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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Theres a narrative going around in the media about the insurrectionists of 1/6 hating democracy and ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2021:
Your second paragraph hits it fairly well but I still believe they hate democracy. I'm saying this because the problem for many is that the person in front of them in a grocery store who has food stamps is the enemy. Those who might get free education or use HUD are the problem as well. They hate this coz they paid money. Oops! This reverses if they are using these programs. It's Ok then because they are white. Trump only falls into this picture when you realize that he wanted his base to think he hated everything that they hated. This creates a misguided "tribe."
With all the money paper printing.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2021:
I can just see the panic and people trying to buy food, gasoline, and other needed items with gold or silver. That would be a hoot. Now let's add to the panic and buy needed items with crypto. LOL
Only if he is in front of them
DenoPenno comments on Jan 17, 2021:
Top military has already said it is not going to happen. I took it as a dog whistle it it did happen.
Comforting to hear your home language.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Good story.
Report: 'Isolated And Angry' Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani For Legal Work | HuffPost
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
What did Rudy expect?
NYC axes all contracts with Trump as business backlash snowballs.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
This is as it should be. What did Trump expect? If I am a business or company that might expect loss or lawsuits due to activities of another I have every right to severe contracts with that organization and I do so to protect myself. Trump will lose on this.
Reports say that Trump is really depressed frustrated and angry about the current state of affairs.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I'm disappointed too. I wanted him to shoot himself on 5th Avenue.
I finally get it.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
You think Trump deliberately wanted to fuck up his own money when loans are due in 2 years and he is losing millions right now? LOL
Evangelical Christians Make Up About Half of Trump’s Most Hardcore Supporters | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
In my area most of them think Trump is god. Some even believe than he became Christian.
Do certain members of Congress truly feel they are working with white supremecists?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Misunderstand each other? I have been aware of white supremacy my entire lifetime. Earlier when I was part of it and today when I think it is horrible and rotten to the core. Keep in mind that the last 4 years have encouraged it. I do not see people being racist but I can talk to them just a short time and know if they are. Openly this includes those working with Kamala Harris for years and cannot pronounce her name. I'm sure you can think of other examples if you wait on it.
It bears repeating: The Republican Party has been this way even before Goldwater.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
What about abortion? It is not birth control. It is a choice that some women make and nobody knows who made that choice. So, what about abortion? Why is religion married to politics on this?
Here's the list of the people arrested for the terrorist Acts as of January the 11th "Capitol ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I saw a video but no list.
Shocking 🙄 US police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Yes, they have had the last 4 years of training to make this all possible.
Anyone on here comment on the legality of Trump pardoning himself.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
He cannot legally pardon himself. I'm sure he will find this out soon after he leaves office.
Tony Perkins: Trump Could Prove Election Fraud in the Senate Impeachment Trial | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Trump could do this in the same way he proved he was not an Orangutan in his trial where he sued Bill Maher. Trump brought his birth certificate. The lawsuit still went nowhere.
Why can't Conservatives understand that: A.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Too many people are "making up" First Amendment rights.
There is talk that Trump supporters need deprogramming (debriefing), as you need to do to those ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I did not vote. I have no clue what Antifa will do.
Meme of the Day
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Amen brother. Tell it like it is.
Lou Dobbs: Trump Faced a “Venomous Assault” Like No President Other Than Lincoln | Hemant Mehta ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Total crap. I guess Lou Dobbs changed sides again. Previously I heard he was now not believing Trump.
Stefanik Whines(R) Over Losing Cush Harvard Gig For Fanning Conspiracy Flames | Talking Points Memo
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Complain all she wants. They have a right to remove her.
the Pillow Guy? Must be having trouble sleeping.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
You would to if you were sleeping on one of his pillows.
Here's everything- absolutely everything- you need to know about Mike Pence, in one video.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Pence is a wuss. Even now he is afraid that trump or some Trumper GOP's might get him later if he does the wrong thing.
Christian “Financial Guru” Dave Ramsey is the Boss from Hell | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Stupid Trumper.
Listen to Christian Scamvangelist Benny Hinn Brag About a Magical Healing School | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Benny Hinn was with Kathryn Kuhlman years ago and he wanted so badly to be just like her or greater than her. Yes, it is a "prosperity gospel" and if you stand before him with feet placed the way Hinn and associates tell you to, you can be "slain in the spirit." The secret is not to try and regain your balance.
