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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


Fox News hosts urge viewers to fly despite health officials' warnings - Business Insider
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Whether you knew it or not it is my understanding that Trump has a 30 day ban on flights in and out of America, but this does not include the UK. Maybe that is because he has 3 golfing clubs over there. We have to be able to fly to Trump-A-Lago. Closer analysis might show that we are in a manipulated scam.
No Milk, No Bleach: Americans Awake to Coronavirus Panic Buying
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2020:
i hear ya. I was in Walmart and Aldi locally in mid-Missouri today and the bare aisles for no real reason are idiotic. I overheard one man say to buy something anyway because they could freeze it. Virus pandamonium rules and a Walmart insider told me they are not worried about the panic buying because it has put them ahead on their projected sales. A closer look tells me this is what the current urgency is all about. We are being manipulated and scammed. Just wait now for the business bailout we will be hit with. The top 1 percent want even more of our money. Don't worry. You can take on another job. Anyone see a possible pattern here?
Today's extra cheese ... 🧀🧀🧀🧀
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2020:
LMAO at these.
The Trump Family Demonstrates ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Why is Trump not holding himself?
Some praise for ritualistic practice
DenoPenno comments on Mar 14, 2020:
I see a benefit in rituals and often can see why we have them. As for myself, I am more of a watcher of who and how we are and how we became what we are. My concerns are with the objective experience as being our real experience. For the subjective, it can be anything that you want it to be.
FYI the Infoline has set up a Covid 19 information line You can call 211 - Or you can go online ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 14, 2020:
Seems like good information.
Hannity Claims Deep State May Be Using Coronavirus to Hurt Economy Fox News host and unofficial...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 14, 2020:
Hannity is just another moron. He hopes people will overlook or not hear Steve Bannon when Bannon admits in an interview that he and Trump made up the "deep state." People cannot even get the term "fake news" correct as that term is something Trump made up because Media was not kind to him. Now here is the biggie. Trump is a germaphobe and not really so concerned about this new coronavirus. The great pandemic is actually proving to cause the public pandamonium and also producing bare shelves in many stores along with idiotic outrage. It may get worse yet as Trump proposes more bailouts for the super rich. This could also result in a total suspension of the 2020 election. Think about that and where this could be going. We are all being scammed. It started for certain before our last election. It is the current great experiment going on in America and affecting most of the rest of the world as well.
Why do the nonreligious let that go unchallenged?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 14, 2020:
You don't allow a Christian. They seem to have the ability to both be forgiven and then go back to another challenging moral situation all the time. Remember "I'm not perfect - just forgiven." It's a game.
It’s not God moving in mysterious ways
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2020:
Yes, I agree.
New Jersey Catholic church lambasted for denying autistic boy, 8, First Communion 'because his ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2020:
My question would be why does being autistic mean that you do not know right from wrong?
Funny Stuff Alert; Today while shopping I noticed two young girls in masks buying shopping carts ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2020:
This is funny and it seems to fit. Let me go a step farther and say it is outright whacko. When these girls grow up will they be able to remember it that way or still be so deeply ingrained in nonsense that they see it as real, needed, and biblical. I did a little research on the overloaded buying of t-paper. It is a control issue involving wanting to be clean. Anyone who ever had the flu knows that you do not use any more or less of t-paper. As for the water buying, some are into that bigtime. I suppose it all depends on how bad your water was in the first place and how much you trust bottled water makers. (I don't.) A young man at my work wants to say this new coronavirus is "so much easier to catch" than flu and he got that from Fox Noise. When I told him I had had the flu at least 4 times in my life he acted concerned and said he was very healthy and had never got it at 22. He also guessed that I watch CNN when in reality I watch world news from all over the planet. His mentality reminds me a lot of the two young girls you met.
Christians, or as I call some of them, christian scum, like to call evolution and science "Lies from...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I can agree with you here, but "Christian scum" might have been a little bit too strong for Zark Muckerberg and his AI robots. Remember that FB is a place where Jesus and the Devil arm wrestle and we need a lot of "likes" on that issue. LOL
How important are pants?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 13, 2020:
Easier to do these things when you live alone.
