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I have just come across this on an old Atheist site in reply to a discussion about Atheism and ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I do not need to be defined and do not want to be defined. I have called myself an agnostic atheist but constantly I have others telling me what I am. They do not even know me.
In America, you have to opt out of religion in public life.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
If you are addicted the higher power you must appeal to is yourself.
Billboard fun
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Good idea but I bet Corona beer sales suffered worldwide during out pandemic.
Only in Canada
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I once had a Fiat Spider and the most I got was waves from the girls. Maybe I should have pulled over and asked them if they wanted a ride.
pretty obvious
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
What does the K Y stand for?
Are you sure?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Never been to Vegas and I don't gamble. The point of gambling is to get your money and that is why I do not gamble. OK, I sometimes buy a lotto ticket coz you cannot win without a ticket. :)
Love the innuendo
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I wonder who the model was that posed for this St. Pauli girl? Maybe she is 105 today or even dead. I did a Wiki search and found out there are several of these girls that do the modeling. A new one pops up all the time.
The mind boggles,
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I avoid sushi because I do not want intestinal worms.
Home of the budgie smuggler
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I for one do not need to see this.
Good employment opportunity for some
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Can it be a female hand and I get to pick who?
Wish the Canadians gave us this advice.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Yes, but in California fires are caused by giant Jewish space lasers. MTG said that.
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Greene Embarrasses Herself at Hearing; DeSantis Tries to Out-MAGA ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
What's wrong with Donald Trump? To say "April Fool" is like saying something that is not true just to be funny. Claiming we have open borders when they should be closed does not express "April Fool" at all. This man is such an idiot that he thinks you have to have an ID card to buy groceries.
I can like simple things.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Yet, everyone wants to argue that they are a moral person. Why would this matter and what exactly is the point of the argument?
I don't know if he is finally becoming less relevant, or my searching skills are dropping, but here ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
Yes, Trump gave everyone permission to be their worst selves. This makes perfect sense.
Vitamin C for Allergies Researchers recommend taking two grams of vitamin C from foods or ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
I get vitamin C from lemon juice that I mix with apple juice. I shot glass of lemon and half a cup of apple juice.
Funny as hell,,, and a good life lesson all in one short story. Enjoy 😊 []
DenoPenno comments on Feb 3, 2023:
What? 2 CB's is an Afro-desiac. I remember when I had 1 CB back in the era of CB radio but it was not African. Today I have no CB's at all.
I recently spent $6,500 on this registered Black Angus bull.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
Help me to find some of those pills.
The antivaxers among us are adamant and unrelenting.
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
I've said it a thousand times. People today get paid for views, clicks, and likes online. They attract a crowd and start selling T-shirts or something. They gather some followers and people believe them because if it was not true there would be no followers. Seems logical enough. Then the horror stories start pouring in and the gullible believe all of it. **I'm saying that your source does not come from any credited media.** After all, if Trump can get lots of money by claiming the election was stolen from him then other opinions on anything can suddenly become true.
Idaho Lawmaker Wants Children to Work for Those Free Lunches
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
If they work for them they will not be free lunches. The nasty Republicons want to take away everything that is "free" from a tax program but they give the money back to their top donors or businesses. This is not so if it is about one of their programs. The hypnocrats are hypocrites.
The Jehovah's Witnesses are no longer a "religious community" in Norway 😉😍😙🤗😄😘 ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
This is a step forward but I find people in general from the religious world haste the JW's. Everyone claims it is the door knocking. I see it differently. * They do not believe in a soul and claim when you are dead you are dead. * They have only 144,000 going to heaven. * The resurrected dead will live on a new Earth coming out of the ashes of the old. Church believers want to have a soul, something their god gave them, and it can fly around instantly once separated from the body at death. If you love your god and follow his teachings you can see your loved ones in heaven, but this is not in the bible. Singing god's praises forever and ever is in the bible. Those nasty JW's. They are taking away from your beliefs and want to change them. Ask a Pentecostal or a Baptist. They know. :)
Letters From An American 02/01/2023
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
Beaten by cops for a traffic violation - then you die. It seems this is the way for fascists to retain power in America today. The rebellion is not in people like the late Tyre Nichols. It is in those wanting to retain power. Police departments, state governments, et al. Let's not let it spread all over America. We must stop this before it gets embedded into our nations government.
Look what one of my apps has just reported: online stalking. Does it happen to you?