Missouri Bill Would Jail Librarians Who Let Kids Check Out “Inappropriate” Books | Hemant Mehta ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Let's all just burn the books. Problem solved.
Christian Nationalism Was Front and Center During the Capitol Riots | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I have no doubt.
Man Involved in MI Governor Kidnapping Plot Said God Gave Him Permission to Kill | Beth Stoneburner ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
If people like him really believe this it shows how far delusions will go.
Religion is a business.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Page not found.
I AM & U R - Life as a human - Being - a - Spirit - incarnate in a - animal - body - a - Soul - ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I am not a spirit incarnate nor am I a spirit trapped in a body. I might be a spirit but I have no soul.
And so for something lighter in these times of social stress.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I hear you but a lifetime of OMG is likely to come from most of us. I do remember childhood where "mad dog backwards" was swearing. Then there are those who talk of "dog." None of it bothers me and i do not worry about it.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
If media would stop giving Donald Trump a microphone many problems would be solved here. Why do we want to listen to him or hear him anyway?People do not seem to remember that Trump once boasted that 8 new American steel companies were started, so his policies were working. The problem was that like most things Trump it was all a lie. Don't give Trump a microphone. Screw the media ratings. Dump Trump.
Video and Photos Suggest Christian Councilman from WV Was a Capitol Rioter | Hemant Mehta | Friendly...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
If he was a capital rioter then lock him up!
TX Pastor, a George W.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I read this earlier and don't see any way out of it for him. My advice is not to commit fraud.
Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill Declaring 2020 “Year of the Bible” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
The year of who's bible? What "holy book" are we using and which translation? Be sure it is King Jimmy.
Dave Daubenmire: Meghan Markle “Poisoned” the Royal Family By Being “Half Black” | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
By holding and promoting this belief Dave is causing violence, racism, and strife.
It's true ☕ is my birthstone 😃😊
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I have no idea what mine is. I drink coffee and enjoy it but no coffee now in 4 days.
Don't think too much 🙂
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I think constantly but seldom worry. I think about things coz I have to know what is going on and I try to control what happens in my life.
Faces of depression.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I fear that we all have depression. I have learned to cope and I use no meds.
You are so sweet🍒 😊😃 - these 🍒 from Tasmania is super sweet.😋
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
They look good. :)
Hey guys! Good afternoon from Hong Kong Island 😊 - Do you have any strong or unique phobias?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I don't like spiders or leeches.
On my morning walk I came across these gorgeous flowers.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
They are pretty.
With impeachment on grounds of starting the seditious riot, tRump can NOT pardon those involved.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I see his reasoning but the question is whether or not the powers that be will see it this way. I do think the courts will be busy and Trump and friends will not be able to put things off forever.
Not a problem at all.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I want to be divided from all these monsters. They are not an active part of my world.
This was written by a guy that was one of the Administrators on a successful website that is no ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
But they don't know where I live. In fact they have no clue who I am. Screwed up shit here but do not fall into it. Remember that Trump Jr. said "we are coming for you and will be in your back yard." That mofo should go into rehab.
So much b.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I share your concerns here. It makes you wonder if we will go shopping somewhere and become a part of a random shooting or bombing just because some Trumper group is acting up and playing soldier. In my small community I do see that one die hard household has now taken their flags down. Let's all hope for the best.
Lada Gaga will sing.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
As much as possible I will watch on TV or other media.
Will it matter a billion years from now whether we are kind or cruel to today?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Yes, it does matter now but not in the long run. The problem with believers is that they have "the long run" all figured out because they think they know everything. Their bibble told them so and they imagine a real relationship with an invisible man whom they think wrote their book. Atheists do not hold that view or any of the worries that it brings about within.
The last time I faced death 💀 I almost gave in to his final bit of grooming.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I do not fear death if it has no pain. I am aware of death bringing a present sense of unfinished business into the picture. Your daily routine is the business you will miss and it will become unfinished. Supernatural believers think this is some big form of energy. I say it is all in your head.
Beware the voices
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
The voice in my head is me but we do not have conversations together. We are one. I do have one problem and that is not always telling others what an idiot they are. Example from yesterday is a clerk telling me they would not have any more salt style BBQ seasoning until summer. I suppose he thinks there is no need of it. IDK.
bleurowz known to some of you as Amy - has passed away.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Sorry to hear of her passing.
