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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Online dating: would you meet a grouchy looking person?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
You did the right thing. As for me, I'm not grumpy. I do complain but it is usually about those who complain or think something special is owed to them. Not negative here but just a realist.
Horse dewormer is meant to get rid of parasites.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
So, you take horse dewormer to get rid of Covid. Di idiota to the extreme.
The Damage Report - Trump Lawyers LAUGHED Out Of Their Jobs []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
What does Powell and Rudy expect? Wasn't the kraken mythical monsters of the sea? There is nothing to win here.
Lest We Forget: []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Anyone remember a picture of her and Epstein with a person beside them who was cut out of the picture? That person was our own Agent Orange, the former prez.
Coronavirus vaccines cut risk of long Covid, study finds []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
They certainly do. I talked recently with a person who is fully vaccinated like me and he knows others who are fully vaccinated who caught Covid. They have sniffles and symptoms like a bad cold. Otherwise still able to function.
Christian “Prophetess”: God Will “Do Something” to Restore Trump as President | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Wait! Hell is about to freeze over.
Didn't Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell say there'd be a plethora of evidence?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
One of Lindell's own people providing what he calls "evidence" says that it is not really evidence. Lindell lost some pillow money, got involved with "The Family," and hopes to make back money if you follow his false claims. Did he also take lessons from Trump? :)
Excellent reasons all
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Quote. "Yeah, but if my momma had of done that I would not be here." I believe this line to be the motivation of all the fake religious fuctards.
Update on my car being backed into in a private parking lot.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
In case others are reading this let me say again that I live in mid Missouri. The insurance run around is what I have went through on getting this settled and I have come this far with it because my insurance lady knows the one who backed into me and she also witnessed it. Do people give wrong insurance info in order to protect themselves? The goal of insurance seems to be to collect your money but never having to pay out.
The Young Turks - Mike Lindell Threatens TYT Investigates for Uncovering THIS Secret ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2021:
I've heard of the Family and they are not nice. As for Lindell, he is a kook.
Crazy Q shaman's mother wanted him to hold out, not plea bargain, and wait for tRump's reinstatement...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2021:
If they are waiting for Trump's reinstatement we must ask how is this going to happen and has it ever happened before. Unless we are talking a re-do of January 6th that succeeds this time we might as well be waiting for monkeys to fly out of someone's butt. I can call them idiots.
SC School Board Member Ignores COVID Crisis: “God Decides Who Lives and Dies” | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2021:
God decides who lives and dies but a bullet to the brainpan might carry a definite weight.
‘Apostle’ Michael Petro Says God Is Raising Up a ‘Violent Church’ Because Democrats Don’t ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Neither do I and I'm not a Democrat.
Regarding abortion: This is my secret story.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Thank you for sharing this very personal story. I always find it strange that people like this avid Trumper that I went to high school with can make remarks like "who knows how many abortions some of these women have had." It is private information and this asshole reacts as if abortion replaces birth control. How in the hell could you be that dumb? It is all about control and war against women.
Lies are now the norm
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2021:
All so very true. Hard to believe anyone today about anything.
Isn't this what most conflict comes down to?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2021:
I agree with that fully. People that do not tried to convince me to hate my ex when we split up. The idea would be to once again get me back too racist beliefs. I had to be as they are, but I refused.
THE FLAWED EPISTEMOLOGY It seems an obvious hypocrisy to me that there are pundits who can't ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2021:
Some time back it got more stupid when they put their god in a different dimension in order to protect him from smart assed scientific theorists. God could jump back and forth between his dimension and ours without being detected. This begged the question of how did anyone in our dimension know of such a god in the first place.
From time to time, I’ll see headlines that read something like "When you die you realize what’s ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2021:
People try desperately to convince you that Walt is really up there and when you die you can go to his land and ride his rides free forever. It will happen if you believe in Caesar and have a Holy Goat.
God's favorite....
DenoPenno comments on Sep 2, 2021:
Most of us realize the truth of all this now. There was a time in my lifetime that many preachers would call it all fake.
'Apologize for Offending the Public': Russian Restaurant Pulls Ad Featuring Black Man with White ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2021:
Yes it is white supremacy. Sometimes it works in a strange way. White men can see themselves with a black woman but they are not able to see a black man with a white woman. My little redneck community is getting its due. I often see grandparents taking care of their mixed little grandkids. They love these kids but that would not have happened here a few years ago.