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
My browser has AdBlocker Ultimate and I avoid lots of nonsense that way. I'm not worried about which companies are stalking me because all of them do that now. They either want to sell you something or get your business somehow. Others might want to give you a virus. It's not likely you would find where they are and go throw rocks at them for this, so I just let my programs take care of things. Avast is a good free antivirus. Avira Free Security Suite is another. I hate Cortana, the spy, and have ripped her out of my systems on all 3 of my desktop computers. I have also destroyed Windows Defender because that it what it does. It defends Windows and Microsoft. Windows Update is total nonsense that needs to be turned off most of the time. I have a program that does that with one click. You have to watch Microsoft because every 180 days they want to sneak in with the "best Windows program ever" for you. To me this means that you just get things working like you want them and they step in to show you they are the boss. F.U., Charlie. I'm running your operating system the way I want to. Go away and leave me alone. I don't want to restart my computer and have their big surprise screw up my programs. You can get outside programs to cover so many things. has a few of these. I run everything as admin but this is not the highest title you can have. Sordum has a program that gives you the rights of the Windows "trusted installer." This is the highest user level on any Windows system.
Some Windows Tips Perhaps some people have found that the website pages load slowly or that their...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 2, 2023:
I use Glary Utilities and also Privacy Eraser to do some of these things. One of two clicks and you are done.
Governments don’t want an intelligent population because people who can think critically can’t ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 1, 2023:
While George is telling us the truth here keep in mind that voting is needed. The reason is that every society will have a leader and even dictators will have their people vote. This is so they can claim their authority is "legal."
Does anyone else agree with me that we should be DISCUSSING religion rather than DEBATING it?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 31, 2023:
I have a killer point to silence the other side. Constantine arranged for the 66 smaller books we know as our bible to be put into book form complete with beginning and end, and this happened some 300 plus years after the time of Jesus. This is a fact. To add variables you have to go into ancient Jewish writings that had nothing to do with Christianity as we know it today. People put so much stock into "the truth of Revelation" but that book barely made it into the known canon. Believers hold onto what Jesus was said to believe from the OT but Christians forget that Jesus was a Jew. People can argue this back and forth if they want to but it proves nothing. Jewish people do not even see the OT writings in the same context that modern Christians do. Once I make this all known I refuse to argue the point. The "what ifs" or let's suppose" and "maybe" about it are all pointless. Either that or others are filling in points around things I've written above.
55% of adults think Jesus will return to Earth (this includes 1% of atheists. []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 31, 2023:
Let's try the true Scotsman argument. We will include true atheists.
There is a beauty in knowing what dying looks like. There is a peace in dying well. []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 31, 2023:
I seldom think of my own mortality except for wanting my death to have no pain. I am also aware that death brings on much unfinished business. As for loved ones who have died, I was never there at their last moments. Here today and gone tomorrow is a true saying.
Covid-19 is a leading cause of death for children in the US, despite relatively low mortality rate -...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 31, 2023:
So very true. I have been vaccinated my entire life and I remember measles and diphtheria. I also remember and knew people who had polio. The anti-vaxxers need to know that even anthrax did not go away on its own.
They prescribe knowledge to be a subset of belief.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 31, 2023:
All information is either true or false and many do not know the difference. Often it is because we are tribal and think we belong to one group or the other. This makes truth very elusive. Truth must be similar to beauty being in the eye of the beholder only now we are talking about the mind.
Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about Social Security and why the GOP is going after it.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 30, 2023:
The bottom line on this to me is that you never hear of a Republican refusing his Social Security money. If they get the check nobody is giving it back. Deep down they know that it is an insurance program and meeting the requirements of the program is the only way you are entitled.
The Meaning of Life
DenoPenno comments on Jan 30, 2023:
There is no meaning of life except for what you yourself designate as meaningful.
Anecdotal - Exclusive: 53-Year-Old Woman Details Aftermath of COVID Vaccine Injury Julie Gamble ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
Is it any wonder that Gamble is still having trouble finding a doctor willing and able to treat her? These stupid people cannot see that her symptoms appeared almost immediately after the first dose.
Kahlisa Boonyasak
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
Extra fine.
Religion vs. Spirituality: The Difference Between Them
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
It has been my experience that spirituality can mean anything that you want it to mean. This is why I seldom get into this type of discussion.
Every single human being on the planet was born an Atheist.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
You can be born an atheist or be born with a blank slate. For the record let it be said that "atheist" simply means "without gods." Presto! There is your mind as a blank slate.
