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Do away with the strange colors and you have LBJ. That's right. Elbee Jay.


DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
This is because Putin shares a lot of beliefs with the Koch brothers bunch who are against anything even close to an EPA. Just take the wealth from the ground and be done with it. A lot of what goes on in the world right now is related.Break the backs of the USA and the UK. There are no consequences.
Pumpkin pie season is upon us.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I hate pumpkin pie. In fact, I do not like eating Turkey and will not do so this year unless one of my daughters invites me over for the big dinner. Otherwise, I treat Thanksgiving as a normal day. Why not. Christmas ran over it and starts at 1 PM on Thanksgiving Day.
Mark Zuckerberg defends dinners with Tucker Carlson and Lindsay Graham - Business Insider
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Facebook is fast going the way of Cambridge Analytica in its actions. I'm wondering if Zuckerberg is becoming one of them so he can avoid big fines in the future. Higher powers want to use Facebook and all its information
Trump: Mexicans Are a Bigger Threat Than the ISIS Prisoners I Let Escape [vanityfair.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
The Hispanics that I know who support Trump somehow do not associate themselves with Mexico although most of them came from there. I know one such person and I even went to Mexico for her wedding years ago. Her parents still lived there and today she is a big Trump supporter who believes all that he says. You just can't fix stupid.
GOP Rep.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Turkey invaded Syria because Trump backed off and gave them the green light to do so. Trump wants to insure that he gets his millions from the twin Trump Towers name brand in Istanbul, so he let Turkey have their way. This move has nothing to do with Democrats or what they might be doing.
The only wall we need
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I certainly agree on this one.
I believe that faith is a human construct but essential for humans to be able to get on with your ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I do not look at any of the above as "faith." On a personal level I will take Mark Twain's definition of it that "faith is believing what you know is not so." I do not have "faith" that a dropped ball will fall to the floor, nor "faith" that my brakes will stop my car. In the case of your large animal above coming towards you, it has likely already smelled you, and whether or not it is a meat eater may not apply. I do not see anything about "faith" in this at all. You must avoid that large animal for reasons of your own safety unless it is domesticated in some way.
Life On Mars. Does anyone know anything more about this? []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I'm not sure what goes on with Mars but we could be hiding a lot of information. When you follow everything reported about it there seems to also be a lot of things made up.
Given the number of unwarranted shootings by police officers in the past few years, something is ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Some people just should not be cops or in any part of law enforcement. I have watched videos from body cams recently where an officer rushes into **"hands up, get down on the ground, pow, pow, pow**" and it is all over that quickly. A person is dead before they can fully digest the message of "hands up." In many cases the person who is immediately killed is the homeowner. There is no excuse for this and it is murder. If cops have that much fear they should not be cops.
Pastor Claims Gay People Are Possessed By “Fart Demons” That Can Drive Pigs To Suicide / Queerty
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
I would say this particular pastor knows a lot about farting.
A perspective on a introduced into the Australian Parliament to supposedly prevent discrimination ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Those poor Christians. They know they are discriminated against because their book said they would be discriminated against. Now all they have to do is stay the hell out of government!
I'd probably say "You've got some serious explaining to do." You?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
**Correct**. This is because the Christian religion claims the high ground in saying that their biblical god is the only god. It's just that others do not know it and god has so many names. This is false. The reality is that there are so many different gods.
Test results are in.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
As I see American flags flying everywhere today I must admit that I really do like Maury's findings.
EDIT: Please keep in mind this is relative to a debate group/consortium I belong to comprised of ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I am forever amazed at the blind ignorance of believers. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand how I remained one until around 2012 or so. Deconverting a believer would be in the same league as trying it with a Trumper. Hold on because you are about to hear tons of bullshit.
When Apps Get Your Medical Data, Your Privacy May Go With It []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
True. I use only the apps that I need in order to do what I do. I have no handheld phone/computer that talks, cooks a meal, and even wipes my ass. To stay sane I do not allow myself to live in the same world as everyone else. I come home at night to a different era and time, and I cuss those who are there to steal identity.
