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Somehow I missed this.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2022:
Really. I have no problem with royalty as long as it is in another country. American's do not need it and a great many of us are being hoodwinked.
Jodi Foster needs to be sued for the attempted murder,she said she didn't like the president and a ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2022:
You left out a lot of that story and so did politicians and the media. It was deliberate. Hinkley could end up viewed a hero (he thought) by his parents and Foster. His family wanted George H. W. Bush as president and I'm sure it was with the influence of Bush and the Reagan administration that this was all played down. Hinkley was a sick puppy. His actions came out of his own sick mind.
California megachurch leader, grandparents charged with murder, torture in death of 11-year-old ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2022:
Hard to make out what happened here. I read that the adoptive father kills himself in police presence when contacted about the girl's death. The mother and others apparently involved in the daughter's death and the girl herself has bruises and is malnourished, then she dies. The church wants nothing to do with this. If I was to guess I would say that this 11 year old girl **"had the devil in her and we have to get the devil out." **That's my guess. It's too bad they did not get the devil out of the bastards who killed her.
RSV is back: FAQ YLE 11/10/2022
DenoPenno comments on Nov 11, 2022:
Really scary stuff.
Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'Schindler's List' Spielberg Took No Salary For Making The Movie ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
I have read so much about this film and for that reason understand a lot of what it was about. Admittedly I have never seen this movie but some day will sit down to watch it. The irony and horror here is that some in the last 6 years want to deny the holocaust all together. This is the ultimate racism of white supremacy and all to our shame.
I’m in Texas this week so this is much funnier.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
I like Beto but he has a dumb political approach. How could you expect to win in Texas when you have been up front about taking people's guns away. Once people heard him say this it was all over even if he said it last time around.
I think I will have to call it Maga Lardo from now on
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
I love this term. Trump must be Maga Lardo. Are we sure that was a ketchup stain?
Check out the astounding claims by this religious Trump nutter from just this week: []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
Almost as bad as people caught on tape as saying or doing something and lying to you about it as the video is shown. I don't know how they live with themselves.
Get yours while supplies last!!!
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
It goes deeper than this. Walmart by policy will watch you checkout and then immediately want to see your receipt as you head for the door. I'm told they have a right to do this but my personal take on it is to tell them "call a cop." Other stores are not doing this so we cannot be talking law of the land here. Police cannot take you to jail for not showing your receipt. In fact, I suspect that a cop would want to see your receipt and I would show him. A few times of this and Walmart will look stupid as shit.
This guy is often just so spot on that it is maddening but at the same time it reinforces what you ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 10, 2022:
Philosophy. Telling you how something really is. Not so strange that it might be different from one person to another.
I fail to understand why anybody would vote for any party that consistently widens the wealth gap, ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2022:
My take on all this as an American is that voters think their rights and happiness are sort of like their evangelical religion. God saves you when you are the most terrible sinner and deserve to die. Politicians teach you that you deserve nothing and it should be given to the top 1 percent. After all, American was founded as a Republic.
Yes I did...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2022:
Yesterday I voted and once the ballot is counted they offer me the sticker saying "I voted." This is when I suggested they have 2 stickers and the second once say "I voted again." Nobody got that and they thought I was asking for 2 stickers.
Been there……..
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2022:
They don't do anything for me.
DeSantis Ad Implies He Was Chosen By God | Twitter Bans Users For Impersonating Elon Musk - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Nov 9, 2022:
Elon believes in free speech and told everyone to vote Republican. Says he thinks our political parties should both be equal.
Some sad news for Agnostics Members….
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2022:
My condolences. Sorry to hear of his passing.
I realize many don't like Dawkins, but one can learn some Portuguese Spanish... []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 8, 2022:
So, what is wrong with Dawkins? He's truthful and funny.