Rooster Comb Fire was 100% contained by 1:00 p.m. today.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Incredible job here. :)
Christian Woman Sues CDC, Dr.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2021:
So you are forbidden entry inside a store or business because you do not have a mask. Unless you own the store they have a right to do that. This is not discrimination.
'American Idol' alum David Archuleta (A Mormon) says God told him to come out publicly
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2021:
God told him to come out publicly. For what reason?
[] Humanist chosen as Harvard's chief chaplain
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
We need more humanists in this sort of work.
Liberal Redneck - Ivermectin [] "Rock shewing stupid!!!"
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
I've seen him before and he is funny as hell but does a damned good job of telling it like it is.
Catholic Bishop: Vaccines Mandates Could Lead to the “Time of the Apocalypse” | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
Do they know Michelle Bachmann? She was always concerned with "bringing on the Apocalypse."
"National Religious Broadcasters Spokesperson Fired After Pro-Vaccine Remarks" [youtu.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
WTF would anyone remain neutral on the Covid vaccines? That shows me there is too much politics involved in something that should be gladly used and promoted for all of us. Fear in one form or another prevents this.
Update on yesterday's brush fire. Amazing how fast fire swept uphill.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
I hope you and yours are all safe.
A few minutes ago, here at work, a gorgeous blondie arrived, wearing a company hi-viz vest, asking ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2021:
Report her. My oldest daughter seems to think that it is "**her body, her right**" and she is a nurse.
Preacher on God’s “Flop Flip”: Trump Foes Will Flop and His Enemies Will Flip | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Who do these people think they are? Is your god going to give a good goddamn because of the way you voted? Well, maybe I am wrong and god really does want the top 1 percent to control everything and workers all have no benefits or wages to speak of.
Liberty U.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Come on now students. Do you really believe this is all about your freedoms? It's time to wake up.
MS Gov.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
It must be really painful to believe in eternal life and also know that you have to die in order to get it.
The ever-generous USA has been spreading its largesse to the Taliban, it appears.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Maybe this is some plan to get Eric Prince back into the picture so we can give him millions again and play a losing chess game.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
It is time that Trump himself was personally held accountable for the bad things he has done. The way this seems to be going is as if he still had some sort of immunity to prosecution. It appears to me that what our justice system is trying to do is pacify both sides of this issue. That simply will not work. As long as Trump is able to do this nonsense freely some idiot attorneys will try to gain fame by taking up the case. Lock him up!
Isn't that governor a special asshole.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Yes, but you should be afraid of things because even with eternal life you have to die first. Does that make any sense?
Everyone on here needs to read this.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Most love interest sites use a few fake subscriptions to lure people in. Some will answer you and then disappear. Some will appear to be there and never answer you. We know that they all cannot be online at the same time.
An open question to my Christian friends. Did Jesus have a penis?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2021:
I'm sure his mother who had never had sex was very amazed at Jesus not having a penis.
Dan Bauman: Anti-Mask Florida Dad Attacked Student, Cops Say []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
The first thing here is that Bauman should know that the school is not going to change its mask policy just for him and his daughter. With that said, what I see in the video is very quick and hard to follow but a student attempts to grab Bauman's phone as he is filming. This is a no no, and Bauman reacted because of it. I do not see that he has harmed anyone.
“The Curse of Southern Culture, Part V” I am infuriated and deeply saddened by how rural and ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I hear you and most of it goes on to this very day. In earlier life I was extreme right wing and worked against my own best interests. Today I am a Progressive.
Harvard Has A New Chief Chaplain And He's An Atheist : NPR
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
That's very good news.
We are a collection of atheists, agnostics and free thinkers many of us are humanitarian and pursue ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I tend to eat meat like I always did before but I try to make better choices of it. My opinion of where Corona virus came from seems to favor bad conditions in animal slaughter and I have recently noticed that some bacon is not really fit for human consumption. Greed has done this to us. Everybody is competing to be your food provider now and not enough vegan.
I recently discovered this documentary coming to theaters in September on one of my favorite actors:...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Boris was always one of my favorites.
I appreciate all the support I’ve received on here .
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I understand how you feel. I've been angry also thinking I was deceived into religion by my parents, but they did not know. They were brought into the ignorance that most of us are taught and they taught me. This all happens because of ignorance. People want to believe that some book written in stages so many years ago has all the answers. How would that be so? There are so many absurdities in the bible. Best of luck to you, and keep in mind that we all make our own luck.