There is a difference....
DenoPenno comments on Mar 12, 2020:
This is so very true. Just this morning a relative is trying to convince me of how wise and bright the Orange Turd is in his handling of everything. She obviously "cherry picks" the news.
Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus in Australia | World news | The ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 12, 2020:
Sad all over.
Using the Fear - With a global pandemic sweeping across the globe, now is the time to look hard at ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I don't imagine or think about any of that. No pain, no guilt trips, etc. Very little worry really.
If any non-falsifiable evidence of a god's existing came to light, I would be persuaded to change my...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Good vs. bad evidence as provable evidence. Is there at this time any provable evidence? If not it is all bad and not really evidence at all. You ask how I combat "scientism." I don't. I have no belief that science can and will explain everything. At least, not at this time.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Just throwing this in. As a child my family had a cistern to collect water. We had the water hauled in by truck but still put 6 to 8 drops of Clorox bleach per gallon to our drinking water. This purified it and made it safe to drink. Lysol and other products claim they will kill coronavirus. OK, you can't safely drink Lysol but I'm betting you might beat coronavirus once you have it a bit easier if you try my Clorox water treatment. It's just a thought.
Christian pastor: I’d support Trump ‘even if he ran a dogfighting ring on Mother Teresa’s ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Moron City opens up once again and swallows the totally ignorant.
Wondering if this situation occures often when visiting with religious freinds and in the ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I once knew a man who claimed he was getting so close to god that he was no longer sinning. It cannot be proven but he might have been related to Donald Trump.
Greek Orthodox Church: Coronavirus Not Transmitted Via Holy Communion | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Holy water is magic. Add 6 to 8 drops of bleach per gallon to make. You can even drink the water then as it is purified. My family used to have a cistern. :)
The Bethel charismatic mega-church in Redding, California is telling its faith healers to stay away ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
When I was into faith healing I couldn't even catch poison ivy. Today, well, not so much.
It's interesting watching all the religious and new agey people quietly going about canceling their ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Yet more proof again that Christians just keep on making shit up.
New survey finds only one in four Americans are practicing Christians who prioritize faith and ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Most Christians are Christians in name only. Once you apply their magic book to their nonsense it gets contradictory and outrageous.
Biden continues to implode.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
Where is the implosion? It was noisy as hell but I thought he was trying to defend his point of view and correct what the man thought he had said.
Okay, I was talking with a friend yesterday.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
This crap is all over You Tube and has many books about it. Do they have sources? Not really. Just like religious believers they want to know everything and they make it up. Often this is because of how a statue looks or because we cannot fully explain something. It doesn't mean any of it has evidence unless you are willing to believe it in advance. I might add that we as a people think we came from the stars and we have often even named our cars with star and planet names. It does not mean that our cars came from somewhere else. It is simply a fascination that mankind has.
I don't know about you...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
I can fully agree.
Okay, so there is always the Atheist vs.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
Try watching some Aron Ra videos on You Tube and see what you get. He seems like a reasonable and intelligent man.
Resetting your gf's alarm
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
I would be tempted.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
That seems about right.
Happy Tuesday! What's your relationship with taxes?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 10, 2020:
Did mine in Turbo Tax Freedom and got both returns ASAP at no charge. I'm semi-retired and only work 3 hours a day. At my age I get back everything I pay in and this is all so easy. As a single mom a similar deal might work out for you also. In many cases you could get back more than you paid in simply because you have a child.
Catholic Churches Are Removing Holy Water Out of Fear of Spreading Coronavirus | David Gee | ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Media is scaring the bejesus out of everyone with reportings of this virus.
Orthodox Israeli Rabbi Claims Coronavirus is God’s Revenge for Gay Pride Parades | Beth ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2020:
This is as bad as the rumor Evangelicals want to pray away the coronavirus except they are also praying their enemies and certain others get it. WTF?
Trump and Covid-19
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2020:
These are very true words indeed. I'm gonna put this on Facebook.
How are these god pumping people dealing with the current virus?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2020:
To me it gets worse when they pray that their god will give the virus to some people while sparing others. In their biblical world there is always enemies.
