not give him money. It took him falling and breaking a hip to get him into a nursing home and once there he told stories of driving my dead mother to the hospital about once a week. The man no longer had a car and could not drive. Do what you have to do before it becomes tragic. You will need a POA and a good attorney can tell you how to proceed. This may involve state agencies. Investigate it and find out.
Paulogia - How An Atheist Scholar Misleads Millions Of People (feat.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
The irony of all this to me is that Jesus was a Jew and so many people worldwide want to believe books in the OT were talking about Jesus. This would be impossible and is in accord with Dr. Ehrman as he makes claims about gospel books themselves without a claim about Christianity. So many people just do not get it. The bible is not one great big book written about your god or written by your god.
It has all been projection
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
Does Trump know how to use these?
I kept thinking when trump got fired by the American people, he would diminish in the media.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
I quit watching news programs because of Trump. These days I simply read headlines from good sources all around the world. I still do not watch news or want to watch news.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
My ex used to take me to Olive Garden and I liked their side dish of potato soup, sausage, and kale. I learned how to make this at home but it took an hour and 15 minutes. After a while I quit making it coz it took too long. :)
Red State Republicans Propose Using Children to Fill Labor Shortages Faced with low unemployment ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
Most of us know this has nothing to do with children making money. The wise will also know that it is not satire.
So I was driving to the grocery store and then stopped in the parking lot when I got there to look ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
Right on. When similar things happen to me I find that many of those doing the talking are not actually in any active church attendance. It is just weird shit they say. Trying to start a conversation maybe but in an awkward way.
Paul Cezanne Forest 1894
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
I like this picture.
I would delight in dancing on the grave of Vic Bensley, one time headmaster of Hamilton South Public...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
I do not want to dance on anyone's grave. That includes Donald Trump. I would like to see his grave but there will be no dancing. I would say, however, that "it could not have happened to a nicer man." :)
Happy Sunday all, Fairuza Balk
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
Even at my age I would like to be married to her at least twice a week.
Trump campaign paid researchers to prove 2020 fraud but kept findings secret Former president ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
You are correct but should post a source. We all know that Donald Trump is not a good source. :)
Sunday morning cuteness
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
The real bad luck of a black cat is if you do not see him in the darkness and step on him.
"FUSHION SCHMOOSION" While I'll admit that I have never understood the concept of "Bit Coin", I ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
Bit coin is shit coin. I go with the accepted form of currency used by the government I am living under. Gimme gold paint and I can turn anything into gold. I have no gold and silver. In case of a total collapse I can see those who want food or gasoline running around in panic trying to offer others gold and silver. They would be trampled under foot. Also in a case of total collapse it is not likely for you have a freezer packed with food like they wanted to sell you on in the 1970's. Today the idea is sell you on packaged food that you simply mix with good clean water. Where would you get that water? I like to be smart and try to be prepared but others sure like to make money off ideas of collapse.
Does anyone on this site know of a reputable polling organization or scientific study which has ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 12, 2023:
I don't have the answer you are looking for but I agree with Krish55. In America today I see a push for Christian Nationalism coming from the far right and those who are already god believers think this is in line with Armageddon and is backing their beliefs. "Therefore god" has sent these political people as part of his great plan.
There is not enough bleach in the world to erase this image from my eyes. Ugh!
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I'm not sure bleach would do it. I like this pic of him and the other one is about how he has never fallen off his bike.
'Last month, ICAN, through its attorneys, sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I can decide too. :)
Commentary from Jeff Childers 'Coffee & Covid' 'MedPage Today ran a startling story last week ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Looks like shingles to me.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Great song. These days I always have intimate thoughts about a friends wife when I hear it. Getting goosebumps thinking of her as I write this. Any chance ever of me and her? Nope! :)
Things are heating up, and getting interesting.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I have no Twitter and do not want any Twitter.
Do you know how long your customers wait for an initial reply?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I have no customers and no team. Recently I got another desktop computer ready but had to get my first ever Microsoft account doing so. Now Microsoft e-mails me often with hints on how to better get my work done. I do not have computer work of any kind. I am a pirate. This is why I have no customers or team.
Laughter is known as the best medicine for a reason.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Just don't do 15 or more texts on whether you should buy a pizza. my neighbor texts me a lot but in my mind this is like getting 15 phone calls repeatedly and annoys the hell out of me.
Historically, from the perspective of the soul, there have been two foundational routes to discover ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
You have no soul. You were never given a soul. It is an imagined idea that a god gave you a soul. The truth is YOU are a soul. In most cases we have living souls but you can die and be a dead soul.
The Covid Plandemic house of cards is collapsing.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
No one ever said that taking the jab would prevent transmission. This is a misunderstanding repeated by those who do not want to be vaccinated. It's like saying that a flu shot will prevent you from getting the flu. Sorry. It will not.
