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Fires & floods in california: school shootings even 5 more people dead as i write; train and ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 27, 2023:
Maybe it's the pocky lips. :)
WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY from Jeff Childers An explosive new preprint study quietly published on ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 27, 2023:
I have no clue. What I do know is that in West Africa an oral polio vaccine was given and a few kids turned up with polio. Please notice this was oral and not a needle type vaccination.
Very true…
DenoPenno comments on Mar 27, 2023:
You got it. Recently I saw Aron Ra on a post where he claimed his parents hate Democrats. He said to his mom something like - "Come on now. You can't believe that Tom Hanks is raping and killing children and drinking their blood." Supposedly his mom answered with "you can't prove that he is not."
Bill Maher took some time on his show, Real-Time, to push back against criticism aimed at comedian ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 27, 2023:
My view is that if you do not like trans people or girly men just avoid them and go on with your life. These people are also real and you and not the only person in the world. Nobody has to do things your way or be just like you.
I’m going to go with emotionally immature.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 27, 2023:
In June I will be 77 and I still piddle around with stuff like I did when I was a kid. The difference today is that small things bother me. Nothing is perfect but Sunday I fixed and re-painted a couple of bad spots on a wire type shower caddy. I already had the paint for something else before. :)
If you are hell-bent on taking guns out of the hands of citizens, then you should also be hell-bent ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Cops laugh at me in any roadside check for a drivers license. I normally tell them I am reaching for my left rear pocket to get my wallet which has my license. They think it is funny. I don't. People have been killed reaching for a back pocket. I do not carry a gun but for those who do and the cop asks you to show it to him, or give it to him, try responding politely by telling him where it is and he can retrieve it. This might save your life.
America's analysis of criminality is pretty fucking bent.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
That describes it pretty well, but now Zuck has to pay millions and has a new plan to charge users of Facebook and claims he is protecting user privacy. This will start in Asia, he says, then continue into the rest of us. My take on it is that to get his money back he will still allow free users but you will have to pay to use other FB features. He will still be selling your information because this is how he built the platform to start with. Now they are Meta but this is only a parent corporation name after acquiring other media.
The Atheist Experience - Everything Commanded In Scripture Is Ethical []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Since when did faith become evidence? This man wants to use his bible for evidence. Circular reasoning at best. Which god does this guy believe in? Would it be a different god if he lived in a different part of the world?
Utah becomes first state to sign law limiting kids' social media use
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Now kids in Utah will have to be afraid of the Social Media Police. I bet they are shaking in fear as I type. Are they expanding the budget for this?
Pope Francis expands sex abuse law, reaffirms adults can be victims []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Thanks, Frankie. Anyone can be a victim.
Posted by an atheist group
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Donald Trump most likely uses this as his motto. I know a lot of parents do. Especially older parents from my generation.
There seems to be a pattern here, can you spot it?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Conservatives have very little interest in government and claim to be in favor of less government. Their main act is to make sure the top 1% keep the wealth and they cause many distractions along the way to convince you that they really are for you. Do not be fooled. They are not. They have no heathcare or insurance plans. They claim pro-life but once you are born you are on your own. I'm wondering how this would work with healthcare or insurance plans. Their answer is that very early in life someone should start you a 401K.
Now this is interesting.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
They mean the same thing to me and most of us know that January 6th was not simply people visiting. Videos of the event show the truth of it and death does not usually come from a visit. Ignorant people actually believed Donald Trump enough to where they thought their mobs would start a revolt that would allow Trump to keep the presidency.
6 years from leaving church.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Many people feel this way and the brainwashing sticks with you a while. Believers cherry pick what they believe out of the bible and many of us just knew the adults had to be right to believe in a god. I'm maybe 20 years an atheist these days but I am also 76 years old. I have anger over believing and even at the idea of studying to be a minister, but I had to know things. We need to face the fact that there are some things we do not or cannot know and that there is no evidence of gods.