I just dropped across this piece of religious apologetics, which I thought I would share.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
Morality comes from the structure of the society that you live in. If it is OK to poke another person in the eye with a stick then you will find this going on. Morality evolves with passage of time. As for FGM, I find this more horrifying than circumcision. It has more health risks and can even be life threatening. Modern ideas on circumcision (some even promoted by Kellogg) is that it prevents smegma buildup and will also stop a male child from jacking off. This is total nonsense. As for FGM, it has been know to even kill the victim. The purpose is to take away all sexual desire so the victim gets no pleasure from sex and is only a tool for the husband. I take this as a crime. If I were female and this was done to me I think I would contemplate the idea of killing the ones who did the operation.
If there ever was a Jesus, he's probably just pulling his pud for the rest of eternity, no need to ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
If you are living your life for Jesus you are just jacking off. Jesus died for your sins but I have found a poor man named Old Charlie who will die for mine. Pre-arranged, I am giving money to his family for this. Others just give money to the Catholic Church.
THERE ARE NO ATHEIST BABIES (from an atheist website) .
DenoPenno comments on Jan 29, 2023:
I think we are all born predisposed to knowing what everything is. We are learning from day one but want to know what everything is and where we came from. We strive for this and many fall in with others who say they found it in some ancient book. Your entire existence is exposed and planned out by some mystical being and for some reason people who go this route think that ancient humans had to know more than we do now, so they accept it as truth. This is quite a step from the blank slate that we started with. The fact that all of us have different experiences along the way is also proof that there is really no free will that so many talk about. This is because we are not the same and our experiences are not the same. One person at the end of their rope does not hold true for all of us. Whether you are religious or not examine your belief system and you will see how it has changed over time. Some call this growth.
After Man Kills Wife, Kids and Self, Obituary Says He Cherished Family
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2023:
LDS thinks that the dead are still alive and that you can get everybody into heaven if you try. Some even have their own planet. I think they are claiming Hitler now too.
Showing DeSantis for What He Is, Part I Sadly, Florida is infected with and inflicted by a ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2023:
Some think that he may team up with Trump and this would be how Donald gets back in the White House. I seriously doubt that DeSantis wants to be second banana.
5 ex-Memphis cops involved in Tyre Nichols' death charged with second-degree murder
DenoPenno comments on Jan 27, 2023:
They brought this on themselves and I hope they get what is coming to them for this outright murder. Along with that, they need to be sentenced in a way that does not give them less time simply because they were cops. They need the same time behind bars for murder that any citizen would get. Our culture seems to think cops are special even when they are no longer cops. These men should have never of been police in the first place.
SARCASM WARNING: It’s Not a Gun Problem—Americans Are Just Super Extra Evil, Crazy, and Stupid ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2023:
It may be sarcasm but it is accurate sarcasm. I had a former boss who was into guns and shooting so much that you could imagine him mentally putting faces on his targets. He shot guns often at a range and taught this to his family. It is a small step from this to our many shootings, especially school shootings. I do have thoughts going out to the victims but never a prayer. I no longer say prayers.
Academic vs Scientific | ARMACAD
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2023:
That sounds about right to me. :)
Doomsday Clock 2023 says the world is closer than ever to global catastrophe
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2023:
The world is a dangerous place and getting more whacky all the time. Doomsday may very well depend on who starts in with the nukes first. You cannot stop a nuke with reasoning. That just will not work.
Why are there no eggs? Avian flu and keeping human risk low Katelyn Jetelina
DenoPenno comments on Jan 25, 2023:
I gave up on buying eggs and then found a dozen brown eggs with thick shells for only $3.49 at a Shop And Save. That's about 30 cents an egg, so I might continue with eggs for a while. I hear a group of people in the West are going to get into the egg business to combat this thing and fight the high prices. This sounds good.
No computer for a month. Healthy for me.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2023:
I feel for you and I hear you. I retired my laptop and now have 3 desktop computers. Two of these are re-furbed HP's and the last one , my newest one, is an Acer that I bought for $2 and worked the bugs out of. An HP fan should work for you. I've had both of my HP's for close to 5 years now and I never turn them off. They sleep. A few years back I bought a re-furbed computer from Tiger Direct. It worked for me for 10 years with sleeping only and not turning it off. After 10 years the mother board went bad. I suppose hibernate would work just as well for this.