For some encouragement, here is the best-made Ivermectin video I’ve ever seen, and it’s only the...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
People somewhere are always sick and many people die every day. Let's take Ivermectin and make sure it is not happening because we have worms.
Global politics (or world politics) covers all aspects of politics that affect multiple political ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Americans seem to believe that our domestic politics have actually gone global and this is a great big mental lie.
Mesopolitics describes the politics of intermediary structures within a political system, such as ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Americans today seem to believe that our political parties are influencing media ideas all over the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Chelsea Handler Discusses Being Childless by Choice - Long Story Short | The Daily Show - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
In my marriages children simply happened. It was never that we planned to have them. I feel sorry for women who believe without question that their job is to have children. Have them or do not. Your choice.
So I have a solution to these new accounts (Jenny and Princess), in this case female (allegedly), ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
It does seem that way.
[] 'I'll Fly Away' performed by The White Horse Guitar Club
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I flew away several years ago.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Be sure and mention the chem trails.
I am taking a humans job, but I need to earn a living too. My union rep says so []
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Amazing what you can do with lights, cameras, and a self propelled auto vac. Add a voice to what the camera sees and you are all set.
Finding dog gifts for humans for doting dog owners can be especially difficult, but we're here to ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
A local funeral home in my area is now offering it's services for your pet.
Appreciation and affection- Appreciation and affection are about caring for each other as family ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I appreciate my family but I do not lend money. They have to have their own.
Florida: where reason goes to die.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
It reminds me of the early days of Trump when a relative told me Ted Nugent was woke but I was not. I'm not sure that relative has woke since that time.
I respect religious people who believe in a God that grants free will.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Free will is a biblical concept that apologists have come up with because god wants you to worship him freely and openly without being forced or commanded to do so. That is where free will comes from and all it is. In reality you have the free will to rape and kill the same as those you did harm to have the free will to be raped and killed. We have taken the term out of religion and the bible when we view it this way. I might have the free will to marry Susie, but then, maybe not. Free will is a myth.
Biden means business when he says the US is going to start manufacturing. []
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
IF we start manufacturing again it will be in large part because of inflation and increased wages. When something costs way too much in America and you are now paying more for it businessmen could make a profit again also. So much for greed and high prices.
WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY? Great questions for "God". []
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Very dumb question posed by believers. My take on it is how long have humans been around? A correct answer of this question will show how long "judgement day" will last. Since everyone will be judged fairly and equally there would be no speeded up judgements or twinkling of an eye type stuff. The people that wrote the book did not think of this. How could they? They were ancient sheep herders.
Dionne Warwick Says Burt Bacharach’s Death Feels “Like Losing a Family Member” | Vanity Fair
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Burt was a big part of her life and Warwick herself sends goosebumps of joy up my spine every time I listen to her.
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Greene and Boebert Unravel at Twitter Hearing While Biden Gloats ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Thermostats at saba saba. Is that religious? Maybe in Africa.
What Comforts You as an Atheist While Enduring Suffering
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Religious people throw in ideas like seeing loved ones again and being together with them. That is not in the book. Happy family times in heaven are not in the book. Singing god's praises forever and ever are in the book, but religious people seem to overlook that. I don't think I could handle the first 10,000 years.
Good morning, let’s get this Friday morning started with another tribute to the great Burt ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Sharon Myers with lots of good songs but perhaps the name "DeShannon" might have been chosen coz of the popularity of Del Shannon. (Del was actually Charles Westover.) It's just a thought.
Happy Friday all, Paulina Tantot
DenoPenno comments on Feb 10, 2023:
My kinda girl.
THE TENETS OF ATHEISM Recite this daily and believe it without question I don't believe that I'm...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Thank you Spanky. I believe every word of it. :)
Philosophy is a field of science that investigates reality and human existence, as in I am currently...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
If Jenny lived closer maybe I would be interested in doing some research. I am not moving anywhere and not going to Ohio.
Origins of Religions and Spirituality Religion: Religions are most often based upon the lives, ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
I could be going nuts but I think this was posted once today by someone else. Religion is a belief system of some sort usually based on a reward after death situation but not always so. Spirituality can mean almost anything the person wants it to mean.
With the Turkey/Syria earthquake death toll now exceeding 20,000 there is a major question to be ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
In the 1950's Superman TV show with George Reeves such shoddy construction meant jail time in America. Today it is a way of life regardless of what country you live in.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Trump has been throwing that tantrum his entire life.
Christian megachurch pastor Andy Stanley isn't the gay ally you're looking for - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Here is the real problem. Gay people continue to want to be in church and accepted by the church and churches know this. The big question is why would gay people even want to stay in a church?
If I had a nickel for every time this happened…
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
That can happen. I just use a cheap one like GermX but it got very expensive. Now I use it for my dentures and Softsoap antibacterial for my hands.