That recent signing of the AUKUS deal in the States.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 26, 2023:
Some people think Donald Trump is of sound mind. I disagree. Sorry, I just had to throw that in there.
So trump is blowing his dog whistle again, calling for violence.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
The torture that Trump needs is to never be allowed to hold high office again in America. That should do it and it is possible to achieve.
The Atheist Experience - God Could Exist? []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
Which god is it that Fritz wants to exist? I'll make you a bet that he has picked one and all the others are false. If he is not fully convinced he will still sway towards that one god.
If you can't handle the truth go elsewhere.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
What lab leak? If you manufacture something that kills people you cannot get their money. All you can get is money from those wanting the vaccine. Many of all ages get the vaccine free anyway.
Top Trump aides ordered to testify as judge rejects claims of executive privilege
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
Not in office currently so executive privilege does not apply. Sorry Trump. No, wait. It is you who are sorry. Very sorry.
What to expect from Trump’s rally in Waco | PBS NewsHour
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
It is way past time to Dump Trump. I actually started watching news again once he stopped being on it daily with stupid little bullshit.
Talking about Freewill in Christianity
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
The Evangelical concept of free will came about because god wants you to serve him of your own free will. This is a choice that you make. It is very important that god is not forcing you to serve him. In the confusion about free will, I admit that I believe in it. The rapist has the free will to rape you, or not. The murderer has the free will to kill you, or not. Driving home and having my supper in mind I know exactly what I am going to fix. Then I get home and fix something else.
Jordan Peterson really believed a Chinese fetish video was real. shorts jordanpeterson - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
Very strange but I want to know where I can buy the machine.
After watching this video you will have no doubt that Covid19 was nothing more than deliberate US ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 25, 2023:
I've said this before many times but nobody gets it. The current scheme of things is to get your money by any means possible and to get as much money as they can. Powers that be cannot get your money if you are dead. People die every day but killing you only creates money for the undertaker.
Getting creative with those boring old puzzle sets.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
This would make a person with a good memory a champion at working puzzles.
Christian Nationalist "prophet" leads thousands to pray in tongues to prevent Trump's arrest
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
Absolutely amazing! I doubt if Trump prays but if he does he must speak in tongues coz I never know exactly what he is talking about. Ho si con didli ei honda la seka. :)
Here is another actor in the 'Hey it's that guy' category - a familiar face in over 100 movies: ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
I remember him very well form many movies. He was a good actor.
Canada Muslim told not to pray at Canadian train station
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
They ignore the prayer rules. Jesus said to pray in your closet. Muslims make a big deal all out in to open about it but I bet Mo never told them to do it this way.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
Does finding out where it really came from do a damned thing about stopping it? No, it only allows for more political bullshit to be spread in this world of others who like to claim they really do know something. A hundred years ago the Covid counterpart is said to have come from Kansas City. So what?
Parent Calls Bible ‘PORN’ and Demands Utah School District Remove It From Libraries
DenoPenno comments on Mar 24, 2023:
I agree that the bible should also be banned but if it is porn it has to be literary porn. The pictures of biblical events are in your mind.
Florida Principal Out After Viewing Of Michelangelo's 'David' Upsets Parents | HuffPost
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2023:
David was pretty damned fat. He's fatter than me.
House fails to override Biden veto of resolution to overturn investment rule - CNNPolitics
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2023:
Ramen! LOL
Do you believe in life after death
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2023:
How could you be alive after you die? It is only religions and ignorant superstitions that think they have that answer.
[] Atheist day
DenoPenno comments on Mar 23, 2023:
Atheist! OMG! Why can't I keep following ancient sheep and goat herders who did not know where the sun goes at night?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
I'm not a Trump lover but let's take politics out of this for my view now. As a child I remember street cars and train travel. In Europe in the 1960's I still found lots of train travel as a norm. What is going to happen is that our lack of fossil fuels will soon cause this to all come back. Everyone will no longer own an automobile.