Been a while since I have been here.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 9, 2020:
I'm not sure of your honor code. Personally I do not have one. There are things I may or may not do but I don't put them on paper in advance and deal with them only when they come up.
Who can honestly say god rules the universe anymore?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
When did a god ever rule the universe?
Pastor Who Raped Kids After “Spiritual Baths” Will Go to Jail for 34 Years | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
It seems like the victims told on him. Imagine that!
An Opinion Piece Soul is self.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I read that it was Sam Cooke who invented soul.
Pastor Puts Anti-Gay Sign on Lawn After Realizing His Neighbors Are Lesbians | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I wish my neighbors were lesbians. Instead they are 2 sisters. Well, they might be.
The bible god/Yahweh/Jesus is the greatest abortionist.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
But if you want to pay a dollar a day he finally came up with a product that will help you keep your hair.
What I think about COVID-19 this morning - Google Docs
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I didn't give it much thought this morning. I'll try to not give it so much thought tomorrow either. I hope it is bothering the hell out of germaphobe Trump.
Here’s an interesting article about the enigma of conscious awareness.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Since you have a different consciousness than I do I think it is safe to say that it comes from the brain.
Right-Wing Pastor: God Sent Us Coronavirus Because of Homosexuality | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
OK, pastor. Explain why god sent us homosexuality. How about the immaculate deception?
I need one of these
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I am fast getting to that point. I am an introvert with an extrovert job. Fortunately I only work 3 hours a day right now. After that Dr. Jekyll goes home to hide.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Monica has one claim to fame and it seems to me that she plays it up all that she can. Other than the scandal who is she and what does she do? Why was there ever a stained dress that was saved and what did it prove?
Everything you ever wanted to know about ... []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
As a young teenager I was loaned books like "Sexology" by a young woman older than myself. The purpose of this book is to teach you the truth about sex. My dad found a copy and called it pornography. His day of this thing was all "out behind the barn." LOL I just looked up the book and it was around until 1983.
Religious people keep talking about purpose as if an externally defined purpose is anything other ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
If this could only be taught to Evangelicals we would all be better off.
Please relate to us a time or times in your life when your production of EVIDENCE altered a judgment...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I sort of invent things to alter problem areas in carpentry and design as well as some things mentally. This comes from my inner desire to save money and not spend senselessly. In the end it spills over into inner workings of how I think and is responsible for needed changes in design or procedure. I hate change and yet this is all needed change. I see changes in my thinking and designs in just the last 2 years. Some things involving my shower door were actually dangerous. You make changes to better yourself. Sometimes you find a shortcut or a better way than what you were doing before. I have designed my own lightweight TV antenna and it works very well. I have no plans of changing it. The EVIDENCE of how well something works is usually enough for me, but in time everything changes. I read once that Ben Franklin invented a stove and the smoke it produced drove him out of his house. This inspired him to invent a chimney. I believe the story. In his kite flying days, however, he is lucky he did not get killed. I feel that way sometimes myself and this is why I come to a point of changing my previous judgment. Unlike Franklin I am not leaving inventions behind, just bettering myself. To keep up I have to change a previous idea or judgment all the time.
The following words are from a book I am writing.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Yes, Rodney King. Found later in his time on earth dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. They claim he drowned. Maybe he had some help and maybe not. I love that term of believing in your heart and not your mind. You hear this often but all my heart does is pump blood. As a people we are brainwashed into believing so much nonsense about the heart. From Valentines to loving, it just never ends. Bumper stickers like "I (heart) NY." It is amazing. Now, if the truth be told all of those people inside that church believing of one heart and mind is just a lie. The minister takes you to that point where you think everyone believes the same but it simply is not true. To prove it just try asking them later and separately what they believe. You will get different answers.
PART TWO >> There has been a lot of good garnered through faith, yet religion has also caused a ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
** "all about statements that can never be proven true or false."** OK, does this mean nobody was ever killed in the name of religion? I rest my case. I'm for the betterment of all.
Willie's got it right!!!!
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Thank you, Willie.
