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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


The thing that gets me the most about religious people who keep saying Thank you Jesus, for all they...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
You are correct. Martin Luther still believed that the Jews killed Jesus and it appears that Mel Gibson agree with him. WTF?
Atheists, agnostics sleep better than Catholics, Baptists
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
I agree with this because I never wake up in the night with any thoughts of gods or anything connected with them, and this includes ideals of hell.
A Happy Bill Maher Back In The Studio — “There’s Real People. Thank You Jesus!”
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
Great ! I'm going to have to watch him today on third party apps.
How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
This goes deeper still. In our modern times they do not want you to sell or donate used clothing. To follow this many in foreign countries would lose a source of livelihood. Kenya is just one example.
Christian: My Daughter Was Sent Home from School Because of Her Anti-Gay Shirt | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
As it should be. Clothing with any sort of religious or political message should not be allowed in schools at any level of education.
I confided to a friend that a mutual acquaintance of ours had wronged me.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
It makes a good point, but karma is simply "doing." All of us are "doing" one way or another. Karma has nothing to do with anything coming back around to bite you in the ass. In this respect karma is greatly misused by bible believers.
Anyone else get their whole bio/description deleted?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
Now you are causing us all to check our bio on this site.
Recovering from a spiritual upbringing was tough but now I'm cured.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
The day I finally realized the extent of my non-belief it was as if scales had fallen off my eyes. I borrowed that from the man who wrote most of the NT but forgot to say scales fell of my mind as well.
Pope Francis Says Having Sex And Eating Good Food Is 'Simply Divine'
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
I do not believe in having sex with my food. :)
What the Waco Bodies Revealed About the Siege - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 13, 2020:
I haven't heard one person mention Janet Reno. I remember people saying Koresh deserved it because he was screwing little kids. I guess killing them all solved the problem. It also gave us Timothy McVey. He saw some of this and knew it was wrong. Then he was prompted into another wrong, supposedly just to show the government.
How can the world take the US serious with this clown in the White House?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2020:
Very true.
I use to think that being an intellectual was a noble goal, but time has taught me that it is not ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2020:
In my younger daze I was told by everyone that I use such big words. (??) Today this is not so. I have stayed the same while everyone else changed. It's hard to know what some people are talking about when you did not change along with them. I am still with the common folk but cannot be around them much. They stress me. I am a world citizen but not so well educated and often self taught.
One of the great mysteries to people who use the space between their ears for thinking is why do ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2020:
I find this very interesting because modern Evangelicals are always looking at world events through the printed pages of Revelation from their bible. You constantly hear them say this or that person is not the Antichrist, but a "forerunner" of the Antichrist. The game is to bend everything in the news into that ancient book when the complicated book was never meant to say anything about America, the world, or current politics. They deny that "white is right" but secretly follow that idea and they all connect the dots to make their way of belief the right one. That's right. They can be with their god forever and ever but everyone else is going to hell.
PLEASE...let us NEVER FORGET! Where were you when it happened?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 11, 2020:
I was in my living room and my stepfather called me on the phone and said to turn on my TV.
09.11.01: The towers are hit - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I'm not good at remembering and looking back hearing, "we will never forget." Please, stop banging the drum and reminding me. It cannot be erased and all this remembering seems only to cause more hatred in some form or another. If you truly cannot forget try looking at our idiot flight instructors who thought it was funny that foreigners wanted to fly the planes but were not worried about landing them. We were dumb. We didn't have a clue. As the drum beats on we are dumber. I do remember it well because my stepfather called me on the phone and told me to turn on my TV.
What the hell is this?? 🤣
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
The poor angel failed in his job, so we need to protect the unborn instead. The only problem is that in bible time you were not a person until you were born.
Question on the Pledge of Allegiance
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
Should we? Eisenhower had those words added during the cold war and our fight against "godless communism." If you are a Trumper none of this has changed. I'm ex-military honorably discharged from the Army and I'm not sure we even need a pledge. Other than building support for the military what exactly is it for? Do we deport people who will not say the pledge?
Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply an admission of the ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I believe every word of this.