We only care about your safety. 🙄🙄
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
Nobody is concerned about her safety. The real concern is about power.
I can't fault that logic at all. ðŸĪŠ
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
I get it. I'm also not going to trust another person to make the cord because it might end up too long and you die. No bungee jump for me.
Donald J.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
Watching this video is enough to make me sick. Then we have koolaid drinkers like the 40 year old I heard last week who said "he's the best president we have ever had." I keep wondering if people like this are blind. Maybe they just believe the "fake news" is lying.
Always a valid point
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
This would seem to be something that believers have totally overlooked. That is what happens when a group of people who did not even know where the sun goes at night come up with ideas of a god.
Brian Tyler Cohen - Trump’s call for protests BACKFIRES in HUMILIATING fashion [youtube.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
I feel that Trump believes he would be safe from all prosecution if he was re-elected and that his ego also demands this. As for his loans coming due shortly I think he feels that nobody could take his property while he was president. He is wrong, wrong, wrong. To a lessor degree he feels is is protected from some legal things as a candidate because of the Secret Service. Again, he s wrong.
“Eternity has nothing to do with time.” []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
Eternity would have to be when time as we know it stops.
“All day long the door of the subconscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side,...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
I seem to do that pretty often. I sometimes think I live in two different worlds and it is hard to chose which one I really want.
Are the days of "American exceptionalism" over?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
Puff, I agree with your every word here. The older I get the more I see that I am not as proud of my country as I once thought I was. Maybe it is because these days I am taking a deeper look at everything.
This young girl is 17 now.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
She's great. This girl needs a recording contract because she would sell a lot of music and that means money. If she loves singing this is what to do. Her choice.
Born on March 22, 1887 in NYC: actor, comedian, musician Leonard 'Chico' Marx. D: 1961 []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 22, 2023:
I don't think Liberace could do this. :)
That moment when you realize, there are illogical atheist that believe in greater supernatural than...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 21, 2023:
Time travel and space warp travel are not possible. At least as far as we know. Now on time travel let's go back in time to 1950. Is it the "Leave It To Beaver" 1950 or the one that someone else remembered? Let's go back to 1776. Then you have that question of whether or not time travel could actually raise the dead. Oh, I see. You went back in time so these people were not dead yet. OK, but you were not born yet. The would be scientists come up with quantum universes and tell you anything you want to believe can happen and it does happen, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun. Sure is a lot of confusion.
I used to have to walk past all of my classmate each school day and go stand in the hall while the ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 20, 2023:
I remember the pledge when I was in school but I don't think we said it all the time. When would you say this? At the beginning of a school day or in every frigging classroom. Where would everyone gather to say the pledge at the beginning of a school day? My first class every day was PE.
This Christian claims her three amputated toes were regrown during a prayer service
DenoPenno comments on Mar 20, 2023:
She's lying plain and simple. The only one she will convince is believers.
For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 20, 2023:
I think I can agree with Bukowski. Even so, I still remember ministers preaching that anything could be your god. Money, your car, your wife, etc. STF up minister. The big question is why do we need gods?
What do you think of this idea: Any "ideology" (in the broadest sense) that fulfills the following...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
This all seems very true on the surface but then exceptions creep in. For example, a person can be in church and hear the minister claim that we all believe alike. Those of us in this meeting all believe the same things religiously. In private talks with any of these people you find that it is not true. This is also the reason there are so many religious denominations.
For reasons of my own, to do with science I like to look for patterns in my own behavior as well as ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
I am totally Progressive because I believe we should have the best of everything for everyone. If you believe this idea is Communist try looking hard at Russia and China and you can see they do not have this at all. Is this site progressive? Not much coz the right will stop you from posting on ideas here that they love. They also might ban you. Click to post and there is nothing there. For the record I do not see that anyone progressive is doing this. It's the other way around. They hate liberals and I'm a Progressive Liberal. This has nothing to do with Trump or Biden.