Sweep of Arrests Hit US Neo-Nazi Connected to Five Murders After pressure from law ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Keep that "Deep State" in mind. To know how this works Steve Bannon admitted in an interview that he and Donald Trump made up the term "Deep State." Of course, we need followers so I'm sure all the Neo Nazis are good people. They are protecting us from the "Deep State" but Trump is innocent.
Person tests positive for coronavirus after attending CPAC - Business Insider
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
If Trump was there maybe this will scare the crap out of him. Maybe we would find that he shot himself on 5th Avenue. I bet he could get away with it. :)
Our commandments.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I have no commandments nor morality, but I can go for number one any time.
It is all very obvious.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 8, 2020:
I can agree. I always avoid women in the St. Louis area who claim they like to go to "the boat." It's a riverside gambling boat. Easy to see who really has your money. I do confess that I play the lottery but this is the same thing. They win and usually you do not, but if you have no ticket then you will not win either. I gamble with lottery but never very much.
The people who read the bible also believe that god wrote the bible! WRONG! Man wrote the bible! ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
I agree but I think the earth has been around a lot more than 3,000 years.
Nathaniel Woods executed in Alabama despite someone else confessing to the crime | indy100
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
This is real shame.
Christian Film “20 Minutes” Falsely Suggests Atheists Find God When Facing Death | Hemant ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
I'm not surprised by this idea. The film "God Is Not Dead" had the same idea and believers always seem to think more about death and "getting right" with their god. I totaled a work truck out one time and it happened so quickly. I wore a seat belt and was not hurt at all. The last thoughts in my mind as the truck went out of control were "now I'm gonna be hit by all these other vehicles" but it did not happen. I had no god thoughts.
Went to a memorial for a friend who died.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
Sorry for your loss but it seems like his memorial went very well.
Not so long ago a conservative work mate of mine told me outright that Medicare for all would cost ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
As an update to this post I was listening to The Dave Weinberg radio program on 92.9 FM Friday 3-6-2020 when the same question came up about how unreasonable any program like Medicare for all would be. Dave says it is impossible because the **total wealth of America is 98 trillion dollar**s. If we even tried this sort of program would we be like Russia or maybe worse? It just will not work. There you have it again. Big Pharma wins and countries smaller than us have so much more wealth than us. Besides that it is socialism but Trump bailing out the farmers is not socialism. WTF is wrong with people? Can nobody think any longer?
Trump calls WHO's global death rate from coronavirus 'a false number' []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
Trump is the expert who should know and he might mark it with his sharpie. Will the truth ever survive? This clown got elected and everyone is now saying we do not know the truth any longer. Tape Trump's mouth and tie his hands please so that truth might continue.
Horrible neighbors got evicted.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
Trump can also do this for you.
Let's talk about spheres of influence and international affairs.... - YouTube
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
This is Justin King. He knows what he is talking about and I follow his posts on You Tube.
If a republican accuses...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
The strangest thing is that they talk this nonsense and cannot see the hypocrisy.
So beautiful it causes a few raised eyebrows
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
Probably millipedes as they are not even.
Let's not go there.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 7, 2020:
I found this on VOX its kinda like a feel at points.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
Too stupid to read and take seriously for me. Question of "do you think death is a blessing?" My answer would be only if being alive was causing you so much constant pain that you could no longer bear to live. Why would I be concerned with questions like this? Why would I think there is a purpose to life? Maybe that question centers around my life being all about me, me, me!
Are there any other Art Bell fans out there...?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I was amazed that they passed it off as all real. I listened long enough to know it was not.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
All religions are a cult of murder and enslavement. Hang around them or read about them enough and you will find it out.
I think it’s important to realize that we are very fortunate to live in a time that we can think ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I hear your every word. My childhood religious friend still thinks that I am "angry with god" and he believes I am going to hell if I do not change my ways. Meanwhile, he wants desperately to be a little spark sitting around the feet of god who is the big spark. Back when we were both 13 he would think his god was a bearded old man in the sky.
Yesterday i had a transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE).
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I think it is funny also and doctors do not have a sense of humor. In my last in-home examination I was told that due to my early smoking I should be having all kinds of tests ran for lung cancer. I have no lung problems and have not smoked in 20 years. Why would the doctor want to cause me stress? Maybe married to Big Pharma.