My fun birthday weekend.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2023:
Quite an ordeal here but you ended up with a happy birthday after all.
The last scientist who worked in the Alexandria Library was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 24, 2023:
I knew very little about her but Cyril was certainly no saint. She sounds like a good person to know. Men have a base nature that makes me wonder if her ruthless murder had anything to do with rejecting them all. It could have been a factor.
Moon Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Weds to Celebrate His 93rd Birthday Buzz Aldrin announced on his ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
Congrats, Buz. I even like your choice of a wife. Did I read this right? You were married in a small cemetery in Los Angeles.
My housemate drew a portrait of me as a parting gift, and it's one of the best gifts I've received ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
I like this.
[] I am dead inside
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
Hits the issues right on the head. People keep trying to tell me that I'm a Biden lover. Years ago I was a card carrying Republican. Today I identify as a Progressive. I want the best of everything for all of us.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
Good morning, Pralina. These people all seem to have a screw loose. I never understand how they have followers.
Old cures for toothache if your game or desperate I am so grateful for modern dental care, and ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
You covered everything very well here. These days it is hard to find an oak tree that was struck by lightning but my tooth worries are finally over. I have a full set of high dollar dentures guaranteed to stay sharp for 10 years and have no tooth breakage. Beware. You do not find these with Affordable Dentures. :)
Sign of the times...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
You are making me want to join FarmersOnly. :)
What is a "Christian Country"?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 22, 2023:
Oh, geeze. There was Lauren Bloefart in a video again.
Republicans love regressive taxes.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 20, 2023:
Yes, the Republicans. They have others asking stressfully "how are we going to pay for that?" They act as if they never heard of sales tax and do not buy anything. Also, an included sales tax increase in the vote takes effect later having you ask yourself where in the hell that came from.
I was happy to run across this article.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
Why would anyone think that a man could tell you what to do with your body?
Ok, full disclosure I’m high on some excellent sativa, so I’m sharing one of my real time ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
So far I have no problems with AI except for the ones Zuck uses. Stupid AI on that FB site. Crypto is a scam. Look at it like a spin off of the old chain letter scheme but in modern times.
Anecdotal - An email from a nurse to Alex Berenson Hi Alex - As a nurse for over 20 years I ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
The corporation I work for goes through the questions this nurse is talking about. They have their own way of doing things. As for a hospital asking ridiculous Covid questions of you, I don't know any that do. Nurses are in my family and I don't think hospitals are obsessed with Covid as much as you are. You might try posting other things. Who is this nurse and who is Alex Berenson and what are you doing with her e-mail? This is certainly a more important question.
Idaho's 'faith-healing' exemption has led to more senseless child deaths
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
Your last paragraph says it all very nicely. This is because "faith healing" is simply a copout.
Top Scientist on COVID Vaccines: “Withdraw Them Immediately” Unequivocal safety signals for ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
Coming up next. Elvis himself died early because he took the jab. Beware!
I think a part of the appeal of religion is from nostalgia.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 19, 2023:
The only way we can time travel in reverse is through that nostalgia. Listening to 50 year old songs over and over is a part of this. I apply this to my life and the world at large but not so much with religion. As humans we are like this because we find some purpose in our past. It is very hard to remember what Tommy did in the future and you have no memories there until it arrives. People around me fall for the religious line because it is the only way they know to see dead relatives again. What about Ben Franklin? Will any of us know him or his group of friends in heaven? Maybe they are the ones living across the tracks. Another side of town.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2023:
People need to understand that these maniacs are paid by views, likes, clicks, and that is why they make the videos. They get money for this and I just told you how. Sometimes it turns out to be big money. I watch programs appearing weekly on You Tube and this is how the people in the programs get paid. The making of money is apparently more important than any truth telling.
This Tweet just came through my twitter feed.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2023:
If god did not care about all those who drowned during his flood why would you think he would care about you?
All men may be created equal but not in terms of punishment for their criminal culpability.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2023:
He should be fired. This is terrible because keeping him on as a police officer shows sympathy towards the Oath Keepers. This is plain stupidity maybe, or it goes in with the idea that if you make a claim long enough everyone will start believing it. We do not need Oath Keepers in our police force or our government.
Commentary from Jeff Childers 'Coffee & Covid' on Narrative 2.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2023:
Nobody is a Covid expert. This idea is like being a demolitions expert. All the demo experts are dead. I was once a demolitions specialist but never an expert. Is Covid contributing to your death and does the jab hurt you? I have no clue. Just seeing a bunch of scared people. Nobody is wanting to kill you off coz then they cannot get your money. Wait. I think the jab gave me pink eye. Well, I never had pink eye before.