Billionaires behind effort to resist election: []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 15, 2021:
And who are they?
In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 14, 2021:
I hope Dr. Laura read all of the letter.
Jim Bakker: “I Know I’m Not Wrong” That God Will Soon Destroy a Bunch of Cities | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 14, 2021:
Jim Bakker is delusional.
"Oh my god, that's treating other people with respect gone mad!"
DenoPenno comments on Jan 14, 2021:
Treating other people with respect is how it should be.
Questions that apparently too many Americans don't ask themselves anymore.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Sounds like you have a hellva lot that you are worrying about.
The Impractical but Indisputable Rise of Retrocomputing Prices for vintage PCs in need of repairs...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
I have 3 PC's. Two of them are refurbed HP units with big hard drives and beefed up ram.
So, what is the viability of Trump pardoning himself and fellow family members?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
He can pardon his family members but not himself I hear he will pardon himself anyway.
Striking Photos Show Hundreds Of National Guard Troops Sleeping Inside U.S. Capitol | HuffPost
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Maybe the plan was not to wake them up.
House Republicans say they won’t impeach Trump because of death threats - Vox
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Trump is losing people who would kill them. Will he do it personally and use his own 38?
Walmart's Announcement After Electoral Vote Controversy: no more donations to parties or candidates
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Good for them. Let's see how long this holds out.
I'm not sure whether to laugh, roll my eyes or be concerned about this.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Why do I fall for this and why am I suddenly surrounded by violent protesters? Regardless of Jesus I'm still just staying home and masturbating.
A man carrying molotov cocktails and weapons to the capitol insurrection had the contact information...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Lock them all up. It is the only solution.
Be prepared. Your world is about to change violently...again
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
This is a way of life I our world today. If you mean more sedition and coups spell it out please. I wish i had something I could sell these people.
Christian Moms Whine About Burger King Ad in Which Man Says “Damn, That’s Good” | Hemant Mehta...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
How and why do I support them?
A Creationist is Angry He Can’t Get a Grad School Degree in Creationism | Hemant Mehta | Friendly...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Nobody outside of a church or organizations who support them believes in creationism.
I am thrilled at the Deutche Bank announcement as well as that of the corporations that will no ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
If Trump did not know I'm sure he does now. He is making his last stand.
What did Trump do, if anything, to incite violence?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
How does this question go no and on? Where have you been for the last 4 years?
[] Rachael is the bomb....this was last night
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
I hope that everything she talks about here happens to Trump. I honestly do. Then we will be done with those why cry out "he is our rightful president."
[] hope they get thrown out
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Josh Hawley is a white supremacist that we do not need. Those words will follow him into his next election attempt. I promise.
FYI: I checked for price of vaccine, so far it looks like $20 per dose of the Pfizer made.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Not a bad price at 20 buck. Some of us will still get it free. Keep in mind that under Trump the idea of the vaccine was always to make money for those on top. Now we are getting closer to actually solving the covid problem.
'How Did We Get Here?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
What Evangelicals have finally proven is that they have no morality.
Lawmakers have to go through metal detectors now.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
In this day and time every person should go through a metal detector.
Life, Philosophy, and Everything In-Between: Critical Thinking In A Busy World
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
We live in a world where things are always pulling us one direction or another simply because someone wants to sell us something. Whether it is the newest app or the newest ideas from OAN we need to grow up.
this was cool.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Florida Church: Don’t Blame Us Just Because Our Members Joined the Capitol Coup | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Then lock them up.
Trump's speech at the wall and near Alamo today.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
What the hell is this all about?
Christian Mommy Blogger Shames Young Women Who “Work Outside of the Home” | Beth Stoneburner | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Today the powers that be have fixed us for a 2 income family unless you want to be poor as dirt.
Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar Sentenced to Over 1,000 Years in Jail | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Creationism did not help him any.