Someone recently argued that greater educational attainment in first nations is the driver behind a ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I would argue that religious belief is largely being done away with by the the Internet itself and the fact that most people have access to the Internet.
‪This 'gay, atheist, leftist' is taking on Poland's right-wing government — by running for ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
We probably have more gay people in government than anyone is willing to admit. In America the FBI had J. Edgar.
I have to be honest.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I have no worries about an unknown and undefinable part of me going to a fictional place because of an imaginary being who lives in the sky not liking what I do. My days of belief in all that came to an end some time ago. If you want the same study the bible, where it came from and how it got to be what so many people think it is today. Mostly fiction and the biggest bunch of nonsense ever. Believers have started their own universities to keep this crap going.
Do you think it is possible for a professing Christian to be agnostic?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Truth be told, faith is more like "hope." It even says that in the bible. What is not clear is if you cross your fingers when you have this sort of hope. I like Mark Twain who said "faith is believing what you know ain't so." That pretty well covers it.
Man Killed By Police At Santa Ana Catholic Church – CBS Los Angeles
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
So the police officer decides to give god a little credit here. Simply amazing! God can do anything he wants to except that he just don't. I don't think he ever did.
New Zealand Pastor Blames Coronavirus on Airborne Demons Controlled by Satan | Beth Stoneburner | ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
He may have the "airborne" part of it correct. I keep reading that others claim this virus is not airborne. How do they know and where is the proof?
Brothers and sisters, where has gone your faith?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Yes. my religious friend believes that this new virus could be prayed away if "you really, really had a lot of faith and believed strongly enough." He's really scientific isn't he?
Some Atheists can be just as self righteous and judgmental as Christians/religious people.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Yes, they can. Being atheist simply means that they do not believe in gods of any kind. Beyond that they are as dumb as anyone else.
Interesting [] Life after death?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 5, 2020:
We need to gather all the data that we can.
Feds: Mystery witness will implicate ‘Putin’s chef’ in election interference []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
We interfere in elections all over the world. Surprise! So does Russia.
2016 take 2
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Trump knew who his opponent would be when he wanted to get dirt on Biden. Without a drastic change of some sort I think it looks like 4 more mucked up years at the least.
GOP blocking coronavirus bill — because it limits how much drugmakers can charge for a vaccine: ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Yes, we have to protect Big Pharma.
Prominent Republicans mock Trump’s legal claims in Supreme Court brief — and debunk ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
It is time to nail this guy.
US strikes Taliban forces, in first hit since peace deal - AOL News
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Peace does not bring about prosperity. Somebody needs to be actively making something akin to armaments as we try to control that factor and also drugs.
I think this country would be better off with an Atheist in the White House.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 4, 2020:
The first goal would be to convince Evangelicals of this and guarantee that there would be no babies eaten.
THIS IS MAKING ROUNDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Did a 1981 Dean Koontz novel predict the coronavirus?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 3, 2020:
Bizarre coincidence. It either has to be this way or we believe that Koontz had some inside knowledge of this 40 years ago. If he did have the question would then be where did this knowledge come from. Sorry! Bizarre coincidence, ignore.
Help with book about Old/New Testament differences
DenoPenno comments on Mar 3, 2020:
The Old T seems full of vengeance, laws, and anger and Jesus believed in the Old T according to scripture. Jesus was Jewish and so were those in the Old T. The New T is in some ways more kind hearted but not the words of Jesus at all. There are some legends there and then the rest of it seems to have been written mostly by Saul of Tarsus. BTW, Saul never met Jesus and neither did Josephus. Neither of them were contemporaries of Jesus.
Does anyone belong to the Humanist Association of America?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 3, 2020:
I only support them mentally. FFRF and ACLU have my deepest support but not in the realm of me sending them any money. Years ago the ACLU helped me in issues with my daughters who both had decided they were old enough to come live with me. We won.
A Catholic apologist attempted to defend the story of the Exodus... And failed. []
DenoPenno comments on Mar 3, 2020:
The Exodus story has about as much credibility as the Jesus story.