Florida English professor fired after parent complaint over racial justice lessons | The Hill
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
Is DeSantis WOKE? He apparently does not want any racial justice. Make you a bet that he thinks Kindergarten kids are being primed for sex change operations and gender reassignment too. Some of this is the silliest crap I have ever heard.
Wyoming governor signs measure prohibiting abortion pills -- ABC News
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
In my opinion this is none of that man's business. You can count on the fact that he thinks this move will get him re-elected.
Billy Raymond Counterman's Words Were So Terrifying the Supreme Court Got Involved
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
Free speech and he thought he was entitled to C.W's attention. No, this is bullying and borders on terrorism. If permitted it simply means we can all do whatever we want to do vocally.
Not sure where to put this: A recent photo appeared in the FFRF newsletter under the section, ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
With a shirt like that we know he drank all of the koolaid.
New Rule: No National Divorce! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
Poking fun. More like the truth to me. People in America today do want to live in Woklahoma and Dumbassistan. Contrary to popular opinion it is not the left saying this or wanting this. The ones that want it think we should have a divided America with red and blue sectors making up all of it. What ever happened to simply getting along?
Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
So the AI is gay? WTF.
If someone asked you, as an atheist or agnostic, if you feel that everything is just random not with...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 19, 2023:
Nothing is random and events and beings do not have to have a purpose. The bottom line is that there are some things we do not know and may never know. Trying to tie a god to everything is simply a claim that you do know when you do not. If you believe Genesis literally did god tell Moses how he did things and when did this happen? As far as genomes and DNA go, things evolve.
Florida Republican Stan McClain Proposes Bill to Ban Students Below Sixth Grade From Discussing ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
Very terrible. If kids grow up not knowing anything about sexually transmitted diseases they just might end up having them. I'm not sure why people think they can raise these kids in a closet. It is all about control and the ones proposing to ban things are afraid they will lose control.
Paul Gosar blames Jesus for sneaking Kari Lake into "new" National Prayer Breakfast |
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
Deaf, dumb, and blind takes on new meanings. Why would anyone believe in a National Prayer Breakfast? This is our elected people right at the top trying to convince you that god and Jesus control everything including their elections. I wonder how many smiles you would see at these events. We have no "Chosen One."
Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday | CNN Politics
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
Why would we wait? Arrest him now and get this over with. The truth is that Trump is scared. He also thought that his past presidency and running for office again would offer him protections. Arrest that grifter ASAP.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
Violence if he is arrested. This is why people like Dump create base followers. Those dummies think he likes exactly what they do and they become his small "private army."
Right-Wing Drag Queen Lady MAGA USA Now a 'Costume Artist' -- Th eAdvocate
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
I have nothing against Drag Queens but I do not think young children should be encouraged to watch their shows. In fact, nobody should be encouraged to watch their shows. It is up to the individual.
Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
They can arrest him on Monday if they want to. Why delay?
If you want to survive 2023.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 18, 2023:
Why would I invest in gold? If everything went to hell quickly I could not use this gold to buy anything or do anything. It would not get me food or gasoline. People in a panic would knock you down and trample you and your gold. Cash would not work so well either. Green passports. The color of mine is green but it is expired and needs renewed. I understand that green card holders can travel to many countries on their passports without need of a visa. OK, I went to Kenya in 2004 without a visa and I am a U. S. citizen. Born here and raised here. A man I work with thinks I should have been shot for doing this. We live in a strange world.
And now, some inspirational words from the National Lampoon.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2023:
I have no spirituality. Just wonderment at rampant ignorance.
The god of reverse psychology.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2023:
I always thought it was so strange that they ate the forbidden fruit and suddenly discovered that they were naked. What is so wrong with being naked? This would also mean that the "forbidden fruit" was from the tree of knowledge. This changes many things and believers still think this was a true story. How so? Did god tell Moses about it? Ridiculous beginnings.
