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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Religion has destroyed America : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Jan 5, 2021:
Religion poisons everything.
To all of my new found atheist friends: I have been atheist most of my life and basically gave up on...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 5, 2021:
Welcome. I'm also not much into social media, at least not in the normal ways.
Boycott the georgia vote tommorow!!! Riiged!!! Fraudulent!!! Show your support for trump and proper ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 5, 2021:
I hope Mitch looses his majority leader status. We shall see. BTW, I have no support for Trump. The man is a pimple on someone's ass.
Chief justice of the South African supreme court says covid 19 vaccine may be from the devil.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
He doesn't not have to take it. Will I take it? Depends on if I get COVID-19 again.
My husband and I were talking earlier and he brought up something that's not sitting right with me.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
I don't like people who decide where I should be in life. Studied to be a preacher but the invisible man isn''t real.
Ok America, you can have ONE humanist. []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
People need to separate their politics and their religion.
Can you recognize logic when you see it?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
The evidence has to be falsifiable. That's where I start.
Scientists' Belief in God Varies Starkly by Discipline | Live Science
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Scientists do not believe in gods. Some people who claim to be scientists might believe in gods.
What do you expect to be achieved by this week's pro-Trump DC rally?
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
The Trump base really believes this man and he needs money so desperately now. OAN news has a commenter who sums it up nicely when he says "even when I am wrong I am right." Will the Trumpers ever catch on?
Trump’s phone call to Georgia was a violation of both federal and state law.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Let's bring on the charges.
Thousands of National Guard Troops Prepare to Support Biden's Inauguration
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
This should be taken seriously and the Orange One who claims he is never responsible is behind it all. I do expect trouble from Trump and terrorists.
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Extradition Denied.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
I'm not sure what to make of the Assange situation.
Trump Demands Georgia Sec of State Find 11,800 Votes for Him Rather than denounce President ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
Lunatic and then some. Consider that his money troubles start the minute he leaves office and in 2 years he has to start paying back Duetsche Bank. What's a man to do?
Now that's appropriate for him
DenoPenno comments on Jan 4, 2021:
This would fit and I bet they would sell. Maybe then daddy would love him.
2000s Things That You Haven't Thought About in 20 years
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Not much of this rings a bell with me. The one exception is the Winamp Player. When I first got into computer they sold us on how great the Winamp sound was. I'm still laughing. Computer sound is in the codec you have in your system. Not an impressive player displayed on your system.
Even Dem Stacey Abrams has expressed distrust of Kemp handling of GA elections as Sec.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
This nonsense will continue until we remove the Orange Asshole from the White House.
Christian Health Insurance Companies Are Still Screwing Over Customers | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
In the last 4 years I find ads that declare companies have found health insurance for people who have diabetes, heart problems, and a list of other ailments. Am I wrong in assuming this type of healthcare ad has only shown up recently? The industry wants us to think it is doing us a favor.
Researchers Say Christian Nationalism is Making It Harder to End the Pandemic | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Here is one to think on with this. Trump appealed to Christian Nationalism because the idea was for the top 1 percent to make money selling a vaccine. Then only the infected want vaccinated.
I now have a widescreen monitor for watching videos on my laptop.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
On my one computer I use an ONN widescreen Walmart monitor. Very cheap and I love how it works. I'm sitting within 3 feet of it most of the time but it looks great 6 feet away also.
A Very Confused Indiana Church Has “Documented Proof” That God Answers Prayers | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Ask them about all the children in St. Jude. See all the dumb answers you will get.
Yes get it right you can't do it
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Exactly correct. Expecting otherwise took 4 years of Reality TV training. I recall a man I work with who was upset that the media called the election. People lost in Cult 45 did not understand politics from the beginning.
Yes that's what they are
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
They have nothing to do with a rule of law and America should have nothing to do with Reality TV.
Sleepy head😴☺🙃
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Looking good Sleepy head.
For all you Dozer Lovers!
DenoPenno comments on Jan 3, 2021:
I like the dogs hat.
Trump 'diehards' threatening to 'kill all the D.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Support of this sort of sedition can end up getting Donnie whacked. People are so stupid.
[] 10 biggest discoveries of 2020
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Those are some impressive discoveries.