Parents of Matthew Coleman's Students React After Slayings of Children |
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Does he have to enter a plea? This is all pure GQP propaganda involving QAnon crap that even takes in belief in "serpent people." How could anyone believe any of this and be deemed sane? My guess is that he will simply infest others with his insanity. If there is clear cut evidence that he did this maybe we could simply strap him in and convince him that he was going on a ride at Disneyland.
Who else grew up with this picture in their bedroom?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Pictures like that seem to make me think that there has to be guardian angels or a lot more kids would die from horrible accidents. Not true of course, but I think this is why religious adults liked it.
A new study says that atheists care more about others than the religious do, Flordelis is arrested ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Thanks for posting. I always watch this. I'm also seeing you get better at public speaking. Keep up the good work.
Robert F. Kennedy’s sons support release of dad’s assassin
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Bishari claimed he remembered nothing. My guess has always been with Thane Cesar over all these years. He was the one close enough to kill RFK if everyone was distracted.
Animals share life with us in peace not like humans we destroy each other
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Look at that picture. Straight out of Paradise once the curse has been lifted. Also, the lion will again eat straw. It's not clear how this will happen with sharp pointy lion's teeth.
Why Is This Giant Christian Cross on the Side of a Mississippi Highway? - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2021:
Why not a guillotine or an electric chair?
God is in control? 😂😂
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2021:
Yes, god is still a troll. :)
Because as we all know EVERYONE can be a PERFECT person ALL the time.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2021:
I don't know Jennings from Adam but here is my take on all this. If people argue and bring up crap from 6 months or a year ago, for example, we all know this is not what the argument is really about. It's time to stop being eternally offended.
I find it interesting that many atheists, including ones on this platform, give up their belief in a...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2021:
Oh, yes, Faux is right. I know they are because they like me and I like news outlets that like me. Everything else is fake news.
South Dakota AG gets fines, no jail time in pedestrian death
DenoPenno comments on Aug 26, 2021:
Let's pretend he is black and demand a re-do.
A Mississippi State Commissioner’s COVID Solution: “Now Is the Time for Prayer!” | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 26, 2021:
I'm reminded of an old meme cartoon showing a doctor, a patient in his bed, and a nurse. The caption reads "he isn't responding to medication nurse, so why don't you try whacking him off." Maybe prayer if you prefer it. :)
All these pastors talking about god protecting them from Covid have obviously forgotten that God ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 26, 2021:
The way things go in the GQP today I would not be surprised to hear that Hitler did not want to exterminate the Jews. He didn't like them so he was really using them in experiments to make his troops absolutely fireproof. MTG could use that one. Unfortunately none of the experiments worked.
So ladies and gentlemen and update Mesa going home! home hospice I'll be leaving in the next half ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2021:
Take care and just hang in there.
Pentagon Boasts ‘Air Force’ is Evacuating Civilians, Then People are Shocked When They Take ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2021:
Photoshopping is amazing! I'm also amazed at how we are determining the age of videos and pictures by viewing Biden's balding head.
Christian heretics (AKA white nationalist evangelicals) have finally just come out and admitted it, ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2021:
A bulletin board I saw today outside an INHIM meeting place seems to echo this same thought. What a shame.
Just stolen from fbuk.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
The problem is that you cannot get people to see this. I lived through those times.
The Vast Majority of Atheists Believe in Intelligent Life on Other Planets | Hemant Mehta | Friendly...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
It is very likely even if the life in question is not like us in any way.
Today's hike. A cathedral of tall trees.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Yes, it is. Very nice picture.
Update: This afternoon, I watched the live video webcast of the memorial service for my former ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Sorry to hear about your friend. As for files on any of us I'm sure they have plenty. When I got my passport in 2003 it went through in record time. I've had people tell me that even if I was in the Army for 3 years active it does not mean I can have access to a military base. MP's look at my ID, get on their devices or radio and I'm let in almost immediately.
Christian Blogger Shames Working Moms: Your Kid May Have Sex If You’re Not Home | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
The Christian blogger needs to be informed that nobody is around their kids 24/7. It is very hard to prevent these things.
Amazing, the omnipotent, all powerful and invincible god rendered deaf and defeated by a paper mask!...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Bakkar is an idiot.