Back in 2019 I posted some negative Elon Muskisms and I got so much bad feedback my post was ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2022:
Musk is quoted saying he thinks his new Twitter platform should be fair to everyone, Democrat and Republican, and then proves he is not by telling everyone to vote Republican. He says Trump is too old but I suspect before long he and Trump will be the best of buddies. They might be already. Keep in mind that to people like Musk their safety, well being, and fortunes will stay the same regardless of who wins the midterms or the presidency. Musk knows the electric car cannot be avoided as he has a good incite for industry.
We had a good run: 246 years total, the last 60 of those as a democratic republic 😎👍
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2022:
It's Monday afternoon now and I heard on the radio that over 40 million have already voted. A co-worker asked me how in the hell did they do that. She did not like my answer of mail in ballot. I had to explain to her that this has always been legal. Without it only our military stationed in the USA could vote. Imagine the time and effort of helping your relative on crutches through the voting line. Maybe they are in a wheel chair and also need help with it. Just a few short reasons why "voting in person" is complete bullshit. OK, you believed Trumpty Dumpty and came to a wrong conclusion. Ask yourself if there is record of any of the Trump family waiting in a voting line. Is there any pictures of them voting?
Hi I'm Tenley.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 7, 2022:
You look good and are very attractive. I'm not really a dating person but I'm also not wanting to leave my state of Missouri right now to pursue anyone. With that said I could talk to you about anything, watch anything with you, or listen to anything. Old computer nerd here and not a sports fanatic. I drink very moderately and have not smoked in maybe 20 plus years.
Malaysia Public Holidays 2023 [malaysia-publicholiday.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 6, 2022:
The real fun here would be if you got time off work with pay for the holiday.
Finally a born woman that can actually SOMEWHAT relate to a mans struggle.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 6, 2022:
Your roll is what you make it. Say it often enough and others believe it. Act it out to demonstrate it.
Seems evidence of fraud is everywhere these days
DenoPenno comments on Nov 6, 2022:
I did not win either. There is an illegal machine that changes my numbers. I know this is what is going on.
Does Trump even know what the word means? []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 6, 2022:
Trump is trying, as he always does, to play word games with a person's name. None of this is in being "right" about anything or knowing real meanings of words. It is bullying and belittling. The idea is plainly to make your possible opposition look bad. Yes, look badly, look badly.
So let's break down this quote.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
My powers are pretty much gone these days. The state of my neuropathy says that I could live another 10 years. Religion was in the background in my family until I had a sister who never made it home from the hospital after birth. My mom and stepdad wanted to know how this happened and were concerned with where my sister went. They bought into the lies of religion and brought me into it bigtime while I was still in high school. They thought they had all the answers and for a time I did too. There is no need of a god and nobody has all the answers.
Accurate, 100%.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
Prefering a mango over an orange does not mean that you said you hate oranges. Everyone today tries to put words in your mouth.
My teatime treat today is one of my favourite Cat Stevens’ songs….
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
A few years ago this guy could not fly on airplanes.
When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me .
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
I remember the song but who in the hell is sister Mary and why does she have words of wisdom?
Follow-up body-cam shows the truth.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
What I saw here is a black woman being assaulted by police. Shamefully, that is what I saw. Listen carefully and you hear the crafted words of the cops to try and explain the wrong that they had done because they want you to think this is all normal. It is not normal but fast becoming standard.
No No No ,. Draconian Govt overreach cannot be forgiven.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
The sky is falling, the sky is falling. That finger pointing blond in the meme must be famous by now. lol
How to make a Republican ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
This all happened after Eisenhower. In his own way he warned us.
Oath Keeper Elmer Stewart Rhodes testifies that the election was "unconstitutional" and "invalid" -...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
While Elmer is doing his jail time he should be required to take a course called American Government 101.
It looks like political violence is only going to get worse in the Unites $tates of Absurdity for ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 5, 2022:
Yes, a top story straight from Australia. Trump and Musk seem to think the attacker was using a hammer to break out of the house. Apparently you just cannot open the doors from the inside. Go figure.