Nancy Pelosi arguing FOR Medicare For All in 1994 []
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
When I hear ignorant people who claim Pelosi is the modern day problem here they seem too ignorant to even understand politics.
A good pastime when quarantined...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
This is funny and now you have given many of us ideas to beat the boredom.
Pennsylvania state Rep. Mike Reese dies at 42; 3rd Republican of Congress to die in 5 daysTheHill
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
People try to argue my COVID with me and tell me I had something else. I take them as Trumpers who are "in the know." They should go haunt a house.
Larry King has been hospitalized with Covid-19 - CNN
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
I hope he makes it. His age is against him on this.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Not a fan of any of them. I believe in a rule of law and do not want my attention directed by nonsense every morning like it has been for the last 4 years. Reality TV does not belong in the White House.
This is the Perfect Trailer for a Movie Satirizing the Christian Film Industry | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Breitbart isn't too bright. Alexander was good as Duckman. :)
God cannot be omniscient, omnipotent, and have free will simultaneously : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
If you were raised Evangelical the free will argument was there to prove that god wanted you to choose him rather than him force you to do so. Nothing more, nothing less. Free will had nothing to do with ancients or philosophers. It was simply a choice your god gave you.
Investigate Liberty University’s electioneering, FFRF asks IRS - Freedom From Religion Foundation
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
It's about time.
Judge: Civil Cases Against Danny Masterson Must Go Through Scientology Mediation | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
So, is the judge in this matter a Scientologist?
The Christians or religious people that are on this page just to convert people. Stop. : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Why would I even give these people the time of day?
Doctor Who Worked at Cleveland Clinic Said She’d Give “the Wrong Meds” to Jews | Hemant Mehta ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
People like her end up killing others.
Atheist News 1/2/21- Atheists to tear down church, Daubenmire prays at Native American site, +more! ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Most disturbing to me is the 4 year old murdered in an exercism in Missouri. She is a child. What is wrong with people? The 4 who killed her should face life behind bars and whatever "church" was involved should be forced to close. All names should be made public so we would all know their shame.
Vulumptous super model, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model, Ashley Graham.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Yes, that sexy gal from Sports Eyestrained.
I've never been one for labels.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
Labels don't bother me much except when others start telling me my label. I identify as an agnostic atheist. I credit extensive bible study for my label choice.
My christian friend (surprise surprise) is a total fucking hypocrite and I'm done. : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Jan 2, 2021:
I have such a Christian friend and we remain friends because we were once both Evangelical. My bible studies took me to atheism and his took him to statements like "no true Christian." That's right. He thinks he is one of the very few "true Christians." They have the bible and think the rest of us are taking "logic and evidence" classes.
I'm looking for anyone over 18 who knows English to fill-out a 20 question survey on Childhood ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Done but may be confusing. With both sets of parents dead I have only recently become aware of why they became religious and guided me that way. This revolves around my dead sister Deb who never made it home from the hospital after birth. My mother and stepfather wanted to know what happened to her religiously. Did some part of her survive? As for a real father I never knew him. I was easily set up for the Jesus myth.
My new year began with a power outage of at least nine hours. This does not bode well.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
I hear ya. I still have power but the Me TV groups generator went out. Cold and some snow here and noises like something is trying to come through my roof. My idiot friend says not to worry coz I have insurance.
But you already knew that...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
I swear like a sailor. (Do sailors swear?) My youngest daughter has seemingly inherited that from me.
Yesterday I received the first shot of the vaccine.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Keep us updated.
US passes ‘historic’ anti-corruption law that effectively bans anonymous shell companies | The ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Sounds right. Keep in mind that Trump got control of Fred's money years ago. The main idea was to insure that only Donnie would profit. Loans start coming due in 2 years now and guess who really needs money.
My New Years Resolutions for 2021.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
I did not waste my time. No resolutions, no after midnights, no concern are fish not being meat, etc.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Mixing "faith" with the invisible man is a mistake. Faith is indeed not what it seems.
A thought provoking essay by H.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
It did not take me to Mencken. I found Weisel talking about "indifference."
Alberta UCP’s Bible-Quoting Christmas Tweet Raises the Ire of Many, Even Clergy | Val Wilde | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
They need to knock this stuff off. Too much of it worldwide.