A long read but worth the time.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I did not read this but I cannot believe that Aron Ra believes "faith" is in any way reasonable also. The word "faith" is always misrepresented. Idiots want to claim you have "faith" in gravity. WTF?
If you fell into a black hole
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I do not like spaghetti.
Homeschool religion
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I think it is fine but make sure you teach diversity. Avoid any ideas of their being a "true or right" religion and the it so that is made very plain.
This is somewhat of a sombre topic, even though I am having a good day.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 10, 2020:
I live alone and do not know if I need a dog. I do know that when I look in the mirror I see my grandfather. LOL
Respecting ones choice
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2020:
Most Evangelicals think it is their job to convert you. I know that isn't your case, but my longtime religious friend is good at telling me that I do know the truth and I need to come back to it. Sometimes I hang up the phone to avoid this because it can get into a debate. Sorry. I escaped and I will not debate religion with you.
Do you think the Amish be should not required to wear masks do there belief system?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2020:
Are there Amish at your workplace? Why argue nonsense?
Personally, I never understood what the attraction was for the Religious to their commonly preached ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2020:
It does seem that way. Singing and praising god forever might be too much. I think it would get old after the first 10,000 years.
Does the evidence for reincarnation prove (at least some kind of) 'god' exists?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2020:
There is no evidence for reincarnation. None. Zip!
The church should stay the HELL out of politics. [yahoo.]
DenoPenno comments on Sep 9, 2020:
When you look at it the church has no awareness of anything. They even think that Jesus was a Christian.
What god wants part 1 - roger waters - youtube
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2020:
They want to believe it so much that they fake this spirit thing. Been there, seen that. Your god wants what you want.
William Barr being honored at a Catholic breakfast.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Yes, and they should all hold hands and slobber on each other. :)
From a talk on Forgiveness []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2020:
I might get over something in order to go on forward. That does not mean I have "forgiven" anything. Do I forgive the man who murdered my grandson? Hell no. I wish him the same kind of death. It's just that I'm not constantly dwelling on this.
Another Former Creation Museum Staffer Speaks Out About Ken Ham’s Toxic Empire | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2020:
I'm not surprised. Maybe now she knows there are no Answers In Genesis.
Dave Daubenmire: Refusing to Serve Me Because I Won’t Wear a Mask is Like Racism | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Refusing to serve you because you do not wear a mask is the right of the business itself. Why should you be able to dictate their policies?
Its shocking to see the decline and fall of the American intellect.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 7, 2020:
This is what happens when nobody gives a damn about your water, food, healthcare, and wants to take down all your benefit programs.
My girlfreind and I went to dinner with friends.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 7, 2020:
Many believers are that way. They just keep on making it up. I knew a spiritualist one time who moved small objects with his breath and his crowd of people believed it.
New Rule Mulligan for all If you choke up and kill a black man you may now get a mulligan.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Time to Dump Trump by any means possible.
hi all 50 and older.. What advice can you offer someone who's only 30?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
If someone treats you badly just leave them alone. You cannot change them so just move on. This may change in time and you see some respect out of them, but there are no guarantees. Evaluate your skills and never believe you are supernatural or indestructible.
I constantly watch/listen to this at least once a week.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
She needs to get rid of all stress and do not be drug into the stress of others. Do this and also get rid of all anger. You cannot be at peace if you are stressed by others or hating others. I now give an example. Yesterday my step father died in a hospital in Fenton, Mo. His stress is over and he really did not want to be around since my mom died. My stress now is in getting the funeral all worked out for next week. I have no anger.
I was listening on the radio to a bit of a philosophy last evening where the person being ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
I agree and I also do not know the person's name. In my lifetime I have heard of god even filling people's teeth in a religious service. People believed it. All it took was prayer. I doubt that the filling was true but believers just keep on making things up.
Why isn't there a better word for "miracle" that doesn't have religious connotations?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
I am a common person and most of the common people I know think that the word "miracle" has something to do with a god. (of course, it just happens to be their god.) Whatever word is used here it means "something they cannot explain" and so any of us take that into "supernatural" which really means the same thing. It is something you cannot explain. BTW, I no longer believe in the supernatural but I know there is so much that we cannot explain.