Came across this and I really liked it. It’s spot on for me for the most part
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
I will pick the green one here. :)
You may have heard—or even used—the terms religion and spirituality interchangeably.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
From the perspective of the soul. What soul? You were not made with a soul, given a soul, or created with a soul. You are the soul. This soul idea goes back to biblical belief for most of us whether you are an active in church believer today or not. We keep hanging on to an idea that we have some invisible non physical soul that travels around everywhere, knows and seeks what we want, and can be in our out of our bodies. Sorry. That's your mind. If you hang on to biblical beliefs on the soul idea you learn that a god breathed into you and you became "a living soul." The hell with St. Paul. OK, I guess you could also be a dead soul if not living. Again, you are the soul. As for the other great questions here like "who am I, what do I want, what is my purpose, and what is the meaning of life" you have to figure these out on your own. The answers are not the same for every individual. You make your own purpose and create your own meaning. There is nothing mystical about this. Spirituality is a term and "being spiritual" can mean anything that you want it to mean.
How to Have a Better Relationship By Tara Parker-Pope Illustrations by Mark Conlan Can you spot...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 9, 2023:
I knew that my ex and I were in trouble when I discovered that both of us wanted to be the dominate person in the relationship. This meant that both of us wanted to control everything. I, for one, have to know what is going on. We had no stupid arguments with imagined others but we had control issues and lots of stress. I last talked to her on the phone when she called me January 2nd. We talked an hour but have talked up to 4 hours at a time. I always have her laughing and gigling and that makes me happy. Once the call is over I feel very good but I'm also aware that I have less stress in my life today than I did before and I like it that way.
MTG without her makeup on. Such a striking resemblance…
DenoPenno comments on Feb 8, 2023:
This is how I imagine her. Next she will start throwing feces.
Joe Biden killed it from the moment he was announced as POTUS.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 8, 2023:
That's about the way I saw it when I watched it this morning. Lots of people do not like Biden but he tells it like it is and gets things done. Repubs are pissed coz that's what they used to hear said about Trump when Trump is a narcissist bully the entire time.
After affirming LGBTQ people, a Christian school lost donors and will shut down
DenoPenno comments on Feb 8, 2023:
Theists are full of hate. To see this fully you might have to have been one once like I was. The problem is that they do not know they are full of hate and get very offended if you tell them this. Just doing what the book tells them, they say.
"500,000 electric charging stations".
DenoPenno comments on Feb 8, 2023:
Oh, Jesus! Now I am afraid that my toothbrush is going to explode. I could also end up with a gas tank full of fumes and almost empty and a spark from my submerged electric fuel pump would blow me sky high. We cannot win.
I Should Be Killed For Going To Kenya Without a Visa! My former boss told me that because I entered ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 8, 2023:
Some of this fascist talk moves on into the shooting down of the Chinese balloon. Some are saying Biden just wants to look tough and we planted that balloon. How could it have traveled across our air space without being detected? Apparently it does not matter that they sent balloons when Trump was in office but it never got reported to the White House. If that happened then someone is not doing their job. Maybe again Trump is the clue here. In an attempt to make Biden look bad people forget that China admits it was their balloon. Yes, they said that and any half way intelligent person would know that news media worldwide has picked up on this. American political parties do not control worldwide media. It would be so easy to prove that America is lying about this. Media somewhere would bring it out. China would bring it out as false themselves. WTF is wrong with people? Apparently Trumpers have to go along with the Chinese balloon being an American "plant" so Trump keeps looking good. Adding this an hour later. I talked with my insurance agent and she says a "military man" told her the China balloon is a "plant" by Biden. She also says she is getting tired of Trump being used to support Republican ideas. It makes her angry and she is a Republican. In her circle of known people I am also a 'military man" but I make no claims about our defense systems. LOL :)
DenoPenno comments on Feb 7, 2023:
We all need to do some rewarding work.
If you had to choose a god?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 6, 2023:
Why would I be choosing a god?
How long you used to believed in God?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I've been without god for the last 20 years or so. As a believer I once studied for the ministry. I have freedom and no guilt or shame for leaving the religious world.
Why does anyone need a god?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I have no need of gods and know that I was lied to as a teen. Totally without any god belief in the last 20 years and feel no guilt or shame for leaving god or the belief system.
Sabine Hossenfelder - Earth's Core Didn't Stop Spinning.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I follow Sabine.