When will I stop "doom scrolling"?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
I'm not sure but 2 people have now told me about the Insurrection Act and the martial law going to happen this weekend. I'm told there will be no Internet and the banks will be closed. Best have money for food or you are screwed. Electricity will be out in many areas. (OK, I freeze to death?) Military vehicles with no transponders are traveling all over now in almost every state. They are preparing for this and in the end we "get our rightful president back." They say Trump will be president on January 20th and beyond. Somebody is greatly confused here. I told both parties I was aware of what they are saying with the military vehicles but my take on all this is different. Maybe we are getting in place and set for the transition of power to be peaceful. Meanwhile, some of these idiots still believe that Joe Biden's leg brace actually was hiding the fact that he was under house arrest and wearing an ankle bracelet. Trumpers just never give up.
Christian “Prophetess”: Heaven Has a “Portal” So Your Dead Relatives Can See You | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Some believers think that you can be in heaven and look down on you relatives who are in hell. I'm sure this would make many people so happy but not sure exactly what the belief is for.
Just to reiterate , some basic rules for investing .
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Or you could do like I did and go to Canada to invest in ACB. I ended up with 105 shares and rode this till a time that the shares should have split. Then Aurora got new people and they decided that I now have 9 shares. They might as well have robbed me with a gun.
Hey guys! My question is.... - What is your best childhood memory?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
With me it was my cousins and I playing cowboys after the fashion of early TV movies. We were inventive and had stick horses and stick guns, often going to great lengths to make them. This was during my time at my grandfathers place also.
Far right groups energized by Parler's shutdown: []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
This is what happens when confusion meets up with the desire to make money. Trumpers cannot tell when they have been had.
There is a message out that is about Trump going to sue Pence.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Why sue Pence? He had no power to change anything regardless of what Donnie thought.
Anatomy of Capitol Attack []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Sedition and total idiocy. Let's just take targeting Pelosi. OK, what do you do with Schumer? Maybe you assume he will give up and give in. Give you something that is not yours. Some claim "now is a time for healing." No, now is a time to prosecute. Trump and his cult should not be allowed to get away with this. It should be pursed now and on past January 20th. Those in every attack and every attempt to overthrow should be dealt with by rule of law.
George Carlin, you liberals like him, maybe you ought to listen to him
DenoPenno comments on Jan 12, 2021:
You liberals like him? I liked Carlin before I knew what I was.
Atheists most politically active group in US, survey finds - The Christian Post
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
I doubt seriously if I would be a political activist if I was still a believer.
TN Teacher Sends Former Student Message Condemning Her Same-Sex Relationship | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Another believer with nothing else to do and too much time on her hands.
Okay, I guess/suppose this has been posted before many, many times but here is my suggestion and the...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Why don't we all start liking cherry pie? The last thing I need is for someone else to tell me what my thoughts and definition of something is. This just does not work. It's like white people telling you what they do not like about BLM. I may or may not agree with your thoughts and ideas but it does not mean I'm going to start using them as my own.
Sam Harris experiences an epiphany. []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Hard for me to follow Sam on this one.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
This is all a good thing. Many are trying to prevent any Trump legacy of any kind and will not stop until they get the job done. Feel sorry for Trumpy all you want but the man brought this all upon himself and needs to be held accountable beyond January 20th.
Try the Impeachment After McConnell is "Minority Leader!" []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Trump was impeached but they ignored it, so there should be a way to impeach even after he leaves office. This would be made relevant by actions of January 6th.
A new video was posted today on the P-shall-not-be-named wingnut social media site (the one that's ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Past time for Donny to STFU.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
The right honestly believes the enemy is that person in the grocery store in front of you using a food stamp card. We have an angry right because they had to pay for their food.
I feel there is a lot of undisclosed racism of people here on this site.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
The telltale racist thing I see often is white people who suddenly apply the "n" word to other white people and go to great lengths to tell you anybody can be an "n." I do not like this and they are so wrong, but their racism shows up clearly.
Before I go to sleep I ask based on the shit that hit the fan last week.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
They don't care.
Hey guys, I got a question 😄 - If you close your eyes what does your HaPpY pLAcE look like?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
I'm not sure I have a happy place but I have felt at home in Kenya. If you and I were together we could have the same happy place. Yours sounds good.
Probably already been shared but I like it
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
I have this one on my main political activist page.
Pentagon calls sedition on Weds. "First Amendment Protests:" []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
A protest does not involve breaking in or destroying anything. First Amendment does not give you authority to do what happened in DC on the 6th. Sorry.
Damn, and it was such a good story.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Will we ever know? Wife says he died of a heart attack and just stopped talking.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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