Default to Atheism - The Catholic Thing
DenoPenno comments on Sep 6, 2020:
I'm open minded to the question of gods existing but I cannot use any scared or holy writings to prove the point. Also, I cannot use someone's personal experience. This means that when you tell me a donkey spoke I am not likely to believe it. If you think Genesis is a real first hand account I cannot go with you either. Now, if you admit Genesis is just a story there is great likelihood that the entire bible is just a story. It is the same with all "god writings." I have no doctrine or dogma and agenda.
ANYone can read off the teleprompter, right? Right? []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
Trump can't even read and he uses a teleprompter.
Is it logically possible for someone to support Trump and the theocratic Republican agenda and still...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I find it strange that I see a pickup truck with the verses about "a well regulated militia" printed on the back glass when they think this also includes a rocket launcher and a machine gun.
Self explanatory
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I find this true today coz the Trump Republicans have no morals.
A PA District is Letting Christians Preach to Kids at a Remote Learning Site | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
It means that what they are doing here is highly illegal. Allowed but illegal.
Catholic Man Sues to Overturn No-Fault Divorce Law After Wife Requests Divorce | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I represented myself and my ex and did our no fault divorce through the state. She gave me that right and we each kept what was ours. It cost us about $200 total and I think that was a filing fee. Much different if you have children.
Drive-In Movie Ad: Take Your Problems To Church! [youtube.]
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
Just keep praying. Jesus will fix it someday. Remember that he told his apostles that some of them would still be alive when he returned.
UGH!! It's 0° out today.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I live in mid-Missouri and it's a sunny 86 outside on my porch and a comfortable 76 inside my mobile. So far today I have not run my ceiling fans or AC and my new electric bill is $65.67. I do not own a "cold machine" and keeping my place 70 degrees would freeze me to death !
"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 5, 2020:
Karl was exactly correct.
Horse Shit ! One Hundred Percent !
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
This is the image of Trump that will go on Rushmore.
Antifa thugs caught en route ....
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
That's because he is just a kid making shit up.
Typical republican disinformation
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
OK, let's make it fair now. We can go into everything trump does to get his 'do done. Is it real hair?
I thought this concept was brilliant.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
If we give in and allow them to teach "all religion" in schools the Christians do not win. This should only be allowed if all religions are indeed taught with equal time to each one. It would not become a mandatory class but a class you choose. Praying and ceremonies not allowed.
Christian-Owned Wedding Venue Refuses to Host Mixed Race Wedding Because Jesus | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Because Jesus what? He never wrote anything. Saul of Tarsus did it for him.
Oh, FFS. New MS flag features "IN GOD WE TRUST" []
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Which god are we trusting in? Do we see cops closing in on the suspect and taking time out to pray? I;m very upset by people or organizations who trust in god.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Another reason might be that agnostic groups do not have backing or money to reach out to anyone. This is because they are not pushing a belief system or an agenda.
Nearly $1 million has been raised for Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, according to a ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
I agree with you totally. How much of that money will go to the shooters mother who drove him over half the way so he could participate in this shooting? People are crazy.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
I thought they all did that.
Michigan Christian School Rejects Science, Warns Mask Mandate Means ‘Satan Wins’ | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Do they get spiritual guidance from Fallgood Jr?
Can an atheist and an Evangelical be friends?
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
I have an Evangelical friend but it all goes back to a time when I was one of them. I have known him for over 50 years but there are times we have to get off the phone because he is still trying to convert me, or "get me back" into religion. He doesn't know that there is no going back and also no regrets.
A weird cult is moving its operations to Kauai.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
Keep an eye open on this as it looks like rubbish to me. It may even be Trump approved.
“Christians Against Dinosaurs” Target Arizona McDonald’s T.
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
I'm sure that many claiming religion believe this nonsense. One big problem with dinosaurs is that we do not know their colors. We have bones but know nothing of the colors. We just guessed and made that part up. Me thinks that is what the so called religious are doing here as well..