So is Trump really racist, or is he just good at using brown and black people for fear mongering?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
Trump will let anyone kiss his ass. In fact, he encourages it!
Does anyone remember the time when the President of the United States commanded respect and even ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I do remember but that time is gone now.
This is the cost of his treachery to our allies
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
This is exactly true. It is also a good reason we want our presidents to divest themselves of any business interests while in office.
Let's talk about Trump's use of the military.... []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I like Justin King and often watch his videos. He is normally spot on with all his comments.
In this crazy, mixed up world there are women who support Trump, and African Americans and Latinos ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I'm sure there are but I am not one of them. In Facebook I had to turn off the setting of who can post on my page. (Now only me.) The reason is that all the Trumpers would come to my page to attack me and call me names for the things I posted. As usual their attacks change the subject and they have no facts to support what they claim. They wanted me to list a source when I had posted it right before them and they pick and choose which source is credible. Apparently Trump got elected and his "great wisdom" told which was "fake news." The reality of that phrase comes from media that was not friendly to him. Trump is about distraction and disinformation. Actually he hasn't got a clue.
AR-15 Inventor's Family: This Was Meant to Be a Military Weapon But you got to keep in mind some ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I'm not so sure the average person needs to own an AR-15. For some reason idiot people think a weapon like this is needed to fight off tyranny. In the movies there is always some guy who opens a secret door and reveals an arsenal. In real life you would take the weapons of the oppressor as you went along.
I have a friend who shows up every now and then at my house to chat and pray over me.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
You just can't beat that book of "More Man." :)
What do you say to people who say, "I'll pray for you", when you tell them you're an atheist?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
They all say it but I bet most of them do not do it. There is an old Merle Haggard song with the line "momma used to pray that my crops would fail." That's right, folks. The old-time Christian would pray for their god to not let anything you do prosper you in any way if they thought you were not right with that god. What the hell kind of people is that? I don't need them.
Today, the elderly retired pastor that mentors the church some of my family attend, invited me to ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 14, 2019:
I simply would not go. IF for some reason i did end up in a church today I would have to get up and leave once they started in with that garbage from years ago.
Your veiws on Spiritual?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I do not understand spirituality in a religious view or any other view. I do not make up my own facts and I do not deal with woo.
Televangelist: Christians Who Don’t Vote Trump Are ‘Guilty Of Murder’ | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I for one am very glad that Christians do noy run and control everything.
Posing with my shirt!! Thanks!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Looking good, Judy.
A Pastor Used the Death of an Atheist Mom’s Baby as a Sermon Illustration | Hemant Mehta | ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
He is an idiot! Is he saying that if the mom was not atheist her baby would still be alive?
Occupy democrats dissects the refusal by MSNBC to report on Trump’s rally.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Social media friends of mine protesting Trump in Wisconsin.
Adam Ruins Everything - Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I have learned not to celebrate anything about the murderous bastard.
Should trump's mouth be washed out with soap?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
It does not matter because nothing is his fault. His permanent administration is very busy trying to get rid of all the corruption that was before him.
I’m Not A Doctor, But I Know That Trump Is Making You Sick
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
He makes me so sick that I have avoided early morning news on TV for months now. I feel much better getting news form the Net instead, or watching it all from other countries.
I saw a Ouija board the other day.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Evangelicals believe this and we have many movies about it. When I was very young the quija seemed to work for us. It was like magic. As an adult now it does nothing.
Forcing my self to stay awake until 10:30.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I have the same wake up problems that you do. I get up at 6 AM anyway but I am always waking up. I think it is anxiety but I do not want any meds for anxiety. I have to know what is going on and do not want to be knocked out. Hope you have a fun birthday trip. :)
Occupy democrats dissects the refusal by MSNBC to report on Trump’s rally.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Why should we allow or want reporting on his rallies? Telling lies to a support base is not real news and what goes on there is about like we would suspect. I have media friends who went to this last rally to protest and one had balloons of the Trump in diapers dirigible. This was not reported either. There are a few lame reports of his rally but only briefly.