Dennis Prager on Anne Frank: “I Don’t Get My Wisdom from Teenagers” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Maybe Prager should have Donnie help him with that university.
A Retired Cleveland Detective Says God Helped Him Crack Cases | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
God doesn''t need a badge? Neither did this guy. Lock him up.
Christian Minister: A Boy at My Youth Camp Literally Flew Through the Air | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
The problem with all of this is that it is NOT Supernatural. Not the show, nor Sid Roth or the idiotic things reported there.
Today I blocked a member from the group, CourtJester.
DenoPenno comments on Jan 1, 2021:
Thanks for the heads up but too many seem to be in support of MAGA. My belief is that they seem to support Donnie coz he makes them think they hate the same things.
Only certain people threaten you will go to hell
DenoPenno comments on Dec 31, 2020:
According to my stepdad I was once going to "split hell wide open."
Who are these "Tuttle Twins" our John Bircher keeps referencing?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 31, 2020:
I have heard of none of this. Something may or may not be real but that does not bring me in as a part of it.
An Alabama Woman’s House Burned Down, But Don’t Worry, Her Bible is Okay | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Make you a bet it just happened to be a KJV bible
What do you say when someone asks “Why don’t you believe in god?” : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
I usually tell them that I studied the bible too much. How it came into being as we know it today under Constantine in the third century. This is a long time after Jesus and many books were not included while others destined to be a part of the big book. How could anything like that be accurate in any way? This is usually where believers start in with me "but the bible says." They don't get it at all.
Christians will say “The mind of God is unfathomable to humans, we cannot know his plans,” then ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Years ago I was shown the mind of god. It took many years but I finally escaped.
Even if God was "testing" you, that'd be a classic case of coercion and abuse. : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
If your god "tests" you then he is playing a little game with you. Alway choose not to play the game.
Missouri Parents Who Watched Beating Can’t Go to Their ‘Demon’ Child’s Funeral, Judge Rules
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Almost unbelievable. Sometimes I read things like this and wish that hell was real.
If the Nashville bomber were Muslim, he would be called a terroist []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
The Nahville bomber is a domestic terrorist. So is Kyle Rittenhouse.
Are you wondering why so many "vulnerable" Republican senators won lopsided victories?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
The Republican way is always voter suppression. That's what jerrymandering is all about.
Prison guard allegedly had ‘hit list’ of inmates to harass/beat/kill - New York Daily News
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Putting people like this in general prison population could be a start to solving the problem.
As more women fill America’s jails, medical tragedies and deaths mount
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Jails are not conditioned to the needs of women and this is a shame within itself.
What did you learn in 2020?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 30, 2020:
What I hated in 2020 was every single day having something to do with Donald Trump. He brought Reality TV to the WH and the news was all about him every day. I had to stop watching TV news. My optimism about 2021 is that I know this will not be the case with Biden/Harris. This alone is enough to return my sanity.
Half the South Thinks the U.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 29, 2020:
John Adams was exactly correct. It's hard too convince todays Evangelicals of this. Franklin Graham does not want LGBT people to have any rights.
Reaching for connection but missing every time.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 29, 2020:
I agree with you fully. He is trying to make some sort of connection and for what. Recently a woman from this site did that with me. I don't think she liked my answers. I don't send money and I'm not wanting to increase my mortgage.
Several Interesting Perspectives on the Question of 'Life After Death' []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 29, 2020:
I have the answer. You're dead.
The Atheist Experience 24.49 with Matt Dillahunty and Shannon Q - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Dec 29, 2020:
I love this program and watch it every chance I get.
Question to atheists and agnostics: Are you sure no god exists that you believe in?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 29, 2020:
The universe may have always existed. IDK. Even if it did this does not grant it intelligence.
Call them like they are
DenoPenno comments on Dec 28, 2020:
The older I get I learn that my opinion appears to only cause division and strife.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 28, 2020:
I have some of these same problems. I also do not see it getting better unless I find an atheist group to attend and others I can actually talk to.
I AM A PROUD AGNOSTIC!! Also I'm new here:)
DenoPenno comments on Dec 27, 2020:
DenoPenno comments on Dec 27, 2020:
Why would covid not still be dangerous? Some of these people are ridiculous.
I am the only Atheist in my parents' Christian household : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I'm an atheist but I am the only one in the household.