Monday,, August 31st 2020 U will find Peace - Comfort & Solace - in the Realization & - ...
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
Is there any confusion here?
Polish bishops call for "clinics to help LGBT people regain natural sexual orientation"
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
What would a Catholic bishop know about this?
Religious Conversion
DenoPenno comments on Sep 1, 2020:
This seems true.
Having watched the RNC with great interest, I must say that I agree with all the speakers comments ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
**Flush the Turd November Third.** This is the only thing that will work. One main reason is that Trump has already said he will do away with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid once he is re-elected. This brings up the question of whether or not you have relatives or family anywhere that are on or using any of these. A 401 K started for you at birth would not even take care of this. Medicaid pays $6,000 per month for my step dad to be in a nursing home. Notice that I said "step dad." He is not related to me so are they going to kick him out on the street? People need to get rid of their crappy party affiliations and start living in the real world.
I know I should stop but keep reading stupid people's posts on Facebook.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
The reason you are seeing this is because we make the money for the rich at the top. If we do not work for them it takes away from their money. They do not care about us or our money and benefits. Now let me pass on a little truth from Trump's election. Donald and his family were New York Democrats. Trump ran as a Republican because he knew a third party would not win and he also knew that Hillary was running as a Democrat. Let that sink in and you can see the idiocy that Trump's GOP is spouting. Once you understand this his words and practices all fall apart.
Interesting comment on the Presidential debate question. What do you think?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Trump does not really want a debate. Donald jumps around from one issue to another and all to distract you. Kamala Harris would make the Trumpers look like the fools that they are. As for dementia, maybe Joe has it. IDK. Donald Trump looks, acts, and sounds like he has dementia.
Republican Lawmaker Wears ‘Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort Em’ Out', To QAnon Meet-Up
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
A lawmaker of any party should lose his office for such remarks.
God, just your brain making shit up and then pretending to believe in it when it suits you.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Not a joke at all. This is one of the best one's I've seen in a long time.
God Is Dead.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
i don't give a damn about spirituality because spirituality can be anything you want it to be. People keep trying to continue with all this because they want to sell you something.
God sneezed?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Interesting but let's assume that life on Earth got started from bacteria on Mars. Great. Now I have to look at what you could not explain in a different way which is similar to "what if." Having 2 planets to deal with now it looks very much like someone is making things up.
Chew on this for a while, then tell us what you think. []
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
This all gets worse when you consider this kid was into guns at a very young age and his mom drove him over half of the way so he could get there and do this shooting.
OK, Solve this puzzle:
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Maybe India.
What determines whether a person is a Christian or not?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
This is a very good question because Jesus was also not a Christian. Let's also look at churches and the alter scene with prayers and wailing and Jesus ending up inside you. OMG you are saved ! The problem is that there are no scenes like this in the bible.
Many rehabs rely on religion.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 31, 2020:
I think many find Jesus in prison because there is no place else to go and Jesus belief may even speed up your probation. Believers always pass this off as the "power of god." I don't buy it at all.
Arrow in trail tells a story.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
Pretty neat. :)
Anyone else listen to the podcast "God Awful Movies"?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
I have recently gotten into the low budget show "Black Scorpion" which is a Roger Corman spin off on the 1966 Batman TV show. No pows, biff, and bam here but Michelle Lentil sure has fun in the lead role. In one episode a black man claims he cannot believe it. Black Scorpion is actually a white girl. She is a cop by day and Black Scorpion at night. Costume, special friends and villians plus a special car.
The choices this time are so depressing, I might just sit this one out. 🙄🍷
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
The meme is correct. If you sit this one out or vote for a third party you have simply thrown away you vote. Keep in mind that in communist and fascist countries people still vote. Why? The dictators can point to the vote to claim their being in power is perfectly legal. That is the power of the vote.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
Yes, god works in hysterical ways.
Here’s a question.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
The easiest way is not to really be an atheist. The last I checked I have no doctrines of belief and I would not join a group that wanted them. BTW, it is **you** that gives your life meaning.