So earlier at work I met a guy who works for the NASA branch in Maryland.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Once this is in place it will be interesting to see if we get any better pictures of what is out there.
I remember this , it shows how utterly stupid anti vaxxers really are , was a huge fear for parents ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I agree that we have a short memory. I'm getting a flu shot next week and in my early school daze I remember those with polio. Antivaxxers fall into a group of "dumbed down" people and this is all in the current plan. Confusion and distraction to the point that you do not know what to believe. This is how Trump and the Kochs will control us all and do exactly what they want. The problem here is that I here so many otherwise intelligent people claim that these days we do not know what to believe. Why? How would the election of Donald Trump change all of that?
Is right and wrong relative or fixed (absolute)?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Everything is relative. Proof of this is in how much things change in time whether it is opinions or morals. Look at bathing suits in 1900 to get my drift. Your "moral compass" is set by the societal norms that you live with and these all change. This has nothing to do with gods of any kind.
I was happy to meet a fellow member tonight.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Nice pic. I used to live there but have not been back since 1993.
Why do they worship?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Yes, the bible tells them to worship and sing out to this Jealous God because if they do not the rocks and trees will do it for them. The glory and magistry of this god is to be praised forever and ever. Of course, in my church daze it all appeared to be a giant club in which the members wanted to see who could tell the biggest lies. If you did not believe their lies they went on to another group or started another group.
Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice |
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
I was fooled the first time around but this time it will not work at all. I still have my old RNC membership card but my motto is "never again." Oh, hell no! Never again!
The nightmare scenario! Glenn Kirschner @glennkirschner2: 1.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Give this a year and see what is happening. Trump's current actions are to defy and setup a plan where he does not have to comply in any way and possibly not even have to leave office. What is Trump doing as POTUS? He is setting out to investigate everyone before him. He will get rid of that corruption. This is why he will claim he needs to stay and his supporters will believe him. What he is doing is not a new plan. Others have used it before but Americans are blind and they say "it could not happen here." It is in the works right now. Power corrupts!
Another arguement for universal health care in the US []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
The people of the United States deserve the same healthcare as our members of Congress and Senate. You may call this by any name that you want to. It is still a fact and would actually be a bit cheaper in the long run.
Anyone have an adult child who is struggling to figure out what they believe?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
I agree with you and I sympathize. My grown daughters tell me they "believe in their own way" even though they can see where I'm coming from. The youngest must feel that she has to believe because her oldest son was murdered. Only by believing will she get to see him again. It's things like this that sets a course for others to follow. Some of us wake up and some do not. The important thing to remember for all of us is that when you are dead it doesn't matter. Nobody is in heaven.
What activity has most consistently given you a feeling of inner peace?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Lifelong pursuit of TV, movies, and music with a few drinks on the side and some sleeping. What I mean here is being able to bring the TV, movies, and music into my home for free.
In the city where you live, how an atheist person is looked upon or considered in general?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Don't advertize it. I'm in the middle of Missouri.
This beggars belief.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Will someone attack the Turd?
"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
This is exactly what Trump supporters try to do to the rest of us and especially in social media. Why? It's because they have no facts and the ones they claim as facts do a backwards time travel until you forget the original subject matter.
Trump vows to put a man on the moon. Someone should introduce him to Buzz Aldrin.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
If Trump puts a man on the moon he would likely be sent the wrong way.
The Last Problem We Need To Fix - Christopher Titus []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
He is classic and right on!
Perhaps I’m just noticing this more now that I’ll be turning 65 in March, but I’ve seen so ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
I have Coventry under the Aetna umbrella. It appears that some of my benefits with change and cost more this year like total out of pocket amounts and covered hospital stays, etc. but my co-pay to see a doctor or specialist is down. My current meds are generic and no cost to me, so I will keep what I have for now. If I lived in a county close by to me then United Healthcare would be the one. I like not paying for things when you also consider that I am paying for my Medicare monthly. (That's right. This is not a handout.) In case I have medical costs that go outrageous then I will start using my VA card. Right now perscriptions are $15 a pop.