If I was religious I would yell out AMEN BROTHER! He gets it.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 17, 2023:
While I believe we should do something about climate change, demoralizing the youth is certainly not the answer. Maybe we should look into why so many young people are committing suicide today. Society wants to put them all in a mold where there are pre-selected answers. I have a granddaughter with 5 kids and her life is doing something with her kids constantly. They camp out even if it is in the back yard, they sell girl scout cookies, and yesterday they all went to a local park and spent the day. Her kids get the upbringing that she never had herself and they are all better for it. On the other hand, I have a relative in his early 30's who says the problem with kids today is that they all need more ass whippings. Suppressed enough myself in my upbringing I do not think that suppression is the answer. Then we have Al Gore's answer to climate change where the corporation that pays the most gets to pollute more. Is it all going to continue to be all about money?
Here is an actor who may be unknown to many, but his face should be familiar.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2023:
I remember him in Frankenstein but never knew he was related to Ronald Coleman.
Gods in the machine? The rise of artificial intelligence may result in new religions
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2023:
AI may be good but we created AI. I think it is also safe to say that humankind created religions.
The Franklin challenge accepted
DenoPenno comments on Mar 16, 2023:
Why is everyone making fun of Lauren Bloefart?
Christian lawmaker cites Bible to defend hitting special needs students
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2023:
Spare the rod and spoil the child has nothing to do with special needs. In buybull daze I suspect nobody would have even of known they had a special needs child. It's true. Jesus was the son of god and yet he accepted that the biggest item in a healthy diet was mostly bread.
Despite reality, Trump blames Pence for January 6 violence.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2023:
Trump and Pence were both wrong and still are. However, if Pence would have allowed himself to be hanged on that day it might have changed everything.
Christian Fundamentalists Reveal BIZARRE Kinks - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2023:
Is this bullshit? Why would anyone think that crocs are sexy? I pay little attention to how anyone is dressed in the first place and people being quoted in this video are not even from our century. Go away fundamentalists. :)
An infamous article linking homosexuality with molestation got its own data wrong
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2023:
It might be that a young girl would lose so much self esteem that she would become a prostitute if molested. Not usually the case but possible. She might think she has no self worth and that it was all her fault. We all know it is the fault of the molester. Now switch this molestation into something happening to a young boy. It is hard for me to imagine that being molested would make him gay. Would that mean that he liked it? I doubt that the young girl liked it either.
Ivermectin Influencer Died. His Followers Are Worried About Their Own ‘Severe’ Symptoms.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2023:
You're right, Joe. It isn't funny but it is so sad that his followers will continue to believe that a horse wormer would cure you of Covid. Bet this guy died without any worms though.
The following photos were taken in 2017 near Mount Huashan which is considered the world’s most ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2023:
Nice pics but with my feet today I'm not sure I would want to try the mountain walk.
Has anyone seen ([], the latest movie from M. Night Shyamalan?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2023:
I could not finish the movie. Since I am able to watch anything free I thought I would give this movie a chance. Nothing wrong with the acting it was just the whole idea of the bullshit with me. I made it a third of the way through the film, then quit, then looked it up on Wickipedia. I would be pissed off if I had paid to watch this.
"Toxic" only begins to describe it.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2023:
All of this is clicks, views, and likes coz this is how they really get paid and attract more followers. Alex Jones made billions telling lies and he knew it was all lies to begin with. Now that the courts have him and he declared bankruptcy his attorneys want him to live off something like $500,000 a year while the rest of his ill gotten wages pays off those who sued him. Yes, there is money in being toxic. People love to be told what they want to hear, and Donald Trump is proof of that. If you say it long enough people will believe it and you get a following.
India government opposes recognising same-sex marriage - court filing | Reuters
DenoPenno comments on Mar 12, 2023:
Wake up India. This issue is not simply going to go away.