Too many Christians are afraid to admit they’re wrong, argues Tim Keller in ‘Forgive’ Keller ...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
Keller may be right but we are writing books about dubious and sometimes mythical books. Yes, I mean the 66 books that make up the Christian buybull. I no longer care about any of its jots or tittles.
Kroger to pay $180K for firing Christians who wouldn't wear heart symbol
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
Most likely the Kroger heart stood for love and the colors in it are meant much like the meme I'm posting here. I see it as a Christian fail. Sort of like how they feel about Harry Potter and the idea that anyone can ride a broom. They back it up with claims that there were witches in the buybull.
Jordan Klepper Fingers the Midterms - America Unfollows Democracy - Full Special | The Daily Show...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
All of this scares me very much. Morons want to run the show and these people are so stupid that they do not know they are morons.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak not against evil.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
The lies about it also involve not believing the attacker and changing and altering what the attacker said. Trump and Musk want us to believe that a hammer was used to try and break out of the residence. In most houses I have seen all you have to do to get outside is to unlock the door.
A grad student just told me that Julius Caesar brought Christianity to England in 55 BCE; she wanted...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
I get it but I still use BC and BCE. It is so strange that many think BC was "Before Christ" and that AD means "After Death." Caesar may have brought his own worship to England because he was also considered as a god.
public service announcement to veterans of all branches of the armed forces.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 4, 2022:
Thanks for this information.
Kiss off message to a 74-year-old rolling stone.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Seems like the old "feel sorry for me and let me get a little while I can" approach. I tell people almost daily that words and pictures on a screen do not mean anything. The fact that you did talk on the phone is meaningful but it might be a virtual phone.
Is church decline something to celebrate? That depends []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
I would say yes but there is always something there waiting in the wings. In America right now it is the fascist Religious Nationalism that is raised its ugly head. Similar things in Brazil and other countries.
Beware of killer robots! []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Anything for clicks, views, and likes. That's how they get paid for making content.
Russian commanders discussed using nuclear arms in Ukraine, says US
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Maybe they think that if the trump crowd gets elected they can get away with it. Nuclear poisons everything.
“It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
I know what it sez folks, but that buybull verse came from the Old Pesterment. :)
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Elon’s Terrible Plan for Twitter, Herschel Turns Abortion Scandal into Money...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Of course Twitter is now figuring out how to charge others for viewing something. Musk paid too much and is now trying to get some money back. For those who have been sleeping, everything today is about money.
David DePape: Immigration officials say Paul Pelosi attacker was in US illegally - CNNPolitics
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Seems to me that our border policies were pretty much this way long before Joe Biden. I'm constantly afraid that someone from Canada will cross our border and kill me as I sleep.
Yes, you can sell your life insurance policy to a stranger, says Georgia Supreme Court – 95.5 WSB
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
In Missouri I heard stories from time to time of others making money by insuring someone, often someone that they did not know. I wanted insurance for my wife and they said she had to be a citizen first. WTF? Now that she is my ex I keep up her insurance simply because too much money has been paid in.
Bolsonaro Mob Rallies Outside Army HQ Demanding Military Coup
DenoPenno comments on Nov 3, 2022:
Seems familiar and they really have no idea what they are demanding. If your government does not want the best of everything for everybody you have a shitty government. Not long ago some asshat tried to point out to me that this is not so. Another even told me that if immigration was done my way there would be no need for the Democrat and Republican parties. Apparently Q has infected the entire thinking world today.
Guns now allowed at Zoo Atlanta, of all places
DenoPenno comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Really absurd isn't it. Of course, when you are so super frigging scared you just never know. That tiger just might escape!
Today is the day
DenoPenno comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Local stores in my area have Christmas decorations standing by and you know they will be up soon. This is another reason that I hate Christmas. Silver bells, something smells And it comes from the city Ding a ling, you ding a ling Soon it will be Christmas Pay Oh, those poor merchants!