Tulsi Says DNC, Corporate Media Are "Trying to Hijack Entire Election Process" [ivn.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Now that Zuckerberg has met Trump and agreed to run some political ads with known falsehoods we can look for lots of fun before election time. I've also heard that Trump has the info and certain people from the now defunct Cambridge Analytica working for him.
Anyone notice trumps increased use of profanity in the media since the start of the impeachment ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
I think the increased profanity is to cause his base to take him more seriously. He has to do something coz it appears that rats are abandoning the ship.
Does Poor Understanding of Physical World Predict Religious and Paranormal Beliefs?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
YES, because when you do not know something just start making something up!
Jesus Shoes Sell Out in Minutes  |
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
The big question is can you walk on water with them?
Barr claims secularism is the cause of many of our society's ills. []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Barr, holding onto power just for the sake of power. Who could believe this guy? Who would even think that an American AG would have authority to investigate **outside** of our country?
So I guess being in an atheist group and having Agnostic Atheist as my religious preference somehow ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Facebook is very confused right now and the algorithms seem to need fine tuning. I get similar things because some of my friends are believers and FB keeps on wanting me to confirm who Debbie is. She is my step-daughter and I'm going to let Facebook figure that out on their own. BTW, Zuckerberg has met Trump and now agrees to run some political ads that are less than truthful. We should be having lots of fun by this time next year.
What emotional satisfaction do you get from being an agnostic or atheist?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
As a one time religious believer I took pride in the fact that I knew all of life's answers with the universe and mankind in general. This went so far that I studied phenomena of every possible kind just so I would know. I was the "answer man" and I loved it. As an atheist today I realize it is all false and nobody can know. Believers were only making it all up and they continue to do so today. Religious belief has changed drastically in the last 70 years. So has phenomena in general. My great satisfaction today is in know that it is OK to admit that we do not know. This is the "one up" that I have on others by logic and evidence.
Do you background check online dates prior to meeting in person?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 12, 2019:
I do a background on phone numbers only. This can tell you a lot. My friend Willie has a phone under his wife's name so it says he is Brenda. I get this, but it is different if you want to date Suzie and she turns out to be Charlotte. Maybe Sandy is really Abby. I do this limited check only and if you are talking with the person on the phone and info is exchanged you can stop short of a real background check because what pops up is exactly what you have been told. No need to pay for this nonsense and I do it free. My view is that if you do not do this you can be scammed bigtime and you are simply a fool. I have 3 phones and I use one to text with ( I hate texting) and my flip phone cell is like a throwdown phone. If I give you my house phone number you will instantly be able to check me out and find my real name and address. I do give this number to those whom I talk to and trust. Many scam calls come daily on the other 2 phones. People that have offers you cannot ignore just for you personally but there is no way they can know who I am. These are those people who would scam you and steal all your info. They very fact that such things as the above exist is good reason to check people out. I have had many that turn up bogus especially on a paid site, and one from this site also. She keeps wanting me to text her. Texting seems like a good way to accumulate lots of info, so beware until you know someone a lot better.
Robert Reich on the other reasons for impeaching Trump.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
Reich always tells it like it is.
Trump admits US killed millions in war based on lies That is the title of an article I'll be ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
I used to like NPR but it seems they are being suckered in lately. The goal of confusion and distraction seems to be working well for corporate power. I'm beginning to wonder if there is any real difference in parties and agenda. It often appears that people want to make noise and just allow what is happening to continue. This is certainly not what I want. I want my country back.
Why nothing gets done in DC
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
Leave it to that Bitch Mitch Moscow Bitch. They say he hates that.
Kansas Girl, 13, Arrested After Making Gun Symbol [msn.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
In my school daze this would mean nothing really. Today is a different world. Perhaps they over reacted but does she have access to a gun? This is why it needs checked out.
[] Family has terrifying encounter with bear
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
Maybe lucky, but I would say they did everything right.
My Agnostic shirt finally arrived! (Bonus view with smile included!) EDIT: for those who want to ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 11, 2019:
Looks good. I seldom grin or smile for a picture either.