E.T., Phone Hell? Creationist Ken Ham Says Jesus Can't Save Space Aliens | HuffPost
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Of course Jesus can save space aliens. All that has to be done is nail him up on their planets the way he was nailed up here. Problem solved.
Research Shows a Rise in the Public Acceptance of Evolution Over the Last Decade | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
To change this all for the better we need to enlighten those who think it is a claim that we came from monkeys. So many still think that is what evolution is all about.
According to Urban Dictionary: Religionist An arrogant, prideful, egoistic, religious person ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
You just described most of them. LOL
Pandemic disrespect, selfishness and rudeness. How do you handle it?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
I certainly agree with you and I do not wear my ask at all times. Usually it is around my neck so I can pull it up if told to do so. I tell people who do wear a mask to never let others put you down or argue with you for wearing it.
Over 900 Black people, mostly young men, shot (usually with multiple rounds) & killed so far this ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
That says it all for me but people are strange. In another blog spot a Latino who married a black woman and then they had 3 kids told me that I am racist. Was it because me and my black wife had no kids? I wonder. As for GOP values, they have none.
So I have been watching Lucifer on Netflix and now God has appeared in the show after all that talk ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 23, 2021:
When I first saw that they had this TV show called "Lucifer" I decided immediately to never watch the show. I would also avoid one called "God" if they had it.
On the Most Pressing Issues, Atheists Show More Moral Decency Than the Religious | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Christians claim they got their morality from god but evidence shows they simply did not read the bible.
Today's hike: Loose aggressive dogs and rain in the mountains.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Nice pics and reporting as usual. That area could use better dog control for sure.
My family has lots of drama.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 22, 2021:
I know many are going to ask OMG, why would he post this? Death is a part of life even when it is sad. He killed himself yesterday and was home alone on LSD at the time, so my sources say.
Food for thought, if you are upset about the Redskins changing their name.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Nice point. Being politically correct has went way too far.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Bill Burr is pretty funny. He seems to prove that religion is all batshit crazy. I'm almost falling on the floor laughing here.
Apple is releasing an update that will allow them to search your iPhone, JUST IN CASE you're storing...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2021:
I will avoid all products that are doing this. Imagine you have a used phone or computer and the person who had them wiped them. OK, we know his porn is still there and experts can retrieve it. If you have these used products most likely all the communication can also be retrieved. If suspected of child porn the experts will claim that YOU wiped the devices. Well, they have you now.
Report: Allegations Of Priests Using Grindr Have Unnerved The Catholic Church
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2021:
They are only looking for another boy that they can alter.
New Rule: Your Phone is Turning You into an Asshole | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2021:
I saw the program and I agree fully. You never see me walking around looking down at my phone smiling with both thumbs working. Sure, I text but not like that. My phone is only for talk and text and I do not get online with it at all. It's a tool and not a game. My phone is usually in my pants pocket if I am out in public. If I was in a restaurant with a group and they were all playing on their phones I might swear when I asked then to put the phones away. I would also announce that the phones get put away or I leave. Yes, I'm that direct and I talk a lot.
Stephen Fry on meeting God []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Seen this before and I agree totally with Stephen Fry.
Death Cult Preacher Hands Out “Exemption Letters” to Anti-Vaxxer Christians | Beth Stoneburner |...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
The Sky Pilot cannot wait for them all to get there.
“Prophetess” Defends Her Lies: You People “Don’t Understand the Spirit Realm” | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
There was a time I understood the spirit realm. It was years ago. Today I call it all a big crock.
Education Department will cancel student debt for more than 320,000 borrowers
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
Fantastic but it may not include my ex. Many people I know claim they had to pay for their student loans so others should also. I disagree.
Guilty: Isaak Convicted Of Killing 4 In Mandan, North Dakota
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
The DNA "pointed to Isaak" or **was it actually his DNA**. Strategically collected DNA from a crime scene usually seals a person's guilt. DNA simply being in a room means little.
The U.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
I do not know who dominates the UNGA. I'm sure their politics are not grounded in America first.
Eric Metaxas: Having to Wear a Face Mask While Skiing Reminds Me of Hitler | Beth Stoneburner | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 20, 2021:
Did Hitler ski and did he wear a mask while doing so? This is a dumb statement by Eric.