MSNBC - Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Nov. 1 []
DenoPenno comments on Nov 2, 2022:
We should find it strange that both Trump and Musk are talking of the Pelosi home invasion in ways **that contradict what the attacker himself is telling everyone. **Where did any info of the attacker showing up in his underwear and with a hammer come from. Maybe he was an idiot trying to break into a home. There is even a version where Paul Pelosi and the attacker both had hammers. Next you hear that evidence shows the attacker was trying to break out of the home. OK, in my home you can unlock everything easily from the inside. The problem here is that people do not think and right now it appears that both Trump and Musk will put a lot of bullshit together between now and 2024.
The real difference between Atheist and religious people
DenoPenno comments on Nov 2, 2022:
Yeah, if you don't believe in that god guy you simply have nothing to live for. Everyone knows that our real purpose is to live our lives jumping up and down over some invisible being that controls it all. Oh, what the hell would I do without that invisible make believe something?
[] I can’t wait
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Locked up or dead. The second one is permanent. :)
[] I can’t
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
How many views will it take for people to believe this?
[] And I am done
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
How terrible! Biden has our borders wide open and how long has this been going on? Oh, you became aware of it when Trump became president. Let me tell you something. I'm scared shitless that someone will cross our border with Canada and come kill me as I sleep.
[] Yeah . Can’t wait for that garbage in 20 something days 🙄.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
OMG! We stole the land. From who? Not these people that were living here already.
[] I will like to vomit now pls , may I have the bucket pls ? 🤢🤢
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
I agree with your words on this completely and could not even watch all this nonsense. To sooth his followers my remarks when he dies will be "it could not have happened to a nicer man." I hate this man's image and the sound of his voice.
[] Also true 😂😂😂😂
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Typical of so many today and not just Latinos.
[] Poor baby ♥️😂♥️♥️♥️😂
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Still chuckling here. That is really funny.
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
It is funny when they say that. LOL
[] Is that true ???
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Yes, it seems to be true. Men are more desperate than women.
[] True story 🙄🦇🙄😂😂
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Pralina I wish you were my nurse. :)
54 Percent of Americans Still Don't Know What Christian Nationalism Is Most of us non-Christians...
DenoPenno comments on Nov 1, 2022:
Christian Nationalism goes hand in hand with Fascism. Upon examination it becomes very plain that the follows will be all white and they strive to be the ones in power.
Let me get this straight.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 31, 2022:
I'm sure this pisses believers off but it is the most straight forward way to explain the god game. We all know that Genesis did not say anything about Jesus or the devil. Isaiah says nothing about Jesus either. The Buybull is what happens when you allow 66 books never meant to be one big book to supernaturally explain everything.
"Stop pimping out your friend," I replied. "This is an old scam."
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
This is a story about how ignorant they are. They know you don't like something but want to raise your curiosity anyway. I just don't get the psychology of it. On Meet Me today I had 2 of them take me to Google Chat. I said in advance that I am not scam material and I do not send money. They were real and really wanted to meet but it got back to that money idea again. I need to send them at least $25 in "good faith" (what is this, a revival?) or they will not be able to meet me. They left angry when I asked how they were able to go to work or buy food. One said that I would not be able to entice her "into my motor home." Sorry. I do not have a motor home. Another one was trying to trick me in a numbers game with codes where she can take over my cell phone and get all the info on it. Surprise! My cell phone is a trackfon with nothing on it. Maybe some chats from stupid people, but it seems like this is how it all goes. I need to quit it and just watch movies again.
It's the American way.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
It seems like you can feed the homeless if you do it through an organization that takes over half your money. They do it and get away with it. Now that is the American Way.
I never got why people said this is my half brother.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
I said for many years that I had a half sister. Kim and I were not super close in our thinking. In some ways we were close though. Now that she is dead I keep wondering what part of her was half. Maybe all of her was my sister. I should have went with this last idea all along.