3 Texas women sued for allegedly helping friend access abortion pills -- Axios
DenoPenno comments on Mar 12, 2023:
Ridiculous that they now come up with lifetime imprisonment for this nonsense. Wrongful death? There is a question of whether or not the fetus would be born alive even if carried to term. My big question on all this is why was an abortion done when the husband was against it? Maybe the child could have simply been given up for adoption. I'm not thinking that this couple would remain married for long now.
Page 1 of a Deepak Chopra book, and right from the start it's almost entirely nonsense.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2023:
I'm not sure there even is a spiritual law of success.
Teen sues SC school district after teacher assaults her for not saying Pledge
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2023:
The real issue never had anything to do with the pledge. It's all about power and Marissa is black.
MSNBC - Watch Rachel Maddow highlights: March 6 []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2023:
Rachel hits it all right on the head and I do not know how it could be made any more plain than this. Yes, we do know what this is called in other countries. Why do common people here of any political party agree with these measures?
PFIZER MISSED DEADLINE TO TURN IN MYOCARDITIS DATA With the latest bombshell videos exposing ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2023:
I don't keep up with Pfizer deadlines or any of the others either. I'm not a nurse or doctor.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2023:
Children do not need erections. I noticed that it should not be taken by children. Noticed also that it has the same old ingredients as Viagra.
Can't have both
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2023:
Donald Trump has nothing to do with the Constitution and most likely has never read it.
Catholic Charities employee sues over realistic, traumatic "active shooter drill"
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
A fake shooter. Why would anyone have a drill involving a fake shooter? Looks like this could have been a surprise fake shooter. Yes, injured people because they did not tell anyone it was fake. Very intelligent.
Ron DeSantis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
Ron DeFuture? I have seen videos by teens who claim claim DeSantis is robbing them of their future.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
An active shooter drill does nothing to stop active shooters. In fact, I think reading and knowing about it would only encourage them.
Religious caller vs James O'Brien on homosexuality and the Bible | LBC []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
It says it in the Buybull so it must be true. :)
The women of trump calendar, an idea that needs to die quickly.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
This is because Trump was lying as usual.
I was thinking today about canceling my subscription to Jon Stewart on Apple TV+ since some of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
I subscribe to nothing. I have You Tube ad blockers and basically watch anything I want for free. This includes movies at your local theater. My neighbor wants me to teach him how to do this and he can't even use a computer. Lost cause there and I will not get involved, but Jon Stewart is worth it. Take the plunge and watch him.
There are times when it gets really hard not to.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2023:
If you do this Glenn it will mean that you think they drive too fast on the streets and snap the whip at the horse to make the carriage go faster.
Florida Bill Would Force Bloggers To Register With State
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2023:
It is a sorry mess.
You'd have to be a moron to believe...Oh!
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2023:
Put a blond rug on his head and you are all set.
California To Not Do Business With Walgreens Over Abortion Pills Issue, Governor Newsome Says
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2023:
Yes, and then the insane states claim that Newsome is just doing this as a political stunt. I guess nobody gets it any more. I hear than in Texas a doctor could go to prison for life if he is involved in any way with an abortion. Nobody even wants to say the word because of this.
Of 50 years as a sculptor, my most requested of a sculpture is of jesus.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2023:
Everyone thinks Jesus is part of their culture. This is strange in itself and then they do not even use his real name.
You've probably heard this before.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2023:
My late stepdad used to talk of how much Jesus loved us and he would spread his arms out as wide as they would go and say "Jesus loved us this much." OK, being crucified was a common way of death. How would this work out if Jesus was electrocuted and his head exploded? What does any of this have to do with love?
Walgreens Says It Won't Sell Abortion Pills In 20 GOP-Led States
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2023:
Before long the GOP will be in favor of women laying down and forcefully getting pregnant. They might even enforce this at gunpoint. WTF is wrong with people? Yes, we all need to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." Let that soak in. Does it mean the earth was plenished before?
A belated Happy 54th Birthday to Spanish actor Javier Bardem, born on March 1, 1969.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2023:
Very good actor. I know this coz I hated him in No Country For Old Men.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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