Letters From An American 01/15/2023
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2023:
Thank you. I hope that more of us today choose to do the right thing. My view is that it should be the best for all of us and not just a few.
FINDING OR CREATING MEANING IN LIFE, pART i I will begin this discussion by asserting that human ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2023:
It is up to each of us to find our purpose and meaning in life. It would be nice if what we find is also what we like to do but many of us are not that lucky. We get sidetracked by nonsense.
The popularity of the smart drug Modafinil in the USA is rising to billions.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2023:
There are many drugs I would not take at all. It looks like maybe I should take this " dafidil" but anything with me and sleep is experimental. My late stepdad said for years that i was losing my hair. So what? I still got hair.
My youngest claimed religion today, officially joined the cult that ruined my life.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2023:
I'm sorry this happened but my 2 girls have went back to religion. Covid and the stay at home, Trump, and religion itself picking up on the now many disinformation sites helped bring this on. Also, my youngest daughter knows that believing in god is the only way she will see her dead son again. Add the fact that everyone wants to know everything and so many of us cannot say "I don't know." Hey, it must be true. Written in a book somewhere telling us our complete destiny. What a crock!
14-Year-Old Wants To Go Swimming During Her Period, So Her Sister Teaches Her How Tampons Work, ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2023:
My take on this is that the sister's innocence was that useless item called a hymen. Mom seems to believe that sticking a tampon in there will break it and the poor girl is no longer a virgin. Surprise! Sometimes a penis don't break it either.
Largest global bird flu outbreak in history showing no signs of slowing down.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2023:
This is really bad but with eggs going over $5 a dozen my solution at this time is to simply stop eating eggs. Not that I had eggs every day anyway, but I ate eggs because I always remember having bacon and eggs. I'm now into oatmeal.
'Japan has launched an official investigation into the unprecedented numbers of people dying after ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 14, 2023:
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Most folks build their worldview by building up from their own experiences, what happens to them ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 14, 2023:
Pretty good write up. I also view your first paragraph as a valid reason to see that we do not have free will. This is because that info is different for all of us and our choices will come out of our past. Free will is an illusion because we all have a different past.
Lisa Marie Presley, singer and daughter of Elvis, dies at 54
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2023:
I suspected this was going to happen as I read all the Internet reports of how she collapsed and had cardiac arrest.
New Japan law aims at Unification Church fundraising abuses The new law allows believers, other ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Yes it should be worldwide.
My sister's family is very religious of the Christian variety.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
When they pray over the food and want you to hold hands I would look around and see who else might be looking around also. This would be the person to talk with about all this stuff. Maybe they feel like you do.
Does God exist Yes or no? If (Yes) give me a reason
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
God only exists in your mind. He is no longer in mine.
Have any of you heard of or been following Jordan Peterson?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
Do I believe in god. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
If one is only having perceptions and not the reality itself, why would someone then try to ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
I never yell at the TV. I talk to it and it talks back to me. :)
This is what some of these migrants are experiencing! Luckily this piece of shit got it! ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
I read this but it makes little sense to me. I recall a Mexican relative, now a citizen, claiming how we were all ignorant for not voting for Trump. She's pretty silent now.
Will Congress and the US attorney go after Biden for this? []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
Try this answer. Is anyone going after Trump? So far we have flustering big words and promises but no action. Now ask yourself who is president. Looks like the thing with Biden and documents is playing right into Trump's hands. Maybe it is all a code to let Trump know that we are going to let him get away with it.
Alabama Attorney General Wants Women Who Use Abortion Pills Prosecuted Alabama Attorney General...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
A protector of unborn babies. When does it become a baby? If they claim to love god then make this a biblical question. The answer will surprise many because a child becomes a child when it draws it's first breath. So, we will watch women so closely that they can be prosecuted for taking abortion pills. Yes, how do you enforce that? Now let's make it a crime for a man to jerk off. Add that one to the list.
...and now the real story. []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
If I live til June I will be 77 years old. Said it before and now will say it again. I have been vaccinated my entire life from the time I first started school. Never a bad reaction in me or others that I was around at the time. Never heard of a death because of vaccination. Today you hear horror stories of someone who died in less than 20 minutes after the jab. I've come to the conclusion that we either had better medicine way back then or that maybe, just maybe, people are making shit up. If anyone is in doubt try not to get your info from all those "we are new to the scene" websites that offer info they claim is valid but they just came up with it in our now disinformation age. That and common sense are a starter.