One of my friends started to work as a psychic, but he gave up… He couldn’t see any future in ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
One reason for real that many of us start thinking we are psychic is that everything repeats all the time.
Companies to avoid []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
There is no truth in Truth Social but many in it are just there to make money, at least for a while. The problem today is that everything is about making money and truth has flown out the window.
I used to have an anxiety complex but I'm alright now...........and that really worries me.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
What worries me is that it took this long in my life to change some simple views that really did need changing.
This form of extortion has to stop!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
Be careful. Trump himself might use some form of this if he hasn't already.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
Fortunately we still have Tyson and Sabine Hossenfelder.
Not even a bit funny, - it does freakin hurt...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
The perils of getting older.
The night of October 31st / November 1st is a Christian religious event in which all worshippers ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 30, 2022:
For the Evangelicals the modern idea is to let kids know you can have fun on Halloween. They think having these gatherings keeps kids safe and off the streets and might even make them get serious about their Christianity. I personally am no longer involved in any of it. I'm so cheap these days that I don't even offer food for the dead. :)
I never imagined my country would act like this. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2022:
Fox News is playing this down so as to not make it political but how else would you view a man coming into your house with a hammer in his hand and asking "where is Nancy?" Seeing that she is gone he attacks her husband with the hammer. Most likely he was not a Democrat. Shame on you Fox News.
Wang Wenbin: "The US 2022 Nuclear Posture Review smacks heavily of Cold War & zero-sum mentality.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2022:
Are we time traveling? How are we using nuclear weapons as tools and which political figure recently said that was what he was going to do? It was not the U. S.
Christian hate-preacher: We'd be 'lucky' if Hitler killed 6 million Jews
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2022:
Can we bring Hitler back and have him kill 6 million hate preachers?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 29, 2022:
Love for a child has very little to do with religion.
Yikes: 45% of Americans say the U.S. should be a 'Christian Nation'
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2022:
If this is true then 45% of Americans are greatly deceived. A man I went to school with once told me that the bible was used in classrooms in Washington's time as a weekly reader. Sorry. The Weekly Reader program began in 1928.
Life happens while we make different plans.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2022:
Sorry you had the trouble but it turned out alright. Here are some of my take aways from your experience. Strangely, the tow truck driver is exactly correct. We have people come in all the time not being able to figure these things out because "the car started twice last week." Usually it is the battery. I'm sorry for battery costs going up and I'm not even sure you can blame my parent company. (Yep, that's the one I work for.) My own battery quit last year and my boss installed me another one. I was lucky. It started and got me to work and it was over 7 years old. They guarantee them for 5 years but often these days they go bad after 2 years. Recently I reported that the delivery car I was driving had some starting issues because of changing sounds in starter turnover. It had to either be starter or battery. Missy told me she would test my battery while I was at lunch. It checked out as battery life almost over, so they changed my battery. It was a little over 2 years old but less than 3.
Technically is it correct to classify Putin as a mass-murderer?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2022:
Putin is a mass murderer. Clandestine secretive killings of others over the years prove this. Current activities in the Ukraine prove this. Why would anyone think that I would want to discuss this or argue it? The man is the strongest man in the world. He is also a bully and a psychopath.
Forum - "Gender Neutral Language" by Karen Lynn Humanist Association of Toronto [meetup.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2022:
Gender neutral language. How do we refer to he/she/it? He sheit. OK, getting closer. You can call me a lesbian because it's part of what I do. Happy now?
Tasmanian Marist Catholic IT worker pleads guilty to sexually exploiting multiple young girls ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 28, 2022:
The Tasmanian devil.
Interesting how a post about belief can trigger some folks. Isn't this
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2022:
Yes, we all have beliefs. As a former theist who once studied for the Pentecostal ministry I am finding that most beliefs are pure bullshit with no evidence, but you are entitled to your beliefs.