There seem to be a fair number of atheists on agnostic.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 10, 2019:
The existence of gods is unknowable unless a god is to suddenly step forward. So far we have had none.
I am officially a caregiver for my father who has a confirmed diagnosis of Parkinson's.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 10, 2019:
Your state may know. In my state of Missouri they have in home healthcare workers who come in a few hours a day and do things for these people. They did this for my stepdad before he ended up in the Nursing Home. The idea is to keep a person living on their own for as long as possible. If you can find this it would lighten your load.
Facebook rejects Biden campaign’s request to remove Trump ads containing false information ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
You have to pick and chose on Facebook because half or more of the content is false. This is because they operate on click and likes, collect your info of any kind, and try to get you into a position of selling you something. To do this they have to cater to everyone and almost every belief. The only honest thing about the site is friends and family can view all the pics and things that others posted.
Anti-abortion activists always point out that every human life is sacred and has an unconditional ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Try a few views of it from the bible. We see this so much differently today.
Conservative Christian Activist Warns Masturbation Is Gay Sex | Michael Stone
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
I'm no longer a smoker but afterwards you can share a cigarette with your hand. Draw a little face on it like a puppet if you want to.
Let's talk about Trump's next move if he's smart.... []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Trump threw the Kurds under the buss because he gets monthly royalties for the use of his name on twin Trump Towers in Turkey. With this money in the millions his bad move would now appear that he is actually protecting his investment.
tRump is now totally obstructing the House Impeachment proceedings.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
It could not happen to a nicer man.
How our real allies get treated....
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
The reason behind Trump turning on the Kurds and using Turkey to go after them is that Trump has twin Trump Towers in Turkey. He does not own them but gets millions for the use of his name. Sorry, Kurds. I can throw you all under the bus this way and get away with it.
GOP Lawmakers Watch Silently As Trump Strangles Each Of Their Loved Ones In Turn ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Onion is not real. It's satire.
Hollywood is scared to really show liberal history!
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
His life would make an interesting movie.
Shocking Pics Confirm Trump's Use of "Uppers" []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Maybe he will finally kill himself before he kills us all. My neighbor OD'ed this last Friday after a long ordeal with drugs. This can happen with Trump also.
> "White House official told whistleblower Trump Ukraine call was 'frightening' Heard this on ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
People do not see this but they are trying so hard to set up the dictatorship. All Trump is doing in office is exactly what he wants to do as he fights with everyone else.
Few words from a vet
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Well said and thanks for these words of wisdom. I'm an older vet and I agree fully.
Maybe there is a coup taking place.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Totally amazing! Now Barr is even going into other countries on an investigation of Mueller as well. What gives? It looks like the redacted part of Mueller's investigation would actually end all this bullshit but Mueller was prevented from acting on it. Trump and his Nazis want it removed from the record. The big question is what do you do when the White House refuses to recognize anything involving the impeachment? They claim foul here but it was the GOP who changed the way this is done hoping to help themselves and it backfired. This puts us right back into Mueller thinking he cannot indict a sitting president. My take is they are digging in for a permanent ride here.
Today I heard from a very religious family member that you are very miserable and have no reason to ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
They believe this sort of thing but it is totally ridiculous. This is almost as bad as a believer finding out you are atheist and then asking "who do you worship?" In my active church years I never found proof that they really worshiped anything. It's just another club and you can brag about events that the invisible man helped you get through. This is almost like a headache remedy. A couple of pills are OK for me but Suzie has to take 6 of them.
Agnostic and More
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
At one time I believed in and studied everything supernatural. Of course, god belief is supernatural if you accept what scriptures say. Today I know that there is nothing supernatural. If you think otherwise you simply did not understand your subject well. Please know that it is OK to "not know something." Not knowing does not make anything supernatural.
Do people just know know about this site?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 9, 2019:
IDK? I belong to this and one other site. I've seen 2 men from the other sight here but we do not talk much. I used to favor the other site and now I favor this one. BTW, the other site is constantly gaining members but they never post or say very much, so IDK.