Federal Food Tax to Pay for Healthcare What if everyone could see a doctor, get treatment at a ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
We do fund healthcare. If you have not heard Social Security expands into where the needy can get healthcare for themselves and children who need it. This is an insurance program but Republicans keep using the word "entitlement" in a bad way and want to dismantle it or tear it down. They also want to determine who can benefit by having nutrition classes and exercise before giving anything to the needy. This only proves who is in control and has nothing to do with the needy. I'm really glad that you are a health expert but I can shorten this a bit. Here I am in 1978 and at that time I could press 110 lbs. overhead with one hand. Either hand. I worked out and had good nutrition. Times, people, and other things change. Today I have neuropathy, walk in special shoes, and have balance problems. I continue to work at 76 years old. Maybe some of your ideas would have helped me to be as healthy as you instead. I might add that I am a Progressive. I believe our nation should provide work, healthcare, food, and housing with no regard to race or origin. Other countries do this and we can too if we ever stop our political nonsense.
They aren't going anywhere fast...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
This is so true. Constantly you hear of certain political people "bringing on the rapture" or apocalypse and now preachers even have sermons on it. Maybe they have nothing else to do. Their book has always claimed that nobody knows the time or the hour but believers all want to ignore that.
Russel on point []
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
Everything today is all about money. I am constantly blocking bullshit daily even on a personal level.
This is how corrupt medical science has become.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
Yes, of course. I get it now. People should have just been left to die while the vaccines were fully tested for 10 years.
it looks like israel is on the verge of total collapse of the rule of law, and descent into sone ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I've never been a fan of Nuttiyahu. My take on Americans and Israel from the beginning is that Christians thought they had to support Israel because of Christianity. These same Americans do not get it that Israel does not have a similar feeling about us. They never did. Americans and other pro-Israel people (most likely all Christian) helped Israel become a nation with ideas that maybe if Palestine could be good also, they would get their land in the future. There is no land to give so this will never happen. I see greed and religion spoiling everything.
I mentioned in another post that I was bumped off Agnostic and couldn't use my password, the site ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I think some of this is happening because we are all adrift on this site right now. Not sure who the admin is or if we still have one. I have heard he is giving up because the site went in a direction that he had not planned. Personally I enjoy comments of most of us on here.
Brittney Kelly
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
I could see more pics of this lady anytime.
Re-branding Jesus?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 5, 2023:
Taking my thoughts on it to the extreme I wonder how long it would take for us to have a completely different Jesus? This is what Green is trying to do. It is no different than having apologists make claims over ideas that we know are not there to begin with. It can be said that David Green is a super religious nut. He had to return some items from his Museum because he did not own them. If you spend 3 billion to re-brand Jesus you must be expecting to get more money in return. People do and say strange things. One man in our group told me recently that words Jesus supposedly said over 2000 years ago were supporting the separation of church and state. I can see that. :) A religious Jew in ancient Israel is supporting the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. He had no idea our country existed when he supposedly made the remark. If Green has his way maybe Jesus will come back as a Christian Nationalist. Jesus never started Christianity in the first place. He was a Jew trying to become the Messiah. None of this had anything to do with America.
I really hated this in school. I worked so much better on my own. lol
DenoPenno comments on Feb 4, 2023:
Been an introvert all my life but I can talk forever. :)
Like most adults, we are working with different scripts.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Everyone today is working with a different script. I met a woman from China and she thinks because I am not a Republican like her dead husband that it means I am a Democrat. She has no concept of a Progressive. She also thinks that the Spanish Flu happened in 1945. These are just cultural things that she learned in China. Investigation may find that your own neighbor is just as diverse but you never knew it before.
I have just come across this on an old Atheist site in reply to a discussion about Atheism and ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I do not need to be defined and do not want to be defined. I have called myself an agnostic atheist but constantly I have others telling me what I am. They do not even know me.
In America, you have to opt out of religion in public life.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
If you are addicted the higher power you must appeal to is yourself.
Billboard fun
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Good idea but I bet Corona beer sales suffered worldwide during out pandemic.
Only in Canada
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I once had a Fiat Spider and the most I got was waves from the girls. Maybe I should have pulled over and asked them if they wanted a ride.
pretty obvious
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
What does the K Y stand for?
Are you sure?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Never been to Vegas and I don't gamble. The point of gambling is to get your money and that is why I do not gamble. OK, I sometimes buy a lotto ticket coz you cannot win without a ticket. :)
Love the innuendo
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I wonder who the model was that posed for this St. Pauli girl? Maybe she is 105 today or even dead. I did a Wiki search and found out there are several of these girls that do the modeling. A new one pops up all the time.
The mind boggles,
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I avoid sushi because I do not want intestinal worms.
Home of the budgie smuggler
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I for one do not need to see this.
Good employment opportunity for some
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Can it be a female hand and I get to pick who?
Wish the Canadians gave us this advice.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Yes, but in California fires are caused by giant Jewish space lasers. MTG said that.
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Greene Embarrasses Herself at Hearing; DeSantis Tries to Out-MAGA ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
What's wrong with Donald Trump? To say "April Fool" is like saying something that is not true just to be funny. Claiming we have open borders when they should be closed does not express "April Fool" at all. This man is such an idiot that he thinks you have to have an ID card to buy groceries.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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