Lesson learned...Maybe
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2023:
It's Toonces, the cat who can drive.
Who remembers this gem?? 😂 []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Apparently Samuel Goldfish believed in it but I think we would all be better off if it would lepus alone. :)
Cardinal George Pell dies in Rome aged 81 after hip surgery; former Vatican finances chief was ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Died after complications of a hip replacement surgery. That must not be as easy of a surgery as many of us thought it was.
Funny how that never works
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Complete with coat on and a coff of cuppee. :)
Now we know...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2023:
It was a made up story from the very beginning. Also, nobody ate an apple in that story. Certain mushrooms might have the power to make you think a snake talked. :)
Some people still seem to be unaware of what was widely acknowledged a year ago.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 10, 2023:
I don't think Covid vaccines ever prevented transmission. If anyone told you they did it was either false information or the person was lying. I had Covid and later was vaccinated. Not so I would be immune but so it might be easier on me if I got it again. That was always my understanding of Covid19.
Report: 188 Catholic clergy members in Kansas are alleged predators
DenoPenno comments on Jan 10, 2023:
If you check into all of this it's not just the Catholics. Sexual activity seems to be around in all religions and it often is about sexual abuse. Catholics come in more as buggers maybe because they fear it would be more wrong if priests were abusing young girls. It's the old "marriage is man and woman" thing and the priest is married to god. Protestants have men abusing boys too but mostly they go for little girls. Another thing that stands out to me on this is all of the people that want to be religious who somehow believe that "anal sex is not real sex." More of these around than you think. Not just the now dead Travis Alexander. What others miss here is the trauma that the victim goes through. Doing the act and then trying to hide the trauma is the great crime. Not against your mythical god but against humanity.
I had a nightmare last night--the first one in quite some time.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
At least you will fix things even if you have to replace them. The commode knew that too. :)
Cirsten Weldon, anti-vax QAnon promoter who livestreamed with Roseanne Barr, dies of COVID
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
Why are people so stupid? The woman's beliefs killed her.
Anecdotal - 'This happened in Georgia in March of 2021.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
I have a former boss who's wife had a cyst in her ear. It was not that big and they said it would be a simple operation. Too much time went on and doctors made excuses. Finally they came out and said they had lost her. She was gone. We all know that vaccinations were involved before the operation. What was never found out is exactly why she had died. This was over 40 years ago.
What do we call a person who believes in pro-gun rights who's a democrat at heart?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
This is a good question. I own 2 guns and one is a rifle I got from my stepdad. In no way are they registered and they never will be. I do not carry them around and believe that I should not do so. You might say I'm pro gun but politically I'm a Progressive. I do not waste my money on guns.
Escaping the illusion of religion and afterlife We were gathered on a rocky mountain with six or ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
Your last paragraph said it all very nicely. :)
Spirituality Versus Religion Hello everyone Happy new year from The Pearl of Africa Something...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 9, 2023:
I've said this before and will now say it again. Spirituality can mean anything that you want it to mean. This is why I am not spiritual in any way.
The Tragic Miracle of Consciousness: John Steinbeck on the True Meaning and Purpose of Hope – The ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 8, 2023:
Thanks for posting. My take on "hope" is not religious at all. I have no religious hope nor faith. With that said I do not recognize despair too much. I know we have it and go from one state to another mentally, but my take on hope is that I hope to not be in pain, not be hungry, and to continue with having all my bills paid. If I have a relationship I hope for it to be peaceful without arguing and for me and the lady to have and do things in common. I hope to not have stress and to avoid people and places that seem to stress you. Corporations today want to stress you to get all they can from you because they are paying some of us more. I've been known to say out loud "do not stress me" in a manner that calms the other party down and makes them take another approach. Stress is a killer. I have noticed in the news that more and more people of all ages are committing suicide. A lot more of these today are younger people. I blame it all on stress.
How many of you can ace this basic science quiz?? []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 8, 2023:
OK. I got 8 of them correct but it did not show me ones I missed. Maybe I did not look correctly.
“They warned white men that they were losing control of the country as they were being outvoted by...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 7, 2023:
Politics today is all about losing control. We have mountains of political lies because they do not want to lose control. Politicians do not care about you, only themselves.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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