Is it elitist to think we have a responsibility to others?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 3, 2020:
It would seem that we have a responsibility towards all living things, otherwise they might disappear. If it is animals in question and we eat them, and a group of us thinks it is OK to eat them, then we do it. We have to keep this action in control of they might disappear forever. Coming up now to fellow humans we would control them, persecute them, and even murder them but again this is only allowed by group. It is the group that is elite. Doing any of this as an individual could end up with bad consequences and even charges of murder. Sorry Donnie. Thanks but no thanks.
A useful test to see where you stand politically; See the image below to see my profile.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 2, 2020:
So I am 11% left and 41% liberal. Isn't the left liberal? The test says I am a "communitarian." I'm not sure what that is and I view a lot of questions in the test as stacked questions. It seems to me the questions are written by some of our current regime conservatives. I found this confusing and I looked up "communitarian." Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community. Its overriding philosophy is based upon the belief that a person's social identity and personality are largely molded by community relationships, with a smaller degree of development being placed on individualism.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 2, 2020:
In reality no one thinks as you do. No one thinks as I do. We like to believe that others do, but they only share some of our thoughts and opinions. Let me switch to that religion you do not like discussing. Imagine a scene inside a church where the minister proclaims that everyone is of "like mind" over some of his sermon and statements. It's false. Everyone inside that building is not of like mind. If you get lucky enough you might have friends there that are closest to your own thoughts. Being a member of Agnostic is similar to that too. Welcome.
Hi. Apologies in advance for this rather abrupt question: Is this site an echo chamber?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 2, 2020:
Alternative views to what? Is that like alternative facts? I see a lot of things discussed here and do not agree with all of them, of course. The best I can say is this is not a site for a believer and not a site for and of debates. We either have our opinions or both opinions and evidence for them. This site does offer a certain kind of therapy for many of us.
Here's another scam thought for you on the primary.
DenoPenno comments on Mar 2, 2020:
In my opinion what is happening is that the DNC is insistent on "business as usual" and they do not like anything or anybody who is progressive. Obama even warned us all to avoid things progressive. Isn't that just wonderful. It worked out great in the last election. So now, we have Mayor Pete and others dropping out. What these candidates would hope for is that someone actually getting the nomination would keep them in mind for some office and appointment and they could stir their supporters towards the stronger candidate. There we go. Business as usual again. (Hello, Trump. Welcome back..) The tide has turned slightly with Bloomberg in the race. To me it means that we have to acknowledge that money is behind all of this and "we the people" are now being offered a choice of which type of oligarchy we want to control us. Whatever happens we are still the product. I think many of us know this deep down and that fact is at the base of a lot of the anger that I see. Our "rulers" cannot be honest with us and we know it but we cannot admit it.
What do you suppose gives rise to and supports belief in God?
DenoPenno comments on Mar 1, 2020:
If you cannot explain it and it also perplexes you in some way, then god did it. Apply the same in some way for your personal situation as it unfolds daily and god does it. People do this because they search for answers and have to have answers. In my personal daily experiences everything works out for me. This is because my mind is working in the background wanting things to work out and I am actively doing this. A person does this without being aware of it but some use it as a claim (and proof) of a god. Common sense says it is hard to imagine a god who allows you to prosper from any endeavor including a yard sale. Oh, yes! God is watching out for me. Does any of this happen to other people? Yes, but in different ways because they are themselves while you are you. Therefore our journeys get personalized and we all have different wonders to tell.
Here’s a Picture of Mike Pence’s Team Attempting to Pray Away Coronavirus | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Mar 1, 2020:
This is almost beyond belief. It's hard to get a real grasp on this.
Trump directing his coronavirus task force to launch attacks on Democrats to avoid blame: report ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 29, 2020:
We had better watch this closely. I'm sure the Democrats are behind the Coronavirus and most likely it is sneaking into our country illegally through our Southern border with Mexico.
I just saw this on a meme: Imagine if you will: An atheist in their car at a green light, stuck ...
DenoPenno comments on Feb 29, 2020:
How about "Honk If You Love Ceasar."


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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