Friendly reminder: Christmas was once banned in parts of the US.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
Yes and it was the Puritans.
Here's what I'd like to ask xtians sometimes, "Is your god doing a good job?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
Faith is not a virtue.
Jeffress: The COVID Vaccines Scientists Made Are a “Christmas Present from God” | Hemant Mehta |...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I just recovered from COVID-19 and neither gods nor vaccines had anything to do with it.
When people tell me the bible is there to teach morality, they are wrong. : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
Morality comes out of the structures of your society. Bibles have nothing to do with it.
In 23andMe, I share the common H7 maternal haplogroup with the likes of MarieAntionette.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I turned water into coffee earlier today. Water, coffee grounds, and presto!
Dave Daubenmire: I Went to a Zoo and Saw How Interracial Marriage Is Wrong | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
True because you do not see a Hypnopottymus married to a Rhino. Wait. Do animals marry? Who gets the license fee and where do they hang the certificate? Racist bastard.
Let there be no debate on who Jesus was. Here are the facts.....
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
This is exactly what it is but a modern Evangelical would not agree and he would tell you that you send yourself to hell.
When I was a kid, we had excellent Christmases.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I remember those times but it s all different now.
Christ Message
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
Exactly, and this is why I avoid you.
Has anyone watched Pixar’s Soul?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I don't watch anything religious. All they do is make it up.
So my FB page has a bunch of Xmas messages reminding me that Jesus was born on this day and how he ...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I control my FB page and not other people. The first thing I would have done is erase all those messages. It's the same thing I do on FB as a political activist. You may not agree with me and you can post but once you treat me like dirt your post is gone. It's my page. Today all the Trumpers avoid me. If I say anything about Jesus it isn't too nice either. He isn't on my page waiting for enough "likes" to be able to do something.
Merry Christmas Everyone! Eat, drink, and be merry! Forget about God - and, sometimes, atheism too!...
DenoPenno comments on Dec 25, 2020:
Today is a dinner at my youngest daughter's. It is the first such dinner in 3 years.
I used to be a nicer person.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 25, 2020:
I can agree with your every word. It has taken the last 4 years to show me exactly who my friends are. Most people are not our friends and they serve a "me first" type of reality.
Merry Everyone on Earth Eve.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 25, 2020:
Fox News had to hear the words "Merry Christmas." Apparently if you used any other words for the holiday you were not Christian. So, here I am. Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas, and happy whatever you call it.
Religion needs to stop damaging people : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 25, 2020:
If religion did not have so many people behind it we would find it viewed as mental illness.
Why are religious people taken seriously by society : atheism
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
This is a very good question. Put a different slant to it and the religious would be taken as mentally ill.
I found myself getting frustrated that so many Christmas movies on Prime are religious.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
Christmas movies lose their luster once you are older than 13.
Just reaching out: SOOOOO unbelievably sick & tired of xmas music/movies/tv-episodes/etc.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
I'm disgusted with Christmas and every fake thing about it. I have no thrill of seeing the fake movies and TV shows about it yearly again and again. I'm not a kid any longer and I need not be reminded of that time. People think if you do not spend money you are Scrooge. The problem here is that they did not understand Scrooge.
respecting beliefs | why we should do no such thing []
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
I have no place for hate in my life but I'm also not going to respect your beliefs. Why should I? Nobody is respecting my beliefs.
FFRF's Ask An Atheist: Formidable Atheist and LGBTQ Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
Interesting video. FFRF's Dan Barker is a former Pentecostal minister BTW. He claims that the Greek scriptures describe what Christians call "the cross" as being a "torture stake." I always found this interesting because I'm not sure how believers would "make the sign of the torture stake." This would then show why a cross is so real and important to a church.
How to Talk to Racist Family Members During The Holidays [youtube.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
I watched a third of this. I personally have nothing to do with racists whether the person is a family member or not. Once I see you as racist we are done. This is because we need the best for all of our people without playing stupid games.
TV scripts 'Atheist finds God'.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
It's a story line that believers push because they think an atheist simply does not know the facts about their god. Once these things are known an atheist will become a believer.
I dream of living in a post-religious society.
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
I find no positive aspects of religion.
How true is this opinion?
DenoPenno comments on Dec 24, 2020:
How many answers do you need?


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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