What is something (besides religion) commonly believed to be true that is actually not?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 30, 2020:
I do not kill animals but I am still a meat eater. Animals are my friends and I think they know I do not kill them. OK, I confess. The squirrels on my roof could become an exception if they eat into my wires or mess with my car. I remind them of this in hopes that we stay friends.
Yes...It came in the mail!!!!
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2020:
We all need one of those. :)
Saddened to learn of the death of Chadwick Boseman, at 43, after a 4-year battle with colon cancer.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2020:
It's sad. I knew nothing of this until I read this morning's news.
Is it important to debate Donald Trump in order for Joe Biden to win?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 29, 2020:
This is exactly the way to go. If you debate Trump suddenly windmills will be involved and the Spanish Flu will be what ended WW2. Trumpers will be there to give Donald his sharpie and he will draw it all out for you.
Why do Atheist like to talk about God so much?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 28, 2020:
I start talking about gods every time I hear from others what their invisible man is, what he can do, and exactly how he does it according to his plan which nobody knows in the first place.
I’ve realized I can’t change my religious wife.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Believers do not think god can create someone who is gay. In fact, god did not create you because you had parents. Most of us did too, and that includes the gay person.
Has anyone looked around lately and wondered of God only looks after his own?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
What is happening today is very plain really. It involved people losing their fear of crime and punishment in both political and religious realms. This makes the believers of (whatever) just keep on making it up. As for the "last days," Jesus told his followers that they were in the last days and some of them would live to see him coming back in glory. Anyone seen any 2000 year old men lately?
Laura forecast to hit Texas and Louisiana Coasts as a major hurricane. Stay safe my friends.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
I'm not in the path but thanks for caring.
as an atheist, i find the idea of Satan appealing.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Satan as we know him today is part of god belief coming through a twisted and long road system to be what modern Christians want. This does not interest me because nothing is factual in the bible. At one point we have Lucifer, the light bearer, and a little evolution brings him around into a popular TV series character called "Lucifer." I think he is a cop in this one but I have not watched a single episode and could not care less.
It is often interesting how ancient terms, beliefs, and practices linger on into modern times but ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
I always heard that saying "bless you" to a person who sneezed meant they were momentarily in between life and death. How would that work and be applied if they were swimming under water? Maybe too long of a period of time. IDK. As for "dog days" my aunt always said we could not go swimming in creeks or rivers coz it was August and therefore something about dog days. I suspect this did not stop dogs from swimming at all. I'm not sure dogs are superstitious.
One of my biggest issues with Christianity is the viral aspect—the directive to all believers to ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Christian believers cannot leave you alone. They think it is their duty to convert you and their book tells them so.
And we don't bitch about it because we fully understand we're responsible for making life and death ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Looks right to me.
Identities, mainly race, gender and sexual orientation, are today's substitute for religion.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
I find it amazing. Before you put anything into religion I feel you would have to have a background in religion.
I recently watched Alex O'Connor's debate with two Muslims and as expected they used the usual ...
DenoPenno comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Correct. Believers arguments for a god to exist start with a need for a god to exist. I've always thought that if a god existed he would cure all those poor kids at St. Jude who have cancer. Then I realized that it is all the sins of the fathers doing this. Besides, the founder of St. Jude was a Catholic. That just about does it for Baptists and Evangelicals.
Remember when Melania refused to hold his tiny little hand!
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
There is a clue here. Stormy said that his hand was not the only thing that was tiny.
I originally posted this thread, [agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
People keep changing things because of what they want you to believe.
One of my dearest siblings messaged me with a post she had seen.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
Read this to learn more about fake tweets. The right is fighting AOC by making up false tweets about her.
God looks at what?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
Yes he does, and he works in hysterical ways. :)
Growing up in a Christian home it was branded in my head literally from birth to "Love one another.
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
I see this fully. In order to get along with everyone limit or completely kill you beliefs that cause you and others stress. If any belief system is stressful you do not want it and you do not want it on your fellow man.
How many more years...?
DenoPenno comments on Aug 25, 2020:
Religion as we know it today will be around in some form as long as others believe you can connect the dots.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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