"We all have gods, Martin Luther said, it is just a question of which ones.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
It took me years to outgrow the celebrities but I do remember that Martin Luther used to fart at the Devil. He would drink his beer and say "here Devil, I blow you a little kiss."
Getting a new mobile number in China will involve a facial-recognition test []
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Getting a landline in Kenya means that in a month everyone will also be on your line. Ooppps! Wrong post.
What's something fun you've always wanted to try?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
When I was 13 I wanted to get a pair of wings that would allow me to glide off the second floor and gently land on the ground. They claimed they had such wings but I'm sure today that you would not land gently at all and might break your neck. :)
Another good one. This guy is really good. Maybe I'll sleep tonight as long as I stop reading now.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Total insanity. Trump knows the things in the Mueller report are redacted but thy are damaging and will not always stay that way. Others in power cannot see this stuff. Trump's GOP wants to erase all of this and we already know that Trump would purger himself on the stand. It is a giant nightmare.
Judge Threatens Betsy DeVos With Jail In Student Loan Case
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Lock her up. DeVos also is not above the law.
Revealed: Dinosaur Fossil Hidden for 170 Years due to Religious Concerns
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
I know how this goes because in my early church days dinosaur bones and skeletons were planted by the Devil.
Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Underwritten by conservative billionaires like Charles Koch. What is the goal? Get rid of the EPA so you can rape the earth and extract its wealth without penalty of any kind. It does not matter in any way if this hurts others or the environment.
So they put "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
I watch news from all over the world and it includes those you mention and also Iran. I expect to see similarity and balance in the news for it to be valid. RT is Russia's version of CNN and I have no problems with them. **Keep in mind that the thing today is to cause the governed to lose faith in governing. If they can do this successfully even the left will start believing it. **This is the game of Donnie and friends and I avoid it in any way possible. Donnie is not a nice man and he should be removed from office.
Stephen Colbert is one of my favourites.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
I think Trump is afraid to face anyone. He got in the first time by a fluke and he did not have any good answers in debate. Recall also that Giuliani did not want Trump to go before Mueller and many said Trump would purger himself.
Do you think he would
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Yes, he would have. If possible he would also be carrying a tiny baby and making his way toward the lifeboats.
Isn't THAT just special?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 8, 2019:
My translation of this is Trump should watch it or the Evangelicals will turn on him.
“God you guys suck at this! So hey, corporate Democrats if you’re not going to do a good job ...
DenoPenno comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Cenk has some good points on this. It's like the Dems are holding back or something and they do not really want to go progressive. I'm all for it.
If you like piña colada ..........
DenoPenno comments on Oct 7, 2019:
And impeach we shall. Meanwhile, Trump and his drunken ex mayor lawyer want to openly invite other countries into helping us clean the swamp so that they can call all of this normal and business as usual. Guess what? It's not.
Organ harvesting in the US.
DenoPenno comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Obviously they cannot harvest a throat or a brain to use in any productive way. Who got the organs?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Terrible! This mockery did not come from PBS News Hour and is doctored to turn it into something that it is not. Shame on the ones doing it.
yet more hypocrisy
DenoPenno comments on Oct 7, 2019:
IF we all remember things like this the GOP might not be back in power for a long time.
[] Something to remember when bashing christianity ?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 6, 2019:
These days I bash any religion if I can.
Completing a nagging chore is deeply rewarding. How about you?
DenoPenno comments on Oct 6, 2019:
My nagging chore is to finish painting my back porch but I am too damned lazy and I hate painting. Now I have very little time left.


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This is from a group pic 2 years ago at my youngest daughter's place. We went there for a dinner.
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Me as Richard Dawkins?
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Again at my daughter's place. The Sangria drink is a non-alcohol beverage from Mexico. I get them at Save A lot or Dollar Tree.
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Taken at my oldest daughter's place before my granddaughter exterminated and killed the pet parrot.
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Here a glorified campground ranger with the same uniform as our local cops. This was done by design.
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Is this Tex Ritter?
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Jesus! I never knew my neck had so many wrinkles.
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