I'm going to discuss being dead for a moment.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 27, 2022:
When you are dead you are dead. Your life is done. Everybody bends over backwards to try and prove an afterlife but it simply cannot be done. Being dead must somehow be sort of like it was before you were born. Let me explain it differently. The dead know nothing and they cannot hurt you. Gangsters and crooks kill each other all the time. If this turned the dead into spirits that knew everything and could interact with the living in any form you would have spirits at war with the living and killing them all the time. Revenge would be a good motive for this. It might make a good book or movie. A comedy maybe, but it does not happen. OK, it happens in the bible but that is not real either. It's not that I want to die. It's just that I have lived long enough to stop making shit up. There is zero evidence for any afterlife. We are not caterpillars or butterflies.
Hi, All! Sad news.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 26, 2022:
I'm sorry to hear of your condition but at a great loss as to what to advise. **The one thing not to do** is try using a Jesus fix for eye problems. Best of luck.
Computer tempest in a teapot. You will laugh at this.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
You did very well. I have a Netgear WiFi router and have to go through this from time to time. It is the Netgear security key they want.
This always happens…
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
I understand this. Right now I've had 2 full days working with the public and my boss gave me off until next Monday. Yippee! I'm going to be a binge watching hermit for most of this time.
It has come to my awareness that I currently have 2 followers on Agnostic?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
One of my followers is a young girl from India. She is studying and trying to make a better life. She says sometimes even with education jobs are hard to find. I believe her.
Hugs always make it better
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
A hug always makes everything better. :)
Russian State TV
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
How dumb. For starters let's look at any country that has "State TV." This idea already says that they want no other opinions mixed in with their own. Certain Evangelical religions in America do this. Thanks to Trump and his cronies our political parties are starting to do this. It happens when you are right and you know it and others are just wrong, wrong, wrong.
A better booster campaign YLE 10/24/2022
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
Covid is coming back coz winter is approaching. At my workplace we have one person out with Covid right now. Younger ones at my work wanted to get into discussions about masks yesterday. I simply said that could do what they want to. I don't want others to spit, sneeze, or slobber on me.
Just so some Americans can read that not everyone agrees with them.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 25, 2022:
I did not read it. I am not concerned with how many people do not agree with Americans. In fact, my only concern with and for Americans is that I was born here and that I also live here.
We read the Gab founder's how-to guide to Christian nationalism.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2022:
No the church is not supposed to direct the government and that book should not be listed as non-fiction.
Tim Allen Blowing Minds With His PROOF God Is Real - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2022:
What a moron. Atheism is not a religion and has no platform or doctrines.
This is hilarious!!! PLEASE let this happen.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2022:
If it happens there would be the question of who among them is telling the biggest lies.
How do you respond to the question "Do you believe in God?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 24, 2022:
I stopped believing in god when he failed to bring me a pony one year.
This is what religion does to people: "Mumbai Man Slit Wife's Throat For Not Wearing Burqa On ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2022:
Many in other countries are mimicking what they see rising up in America right now. They always did have these strange religious beliefs but more today are acting upon them. If such a murderer is taken into custody according to a local penal code, just keep in mind that most of them have the same religion and hold similar beliefs so very little gets done. The penalty has to fit the crime.
"Religious Freedom" is Neither - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2022:
I find it more and more odd that white people in America, or just any people in all the Americas, seem to think Jesus knew about them or gave a flying flip about them in any way. This religion started in the Middle East and got passed on everywhere. The modern American Christian thinks this was what was supposed to happen. The late Herbert W. Armstrong saw the problem and claimed we became the modern Jews of promise through British Israelism.
my thoughts: 1.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2022:
Much of the confusion is caused by the fact that many know oil is on its way out and nobody knows exactly what to do about it. Throw in the "gotta make a profit" idea and there you have it.
The Mark Of The Beast
DenoPenno comments on Oct 23, 2022:
Not entirely accurate but close enough. :)


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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