Online dating is dysfunctional. It's online shopping.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
It's a jungle out there. I recently was compelled to give money to the new girl at work. I'm a good judge of character and I never loan money to anyone. She needed this to get her driver's license and to buy some Mucinex. I really felt for her and within 4 days I got my money back. She said her new bank card had come through. She's a wonderful person, enjoyable to talk to, rumored to have a boyfriend, and they live with her sister and her husband. She is always doing things and loves playing with children. The thing is, there will most likely not ever be an "us" as much as I would like for there to be. Good luck with Brad.
Looking at pictures of Afghanistan in the 60's is very disheartening.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
I agree. The longer I live the more I see that others do interact with us but that does not mean they see things as we do or that they believe as we do. Believing otherwise is the big mistake of human kind.
Dare to question god's wisdom?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
Some think I am nitpicking and it is just me. Since Trump is gone I notice fewer people openly wearing a gun. This makes me feel like Trump played to your need of a gun and therefore caused many to wear one. BTW, I am a former gun advocate and I will never let the NRA or others know if I have a gun or what type it is, etc. My gun info is strictly my business.
True story.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
Let's try going badly for years. Yes, the military industrial complex was the winner in Afghanistan and other wars. Military contractors got rich and that alone was the plan. If we are surprised at how quickly the Taliban moved in try considering that they were already there. Afghans are tribal. The Taliban was among them the entire time. They are not a uniformed force moving and marching along. If you chose 1000 Afghans many of them would be Taliban. They never wanted our democracy and could not band together as long as we were there.
I wish I knew who did this. It’s brilliant.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
It would make a nice game.
Apostates fascinates me and this woman has a wonderful resolve in walking away.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
She might have her own planet some day. You just never know.
School wins legal battle to electric shock children to ‘correct behaviour’ ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 19, 2021:
I could not even read all of this. The reason is that it is NOT a good idea.
The Evidence for Jesus Is Worse than You Think []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 17, 2021:
Nice video. This man has really done his homework. What he presents here is exactly why I am not a Christian today and could never be one again. Close to the end I caught a glimpse of Marjoe Gortner around 16:04. It was momentary. Marjoe starred in the expose' film with his name that came out around 1970.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 17, 2021:
Success is relative. As a younger man I would have wanted everything I could get if I was not so stupid at the time. Today as a single older man I'm happy and successful living in my 2 bedroom mobile home parked on my half acre of ground in the small city I live in. I work and also have social security, have what I want and do what I want. I'm not a rich man but I have a low mortgage. If the car blew up I would simply go buy another one.
If Agnosticism is one of a group of things that we hope will eventually rid us of religion, then ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 16, 2021:
Atheism and agnosticism will not rid the world of anything. As to that question of being "saved" I want to know what we are being saved from.
Are you a believer in Fred?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 16, 2021:
Fred will not do much in my area.
Nurse DEMONIZES Vaccines In Town Hall Sermon - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Aug 16, 2021:
She is ignorant and should not even be a nurse. As for vaccines being made out of fetus material, I heard that one a few months ago from a man. He claimed not to be angry at the women who had abortions because it was the doctors. The doctors all want the vaccine to be made out of fetus material. Really? When did this happen and why did the way of making vaccines change? We have so many idiot people in this world.
Christian Group Spreads Lie That COVID Vaccine Contains “Graphene Oxide” | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 15, 2021:
So the vaccine will link you to the Internet? People all over are absolutely glued to it already!
Today, August 15th, is the Christian feast of the assumption of Mary.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 15, 2021:
I know, but if they had paid the airlift fee earlier to some agency they might have still made it. These agencies rely on your fear. Also, imagine Jesus ascending up into the clouds similar to watching a helium balloon that was released in the air. After a while it just disappears. Since it is not recorded that way in the bible we know that the ascension of Jesus was false. Nobody had helium balloons or anything that would rise into the clouds on it's own back then so the description is wrong. BTW, what did Mary assume? Apparently her mother assumed the same thing. LOL
I Don't Believe In Souls Or Spirits I don't have a soul, I am a soulless being.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 15, 2021:
I'm in agreement with you 100 percent on this as it is the only thing that makes sense. Even so, I still remember the time studying for the ministry that I believed all the nonsense. There is no "going back" as some want to claim simply because there is no proof of a creator. The bible is not the only such book and the bible as we know it today came into being some 300 plus years after the time of Jesus.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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